Cyberex is attacked by Mar-VellCYBEREX

Real Name: Cyberex

Identity/Class: Terrestrial robot

Occupation: Killer

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Walter Lawson, Captain Mar-Vell, General Bridges, a group of Aakon

Known Relatives: Walter Lawson (creator)

Aliases: Big-Boy, Robot-Killer, Master of Machines (Robot Rex?)

Base of Operations: Mobile (USA)

First Appearance: Captain Marvel I#8 (December, 1968) 

Powers/Abilities: Made of steel and other unknown materials. Cyberex contained more than half a million miles of circuitries. Cyberex could speak and think. He was superhumanly strong (Class 25-50); he could tear a car's roof up and demolish a building of 2 floors with ease. Cyberex could track his prey by scent. His sense of hearing was superior to the normal human level. It was invulnerable to projectiles and partially vulnerable to the Kree Universal-Ray. It could produce crackling energy from its hands. Its hands could blast ray beams that could penetrate steel from a quarter of a mile of distance. Its hands could fire high-explosive mini-missiles. Its eyes were invulnerable to Selenium particles. Cyberex had self-repairing circuits that could repair hard damages to its structure. Cyberex also had a head-on ray blast.

Height: 6 meters (about).

head shotHistory:
(Captain Marvel I#8 (fb) - BTS) - The Organization ordered Dr. Walter Lawson to build the perfect killer, an agent who could kill any enemy without revealing any information to the police. Lawson built Cyberex in his vast laboratory under a mountain.
    To test the robot, Lawson programmed it to kill Walter Lawson and to not stop in front of any obstacle. Then he unleashed the robot.

(Marvel Super-Heroes II#13) - Lawson died, killed accidentally by Yon-Rogg. His airplane crashed to the ground and his identity was taken by Captain Mar-Vell.

(Captain Marvel I#8 (fb) - BTS) - Cyberex continued to seek for Walter Lawson, not knowing that he had been its creator.

Cyberex has captured the General Bridges(Captain Marvel I#8) - Cyberex followed Lawson's path and arrived at the crashed airplane, some days after the accident. In that moment, General Bridges and his driver Frank passed in a car and saw Cyberex. Frank shot at Cyberex without scraping the robot. Cyberex tore the car's roof off and grabbed Bridges in his huge grip. After few minutes Captain Mar-Vell, in his Walter Lawson identity, and a taxi driver, Chester, arrived on the scene. Chester suggested to Lawson to flee, but Cyberex heard his words, although it was about 30 meters away. Cyberex walked in the direction of "Lawson" who hid in the woods and came out from another side as Captain Mar-Vell. Cyberex's circuits were confused, they smelled something of Lawson (Lawson's notepad) on Captain Marvel. Cyberex managed to occasionally punch Captain Marvel. The Kree responded every time with his Uni-Ray. After repeated blasts, Mar-Vell over-heated the robot, and it crumbled in a mass of steel.

After a few minutes, Cyberex's central system started repairing the broken circuits.

(Captain Marvel I#9) - Cyberex recovered and re-started his mission. Using his sensors, he went to the hotel where Captain Mar-Vell lived under Lawson's identity.
    Cyberex looked in Lawson's room and found Carol Danvers, who was there to seek any information about Lawson. It captured her and brought her to Lawson's lab. It used Carol Danvers as bait to attract Lawson there.
    Captain Marvel arrived to free Carol Danvers and a fight started. Cyberex was overwhelming Mar-Vell, but the Kree managed to lure the robot outside. A group of Aakon, led there to the scene by Yon-Rogg's signals, attacked Captain Marvel but the hero caused them to hit Cyberex instead. The Aakon believed Cyberex a Kree creation and Cyberex believed the Aakon to be Lawson's defenders so an even fiercer fight ensued. The combined force of the Aakons damaged Cyberex, who fell to the ground, apparently destroyed. But it immediately started to repair its damages. The Aakon knocked Mar-Vell down and took Lawson's notepad, believing it the top secret Kree Z-19 code. Cyberex revived again, surprising the Aakon. Cyberex, seeing one of them holding the notepad, believed he was Lawson and slew five of them with a single blast. It killed the other two with his head-on ray. Then he opposed his rays against Captain Marvel's Uni-Ray. After a short time the Uni-Ray overwhelmed the robot's ray and destroyed it. Cyberex's circuits started to recover again, but Captain Mar-Vell destroyed them before they could reconstruct the robot.

Comments: Created by Arnold Drake, Don Heck and Vince Colletta.

    Captain Marvel called it "Cyberton" while examining Lawson's laboratory (probably a misspelled name).
The Aakons believed Cyberex to be a Kree ally, probably for the Kree's custom of using Sentries (such as Sentry #459).

Given their role in creating the jet packs of the Rocketeers, there could have been some Dire Wraiths posing as members of the Organization! Loaning stolen bits of Kree technology to Dr. Lawson for Cyberex (hence, the slight resemblance to a Kree Sentry).

Profile by Spidermay


Cyberex has no known connections to any other "Cyber" character or object or with a similar name.

Captain Marvel I#8, p15, pan3
Captain Marvel I#8, p14, pan1

Captain Marvel I#8-9 (December, 1968 - January, 1969) - Arnold Drake (writer), Don Heck (pencils), Vince Colletta (inks), Stan Lee (editor)

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