The nasty Pygg brothers


Membership: Arnold Pygg, Elvis Pygg, Percival Pygg (all brothers)

Purpose: Criminal activities including theft

Affiliations: None

Enemies: J2

Base of Operations: New York City, USA (Earth MC-2)

First Appearance: J2#8/2 (May, 1999)


(J2#8/2 (fb) - BTS) - Over summer, the three Pyggs roamed New York City engaged in gambling and criminal activities, including bank robberies, jewelry store raids and using cheat codes on their computer games. 

(J2#8/2) - With summer now over, the three Pyggs chose to go south to Florida to gamble and evade the police. Percival Pygg was about to book reservations but was tipped off that the police were working with J2 to track them down. Percival suggested that he and his two brothers split up to seek refuge until he could arrange an escape plan.

Elvis Pygg was too lazy to prepare an appropriate hideout and instead went to the horse races. However, he soon saw J2 striding toward him and ran into a nearby barn to escape the junior hero by hiding in a haystack. J2 followed and, not finding Elvis, used his superpowered lungs to blow the hay away, revealing the naughty Pygg. Elvis ran shrieking to his brother, Arnold, who had been busy nailing timber boards across the windows and doors of his hideout so that it would appear deserted. J2 soon caught up with the criminals and smashed his way in, but the brothers ran off to Percival seeking his aid. Percival had rented a suite at the ritzy Plaza Hotel and had chartered a small plane to make good their escape to Miami. J2 eventually caught up with them and stood before the plane as it rolled down the runway. Arnold panicked but Percival wanted to run J2 down. The hero braced himself for the plane's impact which demolished it, leaving the three Pyggs unconscious. The three villainous brothers were then charged and sent to prison.

Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco (writer), Ron Lim (pencils) & Paul Ryan (inks).

Elvis had a retro 1950s' look, Arnold shuffled with a dirt cloud around him, while Percival was suave in his tuxedo.

This story was one of "J2's Funny Fairy Tales for Fools & Felons" back-up stories, but still sits within continuity.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

The three lawbreaking Pyggs have no known connections to:

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J2#8, p18

J2#8/2 (May, 1998) - 
Tom DeFalco (writer), Ron Lim (pencils), Paul Ryan (inks), Bob Harras (editor)

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