Real Name: Jean-Paul (surname unrevealed)

Identity/ClassAlternate Reality (Earth-148611/"New Universe")

Occupation: FBI agent, criminal, manager at the Factory

Group Membership: Federal Bureau of Investigations;
    formerly the Factory staff (
Dolph, "Dragon Lady," Martin "Marty" Roth, Toby, numerous unidentified)

Affiliations: Apparently formerly Rebecca Chambers (see comments);
    formerly Martin Roth;

EnemiesChango Villalobos and the Villalobos family (notably Nestor), Justice (John Tensen), Martin Roth;
Rebecca Chambers and Hoyt Pittman;

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    last active in
The Factory, near or on St. Mark's Place, Manhattan, New York, Earth-148611jean-paul-148611-justice-face-gun

First AppearanceJustice I#1 (November, 1986)

Powers/Abilities: Jean-Paul Hoyt was an experienced FBI agent, carrying and proficient in using a handgun, as well presumably hand-to-hand combat, investigations, etc.

    He apparently enjoyed convoluted plots as much as Martin Roth.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 6')
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 180 - 200 lbs.)
Eyes: Apparently green or light-brown
Hair: Brown

Justice I#1 (fb) - BTS) - FBI agent Jean-Paul infiltrated the staff at the Factory, a major drug-dealing Manhattan nightclub where owner Martin Roth -- who sought to manufacture corruption to bring down what he perceived to be a corrupt society -- sold drugs purchased from supplier Chango Villalobos. Jean-Paul served as manager at the Factory.

(Justice I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Jean-Paul was assigned to work with neophyte FBI agent Rebecca Chambers to bring down Villalobos and Roth.

(Justice I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Jean-Paul at least feigned corruption and alliance with Martin Roth.

(Justice I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Martin Roth prepared a complex plot in which he worked with Jean-Paul to frame Rebecca Chambers: After drawing Rebecca's partner, Hoyt Pittman (who would be posing as her chauffeur), into the Factory, they would load her car with drugs (heroin apparently, as he called it "junk"), while Jean-Paul would get Rebecca to drink a beverage laced with the drug. With this evidence, it would make it look like Chambers had used her FBI position to get heavily involved in the drug scene.

    At the same time, they planned to have Chango Villalobos overhear Jean-Paul speak to Chambers about faking being a double agent, plotting to manipulate Chango into a killing frenzy. Roth assured Jean-Paul that he would have someone present in the room with Jean-Paul to take out Chango, Chango's agent Nestor, and Chambers, which would then be spun as a big falling out over a drug deal.

(Justice I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Roth told Chango how to switch their special monitor to eavesdrop function in the VIP lounge.

(Justice I#1 - BTS) - From the drug-dealer known as Snap (as well from a trio of other criminals), Justice (paranormal former Justice agent John Tensen, who believed himself an extradimensional warrior due to the manipulations of Daedalus Darquill), learned of the Factory as a major source of drug-dealing.

(Justice I#1) - Chambers arrived at the Factory and met with Jean-Paul, both pretending to just be socializing. Noting that it had been ages since they'd seen each other, she asked if the Factory was all she had heard, and -- calling her "Pretty Lady" -- he told her he hoped she would let him show her. He first brought her to the dance floor, where he told her it was safe to talk...but for the complete picture, she would need to see the action upstairs.

(Justice I#1 - BTS) - Roth watched the dance floor from his office via one-way glass alongside Chango and Nestor.  Chango was very uncomfortable with the idea of a government agent infiltrating Roth's staff, and Roth tried with minimal success to explain the plot to use Jean-Paul to take down Chambers, which would muddy the case so badly that the law would never mess with the Factory or him again. 

(Justice I#1 - BTS) - Justice followed Chambers into the Factory.

(Justice I#1) - Justice watched from nearby as Rebecca danced with Jean-Paul.

