Real Name: Myles Lee Alfred

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: X-Force/X-Statix member

Group Membership: X-Force/X-Statix

Affiliations: Diego Ardilles, the Avengers (Ant-Man, Captain America, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Thor), Brad Gutman (although he was unaware of Brad's activities involving the corpses), Lacuna, Solomon O'Sullivan, Paco Perez, Raju, X-Force/X-Statix (the Anarchist, Bloke, Dead-Girl, Doop, el Guapo, Henrietta Hunter, the Mysterious Fan Boy, the Orphan, Phat, Saint Anna, the Spike, U-Go Girl)
 formerly the Coach,  Brandon Cody, Spike Freeman

Enemies: Agent Wright and the C.I.A. Crack Squad, the Bad Guy, the Brotherhood (Mike Asher, Fagin, Hoffman, Marshal,  Ms. Fingers, Orwell, Malon Reeves), the Bush Rangers (Stanley, Tray, Zippo, others), the Coach, the Euro-Trash (Blind Ali, Miz Tree, Oxford Blue, Surrender Monkey, the Wall), Fatal Sisters (Hilda, Mista, Sangrida), Spike Freeman, Sharon Ginsberg, Graviton, Britney Gutman, Mister Code, Razorhead, Smoke, Succubus, Vivisector (Dr. Alex Finlay), X-Force (Cannonball, Domino, Meltdown, Warpath)
formerly the Mysterious Fan Boy/Arnie Lundberg

Known Relatives: Mr. & Mrs. Edward Alfred (parents)

Aliases: Madam Salsa, the sultry dancing queen of Rio (his fake identity for himself)

Base of Operations: X-Statix Headquarters in Santa Monica, California; formerly Harvard University

Education: Unfinished bachelor degree from Harvard

First Appearance: X-Force I#117 (August, 2001)

Powers/Abilities: Vivisector had the ability of mutant lycanthropy, allowing him to transform into a werewolf-like state at will. As a wolfman, he possessed razor-sharp claws and teeth.

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

History: (X-Force I#117 (fb)) - While at Harvard University, Myles Alfred manifested his lycanthropic abilities after being taunted by some school bullies. He then slashed them ferociously.

(X-Force I#117) - Following the deaths of most of the X-Force members, Vivisector joined the team along with other mutants such as Phat, Bloke, St. Anna, and the Orphan. While waiting for his first mission briefing, Myles got into an argument with fellow team member Bloke over a misquote on Bloke's part. During the briefing, Vivisector commented that he felt their mission to infiltrate Bastrona and retrieve Paco Perez was motivated by politics rather than humanitarian concerns. Later, at the press conference announcing the new X-Force members, the team was attacked by members of another team calling themselves X-Force. In the fight that ensued, Vivisector and Phat battled Warpath. After the battle, X-Force continued their press conference, with Myles Alfred in an arm cast and a broken pair of glasses.

 (X-Force I#118) - Myles said goodbye to his mother, who explained that Myles's dad was busy with a paper and that he gave Myles his best wishes, as the other new members of X-Force said goodbye to their loved ones. Once the goodbyes were said, Vivisector joined the rest of the team at their mission briefing and accompanied X-Force to Bastrona, where the team was ambushed by Bastronan militants. Upon the death of Bloke during the attack, Phat tortured the team's informant, Diego Ardilles, until he revealed the location of Paco Perez. Myles then joined X-Force as they stormed the laboratory in which Paco was being held.

(X-Force I#119) - As Saint Anna was killed inside the lab, Vivisector went on a berserk rampage, claiming "to Hell with Hamlet" and "to Hell with Wittgenstein," as he slaughtered many of the militants inhabiting the lab. Once the team retrieved Paco, U-Go Girl teleported them "home," which to her meant somewhere in the deep South. As they arrived, Myles explained that he had gotten a bit overstimulated during the fight and asked that the team keep his rampage to themselves, to which Phat replied that next week during his Larry King appearance, Vivisector's rampage would be all he talked about. Much later, after U-Go Girl managed to return X-Force to their Santa Monica HQ, the Coach angrily questioned the Orphan on the whereabouts of Paco Perez. When the Orphan replied that Paco was safe, but should have a choice over whether he got turned over to the U. S. military, the Coach responded with an attack by two of his henchmen, Smoke and Succubus. The Anarchist, Vivisector, and Phat quickly arrived and aided the Orphan in the fight, until the Orphan stopped it. Much later, the Orphan traveled to Buenos Aires, where he gave Saint Anna's father her goodbye to him and also asked her father to care for Paco Perez.

