Real Name: None

Identity/Class: Terrestrial robot, sentient or close to it

Occupation: Servant of Mordillo

Group Membership: Briefly in the service of MI-6

Affiliations: Mordillo (creator), Tony Stark, Ultra-Men (aka Brynocki's Marauders, creations), Golden Dawn (unwitting followers);
  former allies: Arcade, Miss Locke robot, Mr. Chambers, Shockwave

Enemies: Arcade, Dark Angel (Mia Lessing), Miss Locke, Mr. Chambers, Moon Knight, Clive Reston, Rom, Shang-Chi, Shockwave, Starshine (Brandy Clark), Black Jack Tarr, Leiko Wu
  former enemies: Constrictor, Carlotta LaRosa, Nighthawk (Kyle Richmond), Irma Roberts, Tony Stark, Thing, all the other guests at Irma Roberts' party

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mordillo Island, East China Sea

First Appearance: Master of Kung-Fu I#34 (November, 1975)

Powers/Abilities: Brynocki possessed a rather fragile body and no minimal fighting prowess. However, could rebuild himself from any injury as long as his head remained intact, and he could even control his body if his head were severed from it. He often carried some sort of gun or energy pistol, although he was not an exceptional marksman. He could alter the appearance of his clothing at will, and usually would change it to fit his mood or whatever statement he was trying to make. He usually mimicked the speech patterns and clothing styles of famous people. He possessed a child-like mentality and was devoted to serving Mordillo, even long after Mordillo's death.

Height: 2'6"
Weight: 60 lbs.
Eyes: Black (white irises)
Hair: Black

History: Brynocki was created by the insane assassin Mordillo to serve as his assistant as well as to provide entertainment.

(Master of Kung Fu I#34-35) - Brynocki served alongside Mordillo when he had kidnapped Leiko Wu and sought to force her to tell him how to focus the Solar Chute. At Mordillo's command, Brynocki launched the Solar Chute into the air, with Shang-Chi and Mordillo both aboard it. After being defeated by Shang-Chi, Mordillo jumped into the path of the Solar Chute's energy, and was instantly burnt down to a skeleton. Brynocki saved the skeleton from shattering as it fell to the ground, and vowed to continue to serve Mordillo, no matter what.

(Master of Kung Fu I#72, 73(fb), 73-75) - Brynocki, pretending to serve Mordillo's skeleton, formed an alliance with Shockwave, and kidnapped Black Jack Tarr, ambushing and gassing him. Shang-Chi and Leiko determined what had happened and traveled to Mordillo Island to rescue him. However, Brynocki decided in mid-battle that Shockwave was off his rocker and not worth keeping as an ally, and turned against him. Brynocki continued to send a series of robots after the others, who were forced to team-up to survive. They eventually destroyed the robots and escaped the island, leaving Brynocki to apologize to Mordillo's skeleton.

(Master of Kung Fu I#119) - Brynocki sent his Ultra-Men to slay Leiko Wu as punishment for taking part in the death of Mordillo. He moved Mordillo's arms around to cause him to push the buttons which activated the Ultra-Men, pretending still to follow his orders. Leiko, together with Shang-Chi, Clive Reston, and the Dark Angel I fought the Ultra-Men. Brynocki had two Ultra-Men kidnap Leiko and take her into his plane to fly her back to Mordillo Island to kill her and place her skeleton next to Mordillo's. However, Shang-chi boarded the plane before it could take off, and freed Leiko from the Ultra-Men. Brynocki, annoyed, charged Shang, who side-stepped and tripped him, causing him to fall out of the plane. The others succeeded in destroying the remaining Ultra-Men. Brynocki was decapitated by the fall, but directed his body to pick up his head and began planning anew.

(Rom#47) - The Spaceknights Rom and Starshine II flew into Mordillo Island during their travels across the Earth. Brynocki felt they were trespassing on Mordillo's property, and so he sent the legions of robots after them. He brought Mordillo's skeleton with him, acting as his co-pilot in one of Mordillo's Dragon-Fly ships, attacking the two spaceknights personally. Starshine shot them down, and Brynocki left the skeleton alone in the jungle to deal with the intruders without Mordillo's added weight. Brynocki attempted to convince Rom and Starshine that he had been wronged in the past by Shang-Chi, but Rom, having met Shang-Chi, saw through his ruse. The two spaceknights left Mordillo Island, and Brynocki was unable to find Mordillo's skeleton, which had sunk in quicksand.

(Moon Knight/Master of Kung-Fu Special Edition#1) - Brynocki, hiding underneath the throne of Mordillo and using voice projectors and his various robots presented the appearance that Mordillo was alive and speaking, despite the fact that he was a skeleton. He used this deception to convince a number of youths that Mordillo had learned how to overcome death, and the youths fell under the sway of the cult he called the Golden Dawn.

