Yon-Rogg transforms into MagnitronYON-ROGG

Real Name: Yon-Rogg

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial (Kree) technology user; later Kree mutate

Occupation: Colonel in Kree military

Group Membership: Kree Empire;
    leader of the crew of the Helion (including Sar-Torr);
    former second-in-command of the Pama (alongside Mar-Vell, Una, and Zen-Pram)

Affiliations: Played a number of others against Mar-Vell, including the Mandroid, Man-Slayer robot, Sentry #459, Super-Skrull;
    unwitting pawn of Ronan and Zarek;

Enemies: Avengers (Captain America, Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), Hawkeye, Hulk, Iron Man, Spider-Woman, Thor, Wolverine), Captain Mar-Vell, Carol Danvers, Devros/Brood King, General Bridges, Rose Rucklova, denizens of new York City;
    the Aakon, Brood,  Skrulls, and any other enemies of the Kree Empire
    unintentionally medic Una

Known Relatives: Una-Rogg (daughter), Zey-Rogg (son), Hav-Rogg (grandson)

Aliases: Magnitron

Base of Operations: North America, Earth;
    formerly the starship Helion in Earth's orbit;
    fomerly the starship Pama in interstellar space;  
    formerly the city of Kree-Lar on the planet Hala

First Appearance: Marvel Super-Heroes II#12 (December, 1967)

Powers/Abilities: Yon-Rogg had advanced military strategy and combat training. He had access to wide variety of advanced scientific equipment, including a series of starships (including the Pama and the Helion), the Atomic Oscillatron, the Psyche-Magnitron. His natural Kree abilities included enhanced human strength and durability, but he required a special chemical or apparatus to breathe Earth's atmosphere due its relatively lower nitrogen content compared to that of Hala.

    Once he had become one with the Psyche-Magnitron (and become "Magnitron"), he was able to generate virtually any weapon, especially Kree (subject to the availability of a power source). Such weapons included sentient constructs, including a replica of the Shi'ar warrior Deathbird, Brood and dinosaurs.


(Avengers: The Enemy Within#1 (fb) - BTS) - As a child, Yon-Rogg played a competitive version of the game, hide and seek.

Although little of Yon-Rogg's past has been revealed. He joined the Kree military, where he excelled and ascended to officer's rank rapidly.

(Untold Legend of Captain Marvel#1 (fb) - BTS) - Now a Colonel, Yon-Rogg was stationed aboard the starship Pama, as second-in-command to Commander Zen-Pram.

BTS - Yon-Rogg had at least two children: Una- and Zey-Rogg (His daughter, Una-Rogg, is independent of medic Una--see comments).

(Captain Marvel V#23 (fb) - BTS) - Rogg faked certain records in order to spare his daughter, Una-Rogg,  the psychic surgery performed on most Kree females.

(Untold Legend of Captain Marvel#1) - Yon-Rogg welcomed Captain Mar-Vell aboard the crew of the Pama. They seemed to hit it all well enough initially until medic Una took a shine to Mar-Vell. They were sent to the Absolom Sector to investigate the disappearance of Grand Admiral Devros, and to either rescue or terminate him, to prevent others from profiting from his knowledge. Yon-Rogg praised Devros, while Zen-Pram cursed him as a fanatic and blue racist.
    The crew of the Pama first encountered and skirmished with a group of Skrulls investigating the area, and then Deathbird and members of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, who were doing the same.

(Untold Legend of Captain Marvel#2) - Zen-Pram welcomed the Shi'ar aboard the Pama, where Deathbird told the Kree that they had ended up in that region while pursuing a Brood raiding party. Yon-Rogg correctly figured that Deathbird was lying, and the Pama tracked Devros' ship to an unnamed planetoid, where they were ambushed by the Brood. All crew members were captured and shocked to learn that Devros was now one of the Brood--a fact he relished. Devros revealed that all of them had been implanted with Brood eggs, and then Mar-Vell broke free and had only enough time to rescue Una before escaping--leaving Yon-Rogg, Zen-Pram, and the rest of the crew behind.

