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Real Name: Bridges (first name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: USAF General, commander of the missile base known as "the Cape" (aka Cape Kennedy during his posting)

Group Membership: United States Air Force

Affiliations: Carol Danvers, Frank, Dr. Walter Lawson (both the real Lawson, who died before ever meeting the general, and Captain Mar-Vell, who stole Lawson's identity and impersonated him in order to infiltrate the missile base)

Enemies: Cyberex (destroyed), SOLAM (destroyed), Kree Sentry #459, Colonel Yon-Rogg

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "The Old Man"

Base of Operations: The missile base known as "the Cape" (retroactively confirmed as being Cape Kennedy/Canaveral), Cape Canaveral, Florida

First Appearance: Marvel Super-Heroes II#13 (March, 1968)

Powers/Abilities: General Bridges presumably has the physical abilities required to be a serving American soldier.

Height: 6' (estimated)
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Unrevealed (possibly gray?)
Hair: Gray (or brown or gray with white)

History: Nothing has been revealed about General Bridges' life and military career prior to his first encounter with extraterrestrial activity. None of his personal information is known, and the record of his military service and how he rose through the ranks has not been revealed.

(Marvel Super-Heroes II#13 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, General Bridges was assigned to command a missile/rocket base known as "the Cape" (presumably Cape Kennedy) in Florida, which was "one of America's most important missile-testing bases." While at the Cape, Bridges worked alongside Carol Danvers whom he described as, "man or woman...the finest head of security a missile base could want!" Despite his apparent high opinion of Danvers, Bridges usually chose to act against her best advice.

(Marvel Super-Heroes II#13 (fb) - BTS) - The alien Kree believed that their Intergalactic Sentry #459 had been destroyed when its battle with the Fantastic Four had triggered the destruction of the small deserted island in the South Pacific where its hidden base had been located. However, the robot had actually survived the explosion but had been deactivated. Pearl divers had spotted the inert robot and then unspecified agents of the United States military had transported it to the Cape for study.

(Marvel Super-Heroes II#13 (fb) - BTS) - Once the Sentry had been brought to the Cape it was placed in a reinforced hangar under 24-hour armed guard.

Marvel Super-Heroes II#13 (fb) - BTS) - Dr. Walter Lawson, an expert on missile guidance systems and robotics who had a reputation for being reclusive and possibly even eccentric, was reassigned to the Cape for a rush project to develop an improved space-gyroscope. Lawson was flying his small private plane (at night) to the missile base when the plane was inadvertently struck by a laser-beam which Kree Colonel Yon-Rogg had fired from his hovering (but cloaked) starship at his rival, Captain Mar-Vell, who was flying nearby. Lawson's plane exploded and crashed to the ground. Mar-Vell found Lawson's dead body, noticed that he resembled the dead scientist, and learned that Lawson was to be stationed at the missile base. Mar-Vell then stole Lawson's identification papers and altered them slightly so that he could infiltrate the missile base as "Dr. Walter Lawson."

(Marvel Super-Heroes II#13 (fb) - BTS) - The following morning, in response to "some mighty funny stuff" (i.e., a missile test flight going awry and a security unit's encounter with "some nut in a space suit makin' like a bird") that had taken place on the previous night, "The Old Man" had base security be extra careful checking the papers of all visitors, including "Dr. Walter Lawson" (Mar-Vell).

Marvel Super-Heroes II#13 (fb) - BTS) - Over the next week, General Bridges considered asking Dr. Lawson, as an expert in robotics, to examine the Sentry. Carol Danvers advised against him doing so, but Bridges ultimately decided to involve Lawson.

(Marvel Super-Heroes II#13) - One week after "Lawson" had started working at the base, General Bridges met "Lawson" when he arrived at the missile base, introduced himself and asked Lawson to accompany him. Bridges then brought Lawson to the heavily guarded hangar and, once inside, showed him the inert Sentry as it lay on a metal platform surrounded by armed guards. Bridges then introduced Lawson to Carol Danvers, whom he described as "The finest head of security a missile base could want!" Bridges soon escorted Lawson out of the hangar.

