Real Name: Angel O'Hara

Identity/Class: Human (former host to magical being)

Occupation: on-and-off writer

Affiliations: Martin Gold, Lilith

EnemiesMartin O'Hara, Nobody Anybody Knows

Known Relatives: Martin O'Hara (father, deceased), Ted Hannigan (husband, deceased)

Aliases: "Lilith"
    Angel Hannigan?

Base of Operations: formerly London;  Greenwich Village, New York

First Appearance: Giant-Size Chillers I#1 (June, 1974)

Powers/Abilities: Angel has no superhuman physical abilities, advanced training, or exceptional skills. She is friendly and compassionate, and she dabbled in writing. She formerly served as the host of Lilith and as such was often transformed into Lilith without her knowledge. Her experiences may have given her a higher than average understanding of the occult.


(Giant-Size Chillers#1 (fb) - BTS) - Angel fell in love with Ted Hannigan. Knowing her father would never approve, she and Ted were married in secret. A year later, Angel learned that she was pregnant.

(Giant-Size Chillers#1) - Angel and Ted revealed their marriage and her pregnancy to her father, who reacted violently. Calling Angel a tramp, Martin O'Hara slapped her, knocking her to the ground. When Ted tried to reason with him, Martin punched him. The impact caused Ted's head to strike a wall, and he was killed. As Angel was overcome he hatred for her father, she came to host the vampiress Lilith, daughter of Dracula. Lilith slew Martin O'Hara.
    Lilith next set after Quincy Harker for revenge, using the form of Angel O'Hara to gain entrance to his home, and bit him in the neck. However, Harker survived.


(OHotMU#18 (fb) - BTS) - Wearying of the British Isles, Lilith induced Angel to move to New York's Greenwich Village.

(Vampire Tales#6) - Angel was drawn to Martin Gold, who had just lost his wife to the crazy "sex crime" killer. Lilith induced Angel to move in with the traumatized Gold. That night the killer returned and tried to take her out, as well, but Lilith slew him instead.

(Dracula Lives#10/4) - Angel listed to Martin's frustrations about his lack of success in his writing career. They later celebrated his new job at a book store, but Martin was soon framed for the drug trafficking of his employers. Lilith sought out and punished these drug dealers, forcing them to confess to the police and thus vindicating Martin. In the course of the battle Lilith suffered a major head wound, which left Angel with a severe concussion upon awakening. Angel was taken to a hospital, where it was revealed that she was pregnant.

(Dracula Lives#11/3) - Angel explained to Martin that the baby was her previous husand's. Angel took work at the East Village Oracle newspaper, taking classified ads. Her first customer was "Nobody Anybody Knows," who claimed that he would soon kill. Angel had no luck convincing anyone to take the threat seriously, until the killer showed up and slew someone at the Oracle. Lilith then took over Angel's form and they pursued "Nobody" until he leapt to his death, having his face crushed in the process.

(Marvel Preview#12) - Martin was taken captive by the staff at Kallen Chemical Works after he had discovered their criminal plots. Sensing this danger, Angel transformed into Lilith, and rescued Martin.

(Marvel Preview#16/4) - Angel took a writing assignment on the Disco Scene. After Angel was accosted by a pair of overzealous "admirers," Lilith took over her form and knocked one of them flat and continued the disco adventure herself.

(Tomb of Dracula I#66 - BTS) - Having been transformed back into a human, Dracula sought out Lilith in the hopes of being made back into a vampire by her. As he was now photographable, Lilith caught sight of a picture of him in the newspaper, and prepared for his arrival.

(Tomb of Dracula I#67) - Angel and Martin attended a showing at an art gallery. Dracula tracked Lilith down the apartment home of Martin Gold and Angel O'Hara. Lilith transformed form from Angel to her true form while in the shower, revealing her true nature to Martin.

(Tomb of Dracula II#5/2) - Angel was separated from Lilith by the gypsy Viktor Benzel. Angel returned to America (and presumably Martin), to begin her life anew.

(Legion of the Night#1 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Martin and Angel broke up and went their separate ways.

Comments: Created by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan.

Though it was hard to tell from her black-and-white adventures, Angel was apparently a redhead...though she may have died her hair at times.

Angel (and the child she carried while merged with Lilith) would seem to be excellent candidates for the Legion of the Night...that is, if the Legion ever sees print again...which isn't too likely.  Then again, if Sleepwalker can make a comeback...

No known connection to:


Martin O'Hara


Angel's father, he reacted violently to the news of his daughter's marriage and pregnancy, slapping Angel and accidentally killing her husband Ted. When Angel was filled with hatred for her father, she became the host of Lilith, who then slew Martin.


--Giant-Size Chillers#1




Ted Hannigan

Angel's husband, he was struck and killed by her father after they announced their marriage and her subsequent pregnancy.


--Giant-Size Chillers#1 ([1(fb)], 1



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