(of Reality-982)

Real Name: Intergalactic Sentry #666

Identity/Class: Alternate reality (Earth-982) extraterrestrial (Kree) robot

Occupation: Servant of the Kree Empire

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Its mission commander

Enemies: Avengers (J2/Zane Yama, Mainframe, Stinger/Cassie Lang, Thunderstrike/Kevin Masterson), Earth Sentry (John Foster), Bill Foster, the Maria Stark Foundation

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile aboard a Kree spacecraft

First Appearance: A-Next I#2 (November, 1998)

Powers/Abilities: Sentry #666 was made of highly resilient metals which were resistant to most damage (it alleged it was "indestructible"). It also had self-repairing systems to fix any damage it incurred.

It also possessed superhuman strength and could lift 50 tons. Sentry #666 could also encase its enemies inside a crystalline substance for confinement.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 15'0")
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 3 tons)
Eyes: Black
Hair: None

History: (A-Next I#2 (fb)) - Sentry #666 accompanied its Kree mission commander aboard a Kree saucer to investigate Earth and assess its current military capabilities. However, as their craft approached Earth's orbit, they were fired upon by Earth's orbital weapons. The blast knocked Sentry #666 from the vessel and it crashed in Washington National Park. The vessel also crashed in the park some distance away. Activating its homing beacon, Sentry #666 began to search for its mission commander.

(A-Next I#2) - Sentry #666 discovered a team of scientists from the Maria Stark Foundation and encased them within a crystal shell, as the Sentry was programmed to maintain stealth. The Avengers, Bill Foster and John Foster came in search of the scientists and came face-to-face with Sentry #666. Sentry #666 declared it would have to either imprison or kill the Avengers to maintain the secrecy of its presence on Earth. Mainframe, Thunderstrike, Stinger and J2 all fought the Sentry but it easily repaired all the damage they were able to inflict. J2 made the mistake of hitting the Sentry into its ship, nearly knocking the ship over a cliff while the two Fosters were aboard.

Meanwhile, John Foster discovered the remains of Sentry #666's commander aboard its craft. By interfacing with the ship, John obtained superhuman Kree powers and was transformed into the Earth Sentry. When Sentry #666 first saw Earth Sentry, it mistook him for its mission commander. Earth Sentry tried to masquerade as the mission commander and told Sentry #666 to stand down. However, Sentry #666 informed Earth Sentry that its directive to maintain secrecy overrode all other orders and began to fight Earth Sentry. Earth Sentry allowed Sentry #666 to enter the ship then used its self-destruct function to destroy the vessel, eradicating Sentry#666 in the blast.

Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz and Brett Breeding.

In its first appearance, Sentry #459's story was titled "The Sentry Sinister!" but I think our boy here outdoes him - hard to get more sinister than being named Sentry #666!

Profile by Prime Eternal.

Sentry #666 should not be confused with:

"mission commander"

Sentry #666's mission commander was a Kree captain. He was conducting a survey of the Earth when Earth's planetary defenses fired on his ship. Sentry #666 was ejected from the craft while the mission commander went down with the ship. He died on impact with the planet Earth. His corpse was found in Washington National Park. His remains were destroyed when Earth Sentry used the ship's self-destruct device.

The captain had bionic implants which enabled him to interface with his ship.

--A-Next I#2

images: (without ads)
A-Next I#2, page 10, panel 3 (main)
A-Next I#2, page 19, panel 5 (head)
A-Next I#2, page 13, panel 5 (mission commander)

A-Next I#2 (November, 1998) - Tom DeFalco (writer, editor), Ron Frenz (co-plot, penciler), Brett Breeding (inker)

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