Real Name: Professor Rick Chalker

Identity/Class: human cyborg, advanced technology user

Occupation: mad scientist;
    would-be mutant exterminator

Group Membership: none

Affiliations: Carnivore, Professor Vic Chalker, Charon, Satannish (as Nick Cloot)

Enemies: X-Factor (Havok, Multiple Man, Polaris, Quicksilver, Strong Guy, Wolfsbane);
    mutants in general

Known Relatives: Vic Chalker (brother, deceased), Dick Chalker (Carnviore, cousin, deceased)  - see comments

Aliases: none (once referred to as Mick Chalker by Carnivore)

Base of Operations: Satannish's realm of Hell;
    formerly an absolutely impenetrable laboratory within his unidentified island headquarters

First Appearance: X-Factor I#83 (October, 1992)

Powers/Abilities: Number One Fan had large propellers in place of each hand with which he could slice through most forms of matter. However, he lacked actual hands to perform normal tasks. In addition, he rarely considered the consequences of his moving propellers.
    He did not appear to use the propellers to fly.

    He was intelligent enough to design (or purchase?) a robot (that's it on HIS right above) capable of performing complicated cybernetic surgery. Like his relatives, he was highly lacking in common sense.

(X-Factor I#83 (fb) - BTS) - Rick sought to avenge his brother Rick, who was killed during his crusade against mutantkind (sort of). From within his absolutely impenetrable laboratory, Rick Chalker had his robot amputate both his hands and replace them with large propellers.

(X-Factor I#83) - Delighted with his transformation, Rick proclaimed himself the Number One Fan and destroyed his robot servant, since the operation was completed and he was now all powerful. However, without hands, he could not reach the recessed release button to get out of his absolutely impenetrable laboratory. Shocked at his own stupidity, Rick angrily slapped his own forehead...and the razor-sharp propellers killed him.

(X-Factor Annual#8 (fb) - BTS) - Chalker's spirit was sent to Satannish's realm of Hell.

(X-Factor Annual#8) - Satannish (as Nick Cloot) resurrected Number One Fan--alongside Carnivore and Professor Vic Chalker, as X-Factor's greatest enemies, sending him to join Charon in his attack on X-Factor. Rick took on Quicksilver, but found the mutant too fast for him to hit even once. Rick then threatened to behead the stunned Wolfsbane, but Quicksilver quickly rescued her and punched Rick aside. When Polaris blasted Vic Chalker through the air, Number One Fan tried to catch him, but neglected to consider the propellers on his hands and chopped up Vic pretty badly. Enraged, Vic used a laser to cut Number One Fan in half.
    Shortly thereafter, Satannish/Cloot took Charon as his own prisoner, and the Chalkers three were never seen nor heard from again.


Comments: Created by Peter David, Larry Stroman, and Al Milgrom.

    Number One Fan (Rick) referred to Vic as his brother. Carnivore (Dick) also referred to Vic as his brother, but called Rick his cousin (actually, he called him "Mick"). Since Vic told Rick that he was "always horning in," I'd take those two to be be brothers, and Carnivore to be their cousin, especially since he didn't even know Rick's real name. Then again, Number One Fan could be named Richard Michael Chalker (Rick or Mick) or Michael Richard Chalker (ditto). There also could be some weirdo family thing going on, either via remarriage, half-brother status, or some really weirdo Arkansas type thing which I won't get into.

    Strong Guy: "That Figures! Only we could have a bunch of 'greatest enemies' that we never heard of...Maybe you've confused us with X-Force. Everyone else does."

No known connection to:


X-Factor I#83, p18, panel 4
    p18, panel 8

X-Factor Annual#8 (1993)


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