The Organization led by Number 1THE ORGANIZATION

Membership: Number 1, Number 19, Number 23, Danny, Mort, Deathgrip, the Killer of Lawson, a lot of other "numbers", agents and killers.

Purpose: Conquering the world

Affiliations: Dr. Walter Lawson

Enemies: Captain Mar-Vell 

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Consolidated Instruments Inc. (Florida, USA)

First Appearance: Captain Marvel I#8 (February, 1969)

The pronaos of the BaseHistory:
(Captain Marvel I#8 (fb) - BTS) - The Organization was an international criminal consortium, hyerarchically ordered from the highest rank--the leader, Number One-- to the lowest level agents. The agents were equipped with guns, portable video-communication devices, quick cars, handy explosive grenades, and sometimes with special weapons such as the Eon Ray, created by Dr. Lawson for them.

(Captain Marvel I#10/Captain Marvel I#55 (fb)) - The Organization's base was hidden under the Consolidated Instruments Inc. site in Florida. It was vast, equipped with an atomic reactor and some devices to do electronic scanning on the trespassers.

(Captain Marvel I#8 (fb) - BTS) - The Organization paid 12 million dollars to Dr. Walter Lawson to create the perfect killer, an agent who could not share any information with the police. Lawson built a robot-killer and called it Cyberex. But before delivering it to the Organization, Lawson wanted to test the robot, and programmed it to search for and to kill himself: Walter Lawson. Then he unleashed the robot.

(Marvel Super-Heroes II#13) - Lawson died, killed by Yon-Rogg. Captain Mar-Vell took Lawson's identity.

(Captain Marvel I#8 (fb) - BTS) - The Organization believed that Lawson had stolen the money, so Number 1 sent two of his best agents to Lawson's laboratory to find Lawson.

(Captain Marvel I#8) - The two agents discovered that "big-boy" (Cyberex) was missing. Number 1 ordered them to find Lawson and the robot, because the robot could be really dangerous if Lawson directed it against the Organization. The Agents, Mort and Danny, found Captain Mar-Vell in the lab and attacked him with guns and explosives. Then they fled in a car. They were pursued by Captain Mar-Vell but he caused their car to fall from a cliff. Number 1 believed that Captain Mar-Vell knew the secret of the robot, so he ordered all the Organization to kill the hero.

(Captain Marvel I#9) - Captain Mar-Vell destroyed Cyberex.

(Captain Marvel I#10) - The Kree Supreme Counsel stated that the Organization had become as powerful as a small nation. Ronan ordered Mar-Vell to investigate the Organization and to make contact with them.

    That night, Number 1 punished Number 23 for his failure in finding Lawson. Number 1 had Number 19 use the Eon-Ray on Number 23, who died. Then Number 1 gave the Eon Ray to another couple of killers and sent them to kill Lawson.

    The agents followed "Lawson" (impersonated by Mar-Vell) and Carol Danvers in a car and attacked them with the Eon Ray. The Eon Ray transformed a bird into a pre-historic pterodactyl and Captain Mar-Vell had to tangle with it. Meanwhile the agents kidnapped Carol Danvers and left a message for Lawson with instructions about what to do to find the woman. Captain Marvell found the message and went to the Organization base.

    Some hours later, outside the Organization's base, the agents found Captain Mar-Vell and led him before Number 1. Captain Marvel faked willingness to join to the Organization. Number 1 wanted to employ Captain Marvel as the killer of Dr. Lawson's killer. When Carol Danvers broke free, Number 1 understood that Marvel had lied, so he ordered the agents to attack him. Mar-Vell defeated the agents but Number 1 hit him with the Eon Ray. Marvel managed to invert the time controls of the Eon Ray and used it to restore his own youth, then shot against the Organization base, saving Carol Danvers. The base aged and crumbled; the Organization base was destroyed.

(Captain Marvel I#55 (fb)) - The atomic reactor of the base exploded. Everybody was killed instantaneously but one of the agents--that man absorbed the power of the Eon Ray and after some months became Deathgrip.

