Real Name: Dee Milo

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: X-Statix member;
    formerly contracted to Solomon O'Sullivan Enterprises

Group Membership: X-Statix

Affiliations: Rhe Avengers (Ant-Man, Captain America, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Thor), Doctor Swaine,  (although she was unaware of his activities involving the corpses), Lacuna, Solomon O'Sullivan, Professor Mott, Professor X, X-Statix (the Anarchist, Dead Girl, Doop, el Guapo, Henrietta Hunterthe Mysterious Fan Boy, the Orphan, Phat, Vivisector (Myles Alfred)), the X-Statix Movie Cast (Lennox Capriati, Rimi Withnail, etc...although she felt somewhat threatened by Rimi)
 formerly Spike Freeman, Brad Gutman

Enemies: Bud Corby, the Euro-Trash (Blind Ali, Miz Tree, Oxford Blue, Surrender Monkey, the Wall), Spike Freeman, Sharon Ginsberg, Britney Gutman, Nathan Malloy, Mister Code, Razorhead, Vivisector (Dr. Alex Finlay)
     formerly Arnie Lundberg (a. k. a. the Mysterious Fan Boy), Solomon O'Sullivan
     indirectly Dicky, Reggie (they hired the Euro-Trash)

Known Relatives: Jamal (cousin, deceased), unnamed father and mother (parents), unnamed grandfather (possibly deceased-see comments), unnamed grandmother, two unnamed brothers (possibly deceased-see comments)

Aliases: Venus Dee-Lightful (nickname given to her by Spike Freeman)

Base of Operations: X-Statix Tower in Santa Monica, California

First Appearance:
 (mentioned by name): X-Force I#121 (December, 2001)
 (actually seen): X-Statix#1 (September, 2002)

Powers/Abilities: Venus Dee Milo was a mutant who, when her powers manifested, became permanently transformed into a being of pure energy. Without the help of a special suit, she would not even have a physical form. Using her energy-based abilities, she could teleport herself and others, as well as use the energy as a healing aid. She could also project the energy outward in blasts of energy. Also, if unconscious, she could manifest miniature "subconscious" versions of herself and others inside her body to defend herself against internal attacks, such as the case with her battle against Ant-Man.

Height: 5'6"
Weight: Indeterminate
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: None (the "hair" on her protective costume is black)

(X-Statix#8 (fb) - BTS) - When Venus was a child, her cousin Jamal put insects in her bed to scare and eventually stole her birthday money, which, to Venus, was very traumatic.

 (X-Statix#8 (fb) - BTS) - Venus's cousin Jamal was eventually killed in a drive-by shooting, where he was mistaken for someone else.

 (X-Statix#1 (fb) - BTS) - At age eleven, Dee Milo's mutant powers first manifested, causing an explosion of energy that destroyed her grandparents' home and possibly killed members of her family (see comments). The blast also transported her mother, father, and grandmother to another dimension, leaving Venus to think that she had killed them as well.

 (X-Statix#1 (fb) - BTS) - Some time after her powers manifested, Venus was found by Professor Xavier, who designed for her a containment suit that could house her energy form and give her a semi-humanoid appearance.

 (X-Statix#3 (fb) - BTS) - At some point after her mutant powers manifested, Venus Dee Milo signed a contract with Solomon O'Sullivan, which allowed her to become part of Solomon's made-for-TV superteam O-Force.

 (X-Force I#121 - BTS) - While holding a press conference to discuss possible new team members to X-Force, a reporter asked about Venus Dee Milo. The Orphan replied that she was a great mutant with a perfect record and that he had no further comment on her.

 (X-Force I#122 - BTS) - After Lacuna passed on X-Force membership in favor of her own talk show, X-Force discussed other possible members. The Orphan suggested Dead Girl, and Phat suggested Venus Dee Milo, claiming that she was a "babe."

 (X-Statix#1) - Following the death of X-Force members and a change of the superteam's name to X-Statix, the Orphan met with Venus Dee Milo at the Freeman Construction Site in Nevada. As she began to describe herself as a possible candidate to join X-Statix, the Orphan interrupted her, explaining that he did not have time for pleasantries. The Orphan then explained that her membership into X-Statix was not even close to being certain and he then stormed off. Venus then asked the Anarchist what the Orphan's anger was all about and the Anarchist told her not to take it personally. Once she joined the team, since the Orphan could not find a reason not to allow her to join, X-Statix held a press conference to announce her membership. Unfortunately, X-Fan Weekly reporter Sam Geller was the only reporter to attend, as every other news reporter was busy covering the made-for-TV superteam O-Force's first mission. She then joined X-Statix as they rushed inside to watch O-Force's first mission. After the show, the Orphan confided in her that he had been seeing visions of the deceased U-Go Girl, who kept calling him "Arnie." Venus asked the Orphan why he was telling her that and he explained that he was trying to show her how things are on the team and that she still had time to walk away. He then explained that she was too beautiful and pure to be a part of X-Statix. Angered, she teleported herself and him to the former home of her grandparents, where she explained that when her mutant powers first manifested, she exploded and apparently killed her family. She then explained that she didn't know what she would've done if not for Professor Xavier designing her a containment suit for her energy form. She explained that she was not all pure and that the deaths of her family were plenty of reason to not have her join the team, as she knew that the Orphan had only allowed her to join because he could not think of a reason not to. The Orphan took in what she said and responded by officially asking her to join X-Statix.

