The Eon Ray gunEON RAY

Classification: Terrestrial technology / power item

Creator: Dr. Walter Lawson

User/Possessors: Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell), Deathgrip (creation), The Organization, Tony Stark (fixer)

Base of Operations: Denver, formerly Florida

First Appearance: Captain Marvel I#10 (February, 1969)

Powers/Abilities: The Eon Ray was incorporated in a gun and emitted an aging ray. The ray could age things and beings at the rate of 10 years per second. If applied to a person for a long period of time, the Eon Ray transformed him or her into dust. An additional effect of the gun, used on a bird, was to revert the bird to its evolutionary precursor of 10 millions years before, transforming it in a prehistoric Pterodactyl. The Eon Ray could also be used in the opposite mode, reversing the Time Controls and restoring the youth lost because of the Ray. It is uncertain if the reversed process worked also for people who was not previously struck by the aging Ray.
    The Ray enveloped the subject in an energy sphere, a Time Barrier. A subject inside the Time Barrier who watched outside, saw the events happening at an exceptional high speed. The Barrier could be broken by another force like the Universal Ray used by Captain Mar-Vell.

The Eon Ray used by Number 19History: (Captain Marvel I#10 (fb) - BTS) - Dr. Walter Lawson's genius created the Eon Ray for the Organization and gave it to them.

(Captain Marvel I#10) - Number 1 of the Organization ordered Number 19 to use the Eon Ray to punish Number 23. It reduced the poor man into dust. Then he gave the gun to his agents who were instructed to use it to kill Lawson.

    After few hours the killers used the Eon Ray against the car where Carol Danvers and Walter Lawson (impersonated by Mar-Vell) were. The Eon Ray transformed the car into dust The Ray also hit a bird that became a Pterodactyl.

    Hours later, Number 1 of the Organization used the Ray on Captain Marvel. Mar-Vell started aging, but managed to break the Ray Time Barrier, and to reverse the gun Time Controls and to restore his youth. Then he used the Eon Ray against the agents and the whole Base of the Organization. The ray aged men, walls and the entire structure, destroying it all.

(Captain Marvel I#55 (fb)) - Captain Marvel flung the gun in the collapsing base then flied away. The atomic reactor exploded, killing everybody but one of the agents. Instead the agent was transformed by the Eon Ray, acquiring its powers. The Base was destroyed, but the surviving man became Deathgrip.

The Eon Ray used on Deathgrip(Captain Marvel I#56) - After many months Captain Marvel went back to the Organization's Base and found the gun. It was broken. He brought the Eon Ray gun to Tony Stark who, after about 2 days of work, restored the circuits to reverse the aging process.

    A few hours later Captain Marvel used the Eon Ray gun to restore Dr. Jacqueline Carr's youth, nullifying the effects ot Deathgrip's touch. After having been defeated by Marvel, Deathgrip tried to use the Eon Ray gun in a last desperate attempt to cure himself or to die. He was transformed into primordial protoplasm and the gun melted.

Comments: Created by Arnold Drake, Don Heck and Vince Colletta.
    Destroyed by Scott Edelmann, Pat Broderick and Bob Wiacek.

The Eon Ray could be using the same kind of energy to age living things as the Time Ray.

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The Eon Ray has no known connections to

Captain Marvel I#56, p8, pan4 (Eon Ray gun)
Captain Marvel I#10, p5, pan3 (Number 19 shots the Eon Ray)
Captain Marvel I#56, p17, pan3/4/5/6 (the Ray on Deathgrip)

Other appearances:
Captain Marvel I#55 (March, 1978) - Scott Edelmann (writer), Pat Broderick (penciler), Bob Wiacek (inker)
Captain Marvel I#56 (May, 1978) - Jim Shooter/Doug Moench (writers), Pat Broderick (penciler), Bob Wiacek (inker)

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