Real Name: Intergalactic Kree Sentry #459

Identity/Class: Robot

Occupation: Servant of the Kree Empire

Group Membership: Heavy Metal, Underground Legion

Affiliations: Cheetah, Kree Empire, Ronan, Starforce, Ultron

Enemies: Avengers, Captain Mar-Vell, Dr. Daniel Damian, Fantastic Four, General Bridges, Inhumans, Peacekeepers, Randac, Tantalus, Warbird

Known Relatives: Kree Sentries

Aliases: "Mr. Roboto"

Base of Operations: William Amos' mansion, New York; originally, Outpost 10 in the South Pacific; later, Ottsville, Pennsylvania

First Appearance: Fantastic Four I#64 (July, 1967)

Powers/Abilities: Sentry #459 is composed of alien materials which make it highly resistent to injury. It also possesses superhuman strength (class 50), and the ability to generate various forms of energy. The Sentry also possesses powerful communication and sensory abilities.

Height: 15'

History: (What If I#28/3) - Sentry #459 accompanied Kree scientists to earth 25,000 years ago, and observed their creation of the Inhumans. #459 was left behind on earth to keep track of the Inhumans.

(Thor I#147/2) - Centuries later, #459 confronted the Inhuman Randac after he had exposed himself to the Terrigan Mist, gaining superhuman abilities. Sentry #459 contacted the Kree to inform them of this development.

(Fantastic Four I#64) - Sentry #459 remained on earth, dormant, hidden on an island in the South Pacific for centuries, until he was found by archaeologist Dr. Daniel Damian. Subsequently, the island was invaded by the Fantastic Four, who were on vacation. The Sentry opposed the Fantastic Four in order to defend the Kree installation there, but did not reackon with the power the super-heroes possessed. When the Human Torch unleashed high-intensity flames at the Sentry, it accidentally activated Kree machinery which resulted in the entire outpost's self-destruction. Before the base was destroyed, the Sentry sent a message to the Kree to warn them.

(Marvel Super-Heroes II#13) - The seeming destruction of Sentry #459 ultimately brought a Kree vessel commanded by Colonel Yon-Rogg to earth. Captain Mar-Vell (disguised as the human Dr. Walter Lawson) found Sentry #459 to be in the custody of officials at Cape Kennedy, attempting to learn its secrets. Hoping to kill Mar-Vell, Yon-Rogg activated Sentry #459 from his ship.

(Captain Marvel I#1-2) - Mar-Vell fought the Sentry to defend the staff at Cape Kennedy, including Carol Danvers. When the Sentry referred to Mar-Vell by name, onlookers believed that Mar-Vell was a super-hero named Captain Marvel. Ultimately, Mar-Vell wrecked the Sentry, and it was again rendered inert and returned to the custody of Cape Kennedy.

(Avengers I#89-91) - Some time later, the Sentry was set free from Cape Kennedy by Ronan the Accuser, who employed it against the Avengers in the early stages of the Kree-Skrull War. Ronan sent the Sentry to capture Mar-Vell, and had him brought to his base in Alaska. Brainwashing the Avenger Goliath to aid them, Ronan, the Sentry and Goliath fought the Avengers, but through the efforts of Rick Jones, their base was terribly damaged. Ronan abandoned the Sentry when the Kree-Skrull War broke out, and it was again seemingly destroyed when the base collapsed.

(Captain Marvel I#47-49) - The Sentry was then retrieved by the Kree scientists Dr. Mac-Ronn and Tara, who erased the Sentry's databanks. Before they could reprogram it, they were forced to abandon it, and it came to rest in Mexico. Needing to complete its programming, it based its mind upon that of a bandit named Raoul Escheverra, which resulted in the Sentry becoming hateful and angry. It also transformed Escheverra's friend Esteban Carracus into the Cheetah, and the two fought Captain Mar-Vell alongside Ronan. Ultimately, Mar-Vell defeated Ronan, and shut down the Sentry, robbing the Cheetah of his powers.

(Avengers I#288-289) - Sentry #459 lay dormant in the field where he fell for some time, during which a local landowner used the Sentry as a tourist attraction. It was finally revived by the Super-Adaptoid and Machine Man to serve as a member of Heavy Metal. The Sentry was sent to help set free the robot Tess-One, being transported by the Black Knight and Dr. Druid. After defeating the Avengers, the four robots went on to invade Avengers Island. The Sentry was opposed by the She-Hulk, but was finally defeated by Marinna, who dragged it into the water to defeat it.

(Captain America I#354) - Sentry #459 was shown to still be inactive, and under the care of the Avengers, alongside the Awesome Android, Tess-One and the Super-Adaptoid.

(Avengers Annual#19/3 (fb)) - Following Dr. Doom's assault upon Avengers Island, during which the island was sunk by his Killer Robots, Sentry #459 and the other robots escaped captivity.

(Blackwulf#3/2-4/2) - Sentry #459 was next found to be in custody of Ultron, who was converting the population of Ottsville, Pennsylvania into living machines. When Sparrow of the Underground Legion investigated Ultron's plan, she was apprehended by the Sentry, and was re-wired by Ultron to obey him.

(Blackwulf#5) - The rest of the Underground Legion soon followed alongside Giant-Man, and fought Ultron and the Sentry. To defeat the Sentry, Giant-Man shrunk it down to roughly 6 feet, and Blackwulf smashed it over the head, rendering it unconscious.

(Blackwulf#6) - Sentry #459 was then turned over to Dr. Oliver Broadhurst of the Underground Legion, who reprogrammed it to serve the Underground.

(Blackwulf#7 (fb)) - When the Underground's enemy Tantalus opened the Stargate in earth's solar system, it was detected by the Sentry in Broadhurst's lab. The Underground determined to pursue Tantalus.

(Blackwulf#7) - With the aid of the Sentry, the Underground were able to hotwire an advanced space shuttle for the pursuit. They eventually encountered Starforce, defenders of Kree space. When the Underground tried to fight them, the Sentry was recognized as old Kree technology, and Korath the Pursuer activated an override code to shut it down. When Starforce learnt that the Underground was pursuing Tantalus, they offered them their assistance.

(Blackwulf#8) - Sentry #459 piloted the vessel to Armechadon, where the Underground and Starforce met the Underground Legion of Armechadon, who they joined forces with.

(Blackwulf#10) - During the Underground's final battle with Tantalus, Sentry #459 helped save Mammoth from an attack by Wraath. In the course of their battle, Wraath tore the Sentry's head off. It was later held by Wildwind, who gazed at it curiously, having just learnt she herself was a robot.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott.

Sentry #459 was drawn very differently in Blackwulf #3-4, but resumed its normal appearance as of #5.

I think Pym shrinking Sentry #459 down to about 6 feet was meant to be its regular height from that point on, but since it still stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Mammoth-- who was much larger than 6 feet-- it must not have been permanent.

The Sentry in Fantastic Four: The World's Greatest Comics Magazine #2 may have been intended to be #459, but given its strange coloring, and the fact that #459 was at Cape Kennedy at that point in time, it can't be #459.

A dream version of Sentry #459 appears in Aron's alternate reality version of the Fantastic Four seen in Fantastic Four I#332.

by Prime Eternal

Sentry #459 should not be confused with:

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