(Untold Legend of Captain Marvel#3) - Una devised a cure for the Brood egg implantation, which she used to cure herself and Mar-Vell, just after he slew Devros. As they prepared to take off, they saw that Yon-Rogg was still untransformed, and they rescued and cured him. They drifted in space for three weeks before being rescued by Deathbird and the Shi'ar. Yon-Rogg requested that she escort them back to Hala. Deathbird considered taking them back to the Shi'ar Aerie (home planet) to be interrogated for information, but Mar-Vell confronted her and convinced her to do as Yon-Rogg had requested.

(Fantastic Four I#65 - BTS/Official Marvel Index to the Fantastic Four#5) - The defeat of Ronan the Accuser so soon after the defeat of Sentry #459 inspired the Kree to mount an expedition to Earth.

(Untold Legend of Captain Marvel#3) -  Yon-Rogg, as acting commander following Zen-Pram's death, was credited with the success of the mission. He was given his own ship, the Helion, and Mar-Vell and Una were assigned to his crew. Their mission: To infiltrate and study the Earthlings, and if they proved a threat to the Kree Empire, to seal their fate!

(Captain Marvel I#16 (fb) - BTS) - Prime Minister Zarek revealed that he and Ronan the Accuser had deliberately placed Una and Mar-Vell in Yon-Rogg's crew, knowing that Yon-Rogg's jealousy would drive Mar-Vell into the hands of Zarek and Ronan, as part of their own agenda.

(Marvel Super-Heroes II#12) - As they approached Earth, Yon-Rogg designated Mar-Vell as the sole active participant in the mission, sending him to infiltrate humanity. Both Una and Mar-Vell correctly suspected that Yon-Rogg's true objective was to send Mar-Vell to his death, figuring that with Marv out of the way, he might have a chance with Una. After Marv had completed the first part of his mission successfully, Yon-Rogg used a paralysis beam to immobilize Marv while he beamed and bonded a wrist monitor to him.

(Marvel Super-Heroes II#13) - As Mar-Vell tried to return to ship to refresh his breathing potion, Yon-Rogg "accidentally" fired a laser blast at him, hoping to kill him. He had medic Una imprisoned when she tried to point out his actions. However, the blast instead struck the plane of Dr. Walter Lawson, a scientist who had the bad luck of flying in between Marv and the Kree ship at the wrong time. Marv adopted the identity of Lawson, allowing him to infiltrate the Aerospace Cape where Lawson had been employed. Yon-Rogg then activated Sentry #459 (inert since its seeming destruction at the hands of the Fantastic Four), hoping to manipulate it to destroy Mar-Vell. Rationalizing his actions as preserving the works of humanity so he could study them for his mission, Mar-Vell did indeed confront the Sentry.

(Captain Marvel I#1) - Yon-Rogg watched from his ship with disbelief as Mar-Vell defeated and deactivated the Sentry. Yon-Rogg reported this to Zarek and Ronan as treachery, but they revealed that they had been observing everything. They accused Yon-Rogg of jeopardizing the mission, and threatened him not to do so again.

(Captain Marvel I#2, 3) - Yon-Rogg watched as Mar-Vell battled the Super-Skrull, sent by the Skrull Emperor to learn why the Kree were investigating Earth. He taunted Una with Marv's imminent destruction. When Marv signaled to the ship for aid, but Yon-Rogg refused to aid him, claiming that he did not want to reveal the existence/location of the Helion to the Skrulls. Nonetheless, Marv managed to locate and board the Helion (cloaked in an "Aura of Negativism"). After Marv recovered, Yon-Rogg refused his request to return to Earth to stop the Super-Skrull's atomic threat, but Marv went over his head and contacted Zarek. The Prime Minister allowed Marv to return, so that he could gain revenge on the Super-Skrull, who had previously defeated him.

(Captain Marvel I#4) - Yon-Rogg sabotaged an experiment at the Cape: he used the Atomic Oscillatron, causing a rocket, the Argos III, to go off course from its mission to Earth's orbit. The Argos contained several tubes filled with deadly bacteria intended for evaluation of their response to cosmic rays. Yon-Rogg had gained permission to gauge exposure of a human city to germ warfare.
    When Namor the Sub-Mariner detected the rocket and went to destroy it, Yon-Rogg ordered Mar-Vell to stop him. Marv fought Namor, manipulating their combat so that they actually destroyed the Argos and its cargo.

