Real Name: Lindsey Kathleen Falmon

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional (New Universe) human, paranormal

Occupation: Mercenary, former hotel employee and student

Legal Status: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record

Group Membership: Medusa Web, Psi-Force

Affiliations: Crasniye Solleetski, Justice (John Tensen), Dave Landers, Psi-Hawk, Lincoln Stryker

Enemies: Bazooka, Colonel McIntyre Browning, Pit Bull, Potiphar, Rodstvow, the Siberian Project, Jake Travest, Serge Vladimiroff, Jeff Walters

Known Relatives: Wayne Tucker (husband), Kevin Falmon (father, deceased), Kathleen Falmon (mother, deceased), Eugene Marriss (step-father)

Aliases: Overtime

Base of Operations: Mobile
formerly Seattle, Washington

Place of Birth: Snoqualmie, Washington (December 2, 1970)

Extent of Education: Departed Perry High School midway through her junior year

Religion: Catholic (non-practicing)

First Appearance: Psi-Force#18 (April, 1988)

Powers/Abilities: Lindsey has the psionic ability to read the psychic imprints left on inanimate objects. When holding any inorganic matter, Falmon can read the aura left on it by the bioelectrical field of all human beings. These images are often chaotic and confusing, but their resonance can often be heard and felt as well as seen by Falmon. Through practice, Falmon has improved her ability to focus on a specific imprint, and can focus on the former holder's current activities, as well as their past handling of the object. It is suspected that Falmon can do this by tapping into the present state of an individual's bioelectrical field once she has focused and locked on to their past emanations.

When assembled with the other members of Psi-Force, Lindsey can summon the Psi-Hawk.

Height: 5'2" Weight: 96 lbs. Eyes: Blue-green Hair: Blonde

History: (Psi-Force#18) <12/12-18/87> - Lindsey met Wayne Tucker when he came to Seattle to stay at her stepfather's hotel, secretly using his powers to defraud Marriss. When the mercenaries of the Medusa Web pursued Wayne with their agents Electrique, Backfire and Thunder Head, Lindsey helped Wayne escape in a car, and Tyrone Jessup came to their rescue. Backfire tried to make Jessup and Tucker stand down by holding a gun to Lindsey's head, but she suddenly manifested her own paranormal power to read the past or future of inanimate objects, and saw that Backfire didn't keep his gun loaded. After escaping the Medusa Web, she suggested that they head to Canada.

(Psi-Force#20) <2/15-16/88> - In Victoria, British Columbia, Tucker let Falmon touch his earring, and she saw how he escaped Sanctuary, and that Kathy, Anastasia and Boyd had survived. Now aware that Rodstvow was the one responsible, they met with Tyrone, who told them that the Medusa Web would help them rescue their friends, but only if they joined them.

(Psi-Force#21) <2/29/88> - Jake Travest attacked Tucker and Falmon at their hotel room in the MAX armor, and took Tucker captive then waited for Jessup to arrive. Thunder Head, Backfire and Imprint came to Falmon's aid, and she used a shell casing from the armor to find Travest. They managed to hold their own against Travest until Jessup arrived and shorted out the armor's electrical systems. Tucker forced Travest to turn himself over to the authorities, and Lindsey took pieces of the MAX armor to use her powers on.

(DP7#23/Psi-Force#23) <4/4/88> - Jessup, Tucker and Lindsey broke into Fort Benning to breakout Boyd, and had to fight their way past Jeff Walters, Gridlock, Bazooka and the Pit Bull. Lindsey kept out of the fighting to collect items from the base, knowing that she might be able to put them to use to gain knowledge about the military. Dave Landers helped the four escape the base.

(Psi-Force#24) <4/5/88> - Boyd, Falmon, Jessup and Tucker broke Kathy Ling and Anastasia Inyushin out of the hospital and decided that their next mission should be to confront the CIA directly and settle matters with them. They entered CIA Headquarters, but found the halls littered with bodies of victims of Rodstvow. Some nervous soldiers shot at them, and everyone except Jessup was wounded. Jessup defeated the soldiers, and Anastasia gave her life to heal the wounds of the others. When Rodstvow himself appeared, they used Emmett's medallion to create the Psi-Hawk, placing their own bodies into comas.

