Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human technology user (Alternate timeline, Earth-MC2)

Occupation: Criminal, madman

Affiliations: Angelface, Kingpin, Mr. Nobody, Savage Six (Dragon King, Funny Face, Killerwatt, Mr. Abnormal, Raptor, Sabreclaw)

Enemies: Canis, Funny Face, Green Goblin (Phil Ulrich), Peter Parker, Spider-Girl, Spider-Man (Jessica Drew's son)

Known Relatives: Angelface (mother), Funny Face (brother)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York City of Earth-MC2

First Appearance: Spider-Girl I#2 (November, 1998)

Powers: Crazy Eight carried a number of rigged eight-balls armed with spikes, buzz-bombs, poisonous gas, concussive blasts, sonic weaponry and electrical jolts. He was also armed with deadly bolos weighted with eight-balls. Crazy Eight was an extremely fast and agile combatant.

History: (Spider-Girl I#2)-When Spider-Girl interrupted a group of masked men robbing a warehouse, the notorious criminal, Crazy Eight, attacked her, defending his men. Spider-Girl managed to evade his attacks, but was forced to flee, as Crazy Eight watched on, mocking her. Crazy Eight next attempted a cargo heist of ships docked on Pier 87. Spider-Girl interfered again, but this time Crazy Eight was overconfident in his ability to beat her. After throwing most of his arsenal at Spider-Girl, he began to celebrate a premature victory. Spider-Girl snuck up behind him and knocked him cold.

(Spider-Girl I#8)-Crazy Eight's trial began at the Queens County Courthouse. Against his lawyer's advice Crazy Eight showed up in full costume. At Kingpin's behest Mr. Nobody teleported into the courtroom, freeing Crazy Eight from his manacles. Moments away from freedom, Crazy Eight ran into Spider-Girl. Revenge was more important to him than safety, and he began hurling weapons. The battle soon went in Spider-Girl's favor, so Crazy Eight made a break for it and left Mr. Nobody to finish his fight. He ran into Peter Parker at the courthouse entrance and threw some eight-balls at him. He never expected Parker to catch them all and return fire. Crazy Eight was taken back into custody.

(Spider-Girl I#25)-Crazy Eight was asked by his mother Angelface to check in on his little brother Funny Face. Crazy Eight found Funny Face plotting Spider-Girl's doom with the newly formed Savage Six. Despite Funny Face's objections that no one invited him, Crazy Eight stuck around to see how it would all turn out. Crazy Eight criticized Funny Face for sending out the Savage Six to fight Spider-Girl one at a time when they would have a better shot at victory by ganging up on her. Hours later there was no word from the Savage Six, and Spider-Girl, the Avengers and the Fantastic Five arrived on Funny Face's doorstep. Crazy Eight was kind enough to knock his brother out, telling him surrender was the only logical response. This way it would also be easier for Crazy Eight and Angelface to check up on him.

(Spider-Girl I#36)-Kingpin assigned Crazy Eight to stop Canis, who was recruiting Kingpin's underbosses to his burgeoning criminal empire. It was also a personal affair for Crazy Eight, because Canis hired Funny Face as his right hand man. Crazy Eight and Mr. Nobody aided Spider-Girl and Spider-Man (Drew) in defeating a group of potential Canis recruits during a meeting. Funny Face was also present at the meeting, but Crazy Eight allowed him to escape

(Spider-Girl I#37, 38)-Crazy Eight and Mr. Nobody argued about Kingpin's strategy in taking down Canis. Crazy Eight warned Nobody that if he harmed Funny Face he might as well be committing suicide. Crazy Eight then went to have a discussion with his baby brother. He screamed at Funny Face for not taking their mom's advice about avoiding gang wars, and Funny Face accused him of being Kingpin's dupe and a mamma's boy. The argument intensified until Spider-Girl showed up, and the brothers directed their wrath her way. They were getting the upper hand just when Green Goblin (Phil Ulrich) arrived. Feeling outclassed Crazy Eight and Funny Face fled.

(Spider-Girl I#39 - BTS)-Two of Kingpin's employees, Dunkerly and Hicks, switched their allegiance to Canis. Kingpin sent Crazy Eight to execute them.

(Spider-Girl I#39)-Crazy Eight promised Angelface he'd have a talk with Canis. He accused Canis of using his brother, and Funny Face demanded that Crazy Eight stay out of his life. Green Goblin arrived at Canis Kennels and attacked them. They severely beat Green Goblin, but left him alive.

(Spider-Girl I#40)-Mr. Nobody warned Crazy Eight to never again fraternize with Canis, no matter what the reason. Mr. Nobody then went to Canis Kennels to kill Funny Face and Canis. Crazy Eight followed him, and was in a fury that anyone would dare threaten his brother's life. Spider-Man joined the melee, adding to the confusion. In the chaos that followed Mr. Nobody shot at Spider-Man, but Spider-Girl suddenly appeared and pulled him from the line of fire. The errant bullet struck Crazy Eight, and he died on the spot.

(Spider-Girl I#41)-An autopsy was performed on Crazy Eight's corpse and he was laid to rest. Spider-Girl visited his grave, feeling pangs of guilt that she couldn't prevent his death.

Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco, Pat Olliffe and Al Williamson.

Crazy Eight also appeared in the J2#1/4 preview of Spider-Girl, which featured the first few pages of Spider-Girl I#2.

Spider-Girl mentioned that her father Spider-Man used to complain about Crazy Eight. This could mean that Crazy Eight is an old enemy of the Earth-MC2 Spider-Man, or he'd just heard of him through the superhero grapevine.

PROFILE BY FUTURE, J2 information and partial summary of Spider-Girl I#2 provided by Zerostar

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