Real Name: Angela Tensen

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-148611 (New Universe)) human paranormal

Occupation: Former student

Group Membership: Forsaken

Affiliations: Figaro (her dead pet cat), Kleenex (Victor Pasco; boyfriend);
formerly loosely associated with the National Security Council

Enemies: James, Quill, Seraph;
    Psi-Force and Rodstvow (indirectly)
    formerly the

Known Relatives: Justice (father), Irene Tensen (mother, deceased)

Aliases: Mousie (what Quill called her)

Base of Operations: Unidentified school
    formerly the NSC headquarters;
    the Terminus, below Coney Island, New York

First Appearance: Justice#16 (New Universe) (February, 1988)

Powers/Abilities: Angie can reanimate and control the dead, manipulating their bodies and in some cases--presumably with the recently deceased--force them to speak and reveal their memories to her. She is reasonably skilled in unarmed combat.

(Justice#17 (fb)) - Angela was born.

(Justice#27 (fb)) - When Angela was six years old, her father tried to comfort her by proving there were no monsters in her closet. He was quite shocked when he opened the door and was flattened by a mass quantity of toys she had stuffed in there while cleaning her room. Her mother scolded her for not cleaning her room correctly.

(Justice#17 (fb)) - The Tensens moved to Washington, DC, and eventually Angie's mother was killed when one of John Tensen's enemies planted a bomb in their car.
    After Irene's death, John Tensen withdrew from his personal life and his daughter, whom he could barely look at because she reminded him of Irene.

(Justice#17 (fb)) - Angela went to college, after which she soon lost touch with her dad.

(Justice#16) - Angie was shocked to see her father on television in a composite sketch depicting the Justice Killer.

(Justice#19) - Angie was assaulted by the Millennias, but was unknowingly saved by her father, Justice. She almost had to quit school when she could no longer pay tuition, until learning that her tuition for the rest of school had been paid, via money her father had sent, taken from the Millennias.

(Justice#20) - Angie attended the Pitt-Aid concert, where she was accosted by James, a paranormal with superhuman hearing and very large ears. Justice confronted and threatened James, but was in turn attacked by Seraph. During the struggle, Angie was caught in a stampede of panicking people, and Justice formed a dome to protect her, but was severely beaten and captured by the cops as he devoted all of his energy to saving her.

(Justice#21) - Angie tried to get her dad released, but had no luck until Terrence Updike of the National Security Council arrived to recruit him. Angie was introduced to Updike's agent, Kleenex, who found the experience something to sneeze at. Updike convinced Angie that only she could get through to Justice.

(Justice#22) - Angie risked her life to help her dad break out of his drug-induced hallucination and come back to reality.

(Justice#23) - Angie and Justice had a little heart-to-heart conversation, where she tried to make him see that he shouldn't just go around blowing away whomever he saw fit. Kleenex asked her out on a date, but she said only if they sat on opposite sides of the theatre.
    It wasn't until the Justice Brigade committed mass suicide based on a misinterpretation of his instructions that Justice began to see that maybe Angie was right.

(Justice#24) - Kleenex gave Angie some perfume (which apparently blocked her paranormals "scent," so she wouldn't activate his allergies), and the two took in a display at the Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC. Unfortunately, the Museum was caught in a struggle between Psi-Hawk and Rodstvow, and Kleenex was injured when a display fell on top of him

(Justice#25) - Angry over Kleenex being injured, Angie encouraged her dad to take vengeance. She also revealed to him that she had figured out that she, too, was a paranormal (based on Kleenex's allergies to her), though she didn't know her power yet. She was present when Quill tried and failed to assassinate Justice, killing Creeping Crud instead. They were unable to get inside to avoid Quill's bullets, as Crud's body was blocking the door, but suddenly Crud's headless body crawled out of the way.

(Justice#26) - Angie attended the funeral of Creeping Crud and later found a kitten in a trash can. It seemed to be dead at first, but perked up when she picked it up. She named it Figaro. Quill tricked and kidnapped Angie, forcing Justice to obey his orders.

(Justice#27) - Quill became infatuated with Angie after sharing his life story with her, and tried to assault her. Hotel security tried to stop him and Quill shot the guy in the chest. The guy kept getting up and coming after Quill each time he shot him, allowing Angie to run off. Quill followed her in his car and chased her into a cemetery. Just when he had her cornered, she finally realized her power and reanimated the entire graveyard, sending them to kill Quill. Afterwards, she went into shock.

(Justice#28 (fb)) - Angie was found by the groundskeeper of the cemetery, who called the police. She was completely unresponsive, having lapsed into a state of post-traumatic stress syndrome. Figaro was found and disposed of, as he'd been dead since she had found him.

(Justice#28) - Angie was hospitalized, and Justice saw it as a message from God, for having failed to exterminate the paranormals who had nearly hurt her. Just as he left for Russia to take his revenge, she began to recover.

(Justice#29) - Angie continued to recover, regaining full consciousness, but she was clearly not the bubbly person she had been.

(Justice#30 - BTS) - Justice prepared to execute Psi-Force, but decided against it when Kathy Ling--reminding him of Angie--told him he was dead inside.

(Justice#31) - Angie, having begun to take combat training, both impressed and disturbed Updike with her skill and savagery. Upon seeing Angie recovered, Justice was convinced that he had been rewarded for helping to bring about the death of Rodstvow. Justice went after the Forsaken when they abducted other NSC agents, and Angie sneaked along with him.

(Justice#32) - As they approached the Terminus, they found the corpse of Captain Brooklyn, from whom Angie learned that Seraph was involved. They allowed themselves to be captured, and Justice killed Judge Mental when they were brought before him. As Justice fought Seraph, Angie took out James and Horny Toad, with a loud cymbal clash and a punch in the jaw. Well, Horny Toad was tougher than he looked, but Angie managed to trick him to shooting his tongue at her, and it caught on the Merry-Go-Round, dragging him along with it.

    Angie and Kleenex decided to stay in the Terminus and live with the Forsaken, who were now ruled by Justice.

Comments: Created by Peter David and Lee Weeks.

Angie was born a year after her parents were married, which was right out of high school. Since her dad was born in 1950, I'd estimate Angie as having been born @ 1969, which fits with her having been in college when first seen.

Angie never received a code name: How about Reanima? Afterlife? Not Dead Yet?

Good pictures of Angie are in short supply.




A dead kitten that Angie found. Unbeknownst to her, her power reanimated it, and she thought it was still alive. As soon as she stopped concentrating on it, however, it would return to its previous state.


--Justice#26 (27, 28(fb)





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