Real Name: Arthur K. Lundberg

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: X-Statix member

Group Membership: X-Statix (Anarchist/Tike Alicar, Dead Girl/Moonbeam, Doop, the Orphan/Guy Smith, Phat/Billy Bob Reilly, Venus Dee Milo/Dee Milo, Vivisector/Myles Alfred)

Affiliations: Mrs. Lundberg, X-Statix;
    former controller of a small town that included Bud Corby, Nathan Malloy and others

Enemies: Mr. Clancy, Lacuna (Woodstock Schumaker), Mr. Mullen, O-Force (Obituary/Milton Petersen, Ocean, Ocelot, Ooze, Orbit, Overkill), the Orphan (Guy Smith), Razorhead;
    formerly X-Statix

Known Relatives: Mrs. Lundberg (mother)

Aliases: "Arnie," "Freak," Arnie Lunt (see comments)

Base of Operations: X-Statix Tower, Santa Monica, California, USA;
    formerly a small town in Minnesota, USA

First Appearance: X-Statix I#1 (September, 2002)

Powers/Abilities: The Mysterious Fan Boy was a mutant who could bend reality at will, allowing for the restructuring of matter, both organic and inorganic, and the teleportation of objects or even beings. His reality-bending powers also allowed him to raise and animate corpses and project mental images and sounds.

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde

History: (X-Statix I#1 (fb)) - Arnie Lundberg was a mutant who was born with a deformed right side of his head.

(X-Statix I#5 (fb) - BTS) - Arnie was a fan of speed metal music.

(X-Statix I#1 (fb)) - Arnie was later severely beaten by a group of teenagers in his small Minnesota town due to his deformity and hospitalized. X-Force's U-Go Girl (Arnie's favorite X-Force member) recorded a special message for the injured Arnie and the message was played as Arnie lay comatose days later.

(X-Statix I#3 (fb)) - The recorded voice of U-Go Girl helped stir Arnie out of his inert state and he was photographed for the local newspaper holding a photo of U-Go Girl. Interviewed for the newspaper, Arnie told the media that U-Go Girl was his favorite X-Force member and how he someday hoped to meet her in person.

(X-Statix I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Upon reviving completely, Arnie kept the recorded message.

(X-Statix I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Arnie used his mutant mental powers to take control of his entire town, killing anyone who stepped out of line.

(X-Statix I#1) - Claiming to be the biggest X-Force/X-Statix fan in the world, especially of U-Go Girl, Arnie blamed the Orphan for killing his favorite member and projected images of U-Go Girl as he mused about her recent death. His mother soon interrupted his thoughts to tell him she had made his favorite food but Arnie demanded she tell him what his favorite food was. Terrified, his mother claimed she had forgotten and Arnie responded by asking his mother how she knew it was his favorite if she didn't even know his favorite food. Mrs. Lundberg weakly muttered that she had made his fish pie and Arnie happily proclaimed fish pie his favorite food and remarked that he would be right down after turning off the projector. Not seeing a physical projector in the room, Mrs. Lundberg asked what projector Arnie was talking about but a silent stare from Arnie prompted Mrs. Lundberg to ask Arnie to run down for dinner while she "turned off the projector." Later, Arnie secretly and subtlely began beaming images of U-Go Girl into the Orphan's mind in hopes of provoking the Orphan to attack him, causing the Orphan to see U-Go Girl in a video he was watching about possible new X-Statix recruit, Venus Dee Milo. Unsure what was going on, the Orphan thought U-Go Girl, whom he had loved, was somehow torturing him from beyond the grave. As the day progressed, Arnie killed town local Mr. Mullen for talking to a tourist and that evening, Arnie watched the latest episode of O-Force's reality show and began to fill like X-Statix was only seeing him as a blip on a sales sheet. Deciding to make himself feel better by listening to the recorded message U-Go Girl had once left him, Arnie recalled hearing U-Go Girl's voice during his prior coma. While Arnie thought about his intentions to make his town reflect the hard life he had been forced to lead, the Orphan met with Venus Dee Milo and admitted suspicions that he might be going insane, seeing U-Go Girl in random places and hearing her voice calling him "Arnie."

(X-Statix I#2 (fb) - BTS) - X-Statix team owner Spike Freeman used a police contact to reach out to O-Force agent Solomon O'Sullivan and nudge him in the direction of Arnie Lundberg in terms of missions. When Arnie's music teacher picked on him for appearing different, Arnie used his powers to affect the teacher's inner ear and vocal chords so the teacher would be tone deaf and unable to sing. Despite the teacher's apology, Arnie continued to take his anger out on the teacher.

