MEMBERSHIP: "Biff" and "Todd Reiner"

PURPOSE: Extortion



BASE of OPERATIONS: Mobile, Earth MC2

FIRST APPEARANCE: Wild Thing II#4/2 (January, 2000)


(Wild Thing II#4/2) - The Tag Team were former professional wrestlers who left the field for the sweet allure of a life of crime. The Tag Team's reputation for extorting local businesses continued to grow, until J2 caught wind of it. Finding them at a local store, J2 jumped into action, but the two brothers did their best to beat him down (mostly by hitting him with heavy weights), but after he bit through one of the weights, the brothers went down rather quickly. J2 then wrapped the criminals with a bar to hold them until the police arrived.

COMMENTS: Created by Tom DeFalco (writer), Ron Lim (pencils) and Al Williamson (inks).

The wrestling elitist in me says their selling of J2's backhand was a little off, and they were too slow and boring. Total DUD.

J2's friend Talia was the one who told him where The Tag Team were to strike, but I really have no clue where she got that information in the first place.

Profile by: Zerostar


The Tag Team of Earth-MC2 are not to be confused with:

Wild Thing II#4/2, p4, pan 1

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