   That night, after the Sentry was secretly reactivated (from afar by Colonel Yon-Rogg), General Bridges felt the whole building that he was in suddenly start to vibrate. Bridges called the Field Gate to ask if they were having an earth tremor and was told that the alien robot had come to life and had begun to destroy the base. Bridges ordered his men to stop the robot and then called Base Air Control to order some jets to be sent to the base immediately. Bridges then called Lawson and informed him about the robot's rampage in the hope that he would be able to figure out how to deactivate the robot.

(Captain Marvel I#1 (fb) - BTS) - As the battle between the Sentry and the costumed man known only as "Captain Marvel" continued, General Bridges learned that there were two human beings (Carol Danvers and "Captain Marvel") trapped with the Sentry inside the invisible energy barrier it had created. To avoid harming them, Bridges cancelled his orders for air support.

(Captain Marvel I#1) - General Bridges ordered the "dogfaces" (soldiers) to use their carload of TNT to blast open the barrier but the explosives had no effect.
   Soon afterwards, Captain Marvel managed to cause an implosion within the Sentry that destroyed it. In the aftermath, General Bridges, Carol Danvers and the soldiers all looked on Mar-Vell as a hero, and Bridges thanked "Captain Marvel" for saving the base from the Sentry.

(Captain Marvel I#2) - Later that same night, as Captain Marvel fought the Super Skrull on the missile base, General Bridges and Miss Danvers watched the battle from a nearby building. When Danvers asked if his men could do something to help against the "green-skinned monster" who was defeating Captain Marvel, the general replied that he was afraid not because they wouldn't be able to fire without fear of hitting Marvel himself.

(Captain Marvel I#3 - BTS) - Using a psycho-probe to review the recent memories of the captive Mar-Vell, the Super-Skrull observed how "Dr. Lawson" had first met General Bridges and Miss Danvers.

(Captain Marvel I#3) - Less than an hour later that night, Bridges and Danvers were being driven by the entrance to the base as "Dr. Lawson" (actually, the disguised Super Skrull) tried to enter without a pass. The MP on duty refused to let him in, saying that "the old man's orders are" but Bridges interrupted then, saying "are hereby countermanded, corporal - - by the Old Man himself!" As the MP started to apologize, Bridges told him to save it and that he ought to hear what Bridges used to call his C.O. Bridges then told "Lawson" to hop in the jeep as the three of them had things to discuss.
   Minutes later, in his office, Bridges explained to "Lawson" that while they had been waiting for him the Cape had been attacked twice, once by the Sentry and a second time by "some green gargoyle" who defeated the Captain Marvel who had stopped the Sentry. When "Lawson" mentioned the Sentry, Bridges invited him to take a closer look but when "Lawson" asked for directions, Bridges pointed out that Lawson had been there with him only a few hours earlier. "Lawson" covered by claiming that he had forgotten several things that night and Bridges agreed, then directed him to the third hangar on the right and said he'd phone them so they'd expect Lawson. Once "Lawson" had left, Bridges remarked to Miss Danvers that nothing was making any sense that night, "least of all our dear Dr. Lawson!" Danvers reminded the general that she had distrusted Lawson from the start and that it was Bridges who had given him the clearance to see the Sentry in the first place.

(Captain Marvel I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Bridges thanked Captain Marvel after he saved the Cape from the "outer-space enemy" and was photographed doing so. A newspaper later printed that photo with the caption, "Mystery Man Congratulated by General Bridges."

(Captain Marvel I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Bridges kept the details about the upcoming launch of the new Argos III missile, including the exact time of the launch, a secret to avoid any public panic.

(Captain Marvel I#4 (fb) - BTS) - As the time of the launch approached, Bridges had someone from the Cape call the Cape Hotel with a message that Dr. Lawson was to get over to the missile base right away.