 (X-Statix#2) - Venus accidentally teleported X-Statix to a civil warzone when the Orphan asked her to bring them somewhere quiet. She explained that the fighting must have just started the instant that the team arrived. During the battle that ensued, the team discovered a dirty bomb, which the Orphan ordered Venus to dispose of. She did so, but upon her return, she exploded in a blast of energy, knocking the team to the ground. Once the group returned to X-Statix Tower, the Orphan visited Venus's room to check on her. He found her inside a special chamber, designed to clean between her molecules. Venus explained to the Orphan that the reason she had exploded was that the pressure of the ocean where she deposited the bomb was too much for her to handle. The Orphan asked if she would be okay and upon hearing that she would be fine, he invited her to dinner. She readily accepted on the condition that she would pay. At the restaurant, Venus was pelted with eggs by angry X-Statix fans, who claimed that Venus was trying to usurp the role once held by U-Go Girl. Teleporting back to the tower, Venus accused the Orphan of knowing that she was going to be pelted with eggs. She then angrily explained that she wanted to be a member of X-Statix because she believed in it and nothing else. Spike Freeman suddenly interrupted their argument and informed them of O-Force's second mission, to stop a young mutant named Arnie Lundberg from controlling a small Minnesota town with his reality-altering powers. The trio's discussion was soon interrupted as well, by the arrival of mutant lawyer Sharon Ginsberg, who presented Spike with a court order preventing Venus from being a member of X-Statix, due to her pre-existing contract with mutant talent agent Solomon O'Sullivan.

 (X-Statix#3) - After the Orphan defended Venus during the contractual arguments between Sharon and Spike Freeman, Dead Girl claimed that the Orphan had a change of heart, given that he originally was desperate to find a reason for Venus to not join X-Statix. Venus demanded to know what Dead Girl had against her, to which a drunk Vivisector responded that Venus had usurped the title of "sexy one" on the team, a title that Dead Girl had coveted herself. Dead Girl angrily claimed that she was not that shallow, but Venus thanked the Orphan for standing up for her. The Orphan then explained that he wanted the Arnie Lundberg situation sorted out, but unfortunately most of the team had left. Dead Girl and the Anarchist decided to start the "Death & Anarchy Roadshow," Vivisector was drunk and in no state to fight evil, and Phat had left to discover why his powers were not working. After trying to regroup the team, the Orphan announced that X-Statix should stop Arnie Lundberg from destroying O-Force. Venus quickly jumped to the Orphan's side and agreed to help, but Spike Freeman told her that she was grounded until her contract with Solomon O'Sullivan was sorted out. Watching as O-Force was slaughtered by Arnie Lundberg on television, the Orphan decided to parachute into the small Minnesota town and confront Arnie Lundberg alone, with Doop playing cameraman.

 (X-Statix#4) - As the Orphan battled reincarnated corpses in Minnesota, Venus teleported herself and Spike Freeman to the offices of Solomon O'Sullivan and demanded that her contract with him be destroyed. Convincing Solomon to destroy the contract to save his members of O-Force, Venus then left to regroup the rest of X-Statix. She visited the Anarchist and Dead Girl at a hotel room, where she blasted the Anarchist with energy and explained that he couldn't afford to wallow in self-pity anymore. Dead Girl explained that she had grown tired of the Anarchist and that she would rejoin X-Statix. In Minnesota, the Orphan quickly became overwhelmed by zombies until the timely arrival of Venus Dee Milo, who had brought with her the entire regrouped X-Statix team. The team battled the reanimated corpses, destroying many of them with relative ease. After the destruction of the zombies, the Orphan ordered Venus and the others to evacuate the civilians while he confronted Arnie himself. Venus then led the others in evacuating the Minnesota town while the Orphan convinced Arnie to use his powers for good. After rebuilding the town, the Orphan introduced a surprised Venus and the others to the newest member of X-Statix, Arnie Lundberg.

