Real Name: Charles "Charlie" Ronalds

Identity/Class: Human magic user

Occupation: Would-be mutant killer

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Carnivore, Professor Vic Chalker, Number One Fan, Satannish (as Nick Cloot);
    formerly Guido Carosella

Enemies: Mr. Whiskers, Random?, X-Factor (Havok, Multiple Man, Polaris, Quicksilver, Strong Guy, Wolfsbane)--especially Strong Guy;
    mutants in general

Known Relatives: Harry (father, deceased), mother (deceased), unspecified relatives;
    Joey & Donna (former foster parents)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Satannish's realm of Hell;
    formerly unrevealed

First Appearance: X-Factor Annual#8 (1993)





Powers/Abilities: Charon flies aboard a diabolic gondola and uses a staff able to focus blasts of mystic energy generated from within his own body.

Height: 6'    Weight: 190 lbs.






(X-Factor Annual#8 (fb)) - As a youth, Charlie saw a movie version of Batman and Robin, starring Adam West and Burt Ward. When a mutant assaulted his parents, Charlie encouraged his father to fight back, making all of the neat "boff" and "pow" sound effects from the movie. Only after the mutant--who appeared to be Random (see comments) had killed both of his parents did Charlie appreciate the gravity of the situation.

(X-Factor Annual#8 (fb)) - Charlie remained aloof in school, only making friends with a young Guido Carosella. Charlie was there when Guido's mutant powers kicked in. Seeing in him the mutant who had killed his parents, Charlie attacked Guido with a rock. Wracked with pain, Guido inadvertently smashed Charlie, breaking several of his bones and leaving him in traction.

(X-Factor Annual#8 (fb)) - Continuing to become more withdrawn, Charlie stole a knife from his parents, added it as a retractable extension to his cane, and killed a neighbor's cat, Mr. Whiskers. His foster parents attempted to question him about this, but found him too intimidating to deal with.

(X-Factor Annual#8 (fb) - BTS) - Charlie continued to study the occult.

(X-Factor Annual#8) - Recognizing Strong Guy as Guido Carosella, Charlie decided the time for vengeance had arrived. He performed a mystical ritual, summoning a demon. Believing himself protected within his pentagram, Charlie was nonetheless grabbed by the demon Cloot. However, Cloot agreed to grant Charlie power (and access to part of his realm) if he forced X-Factor to agree to become his servants (Cloot claimed to wish to possess the mutants as warriors in an upcoming war of the netherworlds). Cloot fulfilled his part of the bargain, transforming Charlie into Charon, named for the fact that he would be ferrying souls into Satannish's realm. He then gave Charon three recently deceased "warriors" to assist him.
    Charon led the assault on X-Factor, focusing his efforts on Strong Guy, who eventually recognized him as Ronalds. Havok and Strong Guy held their own against Chaon, who eventually became so angry that he began screaming that he would just kill them all. Cloot, taking this as a betrayal (not forcing them to become his servants), then appeared and grabbed Charon, pulling him into Hell. Cloot told Charon that he would be sharing a magma pit with his parents, whom he claimed to have been a high priced hussy and her manager.




Comments: Created by Peter David, Larry Stroman, and Al Milgrom.

    Charon is another one of the "destined for greatness characters" that first appeared in the 1993 annuals. Legacy/Genis-Vell/Captain Marvel is the only one to ever really hit the big time.

    The pictured character that killed Charlie's parents clearly is meant to look like Random. I think there might have been a story that explained that it was not Random who slew Charlie Ronald's parents...I'm pretty sure Random only appeared to be an adult, but was actually a young teen, making him younger then Ronalds.

When Peter David took over X-Factor, he had Guido (Strong Guy) start a movement to have mutants referred to as the genetically challenged, or g.c. (or geecees). In this issue, Satannish refers to X-Factor as geecees, and Ronalds remarked that he couldn't believe the devil was using that term.
Satannish's response: Who do you think invented political correctness?

Charon was named for:


X-Factor Annual#8, p24, panel 1
    p16, panel 2 (Ronalds)
    panel 5 (cane)
    p20, panel 7 (Charon face)
    p23, panel 5 (ship)

X-Factor Annual I#8 (1993) - Peter David (writer), Terry Shoemaker (pencils), Mark McKenna (inks), Kelly Corvese (editor)

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