shivowtnoeh-148611-pf26-main.jpg SHIVOWTNOEH
Earth-148611 / "New Universe"

shivowtnoeh-148611-pf27-face-profReal Name: Irina Mityushova

Identity/ClassAlternate reality (Earth-148611) human paranormal;
    Soviet (USSR) citizen (see comments);
    no criminal record

Occupation: Warrior;
    former student

Group Membership: Formerly Crashniye Solleetsi (see comments)/Red Sun (Coojeechiscue/Nadehzda, Sillatochca/Leonid Vishnevetsky; formerly Dehman Doosha/"Johnny Do")

Affiliations: At least formerly served under the Siberian Project (Gennardi Shepalev, Petrov Szymanski, Sergei Vladimiroff, Anya Zotov);
she was briefly allied with the following against Rodstvow: Justice (John Tensen), Medusa Web (Babel/Thame Panagitis, Backfire, Dustoff, Gatto di Sangue/"Blood Cat," Imprint, Potiphar/Nungali Kashab, Relampago/"Lightning," Skybreaker/James Colin Anderson, Thunderhead/Donner Kopf/Gunther, Troublemaker), Psi-Force (Thomas Boyd, Dehman Doosha, Lindsey FalmonKathy Ling, Wayne Tucker)

Enemies: Afghan rebels, Rodstvow;
    formerly Thomas Boyd, Justice (John Tensen), Kathy Ling

Known Relatives: Illke (mother, deceased), Maximov (father, deceased), Andre (brother, deceased)

Aliases: Animal (English translation of codename)

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    formerly the Siberian Project for paranormal research, Siberia, USSR;
    born in Vladivostok, USSR

Education: Completed first year of secondary school system

First Appearance: Psi-Force#23 (September, 1988)

shivowtnoeh-148611-pf28-profPowers/Abilities: Shivowtnoeh possesses multiple animalistic features, including fur covering her body, an elongated snout with sharp canine teeth (somewhat like a baboon or perhaps a dolicocephalic canid), long pointed ears, long and sharp paired straight horns (somewhat like those of the oryx), a massive primate-like upper body with relatively long arms, and feet with toe structure resembling a higher primate (presumably indicating enhanced pedal dexterity). 

    Shivowtnoeh lacked secondary sex characteristics common to humanity (such as breasts), giving her a more masculine appearance.shivowtnoeh-148611-jus29

    At 15 years old, she was superhumanly strong (lifting 1.5 tons) and fast (running at over 45 miles per hour), and she could jump 55 feet high or 105 feet across. 

    She could heal from brutal injuries, such as being smashed at high velocity by a 400 lbs. barbell or having her energies drained and then being battered into unconscious by brutal battery by a strong (perhaps even superhumanly so) highly-trained combatant.

    Her horns pierced wood up to 5" thick and sheet metal less than 3/4" thick, while her claws could rend human flesh, at least. 

    Shivowtnoeh is extremely athletic and well-coordinated, as well as incredibly agile.

    As she becomes progressively more bestial, her human behavior rapidly diminished. She is fierce and animalistic in terms of behavior, and she displayed no ability to speak, instead growling, roaring, or yiping in pain.
    However, she could throw projectiles in combat, leap to avoid assaults, and circle behind opponents to ambush them. 

    She likely possessed a superhuman olfactory (smell) sense, and she could sense fear in others, which led her to attack such frightened prey. 

    She very likely possessed a superhuman auditory (hearing) sense and enhanced nocturnal vision, perhaps via enhanced rods in her retinae and/or incorporating portions of the infra-red spectrum. However, she also likely had diminished color vision, due to poor and/or fewer cones in her retinae.

    Her abilities would likely have increased with maturity.

Height: 6'8" (she may have grown some after this height was reported, as she appeared to be significantly taller in some appearances)
Weight: 335 lbs.
Eyes: Brown (previous eye color unrevealed; sometimes shown as solid red, which may have been a real effect when she was enraged, or it may be a tapetal reflection with widely dilated pupils, or just artistic license)
Hair: Auburn blonde fur (previous hair color unrevealed)

(Psi-Force#26: Shivowtnoeh profile (fb) - BTS) <2/1/1973> - Irina Mityushova was born.