 (X-Statix#5) - After Arnie Lundberg joined X-Statix as the Mysterious Fan Boy, Venus joined the other members of the team in a bathroom stall where Doop emitting a pulse that dampened Arnie's ability to detect them. Inside, the team discussed ways of ridding themselves of Arnie, but the Orphan explained that would have to act as a team, lest they anger Arnie and he turn his reality-altering abilities against them. Venus joined X-Statix as they took Arnie out for dinner, which Lacuna gatecrashed to ask Arnie to reveal his identity to the public. The Orphan angrily told Lacuna that she wasn't invited to the dinner and then ordered Venus to teleport them back to X-Statix Tower. Back at the Tower, Lacuna secretly used her powers to infiltrate the team and remove the Fan Boy's mask, revealing him as Arnie Lundberg to the public. After discovering about the escaped mutant convict known as Razorhead, X-Statix were called in to stop his rampage. Venus teleported to the team to Razorhead's whereabouts, where most of the team were quickly taken down. The Mysterious Fan Boy used his powers to blow Razorhead apart, but the act of doing so put too much strain on Arnie's heart and he passed away. Venus later joined X-Statix as they watched The Mysterious Fan Boy Funeral Special on television. After the show, the Orphan spoke with Lacuna and angrily quit X-Statix due to his role in Arnie's death.

 (X-Statix#6) - Professor Xavier helped Venus Dee Milo search for her missing family using an IMA ("Interdimensional Matrix something"...really) to traverse various dimensions. While inside one of the Dark Dimensions, Venus came into contact with an alien organism that caused the machine to explode. Following the explosion, Professor X destroyed what he thought was the escaped alien and then found Venus lying on the floor, chanting "make them go away." As he discussed what she saw in the Dark Dimensions with Venus, Professor X led her down the hall where he kept the special costumes that he designs for young mutants unable to control their abilities. Venus explained that she felt like she had experienced a nightmare. Professor Xavier then showed Venus the "special" suit that he had designed for her that would allow her to experience the most sensitive of touches to her body, so to speak. After speaking with Professor X, Venus teleported to the room currently housing the rest of X-Statix, where Spike Freeman thanked her for not going on Lacuna & the Stars to discuss whether the Orphan should return to the team or not. Venus scolded the other members of X-Statix for turning on their former teammate. Spike Freeman then informed them that if the Orphan did not return to X-Statix that he would be considered a loose cannon and would have to exterminated. Venus reassured the team that he would return, although doubt was a common emotion among the other team members. That night, someone broke into Professor Xavier's lab and stole most of the special suits designed by him. Using the combined powers of each of the suits, the thief went on a crime spree under the codename of Bad Guy. Thinking Bad Guy to be their former teammate, the Orphan, X-Statix frantically searched for Bad Guy's location. The team eventually tracked Bad Guy down and battled him. During the fight, Bad Guy attempted to crush the Anarchist with a piece of debris. The Anarchist yelled for assistance from Venus, but Ms. Milo could not bring herself to harm Bad Guy, in the event that he might actually be the Orphan.

 (X-Statix#7) - As Venus hesitated, Dead Girl pushed her out of the way, buying the Anarchist some time to fire off an acidic blast of energy that destroyed the chunk of debris. Dead Girl then raked her fingernails across Bad Guy's face, causing him to retreat. After the battle was over, the Anarchist angrily questioned Venus about her hesitation. Venus Dee Milo explained that she didn't want to talk about it, but the Anarchist grabbed her and demanded an explanation, especially if her hesitation was going to affect the lives of other X-Statix members. Dead Girl then joined in the questioning and the mounting pressure from her teammates caused Venus to explode once again, knocking her teammates to the ground. Recovering from her explosion, Venus angrily told the Anarchist that she and the Orphan were not lovers nor had they "gone all the way". She then told the team that she had not done that with anyone ever only to have this admission later plastered all over the news. Later that night, Venus awoke to another nightmare, which she had been experiencing since the IMA machine had exploded. She decided to go for a walk around the Tower and was surprised by Doop, who was floating around with a camera. She then overheard Spike Freeman speaking with the Anarchist about him taking over the leadership position from the missing Orphan. She then angrily confronted the duo and yelled at that for not even waiting to see if the Orphan was going to return before filling his missing position. The Anarchist then told Spike Freeman to wait until the Orphan/Bad Guy situation was sorted out. As the trio ended the conversation, the Anarchist warned Venus about her budding relationship with the Orphan and how it could affect the rest of X-Statix. Venus Dee Milo later met with Professor X, who asked about her chronic nightmares. She lied and said that they were all gone. She then asked Professor X about the Orphan and Xavier revealed that the Orphan had come to his lab asking for a new suit himself. Professor X explained that if the Orphan had indeed gone crazy and become the Bad Guy that Venus would be the one who could pull him back to the norm. After her discussion with Professor X, Venus joined the other members of X-Statix when Lacuna arrived and asked them to help her reveal the Bad Guy's identity on her show. Lacuna then accompanied Venus and the others in battle against the Bad Guy once again. Before the battle could officially begin, Venus opened a teleportational portal and teleported herself and the Bad Guy to her grandparents' former home. Once there, Bad Guy removed his mask.

