Real Name: James Colin Anderson

Identity/Class: Human, paranormal (English, Earth-New Universe)

Legal Status: Citizen of the United Kingdom with a criminal record

Occupation: Professional mercenary, former drug dealer and gun runner

Group Membership: Medusa Web

Affiliations: CIA, Justice (John Tensen), Psi-Force, Red Star

Enemies: Rodstvow, Jacob Travest

Known Relatives: Edward Anderson (father), Margaret Anderson (mother, deceased), Hillary Anderson (ex-wife), Barbara Anderson (daughter)

Aliases: None

Place of Birth: Sheffield, Great Britain (February 15, 1953)

Base of Operations: London, England, Earth-New Universe; also mobile with the Medusa Web

First Appearance: Psi-Force#18 (April, 1988)

Powers/Abilities: Skybreaker possesses the ability to fly at up to 275 miles per hour, and at altitudes of 40,000 feet. He is apparently able to manifest this power by negating the effects of gravity upon himself and whatever he touches. Skybreaker wears a special uniform to protect himself while flying, and contains communications equipment, a telemetry computer, and camera lenses in his mask. He also wields a variety of weapons supplied by the Medusa Web, including an M203 40mm grenade launcher on a hip-swival attachment, 4 telescopic lances (taser, bayonet, neurotoxic, and projection baton), thermite strips, spring-lock blades, napalm bolos and a .45 calibre Browning pistol.

Peculiarities: Skybreaker feels it is his rightful place to control the skies, or in his own words, "to break the skies, make 'em mine." Following this credo, he particularly enjoys the defeat and destruction of any opponent involved in aerial combat.

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

History: (Psi-Force#26 - Skybreaker profile) - James Colin Anderson was a drug dealer and and gun runner in Great Britain whose favorite past times were horse racing and rugby. On October 3, 1986, Anderson first manifested paranormal abilities, which had resulted from the White Event of September 4, 1986. Anderson eventually joined the Medusa Web, an organization of paranormal mercenaries, and received training in aerial combat from them. The Web bestowed upon him the codename "Skybreaker."

(Psi-Force#18) - When the Medusa Web were hired by the CIA to bring in members of Psi-Force, Babel assigned Skybreaker to the mission.

(Psi-Force#19) - Skybreaker joined Troublemaker, Relampago, Gatto di Sangue, Potiphar and Toocheetsch in San Diego to capture Thomas Boyd, Kathy Ling, and Anastasia Inyishin of Psi-Force. Skybreaker fought with Boyd in mid-air, but Boyd managed to smash Skybreaker's helmet and touch him, leeching some of his energy. Skybreaker fell unconcsious and dropped out of the sky, but Boyd was immediately apprehended by the police.

(Justice#28/2) - Skybreaker joined Potiphar, Troublemaker and Dustoff on a mission to British Columbia, Canada, where they rescued Jacob Travest, former M.A.X. armor operator, from a correctional institute. Skybreaker and the others then brought Travest to where the armor's remains were. As soon as Travest found the schematic program, the Medusa Web stole it from him, then left him behind as they destroyed the building the M.A.X. armor was in.

(Psi-Force#29) - Skybreaker joined Justice and the Medusa Web in a raid upon the Siberian Project to rescue Psi-Force from Soviet scientists. Skybreaker killed several of the guards, and helped smash through a corridor of armed guards by having Justice surround him with his "shield." Once Psi-Force had been extracted, the Medusa Web fled in their helicopter.

(Justice#29) - A Soviet helicopter pursued the Medusa Web, and shot them down. Skybreaker joined Psi-Force, Justice and the Medusa Web in battling the Soviets and their paranormal agents, Red Star. When Red Star's most powerful agent, Rodstvow appeared, now out of control, Red Star switched allegiances.

(Psi-Force#30) - Skybreaker joined Red Star, Psi-Force, Justice and the Medusa Web against Rodstvow, and put in a strong showing, adding his firepower to that of Justice, Kathy Ling, Potiphar, and Donner Kopf to a single point on Rodstvow's shoulder, until they managed to crack his outer shell. Rodstvow was killed, but his skeleton still existed, and his body was still active, as though it were alive. Skybreaker continued to fight it, but his jetpack was blasted off by Rodstvow, and he took a bad landing, suffering a concussion. When Rodstvow's remains were finally put to rest, Skybreaker was given immediate medical assistance.

Comments: Created by Fabian Nicieza, Ron Lim and Romeo Tanghal.

by Prime Eternal

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Psi-Force#26, Skybreaker profile
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Psi-Force#19 (May, 1988)
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