(left to right: Andrew Graynold, Natasha Haynesworth, Reeve Calder, Pandro Horovitz, Hildreth)

The BRSF is a cult which posed as a New Age religion, which provided spiritual enlightenment and inner peace through worship of gods predating the judeo-christian tradition. The BRSF had a large central compound in upstate new york where approximately one hundred members lived. Non-residents numbered in the thousands across the country and overeseas, and participated via newsletters, annual retreat, monthly local seminars, and spiritual counseling by telephone or fax.

They were charged a variety of criminal activities, including kidnapping, extortion, fraud, drug trafficking, and child pornagraphy, by the families of several members. Cult leader Reeve Calder hired lawyer Charles Blackwater to defend him against these charges. Blackwater investigated and, after initially finding no evidence of the above charges, succeeded in clearing them.

However, the evidence arrived in the form of the Anten Decan, a book which he had been previously unable to locate. The book detailed the demon-worshipping activities of the cult, methods to seduce both the weak and the powerful into its membership, and plans to summon demons. Subsequent investigations provided further evidence of the previous charges. In mid-investigation, Blackwater was confronted in his office by several members of the cult, who threatened him to stop investigating. When he tried to resist he was shot and stabbed, and fell to his death on the streets of Manhattan. Shortly thereafter, Reeve Calder used the Anten Decan to lead the BRSF in a ritual that summoned the demon Aan Taanu and allowed it to possess the form of Fin Fang Foom.

Calder was disillusioned by the sudden change in power on earth resulting from the summoning and sank into deep depression. Hildreth, high-priestess and comptroller, however, was drawn to the power of the demon. She offered herself to Aan Taanu, was taken to his astral realm, and mated with him, becoming pregnant with his offspring. due to the magic nature of their union, the pregnancy progressed rapidly, so that in seconds she would bring his offspring into the world.

Blackwater, however, had not died, but was revived by merging by the being known as Omen. Omen summoned a number of others to become the Legion of the Night to oppose Aan Taanu. Legion member Arianne Wright appeared before Hildreth and tore the fetus from her womb, killing both Hildreth and the fetus instantly. Omen then dispatched Aan Taanu, removing his presence from Fin Fang Foom, who then leapt into the New York Harbor and vanished.

The subsequent activities of the cult are unrevealed, but it is likely that the cult dissolved following the loss of their two highest ranking leaders.

--Legion of the Night#1 (2

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