 (X-Statix#8) - Bad Guy revealed himself to Venus as her deceased cousin Jamal, much to Milo's surprise. The Bad Guy then attacked and attempted to drain the energy from Venus's body, only to be counter-attacked by the Orphan. Venus then teleported the Orphan and herself back to Professor Xavier's lab, where Professor X explained that he thought that the escaped alien from the Dark Dimensions had assumed the form of Venus's deceased cousin. When she asked the Professor why the alien had assumed the form of Jamal, Professor X said that he hoped Venus could answer that. He then explained that the alien had developed a psychic link with Venus during her tenure in the Dark Dimensions, where it fed on her fear of her cousin. Venus then explained that Jamal was a few years older than she was and that he had been killed in a drive-by in Atlanta, Georgia during a case of mistaken identity. She then revealed that Jamal had stolen money from her as a kid and that it had been traumatic. Once the tests were finished on the Orphan, Venus accompanied her teammates at a press conference announcing the Orphan's return. Back at the Tower, Venus and Dead Girl argued about how Spike Freeman had told the team to eliminate the Orphan if he had not returned. Before the team restarted their search for Bad Guy, Vivisector and Phat revealed that the Anarchist had been named team leader in the Orphan's absence. The Orphan gladly resigned his position as team leader over to the Anarchist and the two put aside their differences. That night, the Orphan attempted to kiss Venus goodnight, but Venus turned away, claiming that she couldn't do it because of fear that it would open the doorway to the reason that she feared her deceased cousin Jamal. Later, when the team once again found and confronted the Bad Guy, Venus once again teleported herself and the Bad Guy away in an attempt to confront her fears. Bad Guy once again tried to drain her energy, but was this time stopped by Dead Girl who had stowed away inside Venus's teleportational portal. The two girls battled and defeated the Bad Guy, putting aside their own differences. Back at the X-Statix Tower, Venus explained to the Orphan that she had realized that she feared her cousin Jamal because Jamal used to put insects in her bed. Once she confronted her fears, the Bad Guy lost its link to her and transformed back into its alien form and died. Their conversation was interrupted by the arrival of Vivisector, who showed Solomon O'Sullivan into the Tower. Solomon was carrying the critically injured Sharon Ginsberg and begged X-Statix for help. Once Doctor Swaine arrived and took care of Sharon, the Orphan and Venus returned to her room, where they shared an intimate moment using her new suit designed by Professor X. At the height of passion, she accidentally teleported herself and the Orphan into another dimension, where she found her missing family.

(All-New Doop#4 (fb)) - Venus Dee Milo joined X-Statix and a seemingly reborn U-Go Girl against a giant monster and later relaxed with the team in a hot tub following the monster's defeat. She later joined the team at a press conference.

 (X-Statix#9) - Venus accompanied X-Statix on a mission to Africa and upon its finish, she joined the team back at the Tower for dinner. After dinner, the Orphan and Venus returned to her room, where they found the Anarchist hiding in her bathtub. The Anarchist explained that he had become obsessed with security since becoming team leader and that he had been obsessively checking everyone's rooms to make sure they were safe. He then asked the two not to say anything to the others and Venus replied that it would not leave that room. She later joined X-Statix as they visited the set of the X-Statix movie, where the team met Rimi Withnail, the actress who was playing U-Go Girl. Shocked to see such a close resemblance to U-Go Girl, the Orphan turned away from her when she asked the Orphan to help her get into character. Relieved, Venus thanked the Orphan for turning away. The director of the movie also introduced the team to young mutant el Guapo. As the group watched more dailies from the film, Vivisector started a brief argument between himself, Dead Girl, the Orphan, and Venus. The Orphan broke up the argument and explained that he needed some air. He then left and visited the trailer of Rimi Withnail, where she came on to him. He tried to push her away, and then Sharon Ginsberg, who had recovered but gone insane in the process, attacked the set. After a brief battle, el Guapo arrived on the scene and knocked Sharon out. Afterwards, Venus joined the other members of X-Statix in watching the film footage of el Guapo's rescue. Venus then asked the Orphan what he was doing on the set in the first place, to which the Orphan replied that he thought he knew someone on the set, but was wrong. Venus Dee Milo later joined X-Statix when they held a press conference to discuss their earlier mission to Africa.

 (X-Men Unlimited I#41/2) - Following a press conference for the male members of X-Statix, Venus Dee Milo, Dead Girl, and Doop returned from a day of shopping. She then happily scooped up the male members of the team and they teleported away, carrying the Anarchist's grandfather along for the ride.