(Captain Marvel I#5) - Yon-Rogg called Ronan to a transmitted trial in which he accused Mar-Vell of deliberately engineering the destruction of the bacteria from the Argos rocket. Yon-Rogg deliberately goaded Una into speaking her admiration for Mar-Vell, so that her testimony would be discounted as partial. Due to the severity of Rogg's accusation (the act of being un-Kree), Ronan elected to table the matter and merely judge Mar-Vell's future actions. Later, Yon-Rogg observed Mar-Vell's battle with the Metazoid, hoping that the creature would slay his only rival to his ascent to glory. Marv, of course, overcame the Metazoid.

(Captain Marvel I#6) - While Mar-Vell trained in the Psycho-Combat unit, Yon-Rogg forced Una to turn it up to an intensity factor of 180--the Killer Level! Marv, nonetheless, managed to survive the experience. Shortly after Yon-Rogg sent Marv back to Earth, a problem in the Ion Compressor of the Helion forced them to land, incapacitating their cloaking Aura of Negativism in the process. Yon-Rogg urged a speedy repair, while Marv distracted the only observer, Carol Danvers, from ascertaining what it was she had truly seen. Later, when Marv tried to stop the activation of SOLAM due to its inherent danger, Yon-Rogg punished him, sending excruciating pain through his wrist monitor. When SOLAM raged out of control, Marv opposed it and received another pain blast for his efforts. Marv managed to destroy SOLAM anyway, though Ronan transmitted details of Marv's latest actions to Ronan, hoping to this time have him be declared a traitor.

(Captain Marvel I#7) - Yon-Rogg was present at another trial for Mar-Vell, but despite Ronan's interrogation, the Veracitometer in the Truth Chair pointed to the 5% Zone of Indecision. Ronan thus sent Mar-Vell to prove himself by releasing the deadly Virus-Z-3 into an Earth community. Yon-Rogg hoped that Mar-Vell would fail this mission, but Marv released it into a population of Quasimodo's androids, who collapsed when their contact with Quasimodo was severed. Thus, by video link, it appeared that he had killed an entire human community. In addition, while Carol Danvers investigated the previous landing of the space ships, Yon-Rogg fired a blast of cosmic energy at her to end her suspicions. Marv scattered the cosmic blast with his own Uni-Beam, saving Danvers. However, as Danvers hugged Marv in gratitude, Yon-Rogg showed the scene to Una via his Vizeoscope, causing her to doubt her lover. Una sabotaged the Vizeoscope to help cover Mar-Vell's true actions with the Virus.

(Captain Marvel I#8) - When the Helion detected an Aakon trading vessel passing through the area, Yon-Rogg led the crew to attack it. After a fierce battle, the Aakon tried to negotiate terms, but Yon-Rogg ordered a nuclear strike against them--but he was taken out by an Aakon blaster before his order could be confirmed. Marv led the rest of the crew to fight off the Aakon so they could recover Yon-Rogg and return him to the Helion. Upon recovering Yon-Rogg monitored Marv with the Vizeoscope, making sure to show Una the scene where Carol Danvers planted a big kiss on Marv. When Mar-Vell fought Cyberex, Yon-Rogg refused to assist him, pretending to not want to interfere with his mission by exposing their presence.

(Captain Marvel I#9) - Yon-Rogg showed Una the transmission of Marv going to rescue Carol from Cyberex. In addition, when Yon-Rogg discovered that an Aakon scout team was on Earth, he began sending a series of transmissions to Marv, knowing that the Aakon could trace these.

(Captain Marvel I#10) - Yon-Rogg sent another report to Ronan, but Ronan instead sent Marv to forge an alliance with the criminal Organization. Yon-Rogg gloated as Una gave Marv the cold shoulder for his recent affection toward Carol. When Marv instead destroyed the Organization, Yon-Rogg sentenced him to a firing squad for disobeying orders.

