Real Name: Dr. Alex Finlay

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Scientist, former lab assistant to Professor Xavier

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Polly

Enemies: Edward Alfred, Marco, Vivisector (Myles Alfred)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: apparently New York

First Appearance: (as Dr. Alex Finlay): X-Statix#19 (April, 2004); (as Vivisector): #20 (May, 2004)

Powers/Abilities: Vivisector could transform into a wolf-like state, with enhanced senses and razor-sharp claws and teeth.

History: (X-Statix#19): Upon discovering a formula, Dr. Finlay terminated his employement at Professor Xavier's research lab. After he quit, he approached Myles Alfred (a. k. a. Vivisector of X-Statix) and explained that he could remove his powers. After running some tests on Alfred, Finlay removed Vivisector's mutant genetic material and injected it into himself.

(X-Statix#20): Despite attempts by himself and his girlfriend, Polly, Alex could not will himself to transform into his wolf-like state. Polly announced that she had cheated on Finlay with her photographer, Marco, and angered by that, Finlay strapped himself to a gurney and bombarded his senses with images of things that angered Alfred. Using that anger, he transformed into his wolf-state and rampaged through the city. He attacked and killed Marco and thinking himself to actually be Myles Alfred, went after Alfred's father, the source of Myles' anger. As X-Statix arrived, Myles defended his father by stabbing an ink pen through Finlay's eye, killing him, although during the battle, Myles was scratched. The scratch returned Alfred's powers and Myles rejoined X-Statix once again as the original Vivisector.

Comments: Created by Peter Milligan, Mike Allred, and Nick Craine (both Vivisector and Polly). Marco created by Pete Milligan and Nick Dragotta.

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After Dr. Alex Finlay removed the genetic material from Vivisector that contained his mutant powers, Polly watched television alongside him. The duo discussed Finlay's plans to inject the material into himself to gain similar lycanthropic abilities. She later stayed with him after he injected the genetic material into himself. Polly tried to make him angry so that his powers would manifest. In doing so, she admitted that she had cheated on him with Marco, a photographer, with still no manifestion of powers. Polly was present when Alex Finlay eventually transformed into the new Vivisector and rampaged off into the night.

-X-Statix#19 (20


Marco was a photographer who had previously taken photos of Polly, Alex Finlay's girlfriend. Polly had originally told Alex that nothing happened between them, but when Dr. Finlay was trying to transform, Polly admitted that she had cheated on him with Marco. When Dr. Finlay eventually transformed into Vivisector, his first victim was Marco, who was in the process of taking photos of two girls in bikinis.





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X-Statix #19-20: April-May 2004.