 (X-Statix#10) - Venus Dee Milo helped the Orphan clean out U-Go Girl's old room, hoping that by cleaning out her room, she would help the Orphan get over the loss of U-Go Girl. As the Orphan decided to leave and finish another day, Venus discovered U-Go Girl's old diaries hidden in a closet. She opened them up and secretly read from them, discovering the life story of the deceased mutant. After a bit of reading, the Orphan came back and told her that Ben Affleck had invited them to a party. Venus joined him at the party and at two in the morning, she faked a migraine so she could return to X-Statix Tower and finish reading the diaries. After finally cleaning out U-Go Girl's room, Venus decided that as long as the diaries exist, U-Go Girl would still be alive in her mind. Venus then considered burning the diaries. She later joined the Orphan as they shared a dinner together on the floor of U-Go Girl's old room. The duo toasted to each other and Venus glanced towards the closer, noticing the diaries that she had ended up not burning.

 (Wolverine/Doop#2) - After Doop shared a mission with Wolverine to recover the missing artifact known as the Pink Mink, X-Statix threw him a welcome-back poolside party. At the party, Venus Dee Milo had fun with team member Phat, using him as a stepping stone in the water.

 (X-Statix#11) - Venus accompanied X-Statix as they once again watched film footage of el Guapo's rescue at the movie set, this time considering el Guapo for membership onto the team. Eventually deciding to invite him, X-Statix threw el Guapo a poolside party. At the party, the group were contacted for a mission to Malaysia in which el Guapo joined them. Venus teleported the entire team to Malaysia, where el Guapo injured his knee and accidentally flew into a tree. Back at X-Statix Tower, as el Guapo recovered, he asked for his skateboard. Venus then realized that she had not picked up the skateboard from Malaysia when they teleported back. Once the team recovered the skateboard, Venus mentioned that she thought el Guapo would be good for the team. The Orphan questioned if that was the only thing she thought he was good for, to which Venus angrily reminded the Orphan that she had to deal with his issues involving the deceased U-Go Girl. El Guapo interrupted their argument and asked how the team was able to sober up so quickly after the party. Vivisector explained that the whole team used tiny pills that could sober a person in no time. After finally joining the team officially, el Guapo joined Spike Freeman, the Orphan, and Venus Dee Milo at a bar where he was tempted by other women. Venus was later present when el Guapo attacked Doop for filming Guapo cheating on his girlfriend.

 (X-Statix#12) - Venus accompanied X-Statix to the India/Pakistan border and later joined them as they watched Dead Girl's modeling debut on television. At the debut, Dead Girl was mobbed by a group of women claiming that Dead Girl was a bad example for women. The Orphan quickly explained that Venus needed to teleport Dead Girl out of there, but Venus declined, saying that Dead Girl could take care of herself. Venus was later called in with the rest of X-Statix when Britney Gutman, daughter of the X-Statix mortician Brad Gutman, went on a shooting spree. Upon returning to X-Statix Tower, Venus was shocked when Dead Girl ripped out Brad Gutman's heart. Venus asked Dead Girl why she did that and Dead Girl replied that Brad Gutman had abused the dead. Venus later joined the team as they brought Dead Girl to the India/Pakistan border to discover what to do with the deceased there. After returning once again to X-Statix Tower, Dead Girl unleashed the spirits of Brad's victims and let them have their way with Brad's corpse. When she was done, she and Venus Dee Milo did a small teleportational tour around Europe.

 (X-Statix#13) - Venus was present with her X-Statix teammates as they discussed their upcoming mission to rescue the recently resurrected popstar Henrietta Hunter. She then teleported the team to Europa, where they succeeded in rescuing Ms. Hunter. Venus then teleported the team back to Santa Monica, where they were properly introduced to Henrietta. When Spike Freeman went on television and announced Henrietta's membership into X-Statix, Venus held him high above the X-Statix Tower in a teleportational field and argued with him about Henrietta's membership. Venus was later present in New York City when the Euro-Trash kidnapped Henrietta.