(Captain Marvel I#4) - At the base, Bridges verbalized his hope that the call had reached Lawson in time. Miss Danvers concurred, saying that there were still a few questions she would like to ask him about his papers. Amused, Bridges asked if Danvers was still convinced that Lawson was not quite on the level, and she stated that she intended to stay that way until a few more pieces of the puzzle named Walter Lawson fell into place. At that moment, their conversation was interrupted by the signal that the final countdown was starting, and Bridges and Danvers left for the bunker. On the way, Danvers asked why Bridges had kept the exact time of this launching such a secret and Bridges apologized for having had to keep even her, their chief security officer, out in the cold but said that she would see the reason for the secrecy when they got to the bunker.
   Later, in the bunker, as Lawson arrived just one minute before blast-off, Bridges briefed him on the purpose of the Argos mission: To transport metallic containers internally lined with test-tubes filled with various deadly bacteria which would be ejected automatically once the Argos went into orbit so that their reactions to cosmic rays could be recorded. Bridges, Danvers and Lawson then watched as the Argos III rocket blasted off from its launch pad. Minutes later, they were still monitoring its progress when, after reaching orbital altitude, the Argos changed course back towards Earth and soon crashed into the water off the northeastern coast of North America. As a technician worked to pinpoint the crash site, Bridges waited anxiously and, when it was revealed that the rocket had come down just outside New York Harbor, the general announced that the whole area was in danger. Telling Danvers and Lawson to come with him, Bridges left the bunker. Once the trio was aboard a hastily-requisitioned jet, Bridges revealed that, since the Argos had various new photographic equipment inside it that the military wanted back, a second jettisoning device had been attached to the germ-carrying vials. If the first device had failed to operate, then the second system would activate independently five hours later to send the deadly bacteria into outer space so that the rocket could return to Earth without posing any danger to people. However, now that the rocket had returned to Earth prematurely, the bacteria were going to be fired into the atmosphere instead where they would become an unimaginable menace.
   Hours later, the jet arrived at Kennedy International Airport, and Danvers and Lawson were soon aboard a Navy destroyer sent to locate the sunken missile.

(Captain Marvel I#6) - General Bridges and Carol Danvers were among the group gathered at Control to witness a demonstration of Nobel Prize-winning physicist Dr. Norman Lindquist's SOLAM project, a giant laser which was to be powered by solar energy focused by a giant orbiting concave reflector and which would then fire that light out into space in a beam fine enough and with sufficient power to reach over 900 million miles to the planet Saturn. When Lindquist and Lawson arrived, Bridges was surprised when Lindquist revealed that Lawson had tried to make him to call off SOLAM's activation. Bridges was further surprised when, in response to Danvers' question about what he had been doing alone in the woods the previous night, Lawson stated that he had been "watching over young lady security officers who think they've seen flying saucers in the sky" and he demanded that Miss Danvers explain Lawson's last remark. Their discussion was cut short when SOLAM was activated. 

    However, the brief moment of success ended quickly when the shaft of photonic power collapsed back into the light-cannon and Dr. Lundquist declared an All-Units Emergency. Before any action could be taken, the photo-gun overloaded and exploded, releasing a photo-kinetic being unto the world. Understandably, the crowd of observers fled, enabling Captain Marvel to appear and briefly battle the solar energy creature until he suddenly collapsed. Soon afterwards, as Solam was feeding on other sources of photonic energy on the base, General Bridges was curious as to why Captain Marvel was asking them to bombard "that goliath" with more energy and was told that Solam was now too large for conventional weapons and so the only way to kill it was to overfeed it. After Marvel had revealed his plan to use the project's auxiliary light-cannon and his need for the largest hookup of computers ever assembled in order to calculate the precise energy level needed to destroy Solam, Bridges got on the phone and ordered a four-way video hookup between the base's central computer and the computers at Carnegie Tech, Cal Tech, and M.I.T. for direct data inter-communication. Bridges also ordered the technicians to get the auxiliary solar amplifier ready for Marvel to use. Soon, as Marvel programmed the computer, Lundquist remarked to Bridges that Marvel was using mathematical logic that he, an advanced theoretical mathematician, could only barely grasp. Soon afterwards, when Marvel successfully used the auxiliary solar amplifier to over-expand Solam until it burst into harmless sunlight, Bridges, Danvers and Lundquist were among the crowd of very relieved observers.

