coojeechiscue-148611-pf30-faceReal Name: Nadehzda (surname unrevealed)

Identity/ClassAlternate reality (Earth-148611) human paranormal;
    Soviet (USSR) citizen (see comments);
    no criminal record

Occupation: Warrior

Group Membership: Formerly Crashniye Solleetsi (see comments) / Red Sun (Shivowtnoeh/Irina Mityushova, Sillatochca/Leonid Vishnevetsky; formerly Dehman Doosha/"Johnny Do")

Affiliations: At least formerly served under the Siberian Project (Gennardi Shepalev, Petrov Szymanski, Sergei Vladimiroff, Anya Zotov);
she was briefly allied with the following against Rodstvow: Justice (John Tensen), Medusa Web (Babel/Thame Panagitis, Backfire, Dustoff, Gatto di Sangue/"Blood Cat," Imprint, Potiphar/Nungali Kashab, Relampago/"Lightning," Skybreaker/James Colin Anderson, Thunderhead/Donner Kopf/Gunther, Troublemaker), Psi-Force (Thomas Boyd, Dehman Doosha, Lindsey FalmonKathy Ling, Wayne Tucker)

Enemies: Afghan rebels, Rodstvow;
    formerly Thomas Boyd, Justice (John Tensen), Kathy Ling

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Cubic (English translation of codename);
    see comments

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    formerly the Siberian Project for paranormal research, Siberia, USSR

coojeechiscue-148611-pf29-fullishFirst Appearance: Psi-Force#23 (September, 1988)

Powers/Abilities: Coojeechiscue can form psionic cubes of force.

    The cubes are maintained by her force of will. Assaults against them from without or within can be painful for her, in some cases even causing her to pass out.

    She can use the cubes as barriers/shields, launch them as offensive strikes, or contain a foe. She can project the cubes in all directions, and she can project a cube containing an adult man several meters into the air. Containing a being within a cube also blocked projections of telekinetic power, such as the destructive psionic power of Sillatochca.

    An honorable woman, she followed the chain of command and obeyed orders even if she disagreed with them. 

    She wears eyeglasses both in combat and in close quartered discussions, although her vision limitations were not defined.

    She smokes cigarettes, which would have given her a characteristic odor and dependency, as well as diminished endurance, etc.

Height: Unrevealed (perhaps 5'4" to 5'6")
Weight: Unrevealed (perhaps 120 lbs.)
Eyes: Green (see comments)
Hair: Auburn (sometimes appeared to be black)

HistoryCoojeechiscue was empowered by the White Event (a release of Star Brand energy that blanketed the Earth and granted two out of every million people paranormal powers), which occurred July 22, 1986, although her powers may have developed days, weeks, or months thereafter. coojeechiscue-148611-pf23-test

(Psi-Force#28 (fb) - BTS) - <Sometime before October, 1986> - The Siberian Project began gathering Soviet paranormals.

(Psi-Force#23 (fb) - BTS) - Coojeechiscue was appointed field leader of the Siberian Project's Red Sun Paramilitary Task Force.

(Psi-Force#23 (fb) - BTS / Psi-Force#27 (fb) - BTS) - Coojeechiscue and her fellow paranormals in Red Sun assisted in Afghanistan, where she suffered injuries. The Siberian Project considered this "Afghanistan affair" an abysmal performance (see comments).

(Psi-Force#23 (fb) - BTS) - Coojeechiscue bore the responsibility of "the boy's failure" (presumably referring to the autistic Dehman Doosha), but this fueled her passion to succeed. Her cube-forming ability increased diametrically with her training and usage. coojeechiscue-148611-pf27-civilian

(Psi-Force#23) <4/2/1988> - When the KGB's Sergei Vladimiroff visited the Siberian Project to oversee the rehabilitation of the Crashniye Solleetsi, Anya Zotov showed him footage of Coojeechiscue, noting how her sense of responsibility had increased her control over her powers.

(Psi-Force#27) - Coojeechiscue was present at a Siberian Project meeting, during which Leonid (Sillatochca) used his powers against Sergei Vladimiroff. Coojeechiscue used a cube of force to contain Sillatochca, who complained that she should be stopping Vladimiroff. Apologizing to Leonid, she informed him that as a member of the Red Sun task force, he was her responsibility, while Vladimiroff was her superior, "for better or worse."

