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Real Name:  Ultron Extreme

Identity/Class:  Extratemporal (Alternate timeline, Earth-MC2/Earth-982) robot war-machine

Occupation:  World conqueror

Group Membership:  None

AffiliationsSylene, Ulik, Warp

Enemies:  Avengers (American Dream, Bluestreak, J2, Sabreclaw, Stinger, Thunderstrike), Katherine Power, Spider-Girl, Thena

Known Relatives:  None

Aliases:  None

Base of Operations:  Sylene's volcanic island base, near Equator (Earth-982)

First Appearance:  Avengers Next#2 (January, 2007)

Powers/Abilities:  Ultron Extreme was a heavily-armored version of the basic Ultron model. It employed a wide range of technological weaponry, including built-in force-blasters and a flying sphere armed with death ray cannons. It also controlled a remote-operated drone duplicate, almost equally powerful. It was practically indestructible; while it had once been defeated when Iron Man erased its programming, Stark was unable to destroy its adamantium body. It appeared able to teleport or dematerialize itself if necessary.


(Avengers Next#3 (fb)) - Ultron Extreme battled the Avengers, fighting against Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America in the streets of New York City.

(Avengers Next#3 (fb - BTS)) <10+ years before the main story>- Tony Stark was able to strip the robot of its programming; however, he could not destroy its adamantium body, and had it placed in stasis in a hidden and secure storage facility.

(Avengers Next#2) - Ulik and Sylene were teleported to a hidden underground storage chamber by Warp. There, Sylene revealed the head of an older-model Ultron robot, stolen from Avengers Mansion; she then used it as part of a spell designed to free and re-animate the heavily armored Ultron Extreme model, which was held in some form of cryogenic stasis.

(Avengers Next#3) - The Avengers, along with Thena and Spider-Girl, followed a kidnapped Kevin Masterson to Sylene's island base, where they were attacked by what appeared to be Ultron Extreme. However, the robot did not speak in the manner of Ultron, and when Stinger flew inside it, she discovered that it was merely a remote-operated drone duplicate. The real Ultron Extreme then appeared, joining the attack from aboard a flying sphere equipped with death ray cannons. When Katherine Power blew up the sphere, Ultron then seemed to teleport away (or perhaps implode), and the drone was deactivated. Since it was unlikely that the blast could have harmed Ultron, the heroes guessed that it was only a strategic withdrawal, and that the robot was still active. (It would turn out that the seeming defeat was only part of Sylene's plan to lure the Avengers into a trap, although Ultron's actual fate remained unrevealed.)

Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco, Ron Lim, Scott Koblish.

Profile by OmegaTherion.

Ultron Extreme should not be confused with:

Ultron Extreme Drone Duplicate Ultron's Drone Duplicate

A remote-operated, non-autonomous double of the Ultron Extreme robot. It appeared to be nearly identical to the original, and almost as powerful, being incredibly strong, made of similarly durable materials, and armed with a variety of blast weapons, mounted in its head, torso, and limbs. It did not speak, and when Stinger flew inside it, she was able to tell that it was merely a drone. When the main Ultron model left the scene of battle, the drone was deactivated, becoming inert.

--Avengers Next#3 (Avengers Next#3

Avengers Next#2, p21, pan3 (Ultron Extreme)
Avengers Next#1, p15, pan3 (Ultron duplicate blasting)

Avengers Next#2-3 (January-February, 2007) - Tom DeFalco (writer), Ron Lim (writer/pencils), Scott Koblish (inks), Bob Harras (editor)

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