(Captain Marvel I#8) - One evening, while being driven from his office to the club, General Bridges was telling his driver, Frank, that he could take off once he'd dropped Bridges at the club when he spotted something up ahead of them. That something was a giant robot (Cyberex) that was unaffected by the bullets that Frank fired at it. After overturning the jeep, Cyberex grabbed Bridges and was holding him above the ground when a taxi approached. Cyberex was attracted to the cab when its driver addressed his passenger, Dr. Lawson, by name. As the robot turned towards its programmed target, it dropped Bridges who, as he fell, called out to Lawson to run for his life and to forget about him. Once Lawson had run off and Frank observed that the robot had begun tearing the landscape to pieces to find him, Bridges spotted the mysterious Captain Marvel arriving and stated that he thought that the robot was going to be busy with something else now!

    During the ensuing battle, when Captain Marvel tried to use his weapon to blind his foe, Bridges (or Frank) called out to him that it was no use because the robot's eyes were invulnerable. As Bridges, Frank and the cabbie continued to watch the fight, they were joined by Danvers who had seen the lights from a distance and come to investigate. Bridges explained that Captain Marvel was battling an incredibly advanced robot and that if he couldn't stop it then the rest of them were done for. Once Marvel had (seemingly) destroyed the robot, Danvers congratulated him for putting an end to "Lawson's wild scheme." Bridges overheard her and asked what she was talking about and where Lawson was. Captain Marvel informed the general that he had passed Lawson running down the highway and mentioned that robot fighting was apparently not one of the talented doctor's specialities. As Bridges and Danvers left the area in the cab, Bridges asked Danvers again what it was about Dr. Lawson that she had been discussing with Captain Marvel, and Danvers replied that it was nothing significant and that the only thing that counted was that Captain Marvel had destroyed the robot beyond repair.

(Captain Marvel I#11) - The general and Danvers watched from a distance as a moon rocket/missile stolen by Captain Marvel rose into the air. When Danvers stated that she wouldn't believe that Captain Marvel would turn thief and renegade, the general replied that she had better believe it and that the twenty million dollars worth of missile that Marvel had just stolen made him "bigger than the Brinks robbers and Benedict Arnold -- combined!"

(Mar-Vell supposedly spent the next 112 days in space but that may have been part of the illusion created by Zo)

(Captain Marvel I#12) - At the missile base, the general informed Miss Danvers that a report from their radar men indicated that Captain Marvel could not have survived his "missile escape." Despite this, the general announced that every Cape guard had orders to shoot to kill if Marvel ever returned. When Danvers asked permission to deal with the greater security risk posed by Dr. Lawson, the general told her to make her move. Danvers immediately authorized "Operation Lawson" and ordered a full alert for Lawson who was to be arrested on sight.

   Later, the general and Danvers discussed how the plastic Man-Slayer android had shown up to threaten the second moon rocket only for Captain Marvel to reappear to battle it. When Danvers voiced her belief that Lawson, Marvel and the Man-Slayer were all somehow connected, the general agreed and decided to double the base security force and to make sure that every man knew that Lawson was to be arrested on sight.

   And he was never seen again...unless...maybe...

Comments: Created by Roy (The Boy) Thomas, Gene (The Dean) Colan and Paul Reinman.


   Although he appeared in nine early Captain Marvel stories, there aren't many good images of General Bridges. Worse still, those images are inconsistent, with some depicting him with gray hair, others with brown hair and some as having gray hair with white on the sides.

   Also, the rank insignia on the general's uniform is often not visible and is inconsistent when it can be seen. For example, the image on the left is from page 18 of issue Captain Marvel I#8 and shows him wearing a uniform with only one star on his shoulder, meaning his rank is that of a Brigadier General. However, the image on the right, from page 7 of issue Captain Marvel I#12, shows the general wearing a uniform with two stars on his shoulder strap, meaning that he's a Major General. Of course, I suppose it's possible that he could have been promoted (off panel) between those issues but, since his hair color is different as well, an art error seems more likely.