(Captain Marvel I#11) - Marv's execution was interrupted by an Aakon attack, and Una was mortally wounded in the ensuing battle. Blaming Yon-Rogg, Marv attacked and subdued him, before fleeing with Una--whom he was unable to save. Yon-Rogg pursued Marv, who fled in a stolen US rocket. The Helion caught Marv's rocket in a magnetic tether ray, spun it around and around, and then cast it into the depths of space. Marv spent over 2 months lost in space, before forming an alliance with Zo, and thus destroying Yon-Rogg's monitor wristband.

(Captain Marvel I#12) - With the aid of Zo, Marv sent a vision of himself to Yon-Rogg, taunting him.

(Captain Marvel I#13) - Marv sneaked back aboard the Helion, ambushing Yon-Rogg, who still got the better of Marv, stunning him, and then taunting him as he sent the Man-Slayer robot after Carol Danvers. Marv dropped a boom on Yon-Rogg (literally) and then rushed to rescue Carol.

(Captain Marvel I#16) - While Marv was brought before the Supreme Intelligence, Yon-Rogg traveled to Earth and kidnapped Carol Danvers.

(Captain Marvel I#17) - Yon-Rogg sought the Nega-Bands, only to find that Mar-Vell located them before him, using them to bond himself with Rick Jones. With Mar-Vell's powers no greatly enhanced, Yon-Rogg was forced to flee. Marv pursued him, but Rogg dropped a bomb in an android form identical to Carol Danvers. Marv rushed to rescue her and was stunned by the bomb, allowing Rogg to escape.

(Captain Marvel I#18) - Yon-Rogg located the Psyche-Magnitron, managing to activate it just seconds before Mar-Vell located him. Using the Magnitron's ability to make thoughts reality, Yon-Rogg created a duplicate of the Kree Mandroid and sent it to attack Marv. The Captain was powerless to harm the Mandroid, but succeeded in defeating it by blasting the Psyche-Magnitron itself. Marv then attacked Yon-Rogg directly, and one of Yon-Rogg's stray ray blasts clipped Carol Danvers. Marv savagely beat Yon-Rogg, but stopped himself short of killing him. However, the Psyche-Magnitron then began to overload. With time only to save one person, Mar-Vell rescued Carol, and Yon-Rogg appeared to be killed in the resultant explosion.

(Avengers Assemble II#16 (fb)) - Yon-Rogg's body melded with the Psyche-Magnitron, the blast scattering him across time and space, but he was able to pull his form back together through sheer force of will.

(Captain Marvel VII#14 (fb) - BTS) - Using the tiny piece of shrapnel from the Psyche-Magnitron inside Danvers' head, Yon-Rogg gained access to her memories and masterminded a plan to humiliate Danvers for her part in his apparent destruction, developing constructs of opponents from her past to traumatize and weaken her. This included replicas of dinosaurs, Brood and Deathbird. He made his way to New York City.

(Captain Marvel VII#11) - Yon-Rogg reaffirmed his order to the Deathbird construct to use non-lethal force against Danvers, ordering further tasks to the imposter. He later sat beside Danvers' friend, Rose Rucklova, in Central Park, watching the fight between Danvers and the Deathbird construct.

(Captain Marvel VII#12) - Still in Central Park, Yon-Rogg menaced Rucklova and kidnapped her to further his psychological attack against Danvers.

(Avengers: The Enemy Within#1) - Disguised, Yon-Rogg passed Danvers and Spider-Woman in the street before generating a key to enter Danvers' apartment, looking for the piece of the Psyche-Magnitron she had kept and hidden.

(Avengers: The Enemy Within#1 - BTS) - Yon-Rogg sent constructs of the Grapplers (Battleaxe, Gladiatrix, Poundcakes) and dinosaurs against Danvers, who quickly overpowered them with the aid of Spider-Woman and Thor. After recovering the shard of the Psyche-Magnitron, Yon-Rogg assembled small trinkets Danvers had collected, including Grappler dolls and a dinosaur snowglobe, before leaving.

(Avengers Assemble II#16 - BTS) - Hidden, Yon-Rogg sent Brood and an Acanti ship against Danvers and the Avengers.

(Avengers Assemble II#16) - Yon-Rogg contacted Kree-Lar, requesting extraction and offering Danvers and Earth as a tribute. However, the code he used was years out of date and Earth was declared off limits, so the Kree monitoring station refused his request and cut him off. Enraged, Yon-Rogg clasped the shard of the Psyche-Magnitron, incorporating it into himself and transforming into Magnitron. He then asserted he would remake Earth to be like Hala and activated a hidden Kree Sentry.