(Psi-Force#26: Shivowtnoeh profile (fb) - BTS) <7/22/1986> - Irina Mityushova was empowered by White Event (a release of Starbrand energy that blanketed the Earth and granted two (IIRC?) out of every million people paranormal powers). After that point, she began undergoing a slow metamorphosis, becoming more bestial in nature and stature. 

(Psi-Force#26: Shivowtnoeh profile (fb) - BTS) - Irina slew her family, after which she allowed herself to retreat into her animalistic existence. 

(Psi-Force#26: Shivowtnoeh profile (fb) - BTS) - At some point, the Siberian Project took custody of Irina, dubbing her Shivowtnoeh. She resisted the Project's psychological staff's attempts to aid her in maintaining a semblance of human thought processes beneath her fierce exterior. 

(Psi-Force#23 (fb) - BTS / Psi-Force#27 (fb) - BTS) - Shivowtnoeh and fellow paranormals in Red Sun assisted in Afghanistan, where she suffered injuries. The Siberian Project considered this "Afghanistan affair" an abysmal performance (see comments).

(Psi-Force#23 (fb) - BTS) - Within the Siberian Project, a Soviet scientific institute for paranormal research, swiftly healed from her wounds. Her strength continued to grow as her bestial nature rose to the fore. shivowtnoeh-148611-pf28-attack

(Psi-Force#23) <4/2/1988> - When the KGB's Sergei Vladimiroff visited the Siberian Project to oversee the rehabilitation of the Crashniye Solleetsi, Anya Zotov showed footage of Shivowtnoeh lifting a barbell that bent under its weight. Zotov noted that Shivowtnoeh had healed completely and that her strength continued to grow as her bestial nature rose to the fore. 

(Psi-Force#27) <9/4/1988 or soon thereafter> - When the telekinetic Kathy Ling revived and became distraught due to the loss of her hair, her telekinesis prevented the staff from sedating her. Shivowtnoeh rushed into the room, her appearance startling Ling enough that she could not use her powers, after which she shoved Ling back into her bed and held her down until the staff could sedate her.

(Psi-Force#28) <10/3/1988> - Alongside Coojeechiscue and Sillatochca, Shivowtnoeh participated in challenge against Kathy Ling in the Siberian Project's Combat Situation Room. Dodging Shivowtnoeh's initial assault, Ling swiftly incapacitated the other two. However, when Ling subsequently crashed into Shivowtnoeh, she was again unnerved by the young Soviet girl's monstrous appearance and could not focus to use her powers. When Shivowtnoeh grabbed her by the ankle and lifted her into the air, the terrified Ling gave up. At Coojeechiscue's order, Shivowtnoeh put Ling down, dropping her to the ground (although Ling apparently protected herself from the fall with a telekinetic field). 

(Psi-Force#28 - BTS) - Sympathizing with Ling, Sillatochca advised her not to fear Shivowtnoeh, as the creature was truly animal now and could smell her fear, which would lead her to press her advantage. He further explained that Shivowtnoeh may consider her prey because Ling was everything Shivowtnoeh could never be and that Shivowtnoeh was everything Ling hated about being paranormal.

(Psi-Force#28) - After Ling forced her way in to see her seemingly comatose teammate, the telepathic Wayne Tucker, KGB agent Sergei Vladimiroff confronted her, intimidating her with Shivowtnoeh's presence outside the door.

(Psi-Force#28 (fb) - BTS) - After Ling had confronted and threatened Vladimiroff over various lies, Vladimiroff arranged a solo training session with her against Shivowtnoeh to teach her a lesson.

(Psi-Force#28) - After Shivowtnoeh ambushed Ling, leaping down from a high platform and slashing her back, Tucker telepathically reminded Ling of their discussion not to be afraid anymore...

    Announcing that she was too angry to be afraid anymore, Ling unleashed a telepathic wave that launched equipment around the room, causing Shivowtnoeh to yipe and leap to safety. Shivowtnoeh swiftly re-engaged, but Ling used her telekinesis to enhance her physical strikes, punching Shivowtnoeh away and then shoulder-tackling her to the ground. Standing toe-to-toe, Ling dodged and then repeatedly punched Shivowtnoeh back before telekinetically picking up a 400 pound barbell and smashing Shivowtnoeh, knocking her out.