(X-Statix I#2) - While the man working for Spike Freeman informed Solomon O'Sullivan of Arnie's actions in his small town, Arnie himself was re-arranging the skeletal structure of his music teacher's hands, prompting a light scolding from his mother. In response, Arnie suggested using his powers on his mother and accused her on previously wishing he looked normal but Mrs. Lundberg insisted she had always loved him. Arnie then hugged his mother, remarked that he was only kidding and asked that she not interfere so much, claiming he was no longer a little kid. The teacher then asked about his hands and Arnie told the teacher to see him the following day in his office to discuss the teacher's recent behavior. He then nonchalantly walked away, greeting the transformed Mr. Clancy as he passed. Arnie then sensed a spy helicopter flying above and figured X-Statix would be arriving to attack him soon, much as he planned. He then continued on his way, wondering when X-Statix would arrive, and passing a woman he had transformed into a Dalmatian. A short time later, Arnie made the Orphan see his teammate Dead Girl as U-Go Girl during a battle.

Later that evening, X-Statix team owner Spike Freeman showed X-Statix the latest episode of O-Force's television show, in which they were to liberate Arnie's Minnesota town. Recognizing the name Arnie as what his visions of U-Go Girl were calling him, the Orphan admitted the information to Venus Dee Milo moments before lawyer Sharon Ginsberg arrived to legally prevent Venus from taking action with X-Statix.

(X-Statix I#3) - X-Statix argued amongst themselves and the Orphan suggested the team band together to get the Arnie situation worked out. Spike Freeman gave some of the X-Statix members a brief run-down of Arnie's reign of terror in his Minnesota town and the Orphan admitted his suspicions that Arnie had been beaming images of U-Go Girl into his head. Vivisector reacted with sarcasm but the Orphan insisted Arnie was dangerous and X-Statix should do something about it but Freeman reminded the Orphan that he had already pushed that mission towards Solomon O'Sullivan's O-Force in hopes that they'd receive negative publicity for beating up a kid. As X-Statix seemingly fell apart as the individual members wanted to do their own things, Solomon O'Sullivan briefed O-Force on their upcoming mission against Arnie, where he warned the team against killing Arnie on camera. The briefing was interrupted by the Orphan, who warned the mission would be highly dangerous based on his long-range experience with Arnie's powers. As O-Force refused to heed the Orphan's warnings, Arnie himself blew up a school after giving the inhabitants a ten minute warning because there was nothing on television and he was bored with games. Preparing for an attack, Arnie then raised the corpses in a local graveyard to act as his troops as O-Force publicly announced their plans to attack Arnie. Arnie soon unleashed his army of the dead to attack the O-Force superteam. When the Orphan researched Arnie and learned of his obsession with U-Go Girl, the Orphan realized that Arnie had been beaming the images into his mind in an effort to lure the Orphan to him for judgment over U-Go Girl's death. Arnie's army of the dead quickly took out O-Force and the Orphan ultimately dropped into Arnie's Minnesota town, just as Arnie had planned, and Arnie himself smiled at the Orphan's arrival.

(X-Statix I#4) - As the Orphan rescued O-Force's Ocean and stores such as Wildtime Records, Milligan's Pens and T-Mart burned, Arnie beamed an image of U-Go Girl in front of the Orphan, who ran upon realizing it was an illusion. Arriving at Arnie's home, the Orphan was informed by Mrs. Lundberg that Arnie was not to be disturbed but the Orphan nonetheless busted into Arnie's room and ordered him to stop his assault, as people were getting hurt.

(X-Statix I#5 (fb) - BTS) - The Orphan immediately sensed a hole in Arnie's heart caused by a malformed left ventricle.