(Captain Marvel VII#13) - Magnitron remotely watched Danvers and her friends in her apartment block as she started to work out who was attacking her. He activated more hidden and formerly offline Sentries. He watched as Danvers destroyed one and so, requiring twelve, he woke more to fulfill his plan.

(Avengers Assemble II#17) - Magnitron cannibalized the constructs he had created against Danvers in order to fashion a more powerful weapon, also utilizing Kree Sentries to generate a massive circuit to amplify destructive energy and begin the construction of a new Kree-Lar city over New York City, intending to crush Danvers' home. He drew Danvers into New York City as he needed her to unwittingly complete the circuit.

(Captain Marvel VII#14) - Magnitron was at the center of the maelstrom above New York as New Kree-Lar formed further. He was confronted by Danvers and Captain America, and generated Kree Mandroids to stop them approaching. He instantly created more Kree weaponry to cause more chaos and occupy other Avengers, using the Kree Mandroids to force Danvers to her knees. He declared his plan to become king and imprison Danvers, also identifying her Kree-borne  power as the final, necessary source to activate the destruction. Danvers freed herself and shot up beyond Earth's atmosphere, opening her mask, causing her brain to hemorrhage and sever her link with the circuit. New Kree-Lar disintegrated, along with Magnitron's weaponry. Apparently powerless, Magnitron was taken away by Captain America.

Comments: Created by Stan "The Man" Lee and Gene "The Dean" Colan.

Right, Mar-Vell--especially after his power enhancements--couldn't carry two people at the same time to safety? Perhaps he feared that Danvers was badly injured and wanted to give her the proper support when he flew her? My real thought is that Marv rationalized his actions, but deliberately left Yon-Rogg to die.

Also, if Yon-Rogg was caught in the explosion of the Psyche-Magnitron, it's not such a stretch to think he could have been transformed by it into a powerful creature of psychic energy. He could return to take vengeance on Genis-Vell, or he could have been involved in the exposure of Mar-Vell to the carcinogenic gas that killed him. That being said, Yon-Rogg was a pretty lame, one-dimensional villain, and I have no desire to see him again.
...Well, he's baaaack! Here's Yonny!
--Grendel Prime

Yon-Rogg's past is not clearly detailed, but it seems to be inherently implied that Una-Rogg is named for medic Una. There is not evidence that the two ever actually had a relationship--though it is possible--I believe that he was just so infatuated with her that he named his daughter after her. Whether Yon-Rogg knew Una before being stationed aboard the starship Pama is also unclear,

Yon-Rogg was initially pictured in the correct (blue) uniform, but in the Untold Legend of Captain Marvel, he is still named as a Colonel, but pictured in an orange (Major's) uniform. Perhaps they initially intended him to be a major and then to have been promoted to Colonel at the end of the series?

The most worthwhile thing Yon-Rogg [initially] did was use the Psyche-Magnitron, the effects of which eventually transformed Carol Danvers into Ms. Marvel, who went on to become Binary and Warbird (and then Captain Marvel).

Magnitron's "M" symbol initially on his chest looks a bit like an envelope - "you've got mail"?
--Grendel Prime

Profile by Snood. 2013 appearances by Grendel Prime.

Yon-Rogg should not be confused with:

Pama, the starship formerly under the command of Zen-Pram, should not be confused with

Deathbird construct

Deathbird construct

Yon-Rogg generated a sentient, self-aware construct of the Shi'ar warrior, Deathbird. He dispatched "her" against the weakened Captain Marvel (Danvers) as part of his psychological assault on Danvers. "Deathbird" was eager to destroy Danvers, engaging in a heated battle with her, but frustrated with Yon-Rogg's gradual attacks. She sent armed men against Danvers, who was accompanied by the detective Dakota North (who dubbed the imposter "Newbird"). Another intense airborne fight between "Deathbird" and Danvers later ensued until both fell injured to the ground. Danvers, barely conscious, was taunted by "Deathbird", who then perished.





--Captain Marvel VII#10 (11-12

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