(Psi-Force#25) <4/5/88> - The Psi-Hawk fought Rodstvow through Washington, D.C., and they even turned the Washington Monument into a weapon to hit Rodstvow with. They tried to destroy Rodstvow but he proved more powerful than they expected, and the Psi-Hawk was destroyed.

(Psi-Force#27 - text) <4/5/88> - Rodstvow teleported Boyd, Ling, Tucker and Falmon's unconscious bodies to the Siberian Project.

(Psi-Force#27) <9/4/88> - Falmon finally awoke, and touched a tray, which showed Crasniye Solleetsi member Sillatochca to her before she passed out.

(Psi-Force#28) <10/3/88> - Falmon met Sillatochca, and touched a medallion his wife had given him to let him know where his family was. He agreed to help her escape in return for helping his family.

(Psi-Force#29) <10/5/88> - The Medusa Web and Justice came to break out Tucker, Boyd, Falmon and Ling, and during the chaos, Potiphar shot Sillatochca. Lindsey realized that now the best thing for his family was for them to think he had died a hero, instead of a traitor. With Dehman Doosha, they began to escape in a helicopter.

(Justice#29) <10/5/88> - What remained of Crasniye Solleetsi pursued them and downed their helicopter, but they managed to hold their own, until Rodstvow arrived.

(Psi-Force#30) <10/5/88> - Psi-Force, Justice, the Medusa Web and Crasniye Solleetsi joined forces against Rodstvow, under the direction of Wayne, and managed to crack his armor open and kill him, but his skeletal form continued to exist because he wasn't "aware" that he had died. Boyd was injured in the fight, and to destroy Rodstvow once and for all they had Coojeechiscue lift Boyd towards Rodstvow so that Dehman Doosha would come to his rescue and destroy Rodstvow. With the crisis past, Justice turned on Psi-Force.

(Justice#30) <10/5/88> - Justice faced Psi-Force on the psychic plane, blaming them because his daughter was injured in the fight between the Psi-Hawk and Rodstvow. He intended to kill them, but when Lindsey described him as "dead inside," he came to his senses and let them go.

(Psi-Force#31) <1/27/89> - Still recovering from their ordeal with Rodstvow, the group was offered a place in the Medusa Web again. They finally accepted, but Kathy chose to leave on a vacation to get away from all the violence. Babel had them engage in a training session against Potiphar, armed with a paint gun. When Potiphar's paint gun ran out, he switched to live ammo, but Lindsey bested him, and threatened him with his own gun to teach him a lesson about the value of life as revenge for Sillatochca's death. She reminded Potiphar that anyone had the power to kill him, so he was no better than anyone else just because he was a killer. Lindsey won the competition, and Babel put them into intensive training for their first assignment: Afghanistan.

(Psi-Force#32) <5/13-14/89> - Now a well-honed team of professionals, Psi-Force parachuted into Afghanistan to destroy a Soviet base that was supplying to Iran. In the course of the assignment, they met Sedara Bakut, a teleporting paranormal member of the Mujahedin, and Tucker learned that the traitor in the Mujahedin was Sedara's own father, whom she killed. In the aftermath of the assignment, Wayne proposed to Lindsey, giving her his earring instead of a ring. She accepted. Sedara joined Psi-Force, and teleported them to Switzerland for a vacation, using Lindsey's power to find Switzerland in her mind.

(Psi-Force#32 - text) <4/1/98> - Wayne gave an interview to Playboy magazine in which he referred to some of Psi-Force's missions, including "the incident at Los Alamos."

Comments: Created by Fabian Nicieza, Ron Lim and Romeo Tanghal.

Lindsey received an OHOTMU-style biography in Psi-Force#23.

by Prime Eternal

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