Real Name: Martin Gold

Identity/Class: Associate of magic users

Occupation: Writer, formerly wrote for East Village Oracle and Cruel Fate magazine

Affiliations: Legion of the Night,
    formerly dated Angel O'Hara/Lilith (Daughter of Dracula)

Enemies: Aan Taanu, Beyond Reason Spiritual Fellowship, Kallen Chemical Works

Known Relatives: Mary Jane Peale (common-law wife)

Aliases: none

Base of Operations: New York City's Greenwich Village

First Appearance: Vampire Tales#6 (1973)

Powers: none. Alongside the Legion he succeeded in physically restraining the demon Aan Taanu in its own astral realm, but he exhibits no special abilities. He is experienced in the occult and is a skilled investigative reporter.

History: Martin Gold was originally a writer for the East Village Oracle, covering such issues as city politics and the environment.

(VampT#6)-He met Angel O'Hara the same day after his own common-law wife was killed by an axe murderer. Angel served as the human host to the vampire Lilith, who was the daughter of Dracula. She convinced him that he should not be alone, and accompanied him back to his apartment. There, as Lilith, she confronted and killed the axe murderer, who had seen her enter and sought a new victim. He and Angel soon moved in together.

(DracLives10)-Martin next got a job selling used books, but unbeknownst to him, some of the books were actually containers for transporting coccaine. He wound up taking the fall when the police arrested him for selling drugs. Martin called his girlfriend Angel, from the police station, and told her what happened. Lilith then confronted the owner of the bookstore and his associates, and hypnotized them into confessing, exonerating Martin.

(DL11)-Martin learned that Angel was pregnant (by her former husband), and learned how he had died, and something of her past. He observed Lilith slaying the killer "Nobody Anyone Knows."

(MarvPrev12)-Martin got a job promoting Kallen Chemical Works, a polluted water cleansing compound. When he learned that the compound would actually render all water incapable of supporting life, his employers threatened to kill him if he didn't remain silent. However, Lilith arrived in time to save him again.

(MP16)-Martin and Angel discussed their future together.

(TombDrac67)-Martin met Dracula as he confronted Angel/Lilith, and learned her true nature.

(Tomb of Dracula II#5/2)-bts. Angel later was separated from Lilith by the gypsy Viktor Benzel. While Lilith pursued her father, Dracula, Angel returned to America (and presumably Martin), to begin her life anew.

At some point, Martin and Angel broke up and went their separate ways.

(LotN#1,2)-As a result of his encounters with the occult, Gold developed an interest in the psychic and mystical worlds. He began investigating and writing about occult phenomena for the magazine Cruel Fate. While investigating the cult known as the Beyond Reason Spiritual Fellowship, he attempted to contact Charles Blackwater, the lawyer defending the cult against various criminal charges. After learning of Blackwater's sudden death or disappearance, he developed a personal interest in the matter.

Soon after, Gold was summoned to the apartment of Charles Blackwater by the entity known as Omen to become part of the Legion of the Night. Omen was organizing the Legion to combat the demon Aan Taanu, whom had been summoned by the Beyond Reason Spiritual Fellowship. Gold accompanied the Legion to the astral realm of Aan Taanu, where he was overcome by the gravity of what they were doing. He was calmed by Ariann Wright, who led him to the fortress of Aan Taanu. There Gold summoned the courage to physically restrain the demon while Ariann tore its unborn child from its womb, killing both fetus and mother, cult High Priestess Hildreth.

Gold elected to continue with the Legion to defend earth against other mystic threats.

Comments: Created by Marv Wolfman, Steve Gerber, and Bob Brown.

Can anyone fill in the blanks for me? I don't think there was ever a story detailing the fate of Martin and Angel, but I may be wrong


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