 (X-Statix#14) - During the battle that ensued between X-Statix and the Euro-Trash, Venus Dee Milo battled the Wall. As she battled, Surrender Monkey attempted to kidnap her as well, but he was kicked in the head by Dead Girl. After a quick thanks to Dead Girl, Venus returned to the fray, where she held Blind Ali in a teleportational field until Surrender Monkey suggested to the other members of the Euro-Trash that they should retreat. Miz Tree grabbed up Henrietta and the Euro-Trash escaped into a local X-Statix Store. The team then argued over whether or not they were going to go in and save Henrietta, but eventually decided to go back to their HQ and watch television. Venus agreed with that plan and teleported the team back to the Tower. Back at the Tower, Doop revealed to the team that Spike Freeman had given the Europan agents Dickey and Reggie the idea of creating the Euro-Trash and that he thought that X-Statix were fat and complacent. El Guapo then tied Spike Freeman up and the Anarchist claimed that they would deal with him as soon they finished saving Henrietta. Venus then teleported X-Statix into the X-Statix Store, where they killed all of the members of the Euro-Trash and succeeded in rescuing Henrietta from their grasp. Venus later accompanied X-Statix at their press conference to discuss Henrietta's plans now that she had returned to life. When Henrietta mentioned redesigning the X-Statix costumes, the Anarchist whispered to the Orphan that he thought they might have created a monster. Back in Santa Monica, Spike Freeman revealed to the team that now that they had saved Henrietta, she was becoming so popular that the X-Statix shareholders demanded that Henrietta become the new team leader. The team then decided that it might be better if they just killed Henrietta immediately before she destroyed their popularity.

 (X-Statix#15) - Venus was present when Vivisector informed the team of a spate of random sniper-style murders occurring in the United States. Before the conversation could continue, Spike Freeman interrupted and asked what X-Statix planned to do about Henrietta, all while Lacuna secretly used her powers to spy on the team. Soon after, Venus teleported X-Statix to Henrietta's yacht where they prepared to kill her. Lacuna finally revealed herself and managed to talk the team out of killing Henrietta. Happy to not die, Henrietta asked if anyone wanted to rub sunscreen on her legs and Venus shot the Orphan a dirty look. Not long afterwards, Venus joined X-Statix on a mission to Afghanistan, where Henrietta finally joined the team on a mission. Upon returning from this, Venus joined X-Statix at their press conference, where Henrietta was announced both X-Statix team leader and the new U. S. Secretary of Homeland Defense.

 (X-Statix#16) - As the random killings continued, Venus joined her teammates at a modeling shoot where Henrietta revealed her newly redesigned X-Statix uniforms. She then aided the team by teleporting them to random spots across the U. S. at the order of Henrietta. After failing to find the whereabouts of the random killer, Venus explained to the Orphan that she needed to return to her special chamber or her molecules would evaporate. Back in Santa Monica, Venus watched as Henrietta threw darts at random, asking the spirits for help in finding the location of the random killer. She later watched on television as Henrietta was pelted with trash for not living up to her Secretary of Homeland Defense duties by finding the random killer. Venus was also present when Mister Code was revealed to be behind the random killings, and when Spike Freeman implied he had arranged for Code to kill Lacuna, who had come into possession of documents damaging to X-Statix. She witnessed the Orphan break Spike's neck and futilely race to save Lacuna from being shot.

 (X-Statix#17) - Venus was present with the team as they watched the news story of Lacuna's shooting. Vivisector revealed that Lacuna was smart enough to give the evidence against the team to her lawyers. Upon discovering her law office, Venus teleported the team into the offices, where they attempted to destroy the evidence against them. One of the lawyers, John Williams, arrived and explained that he had copies made, which he soon gave to the press, causing a media backlash against X-Statix. In order to clear their names, X-Statix decided to find and take down Mister Code. Once Dead Girl discovered Code's whereabouts by communicating with Spike Freeman's corpse, Venus teleported to the team into Mister Code's suburban stronghold. During the battle, Mister Code struck Venus' head with a billy club and knocked her out. He also broke Henrietta's neck and battled the Orphan to a standstill. The Orphan eventually levitated high into the air and dropped Mister Code from an alarming height. Once Code had landed hard on the ground, the Orphan removed his mask, causing Code to explode.

 (X-Statix#18) - Phat used his abilities to shield the team from Code's explosive blast, but died in the process. Following the death of Henrietta Hunter, her record company released a new single that caused whoever to sing it aloud to die of mysterious circumstances. After attending Phat's funeral, Venus teleported X-Statix into Henrietta's record company, but their sudden arrival caused Henrietta's producer to die of a heart attack, after he had just sang the single aloud. A song that mysteriously killed whoever sung it reminded Venus of a Japanese movie, which she and Dead Girl thought was The Seven Samurai. El Guapo also fell prey to the song's curse. Knowing that they had to get to the bottom of the deaths, X-Statix had Dead Girl sing the song. When Phat's foot fell from orbit and destroyed her brain, Dead Girl spoke with Henrietta's corpse as she reformed herself. Discovering that Henrietta wanted revenge against her original Europan killers, Venus teleported the team to the offices of the Europan president. Once there, they forced the president to sing Henrietta's song. After he sang a few bars, Venus teleported X-Statix back to Santa Monica, leaving the president to Henrietta's wrath.