(X-Statix I#4) - Arnie replied that he was hurting in there before assuring his mother he could handle the situation and sending the Orphan flying out a window and into the undead army. The Orphan was saved by the late arriving X-Statix and the Orphan soon returned to confront Arnie once more. Finding Arnie longingly looking at his photo of U-Go Girl, the Orphan discussed with Arnie what it was like to know U-Go Girl. When the Orphan mentioned U-Go Girl being difficult, Arnie suggested the Orphan didn't really like U-Go Girl and the Orphan responded by exclaiming his love for U-Go Girl while calling Arnie a freak. Arnie claimed the Orphan did not love her as much as he did and the Orphan reminded Arnie that he had never even met U-Go Girl. Arnie then warned the Orphan not to call him a freak and when the Orphan replied by calling Arnie a freak three times in short succession, Arnie used his powers to peel the Orphan's back. Arnie then decided to let the Orphan live since he was the leader of his favorite team but an angry Orphan grabbed Arnie by the neck and threatened to kill him. The two exchanged words while the Orphan continued to hold Arnie up by his neck. The two were soon interrupted by Mrs. Lundberg, who had brought them cookies. Arnie berated his mother, exclaiming that the two were in the middle of deciding whether to kill each other, and when Mrs. Lundberg asked why they would do something so silly, the Orphan agreed and released Arnie. Feeling as if Arnie deserved another chance, the Orphan convinced Arnie to turn his powers to healing the mess he had caused in his town.

(X-Statix I#5 (fb) - BTS) - Despite Arnie's best efforts, two deaths were caused by his actions and quite a bit of trauma.

(X-Statix I#4) - Hours later, the Orphan readied Arnie to visit Professor X and admitted that they would have to tell the media he had died to keep law enforcement from pursuing Arnie. Arnie, however, had another idea and warned that the Orphan would not want to make him mad be refusing. A short time later, the Orphan returned to X-Statix and nominated Arnie for X-Statix membership.

(X-Statix I#5) - The Orphan held an X-Statix meeting in the stall of one of the team's bathrooms so they could discuss Arnie's X-Statix membership while Doop emitted a short-range pulse to disrupt Arnie's senses. Spike Freeman refused to allow Arnie to join X-Statix but the Orphan insisted that Arnie was unstable and the only way they could keep an eye on him was as a member of X-Statix. When Freeman suggested the media make a fiasco out of the team recruiting a murderer, the Orphan came up with the idea to disguise Arnie as the Mysterious Fan Boy, complete with a green costume and mask that concealed his identity. X-Statix soon after announced the Mysterious Fan Boy as their newest member, drawing the suspicions of their ally, Lacuna, who could move between seconds of time. Mysterious Fan Boy was immediately loved by the media but when Vivisector remarked that the media actually hated them and waited for them to fall, Arnie grew annoyed, claiming that it wasn't what he wanted the team to be. Announcing X-Statix to be a big disappointment and that perhaps the media's stories of the team being spoiled and ego-driven were true, Arnie used his powers to close the team members' throats before the Orphan suggested they all go out for lunch. After discussing how to handle Arnie in the bathroom stall, X-Statix took the Mysterious Fan Boy to the Chimpanzee's Tea Party, a trendy upscale restaurant where they witnessed Julia Roberts arguing over her check. While there, the team was visited by Lacuna, who invited the Mysterious Fan Boy to appear on her show, Lacuna and the Stars, an offer Arnie accepted, but the Orphan refused to allow it and ordered Venus Dee Milo to teleport the team away. Deciding to go behind X-Statix's backs, Lacuna later traveled to their headquarters and publicly unmasked the Mysterious Fan Boy, revealing his identity to the public. A media backlash ensued and an angry Mysterious Fan Boy destroyed one of X-Statix's television sets after watching a news report on his unmasking. Arnie then suggested a mission where he could prove to the public that he was using his powers for good and the Orphan agreed. The Orphan then visited Lacuna and recruited her help to take down Arnie as payback for her unmasking of him. Lacuna expressed a dislike for being forced to assist in Arnie's death but agreed, feeling as if her hand was forced.

Not long after, X-Statix was called in to stop the indestructible Razorhead, a mutant criminal who had recently escaped prison. Unaware of Lacuna's presence, the Mysterious Fan Boy was injected with a chemical by Lacuna that would induce a heart attack. Admitting he didn't feel well, the Mysterious Fan Boy nonetheless joined the team on the mission. When Razorhead showed up and easily tore through X-Statix, the Mysterious Fan Boy used his powers to blow away half of Razorhead's body before collapsing. Growing weak, the Mysterious Fan Boy revealed to X-Statix a heart condition and how his powers never worked to fix his heart or face. As Arnie then died, the Orphan promised to tell the world that X-Statix was saved by the Mysterious Fan Boy. X-Statix later visited the funeral home, where Mrs. Lundberg thanked the Orphan for coming and the Orphan admitted that the team would attend the funeral but their presence would only incite a media circus. As Mrs. Lundberg informed the Orphan of Arnie's heart condition, the Orphan thought to himself how he had known about it from their first meeting and how he had hoped Arnie's heart would explode before he did any real harm. Despite his thoughts, the Orphan nonetheless hugged Mrs. Lundberg, who thanked him for allowing Arnie onto X-Statix. A television special later aired entitled The Mysterious Fan Boy Funeral Special and while the rest of X-Statix watched it, the Orphan met with Lacuna and the two argued over Lacuna's forced role in Arnie's death.