    Petrov Szymanski advised her that it would be for the worse if her team did not begin performing to the Project's expectations. When she countered that they were not performers but rather paranormal soldiers, he instructed her that they were his soldiers, to do with as he commanded, and he advised her that she should not forget that. 

    Later, after Thomas Boyd had liberated Dehman Doosha, he communicated with the Siberian Project members, including Coojeechiscue, informing them that if they interfered with him, he would delete all of their system's files. 

    As Dehman made incoherent sounds, Coojeechiscue noted that if she didn't know better, she would swear the autistic boy was laughing at them. 

(Psi-Force#28) <10/3/1988> - Alongside Sillatochca and Shivowtnoeh, Coojeechiscue participated in challenge against Kathy Ling in the Siberian Project's Combat Situation Room. Ling started by knocking Coojeechiscue off of her feet with a telekinetic blast, and when Coojeechiscue later contained Ling within a force cube, Ling exerted telekinetic pressure until the cube shattered. coojeechiscue-148611-pf28-pressure

    However, when Ling subsequently crashed into Shivowtnoeh, she was again unnerved by the young Soviet girl's monstrous appearance and could not focus to use her powers. When Shivowtnoeh grabbed her by the ankle and lifted her into the air, the terrified Ling gave up. At Coojeechiscue's order, Shivowtnoeh put Ling down, dropping her to the ground (although Ling apparently protected herself from the fall with a telekinetic field). 

    Having observed the struggle, Vladimiroff concluded that Coojeechiscue needed work in both leading and projecting. 

coojeechiscue-148611-pf29-deflect(Psi-Force#29) <October 5, 1988> - During a free-for-all training exercise, Shivowtnoeh hurled objects at Coojeechiscue, who blocked it with an energy cube, and Sillatochca, who exploded it, only to be left open to an assault by Coojeechiscue, who sent another cube to knock his feet out from under him. Administrative director Petrov Szymanski instructed Coojeechiscue to meet him in the debriefing room and they would evaluate yet another pathetic performance.

    At that meeting, Szymanski told Nadehzda that if the Americans wished, they could escape and Red Sun could do nothing to stop them; Anya Zotov and Gennardi Shepalev voiced that they still had Rodstvow.

    Later, as operatives of the Medusa Web (allied with Justice) assaulted the Project and broke out the American paranormals (Boyd, Falmon, Ling, Tucker) and Boyd's ward Johnny Do ("Dehman Doosha"/the Demon Within), Shivowtnoeh and Coojeechiscue joined Siberian Project security in rushing to the scene (Sillatochca had been slain during the breakout).

    After the Medusa Web's ship flew away with the escaped paranormals, Coojeechiscue stood by as Szymanski demanded they be hunted down and killed. 

(Justice I#29 - BTS) - After the Soviets downed the Medusa Web's recon chopper, Soviet troops ambushed the Web operatives and Justice when they landed to rescue their associates.

(Justice I#29) - Another copter delivered Coojeechiscue and Shivowtnoeh (and more Soviet troops) to join the fight. Coojeechiscue used her energy cubes in an effort to contain or incapacitate Gatto di Sangue, but the agile cat-like paranormal dodged her assaults. 

(Justice I#29 - BTS) - Minutes later, Rodstvow arrived, intending to destroy all of the gathered paranormals. coojeechiscue-148611-pf30-vrodst

(Psi-Force#30) - Recognizing and fearing Rodstvow's power and threat, Coojeechiscue realized that Red Sun would lose whether they defeated Rodstvow or not, but she considered it better to face human punishment than Rodstvow's. She was subsequently mentally linked up with all of the others present in an assault plan coordinated by Wayne Tucker. Alongside Shivowtnoeh and the Medusa Web's Gatto di Sangue and Thunderhead, Coojeechiscue was instructed to back up the initial attacks and follow up on ground.

    After Rodstvow was brought to the ground by Ling and Justice, Coojeechiscue used an energy cube to protect the injured Thomas Boyd and the non-combat-powered Lindsey Falmon. She subsequently protected Skybreaker from a blast from Rodstvow via an energy cube. 