 (X-Statix#19) - Venus joined the Orphan and Vivisector at the premiere of Teen Bump, a movie starring Vivisector's current lover, actor Brandon Cody. After the premiere, Venus watched television with the other members of X-Statix as Lacuna's life support plug was about to pulled on her show. Attempting to save Lacuna, Venus Dee Milo teleported the team to her side and they demanded that Lacuna's life be spared. Much to their surprise, Lacuna suddenly awoke and claimed she was healed by the power of prayer. Back in Santa Monica, Vivisector revealed that he was about to undergo an operation that would rid him of his mutant powers. Venus and the others angrily argued against his decision, but Vivisector went through with it anyway. Upon Vivisector's return to X-Statix, the team informed him that he could no longer be on the team, as he was no longer a mutant. During their discussion, the team was called away on a mission to Newfoundland against mutated loggers. Venus teleported to the team to Newfoundland and said goodbye to Vivisector, now just plain Myles Alfred, wishing him good luck on his memoirs.

 (X-Statix#20) - After Dr. Alex Finlay injected the stolen powers of Vivisector into himself, he became the new Vivisector and went on a rampage, thinking himself to be the real Myles Alfred. Thinking this new Vivisector to be their teammate, Venus teleported X-Statix to the home of Myles Alfred's father, where they found Dr. Finlay attacking Edward Alfred. At the Orphan's insistence, they let Myles fight the new Vivisector alone; he managed to kill Finlay and unwittingly reclaim his powers. Venus then teleported the team back to Santa Monica, where Myles returned to the team as a new and improved Vivisector. Venus later joined the team at a charity gala for distressed mutants.

 (X-Statix#21) - Venus joined the Orphan at a press conference where they announced that the rest of the team was in Russia searching for a new team owner since the death of Spike Freeman. Venus and the Orphan later joined their teammates in Moscow, Russia, where they discovered that in their absence, Doop had been kidnapped by Russia militants and used as a weapon against the team. After being repeatedly blasted by Doop, Venus teleported the team to Avengers Mansion in New York City, where they asked the Avengers for assistance. The Avengers agreed to help, but after the battle, they demanded that X-Statix hand Doop over to them, as X-Statix were not responsible enough to hold a weapon like Doop in their hands. As a fight nearly broke out between the two teams, Thor removed his hammer from its lodging in Doop's brain, causing the brain to explode and rain its pieces across the dimensions. Back in Santa Monica, X-Statix decided that they must find the pieces of Doop's brain, as Doop's backup brain would only last him three days. At Avengers Mansion, the Avengers also decided to find the pieces, so that they could Doop into their custody.

 (X-Statix#22) - Venus teleported the team to Thailand, where they deposited the Anarchist so that he could retrieve the first piece of Doop's brain.

 (X-Statix#23) - Venus arrived at the Rothera Two research station in Antarctica, where she met Professor Mott, who was keeping one of the pieces of Doop's brain that had landed there. Venus complained of a stomach-ache and Professor Mott asked if she need to visit sick-bay. Venus declined, saying that she was used to strange things happening to her body. After Professor Mott left Venus with the piece of brain, Venus doubled over in agony, clutching her abdomen. Her stomach-ache soon revealed itself as Ant-Man who had managed to infiltrate her body at microscopic size. Trying to rid herself of Ant-Man, she teleported them to a cornfield, where she left Ant-Man and teleported back to Antarctica. As she once again attempted to grab the brain piece, she uncontrollably teleported to Japan, where Ant-Man revealed that when he was inside her, he messed with her internal biologic makeup, causing her to teleport uncontrollably. She picked up Ant-Man and threw him, then teleported once again back to Antarctica. Before she could grab the brain piece this time, she fell to the ground, bleeding. Inside her body, Ant-Man was still manipulating her biological functions until he was attacked by one of Venus's subconscious selves. As the subconscious selves multiplied, they began to attack Ant-Man until Venus managed to wake up. Meanwhile the subconscious selves held Ant-Man in place, attempting to trap him inside Venus's body, until Ant-Man informed them that if they held him there he would eventually die, rot, and infect every part of the true Venus. Suddenly, a subconscious version of Professor Mott appeared inside Venus and explained that whatever they were doing inside Venus, it was killing her. The subconscious Professor Mott suggested that Ant-Man and the subconscious Venuses flip a coin to see who gets the piece of Doop's brain. Winning the bet, Venus was allowed to get the brain. When the real Professor Mott returned, she asked how Venus's stomach-ache was doing. Venus explained that she felt much better and that she had won the coin toss. Confused, Professor Mott asked what Venus was talking about. Venus replied that she would explain later and teleported away.