Comments: Created by Peter Milligan and Michael Allred.

Arnie was mistakenly called "Arnie Lunt" throughout X-Statix I#2.

As a bit of an in-joke, the names on the gravestones (Terwilliger, Wiggum, Syzlak, Burns, Simpson, Smithers, Flanders) in the cemetery when Arnie raises the dead are all named after the last names of characters on The Simpsons television series.

The store Milligan's Pens was obviously named after X-Statix writer Peter Milligan and the fact that it was a pen store was a nod to Milligan's status as writer.

The dates at Arnie's visitation were 1988-2002 but those dates are topical due to Marvel's sliding time scale.

The Mysterious Fan Boy received a profile in Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 2: X-Men (2003).

Profile by Proto-Man.

The Mysterious Fan Boy has no known connections to:

The Chimpanzee's Tea Party

The Chimpanzee's Tea Party was a trendy California restaurant often frequented by celebrities. X-Statix took the Mysterious Fan Boy there for lunch one day and they witnessed Julia Roberts arguing over the cost of her check. When Lacuna showed up and invited the Mysterious Fan Boy on her television show, the Orphan angrily refused and ordered Venus Dee Milo to teleport them out of the restaurant.

-X-Statix I#4

Mr. Clancy

Mr. Clancy was a man who lived in the town being controlled by Arnie Lundberg. Arnie had transformed his face, so that Clancy only had one eye and no mouth. After Arnie had transformed his music teacher's hands, he said "good afternoon" to Mr. Clancy, to which Clancy replied with a terrified "mphhh!"

It is unrevealed whether or not Arnie returned Mr. Clancy to normal when he fixed everything else in his town before joining X-Statix.

-X-Statix I#2

Mrs. Lundberg

Mrs. Lundberg was the mother of Arnie Lundberg. After Arnie awakened from his coma and his powers manifested, she somewhat treated him with a terrified, forced love. A few days before his battle with X-Statix, she cooked him fish pie, his favorite. Later, when Arnie rearranged the molecular structure of his music teacher's hands, Mrs. Lundberg lightly scolded Arnie. Once the Orphan arrived in town and busted into Arnie's home, Mrs. Lundberg arrived in Arnie's room and offered both the Orphan and Arnie some cookies. This act of kindness prompted the Orphan not to kill Arnie and have Arnie join X-Statix. After Arnie's death on a mission with X-Statix, the Orphan showed up at his visitation, where he comforted Mrs. Lundberg.

-- X-Statix I#1 (#3 (fb), 1, 2, 4, 5,

Nathan Malloy & Bud Corby

Nathan Malloy was born in 1888 and died in 1911. Bud Corby was born in 1932 and died in 1973. Both were resurrected by Arnie to battle the Orphan. The Orphan shoved his hand through Nathan's skull, effectively stopping him and Bud's head was vaporized by the arrival of Venus Dee Milo and other members of X-Statix.

-X-Statix I#4

Mr. Mullen

Mr. Clancy was a man who lived in the town being controlled by Arnie Lundberg. When Mr. Mullen tried to talk to a tourist, Arnie willed Mr. Mullen's death and Mullen's corpse was later seen being taken away by ambulance.

-- X-Statix I#1

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts was a famed actress. When X-Statix took the Mysterious Fan Boy to the Chimpanzee's Tea Party restaurant for lunch, the Mysterious Fan Boy was surprised to see Julia Roberts attempting to haggle over her check.

This was obviously the Earth-616 version of the real-life famous actress Julia Roberts, known for her roles in "Pretty Woman," "Steel Magnolias," "Erin Brockovich," "Runaway Bride," "My Best Friend's Wedding" and many, many more.

-- X-Statix I#4

Wildtime Records, Milligan's Pens & T-Mart

Wildtime Records, Milligan's Pens and T-Mart were all stores in the Minnesota town controlled by Arnie Lundberg. During Arnie's battle with O-Force, these three stores were set ablaze like much of the area around them.

-- X-Statix I#4

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