(Captain Marvel I#11) - The Aakon attacked the Kree and Captain Mar-Vell disguised as Organization agents (see comments).

(Captain Marvel I#56 (fb)) - Months later, the Organization base was visited again by Captain Marvel in search of the Eon Ray gun. The base was still dust and wreckage.

Comments: Created by Arnold Drake, Don Heck and Vince Colletta.

    Nothing is known about other bases in other parts of the world, or at least, other agents in outside missions.

    In Captain Marvel I#11 I think that Dick Ayers had to really draw the Aakon on their ships, but he probably saw only the previous issue where no Aakon appeared and where only Organization agents were. So he wrongly assumed they were the Aakon and drew patrols of Organization agents on flying ships attacking the Krees.

Given their role in creating the jet packs of the Rocketeers, there could have been some Dire Wraiths posing as members of the Organization! Loaning stolen bits of Kree technology to Dr. Lawson for Cyberex (hence, the slight resemblance to a Kree Sentry).

Profile by Spidermay

The Organization has no known connections to

The Number 1 has no known connections to

Number 1 runs away from MarvelNumber 1 - head shotNumber One

Number 1 was a normal human.

    He was the undisputed leader of the Organization. He was cruel and tough. He considered Lawson a valid ally but ordered his death when he only had some suspicion about his loyalty.
    He wanted Captain Marvel to murder one of his assassins, although the latter would have completed his mission.
He suspected that Captain Marvel was lying; in fact when Captain Marvel revealed his true intentions, Number 1 used a special lift, ready to cover his escape. Number 1 had the chance to kill Captain Marvel by aging him with the Eon Ray, but the Kree's Universal Ray broke the time barrier and Marvel succeeded in grabbing the Eon Ray to invert the aging process, and to unleash the full power of the gun against the whole base.

--Captain Marvel I#8 (8,10

Agents of the OrganizationThe Agents

    The Agents were normal humans equipped with normal and/or special weapons. Their weapons could be 45-caliber guns, little handy explosives, cars and, in a couple of cases, the Eon Ray. A very special agent (a weapon itself) that never took service in the Organization was Cyberex.

    The most part of the Organization Agents seen were killers, but there also were messengers and guardsmen.

    The guardsmen found Captain Marvel outside the base and brought him to Number 1.

    Many agents attacked Captain Marvel after he freed Carol Danvers, but he overpowered them all.

    The only agent who survived the Organization base destruction was the one who, many months later, attacked Captain Marvel as Deathgrip, believing him to be Walter Lawson.

--Captain Marvel I#8 (8,10

Danny shots at Captain MarvelMort lanches two granades against Captain MarvelDanny and Mort

Danny and Mort were the two agents sent to Lawson's lab to menace him and to take possession of Cyberex.
They found Captain Marvel and tried to kill him. When they understood he was too strong, they fled. Mort launched two little explosive grenades that blocked the exit of the Lab.
But after a few minutes the two, now in a car, spotted Captain Marvel flying above them. They tried to shoot him but their car fell down a cliff.

--Captain Marvel I#8



Number 19 shots the Eon Ray on Number 23Number 23 try to run away from his deathNumber 23 and Number 19

Number 23 failed his mission to find Lawson. Number 23 failed his mission to find Lawson. Number 1 ordered his death. Number 23 was executed by Number 19. Using the Eon Ray gun, Number 19 aged Number 23 to dust.

--Captain Marvel I#10




The Killer of LawsonThe Killer of Lawson

The Killer was the agent chosen to kill Lawson. When Captain Marvel offered (lying) his cooperation to the Organization, Number 1 wanted to assign to him the mission to assassinate Lawson's killer, in order to cover every track. (Captain Marvel performed this mission, not because he killed every agent in the base and therefore also Lawson's "future" killer, but because months later he would kill the real "past" killer of Walter Lawson: Yon-Rogg)

--Captain Marvel I#10

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(The Killer of Lawson)

Captain Marvel I#8-10 (December, 1968 - February, 1969) - Arnold Drake (writer), Don Heck (pencils), Vince Colletta (inks), Stan Lee (editor)

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