   Finally, none of the images of his face show what color his eyes are, even if one zooms in on the images. This is in contrast to Carol Danvers, whose blue eyes can sometimes be seen. I suppose that we could say that the general's eyes were gray but that seems a bit too arbitrary for me.




   Fifteen years after this character's last confirmed appearance, the Avengers traveled to the John F. Kennedy Space Center where they met with a "General Bridges" who was in charge of military security at the base. As far as I know, that Bridges (who turned out to have been secretly killed and replaced by a Dire Wraith Witch) has never been officially identified as being the same person as the Bridges of this profile and so I have treated the two Bridges as if they were two separate people. However, if it were ever to be officially established that the Bridges from the Avengers story was meant to be the same person as the Bridges from Captain Marvel, then that would change things.

   Actually, after giving it some more consideration, I think there are three different way that the situation with these Bridges character(s) can be resolved. Either "they" are the same person OR the two of them are total strangers who just happen to have the same last name OR...maybe they are two different people who happen to be members of the same family. Maybe serving in the military is a Bridges family tradition and this Bridges is actually a relative of the William Potter Bridges who was eventually killed and replaced by the alien Dire Wraith Witch. If they were family, then I wouldn't want them to be too closely related, like being brothers or father and son. I'd prefer it if their relationship was more distant, like being second cousins. But again, that's for someone else to determine.

   Some of Mar-Vell's memories of his first meeting with General Bridges and Carol Danvers, as observed by the Super-Skrull in Captain Marvel I#3, are from Marvel Super-Heroes II#13. However, they are not an exact match, since some differences in dialogue are apparent.

   As far as I know, the actual name of the missile/rocket base which General Bridges commanded was never revealed during those early issues of Captain Marvel. Instead, "one of America's most important missile-testing bases" was always just referred to as "the Cape." I believe that it was not until Captain Marvel I#40 that the Cape was finally confirmed as being as "Cape Canaveral, once Kennedy." Of course, the Cape Canaveral facility (and the cape itself) had been renamed Cape Kennedy in 1963 and the original names were not restored until 1973, so it would have been "Cape Kennedy" when all of the early issues of Captain Marvel in which Bridges appeared were printed. I'm puzzled as to why Marvel didn't simply call the base by that name from the beginning.

   I don't think that it was ever specified that Bridges was a general in the United States Air Force. However, given that "the Cape" missile base was later confirmed as being Cape Canaveral and that in the real world the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station is adjacent to NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center, it would seem reasonable to assume that he was USAF. However, for all I know, things may be different in the Marvel Universe.

   General Bridges' last confirmed appearance was in Captain Marvel I#12. When Carol Danvers returned to Cape Canaveral, the general in a Command Bunker at the Kennedy Space Center (in Ms. Marvel I#4) is not named and doesn't look like Bridges (but that could just be because he doesn't have a mustache). Another unnamed general (or possibly the same one) appears in Ms. Marvel I#11.

   Speaking of Carol Danvers, she has still head of Cape security at Cape Kennedy for a while (Avengers I#90) but she was later in charge of security at a more-than-secret Air Force base in Indiana (Captain Marvel I#34-35) because "ever since the Walter Lawson/Captain Marvel foul-up at the Cape (she had) been on the spot with some four-star chauvinists." Following her failure to prevent Nitro from stealing the Compound Thirteen nerve gas, Danvers was next seen as the Security Officer in the Blockhouse at Cape Canaveral (Captain Marvel I#40). Ms. Marvel I#1 revealed that her failure to capture Captain Marvel had just about destroyed her security field career so she had become a writer with a successful first book about the space industry. Ms. Marvel I#11 revealed that Danvers had been banned from the Cape permanently because her book had burned a lot of people working there.

   The story in Marvel Super-Heroes II#13 leads directly into Captain Marvel I#1 which leads directly into Captain Marvel I#2-3.

