Real Name: Klane

Identity/Class: Extra-Dimensional (New Universe) human mutate/paranormal
(or not)

Occupation: warrior, agent of Darquill

Affiliations: agent of Darquill and Damon Conquest;
forces of the
Land of Winter;
possibly/formerly the
Justice Warriors, King Therion and the Land of Spring

Enemies: Justice (Tensen)

Known Relatives: None


Base of Operations: The Far Place; New Universe

First Appearance: Justice#10 (New Universe) (August, 1987)




Powers/Abilities: Black Justice could manipulate a dark energy (The Night Caul--possibly associated with the Darkforce). This energy could coat and blind others, absorbing their fears and nightmares. He can generate and project energy from his hands, similar to the sword used by Justice. He can project it in bursts, or energize his hands so that he can burn through solid matter. He was a reasonably talented hand-to-hand combatant.




History: see comments.
(Justice#10) - Klane was originally described as one of the extradimensional members of the realm known as the Far Place. There he was one of Justice Warriors who served King Therion and defended the Land of Spring from the forces of Daedalus Darquill and the Land of Winter.
Klane allegedly fell in love with the power at his command and developed a hunger for further power. He betrayed the Land of Spring and went to serve Darquill , who twisted his powers into a darker form. He was renamed Black Justice.

(Justice#10) - Black Justice was sent to battle Tensen, the Justice Warrior on Earth. Klane assaulted and badly injured Tensen, burning holes in his hands and nearly exhausting his energy. As Klane taunted Tensen with knowledge of his missing lover, Becky Chambers, Tensen drew on his energy reserves and used his sword to blow Klane to pieces.
However, this had apparently been the intent of the battle. Black Justice's mission was to force Tensen to use his powers to kill him in anger, thus completing his corruption (which had been progressing during his time of Earth). The energies of Tensen's corruption were transmitted to Conquest, who fed on them, and in turn granted power to War Chief Malakite and his Night Warriors. Malakite massed an attack on and conquered the Land of Spring.

Comments: Created by Gerry Conway and Keith Giffen.

If you read Prime Eternal's primer on the New Universe, you'll see that in the first year, a lot of the writers and creative teams missed the point entirely. The team(s) behind Justice were the biggest offenders, as they used a large group of alternate dimension characters. This was all revealed/ret-conned to have been a warping of reality by Daedalus Darquill. This occurred in Justice#15, by Peter David, who brought Justice into line with the NU's stated properties and premises.

Anything which took place in the first 15 issues should be taken with a grain of salt. Tensen (and apparently the writers, as well) was under the influence of Darquill, and so anything he saw or did was affected by this. It was never clearly established what exactly took place, but I would ASSume that the events on Earth were real events, although the characters within them may have been altered by the hallucinations, or may have been hallucinations altogether. Any of the beings he fought against may have been paranormals, or they could be normal people, made to appear differently and to possess powers by Darquill.
The events taking place in the Far Place strike me as being closer to pure hallucination, although there may have been touches of real people and events in there, too. The fact that the people of the Land of Spring were shown when neither Darquill nor Justice, nor any other person known to exist on Earth was present makes me think that a lot of the people in the Far Side were other "real" people pulled into Darquill's illusion.

Perhaps the illusion of time passed more rapidly in Darquill's Far Place, and perhaps some of the history given for Black Justice is true.
However, he may have been:

  1. a normal human controlled and given the illusion of power by Darquill
  2. a paranormal controlled by Darquill
  3. a complete illusion, generated by Darquill
  4. we'll never know--or maybe we will: the Official Timeline of the New Universe in the back cover of Justice#32 lists "an imaginary battle with 'Dark Justice', " caused by Darquill.

Since the "corruption" energies of Tensen would not be a realistic feature in the otherwise non-mystical world of the New Universe, what actually occurred in Justice#10 is uncertain. All illusion? Perhaps Conquest drew on Tensen's anger and hatred? Who knows?

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