Moon Knight joined together with Shang-Chi to locate youths who had been sucked into the Golden Dawn cult. They made their way through Brynocki's various traps and robot attacks and eventually located the Cult. They destroyed the platform beneath Mordillo's skeleton, revealing Brynocki at the controls. The shattering of Brynocki's illusion allowed the youths to regain their own minds. Brynocki attempted to attack the two heroes, but was swiftly decapitated by a kick from Shang-Chi. Rather than face capture, Brynocki activated the self-destruct mechanism in his head and blew himself and Mordillo's skeleton to pieces.

(Thing II#3 (fb) - BTS) - Arcade found Brynocki blown to pieces on Mordillo Island and put him back together. Mordillo Island became Murderland and Brynocki became part of Arcade's staff.

(Thing II#1) - After Arcade was hired by Carlotta LaRosa's rival Milan Ramada his henchman/woman Mr. Chambers and Miss Locke brought a fake Thing statue to a high society party hosted by Irma Roberts. Inside the statue Brynocki was hidden and as soon as all guests had arrived he contacted his boss Arcade and activated the sonic cannon hidden inside the statue's mouth. All guests lost consciousness except for the Thing, who was able to destroy the cannon before loosing consciousness as well, but the statue was still talking to him and when suddenly the statue's chest plate opened the Thing was so surprised that Brynocki could zap him with a ray-gun.
  All guests were brought to Mordillo Island (now known as Murderland) where Brynocki stood at his masters' side to welcome everyone on the island.

(Thing II#2) - Brynocki and Arcade's hologram where at the beach with the captives and Brynocki explained them the rules. They just had to reach an "immunity spot" on the other side of the island. After the first one entered it everyone else had to get into the circle within 10 seconds. The island would stop trying to kill them as soon as they had succeeded. Boats, planes and cars weren't allowed and if somebody went too far out to the sea or too high up in the air or something bad would happen. At the end of the speech he accidentally called the island Mordillo Island which angered Arcade. Brynocki counted down from ten after Arcade told the captives that they were standing on a minefield that would be activated in ten seconds.
  As a little angel Brynocki floated in the sky carried by balloons and warned Nighthawk not to get up to 1000 feet in the air. He tossed his harp after him when Nighthawk ignored him. Seconds later he reported live from the toy army's assault on the Thing and he was also present when Thing and his girlfriend Carlotta staged a verbal dispute.

(Thing II#3) - Brynocki went after Tony Stark, who secretly went inside Murderland and started to help the others by using Arcade's own robots. He found Stark and tried to kill him, but Brynocki was short-circuited when he hit a power cable Stark held in front of himself.

(Thing II#3 - BTS) - Stark reprogrammed Brynocki and turned him into Iron Boy (although Brynocki still demanded to be called Brynocki).

(Thing II#3) - Stark and Brynocki went to Murderland's main control room. First Brynocki opened the door with a blast that knocked out Locke and Chambers. Brynocki then stopped Arcade from killing Stark by shooting Arcade's gun out of his hand.
  A short time later Brynocki was the guard of the bamboo prison at the beach that held Arcade and his henchmen. Brynocki didn't want to help Arcade anymore and told him to talk to Tony Stark if he wanted to get out of prison.





Comments: Created by Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy.

Supplementary information courtesy of Omar Karindu:
I have no idea if this is anywhere near the reason Moench (or Gulacy, who says the visual was all his) named him thus, but "Brynocki" has a definite resonance with "Pinochio," and he even resembles the Disney Pinocchio in form and his basic function as companion to Mordillo.  Incidentally, Mordillo Island is most certainly supposed to be an MU version of Scaramanga's Island from the James Bond film "The Man with the Golden Gun."  In this sense, Brynocki is also a bit like Knick Knack, Herve Villechez's character in the film.

Miss Locke in Thing II#1-3 was a robot created by Arcade. The original was killed by Arcade in Wolverine/Gambit: Victims#4.

Brynocki has a profile in the All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update#1.


Brynocki should not be confused with:

Golden Dawn

They were Brynocki's followers when he created the illusion that Mordillo found a way to overcome death. They left him as soon as his illusion was shattered by the heroes Moon Knight and Shang-Chi.

--Moon Knight/Master of Kung-Fu Special Edition#1







In addition, Brynocki had access to the many robots of Mordillo, which possessed various fighting abilities. His own creations, the Ultra-Men, were more durable than the majority of Mordillo's robots, and possessed advanced fighting skills.





images: (without ads)
(main image)
(with axe)
(as Wizard)
Thing II#1, p23 (as Arcade's ally)
Thing II#3, p21, pan2 (as Iron Boy Sorry, Brynocki)
(Golden Dawn)
(Golden Dawn member)
(Ultra-Robot body shot)
(Ultra-Robot head shot)

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