   Specifically, the events depicted in Marvel Super-Heroes II#12 and the first ten pages of issue #13 take place during the evening when Mar-Vell first landed on Earth and throughout the following night. What happened to Mar-Vell over the course of the following week, beginning with the morning after his arrival, is shown by the first four panels on page 11 of Marvel Super-Heroes II#13. The events of Mar-Vell's eighth day on Earth are recounted in the last panel of page 11 and pages 12-13, and it takes pages 13-20 of Marvel Super-Heroes II#13 and all of Captain Marvel I#1-3 to cover what occurred during Mar-Vell's ninth night on Earth. Whew!

   Of course, this means that the Skrull emperor (in the Andromeda Galaxy) was able to remotely observe Mar-Vell's defeat of Kree Sentry #459 and recall the Super-Skrull from his distant exile (at the outer edge of that galaxy) to the Skrull "home planet" and the Super-Skrull was then able to travel to Earth - - a distance of over two million light-years! -- all in a period of less than "a few hours" during a single night! Clearly, Skrull technology is WAAAY more advanced then ours.

Profile by Donald Campbell.

This General Bridges has no confirmed connections to

This General Bridges also has no known connections to


   Frank was a soldier who (sometimes) drove the jeep in which the Cape commander (General Bridges) rode. The fact that his uniform has three bars on it could mean that his rank was that of a sergeant. However, those bars are pointing downwards and on the right sleeve when they should be pointing upwards on his left sleeve. Another oddity is that Frank's hair color shifts from brown to blond and then back to brown. Maybe he's a mutant whose hair changes color when he's under stress? Nah, it's probably just a mistake by the colorist.

   One moonlit evening, Frank drove the Cape commander from his office to the club. As the general was telling Frank that he could take off after dropping him (Bridges) at the club, both men spotted a giant robot (Cyberex) up ahead of them. As the general asked what it was, Frank haltingly replied that he didn't even have a name for it. When Cyberex closed in on the jeep and began to tear at its hood, Frank grabbed his rifle and fired a few shots but was dismayed to discover that bullets had no effect. Cyberex then turned the jeep onto its side and grabbed the general. As a taxi approached them, Cyberex heard both the taxi driver and the general address the passenger in the taxi as "Lawson." Since that was the name of the target it had been programmed to kill, Cyberex tossed the general aside and went after Lawson who fled into a nearby thicket. As Frank, having lost his hat and with his uniform torn at the left shoulder, spoke aloud about how the robot was "tearing the landscape to pieces to find Lawson," the general noted the arrival of Captain Marvel and opined that the robot was going to be busy with something else.

   As Frank, the general and the cab driver watched Captain Marvel battle the robot, they were joined by Carol Danvers. When the general stated that they were done for if the flying hero couldn't stop the robot, Frank begged the general's pardon and stated that if Captain Marvel couldn't "cream that tin tornado, (then) the whole world (was) in trouble!"

   Soon afterwards, Cyberex had been destroyed by Captain Marvel, and Frank, the general and Carol Danvers all took a ride in the cab away from the scene of battle and (presumably) back to the base.

Note: The only other time that General Bridges was shown being driven anywhere was in Captain Marvel I#3. In that story, Bridges and Miss Danvers were being driven past the front gate when they stopped to help Dr. Walter Lawson (actually the disguised Super-Skrull) get past an MP who was obeying his orders to not let anyone in who didn't have a pass. The group was then driven to the general's office but the driver on that trip was not addressed by name and the only image of him was so small that it was little more than a stick figure. Accordingly, I have chosen to not assume that Frank was that driver.

--Captain Marvel I#8

images: (without ads)
Captain Marvel I#3, page 16, panel 3 (main image)
Captain Marvel I#2, page 19, panel 1 (head shot)
Captain Marvel I#8, page 18, panel 4 (1 star + brown hair)
Captain Marvel I#11, page 7, panel 5 (2 stars + gray hair)
Captain Marvel I#8, page 13, panel 6 (Frank, his driver)

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