    After Rodstvow's casing had been destroyed, Wayne Tucker -- in order to induce the autistic Johnny Do to use his pyrokinetic abilities against Rodstvow -- had Coojeechiscue form an energy cube around the unconscious Boyd and lift it up toward Rodstvow. As Rodstvow blasted the cube, Coojeechiscue struggled to hold it together, but eventually the assault began to overwhelm her. She kept the cube intact as it fell back to the ground, and Justice slowed its descent, after which she collapsed. However, the ploy was effective and Johnny engulfed Rodstvow's bones, finally destroying him. 

    After recovering, Coojeechiscue noted that all those injured could be brought to the Project, and she gave her word that they would all be treated properly.

Coojeechiscue's subsequent fate is unrevealed.

Comments: Created by Fabian Nicieza, Graham Nolan, and Mike Witherby.

    See the New Universe primer.

    Coojeechiscue was the only known member of the "Red Sun" group who did not get a profile in the Psi-Force series. Rip off!!

    I'm not sure if the "Afghanistan affair" that Coojeechiscue and Red Sun were involved in is related to the one in which Rodstvow virtually singlehandedly delivered victory to Soviets.

    I believe Coojeechiscue was meant to be the Russian word for "Cubic" (Gatto di Sangue recalled her as having "some long name meaning 'cubic'"), but I don't find that on language searches.
    Per a website that changes Cyrillic letters to the Arabic equivalent, that Russian translation of Cubic becomes Kubičeskij or Kubicheskiy; Google translate also allows you to listen to someone pronounce the word. Coojeechiscue sounds like someone mishearing the Russian word and writing it down phonetically, getting the first part wrong (missing the B and hearing a J instead).--Loki

"Crasniye" means "red", but the "solleetsi" word doesn't exist. It seems to be a misspelling of "solntsa" - "suns".--Mike Castle
Me Psi-Force I#27 and subsequent issues, the group name is confirmed to be Red Sun, although the above Russian spelling is repeated. 

coojeechiscue-148611-pf27-eyes    In Psi-Force#27, as Szymanski chides Nadehzda, we see the following panel, which makes me think these are meant to be her eyes. They certainly look more feminine, and Szymanski seems to have brown eyes a couple panels before. Nadehzda was wearing her glasses in the panel before, but perhaps she took them off between panels? If so, this is the only picture where you can see her eyes clearly. If not, I'm not sure who it is supposed to be, but that would meanNadehzda's eye color is unrevealed. The next panel goes to Thomas Boyd, and it's not him with his red hair...

    I would really love it if the likes of Kurt Busiek, Mark Waid, Fabian Nicieza, or Saladin Ahmed would do a story that stayed true to continuity and followed the New Universe forward in real time over the last 30+ years.

Profile by Snood.

Coojeechiscue should be distinguished from:

: (without ads)
Psi-Force#23, pg. 7, panel 1 (training)
    #27, pg. 10, panel 1 (containing Sillatochca);
            panel 4 (civilian garb);
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    #28, pg. 2, panel 1 (fullish, oblique);
        pg. 4, panel 5 (Ling expanding cube via pressure)
    #29, pg. 5, panel 1 (deflecting block thrown by Shivowtnoeh)
             panel 4 (tripping Sillatochca)
        pg. 19, panel 3 (fullish)

Psi-Force#23 (September, 1988) - Fabian Nicieza (writer), Graham Nolan (penciler), Mike Witherby (inker), Howard Mackie (editor)

Psi-Force#27 (January, 1989) - Fabian Nicieza (writer), Alan Kupperberg (penciler), Chris Ivy (inker), David Wohl (assistant editor), Howard Mackie (editor)
Psi-Force#28-29 (February-March, 1989) - Fabian Nicieza (writer), Alan Kupperberg (penciler), Chris Ivy (inker), David Wohl (assistant editor), Howard Mackie (editor)
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Psi-Force#30 (April, 1989) - Fabian Nicieza (writer), Rodney Ramos (penciler), Chris Ivy (inker), David Wohl (assistant editor), Howard Mackie (editor)

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