Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extra-temporal (Earth 2099) Human

Occupation: Taxi driver

Affiliations: Miguel O'Hara (Spider-Man 2099); Angela

Enemies: "666" biker gang

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile, Earth 2099

First Appearance: Spider-Man 2099#31 (May, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: Dash is an extremely likable guy, and was probably a very good taxi driver.

History: (Spider-Man 2099#32/2) As a kid, Miguel O'Hara runs away from school, after an encounter with Kron Stone, the bratty (and psychotic) son of the head of Alchemax. Eventually, Miguel decides he isn't getting away far enough on foot, so he signals for a taxi. Dash doesn't ask for any pay, but asks Miguel why he's running away. After Miguel tells him, he notices a raccoon crossing the street. Unable to stop, he slams into it, killing it. Miguel is sad, but Dash tells him it was just checking to see if the coast was clear, which unfortunately it wasn't. But because of it's sacrifice, his friends were able to pass safely. Dash convinces Miguel to go and face Kron, which he does, and ends up getting him kicked out of school.

(Spider-Man 2099#31) Back in the modern world of 2099, Miguel is running away once again, this time because he found out Kron's father, Tyler Stone, head of Alchemax, is actually his father. After a stint in the town of Nightshade, Miguel finds himself hitchhiking on Route 666. An attractive woman pulls over to give him a ride, but quickly sprays him with some substance, causing him to hallucinate, and steals his bag, telling him she knows what guys are like, and that if she didn't do it first, he would. When he comes to, later that night, a large cargo vehicle is pulled over next to him, and Dash is in the driver's seat. Miguel gladly takes the ride, but begins hearing voices in the back storage compartment, Miguel opens the door, and sees that Dash's cargo is people. And Angela, his former teacher, who he had just met again, and recently died in Nightshade, was a stewardess... Miguel asked if Dash's cargo was people, but Dash replied "Not people, 'zactly."

After smashing through a roadblock, Dash tells Miguel to change into Spider-Man. Miguel is shocked, as Dash SHOULDN'T know this information, but seeing an angry gang of bat-bikers, Miguel does as he asks. Miguel eventually fights them all off, until only one is left. As they stand face to face on the roof of the car, Miguel tells the biker to look behind him, but the bat creature doesn't, and smashes into the top of the bridge that the bus is advancing on. The next morning, Miguel comes to, and his old girlfriend, Xina, is standing above him. Miguel figures that the events of last night were all a hallucination, but he finds a piece of the leader's tentacle laying next to him...

Comments: Created by Peter David and Roger Robinson

A "was it all a dream or not?" story... Not usually the most creative, but it served it's purpose. Xina seemed to think the tentacle was just a piece of cactus, though.

Starting with issue#18, Spider-Man 2099 ran Young Miguel O'Hara backstories off and on. These gave an excellent insight into the character and actually showed much of what was merely alluded to otherwise.

Profile by: Zerostar


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