 (X-Statix#24) - As a Quinjet dropped Iron Man off in France, Venus teleported the Orphan into France as well, so the Orphan could retrieve his piece of Doop's brain. After the Orphan defeated Iron Man in battle and retrieved the piece of Doop's brain, Venus Dee Milo teleported into France to pick him up. The Orphan asked Venus what Cable would do in a situation like his and Venus replied that Cable would take the brain piece, the thing that he had been searching for. The Orphan explained that Cable would do something like that and in an effort to be unlike Cable and true to himself, the Orphan left the brain piece next to the unconscious Iron Man.

 (X-Statix#25) - As Venus teleported Doop into Asgard to retrieve the final piece of Doop's brain, Thor viciously attacked Doop. Thor spoke of his duty to the Avengers to find the brain in his own Asgardian lingo, while Venus whispered to Doop that Thor was speaking in the third person and that she always knew that when Mike Tyson started doing that, it meant that he had finally lost it. After the battle between Thor and Doop awoke the sleeping Valkyrior known as the Fatal Sisters, Venus teleported X-Statix into the fray and they teamed with the Avengers, preparing for battle. Seeing the sheer number of champions that had arisen to stop them, the Fatal Sisters retreated back to their centuries-old sleep, vowing to return when real war had consumed Asgard. Eventually X-Statix managed to convince the Avengers to let them keep Doop. Returning back home, X-Statix decided to call it a day. Venus revealed that she had been offered a record contract and the others explained that they, too, had been offered jobs that would take them away from the team. Venus then asked if they were really pulling the plug of X-Statix and everyone stood around, questioning whether it was time to allow the team to dissolve.

 (X-Statix#26 (fb)) - Deciding to finally dissolve X-Statix, the team threw themselves a farewell party which many superheroes attended. While there, the Orphan was confronted by a man who asked the team to go on one final mission. After discussing it with his teammates, they all agreed that one final paycheck wouldn't be so bad. As he left the party, the Orphan suffered a terrible stomach-ache, which Venus healed using her energy abilities. Venus then explained that she really didn't have to go on the final mission, but had decided to because of the money. She then explained that the team deserved to be able to just walk away from being superheroes and that they had experienced hard times, like having to battle the Avengers or deal with Henrietta Hunter, who Venus said looked like Lady Diana in a wig. After the party had long ended, the Orphan held one last mission briefing, where he explained to Venus and the others that they were to infiltrate a mansion overrun by armed gunmen and stop them. The team explained that were ready to go and Venus explained that she couldn't believe how much Hugh Hefner had offered her to pose topless. She then teleported the team away to their last mission.

 (X-Statix#26) - During X-Statix's final mission, Venus held Dead Girl as Dead Girl began to decay and die to an unknown illness. As the team was fired upon by helicopters, Venus was knocked unconscious. Once she recovered, the Orphan asked Venus if she could teleport him, her, and the Anarchist out of the battle one last time. She explained that her molecules were becoming way too scattered, but what she could do was teleport the helicopters somewhere far off. The Orphan and the Anarchist realized that what she was going to do could possibly kill her, but before they could stop her, she had teleported into the air. Up in the air, she exploded one last time, which destroyed the helicopters and scattered her molecules so far that her energy form dispersed and she died. Following her death, the Anarchist and the Orphan decided to go out as heroes. The duo stood up and rushed towards the remaining soldiers, who gunned them down, execution-style.

Comments: Created by Peter Milligan and Michael Allred.

In X-Statix#1, Venus held a picture of her family up. The picture of her family showed one girl (presumably Venus herself), two younger boys (presumably her two brothers), a woman (presumably Venus's mother), and a man (presumably Venus's father). Venus mentioned that her powers first manifested at her grandparents' house, meaning that she at least had both a grandmother and grandfather. When she found her missing family at the end of X-Statix#8, the only family members present were her mother, father, and grandmother. It is possible that when her powers manifested, she killed her grandfather and two brothers in the explosion.

If Venus is made of energy, then how did Ant-Man get inside her body and cause all of the damage? Maybe the suit stabilized her body in semi-organic form?

Not the death means anything to comic book characters anyway, but as a being of energy, Venus just has to regather her molecules/energy, just like Wonder Man or any other energy character who was dispersed.

Venus Dee Milo has an entry in OHotMU 2006 A-Z#12.

Profile by Proto-Man





Professor Mott, has no known connections to

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Professor Mott was a researcher who worked at the Rothera Two research station in Antarctica. When Venus arrived at Rothera Two looking for a piece of Doop's brain, Professor Mott was more than happy to help, being that she was a big fan of X-Statix. Professor Mott asked if Venus wanted to visit sick-bay due to a stomach-ache Venus was having, but Venus declined. Mott later returned to ask how Venus was doing and seemed very confused when Venus thanked her for her help.







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 p18, panel 4 (fullbody shot, in X-Statix costume)

 p13, panel 3 (Professor Mott)

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