(Justice I#1) - Jean-Paul took Chambers up to the VIP lounge, assuring her that the club's cameras did not have microphones...he further reminded her that this was not the kind of thing he would make a mistake about, not with the role he was playing.jean-paul-148611-justice-drink

(Justice I#1 - BTS) - Roth had the drugs placed in Chambers' car after Pittman had followed Justice into the Factory. Amidst the activities, Jean-Paul allegedly forgot to put someone in position to protect Jean-Paul from Chango (see comments).

(Justice I#1) - Jean-Paul told Rachel that this was where the heavy action went down and where they would nail the big prize she had hoped for: Chango Villalobos.

    After Jean-Paul encouraged Chambers to drink to make it look good for the monitors (presumably serving her the intended drugged drink), Rebecca noted that it seemed like Jean-Paul had had a simple job of settling in at the Factory, and she wondered if they could get him out as easily. 

    Presumably aware that Chango was listening in through the VIP lounge's microphones via special access granted by Roth, Jean-Paul told Rebecca that Roth had made it so simple: As Roth loved games, he (Jean-Paul) was letting him play like he was corrupting him, turning Jean-Paul into a double agent. Continuing that Roth thought they were setting her up tonight, Jean-Paul told Rebecca that he would pull a stall until they were ready. He told her that Roth would buy it, just to prove that he could "bend that slime, Villalobos, to his will one more time."

    Enraged at hearing this, Chango and Nestor rushed in and began firing at them, and Rebecca knocked dove into Jean-Paul, knocking them both to the ground to avoid the gunfire. After Justice incinerated Nestor with his "sword" blast, Chango fell to the ground, dropping his weapon. As Chango reached for the weapon, Jean-Paul picked it up, telling him it was time he (Jean-Paul) took charge of things. Rebecca warned Jean-Paul about the stranger (Justice), but he was unable to react in time, and Justice (seemingly able to read auras and determine good vs. evil; see comments), incinerated Jean-Paul as well, leaving behind a pile of ashes.jean-paul-148611-justice-death

(Justice I#1 - BTS) - Justice explained to Rebecca Chambers that Jean-Paul's aura had radiated evil, intense, about to explode, but she didn't believe him.

(Justice I#1 - BTS) - After Roth slew Chango, Justice slew Roth but was then arrested for killing Jean-Paul, amongst others.

Comments: Created by Archie Goodwin, Geof Isherwood, Joe Delbeato, and Jack Fury.

    For any unfamiliar, here's a primer to the New Universe, courtesy of Prime Eternal...if the link doesn't work, just scroll down...

    Under the "Did you get that memo?" category, Justice was in clear contradiction of the intended nature of the New Universe. While Justice originally seemed to have an ability to read auras that allowed him to sense good and evil in people, when the series was brought back in-line with the intent of the New Universe's nature, this power was revealed to actually be an ability to sense if a being was a paranormal or not, and Justice was suffering from delusions caused by Daedalus Darquill in the earlier issues. Which makes Justice's assessment of Jean-Paul's corruption a bit questionable...
    Maybe Jean-Paul was truly working with Rebecca and was playing Roth...maybe Jean-Paul was secretly a paranormal, and that's all that Justice sensed...
    That being said, presumably Archie Goodwin, given the nature of the character at the time of the story, intended Jean-Paul to indeed be corrupt...

    It is not clearly stated, but I took Roth's noting he had forgotten to put someone in position to protect Jean-Paul as sarcastic, and I assumed that he had wanted to get rid of Jean-Paul as well, so there would not be witnesses against him.

    Why was his surname (last name) not revealed? Annoying to only have his first name(s) to work with...

Profile by Snood.

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Justice I#1, pg. 18, panel 3 (full);
            panel 4 (serving drink to Rebecca);
        pg. 20, panel 3 (picking up Chango's gun);
            panel 4 (disintegrated by Justice)

Justice I#1 (November, 1986) - Archie Goodwin (writer), Geof Isherwood (penciler), Joe Delbeato & Jack Fury (inkers), Michael Higgins (editor)

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