(Psi-Force#29) - During a free-for-all training exercise, Shivowtnoeh hurled objects at Coojeechiscue, who blocked it with an energy cube, and Sillatochca, who exploded it, only to be left open to an assault by Coojeechiscue. Administrative director Petrov Szymanski chided Sillatochca, noting that Shivowtnoeh could have torn open his throat in his vulnerable position.

    Later, as operatives of the Medusa Web (allied with Justice) assaulted the Project and broke out the American paranormals (Boyd, Falmon, Ling, Tucker) and Boyd's ward Johnny Do ("Dehman Doosha"/the Demon Within), Shivowtnoeh and Coojeechiscue joined Siberian Project security in rushing to the scene (Sillatochca had been slain during the breakout).

    After the Medusa Web's ship flew away with the escaped paranormals, Shivowtnoeh stood by as Szymanski demanded they be hunted down and killed. 

(Justice I#29 - BTS) - After the Soviets downed the Medusa Web's recon chopper, Soviet troops ambushed the Web operatives and Justice when they landed to rescue their associates.

(Justice I#29) - Another copter delivered Shivowtnoeh and Coojeechiscue (and more Soviet troops) to join the fight. Shivowtnoeh ambushed Justice, leaping on his back and raking his forehead with her claws. Throwing her free, Justice considered that she was still human despite her bestial nature, and he resolved to end her torment. After she dodged Justice's first blast, blood from his cut got in his eyes, blinding him long enough for Shivowtnoeh to tackle him to the ground. Pinned on his back, Justice nonetheless got his sword hand free and placed it on her face, preparing to end her, but the energy-leeching Psi-Force member Thomas Boyd instead kicked her away. After draining her energy, Boyd -- having been driven over the edge by his recent experiences -- pummeled Shivowtnoeh relentlessly, despite her barely moving, until Justice pulled him away.

(Justice I#29 - BTS) - Minutes later, Rodstvow arrived, intending to destroy all of the gathered paranormals. shivowtnoeh-148611-pf29-rodstvow

(Psi-Force#30) - Recovered from Boyd's beating, Shivowtnoeh was mentally linked up with all of the others present in an assault plan coordinated by Wayne Tucker. Alongside Coojeechiscue and the Medusa Web's Gatto di Sangue and Thunderhead, Shivowtnoeh was instructed to back up the initial attacks and follow up on ground.

    After Rodstvow was brought to the ground by Ling and Justice, Shivowtnoeh and the others pressed the assault. However, Shivowtnoeh's left arm was badly burnt by the surrounding energy while trying to slash Rodstow's armored casing, and she dropped into the snow, yiping in pain. shivowtnoeh-148611-pf29-burnt

(Psi-Force#30 - BTS) - Skybreaker reported that the burning fur smelled to high heaven.

(Psi-Force#30 - BTS) - Ultimately, the others destroyed Rodstvow. Coojeechiscue noted that all those injured could be brought to the Project, and she gave her word that they would all be treated properly. Shivowtnoeh's subsequent fate is unrevealed.

Comments: Created by Fabian Nicieza, Graham Nolan, and Mike Witherby.

    Here's the New Universe primer. Notably, the New Universe moved in real time, not the sliding timescale of Reality-616.

    The Soviet Union, or the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) dissolved in 1991 in the real world. I don't think there's evidence for or against the USSR breaking up at any specific time or at all on Earth-148611.

    Shivowtnoeh has an Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe-style profile in Psi-Force#26. That profile notes that her codename is pronounced Shi-vowt- no-ay.

    I'm not sure if the "Afghanistan affair" that Shivowtnoeh and Red Sun were involved in is related to the one in which Rodstvow virtually singlehandedly delivered victory to Soviets.

Crashniye Solleetsi. Per Mike Castle:

"Crasniye" means "red", but the "solleetsi" word doesn't exist. It seems to be a misspelling of "solntsa" - "suns".
Me Psi-Force I#27 and subsequent issues, the group name is confirmed to be Red Sun, although the above Russian spelling is repeated. 

    I would like to think that perhaps the members of Psi-Force took in Shivowtnoeh and were able to either reach her humanity or at least provide her with an environment where she could live happily and in peace. Doubtful, but we'll probably never know, anyway...

Profile by Snood.

Shivowtnoeh should be distinguished from:

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