 (X-Force I#120) - As Doop spoke with his old friend Wolverine, Vivisector joined Phat and the Anarchist at an X-Force press conference discussing the location of Paco Perez.

 (Thunderbolts#57) - Vivisector was among the heroes captured by Graviton during his attempted takeover of the world. (see comments)

 (X-Force I#121) - While the Orphan and U-Go Girl viewed footage of a proposed team member, the Spike, Vivisector and Phat visited team owner Spike Freeman, who suggested that they make themselves more of a presence on X-Force. Later, in the library, the Anarchist questioned Myles about the definition of the word "lacuna," because someone had caused fish to appear in the HQ's pool and painted the word on the wall. Myles explained that it meant a hiatus, a missing portion, especially in a manuscript or text. The Anarchist asked if he meant like a blank spot, and seeing this as an opportunity to make some noise within the team, Phat claimed that the Anarchist was insulting Myles and attacked him. Defending himself, the Anarchist retaliated and a fight broke out between the three mutants. After the fight, Vivisector joined the rest of X-Force at a press conference to announce the membership of the Spike. During the press conference, the Anarchist walked away from a potential fight with the Spike and once again seizing an opportunity to cause chaos within the team, Vivisector and Phat attacked the Spike, claiming that he had insulted their "brother." Later, after the chaos at the press conference, Myles joined the other members of X-Force as they relaxed poolside, where Lacuna made her debut and announced that she wanted be a member of X-Force herself.

 (X-Force I#122) - After Lacuna announced her desire for membership into X-Force, she disappeared between seconds, leaving Myles asking what her powers were and the others a bit confused. Later that night, U-Go Girl appeared on television pilot for her own talk show, where her guest would be the Spike, the Orphan, and the Anarchist. During the show, Vivisector and Phat crashed through the wall. Angered, U-Go Girl asked them what they were doing, to which Myles explained that they were drunk and quite capable of doing something reprehensible. Using the distraction created by Vivisector and Phat's party crashing, Lacuna traveled between seconds and removed everyone's clothing, leaving them in their underwear on national television. Back at X-Force HQ, Vivisector asked the Orphan if he would publicly reprimand Phat and himself for their behavior on the show, thereby increasing their spotlight on the team. The Orphan replied that he would and Vivisector and Phat high-fived each other with excitement. Myles later joined his teammates at a press conference where they were to announce the membership of Lacuna, only for her to fail to turn up as she had instead signed a deal to host her own talk show.

 (X-Force I#123) - Vivisector quietly read a book while the rest of the team relaxed at their headquarters in Santa Monica. While the team relaxed, Doop popped a pimple on his head, pulling the entire team inside a vast dimension within himself. Doop then pulled himself inside the dimension and began to search for his teammates. Doop found Vivisector in a huge library, running from a figure which strangely resembled his father. Doop quickly inhaled Myles into himself and left to find the others. Once his search was finished, Doop squeezed his teammates out of himself and returned them to normal. As he looked at the clock, he noticed that no one on the team appeared to have even remembered their trip into the other dimension and Doop also noticed that only a second of time had passed.

 (X-Force I#124) - Vivisector joined his teammates in returning from another successful mission, only to find themselves teleported into the ocean by U-Go Girl's waning teleportation powers. U-Go Girl apologized for the mess-up as Myles yelled that he could not swim. U-Go Girl then managed to teleport X-Force into a forest of some sort, where the Anarchist signaled a Federal Express plane that the team then hitched a ride back to Santa Monica on. As the Orphan argued with U-Go Girl over her powers, Myles read Faith in Fakes: Travels in Hyperreality by Umberto Eco and commented that the teleportation rides had begun to become bumpier.

 (The Brotherhood#9) - After returning from yet another successful mission, Vivisector appeared in a parade with his teammates, as well as Lacuna. Seeing this as a chance to reveal themselves to the world, the mutant Brotherhood attacked X-Force in broad daylight. X-Force quickly jumped into action, with many of the Brotherhood members getting killed by members of X-Force. Vivisector himself gutted Fagin and slashed the arm of Mike Asher. The fight was abruptly halted when Asher ignited a trail of blood, which exploded, killing the Brotherhood leader Hoffman and another member named Marshal. After the explosion, U-Go Girl asked X-Force if the battle was the "end of a revolution."

 (X-Force I#125 (fb)) - In Central American, X-Force went on a surgical strike to find and arrest a general wanted for crimes against humanity. During the mission, the Orphan noted that Vivisector and Phat were becoming increasingly isolated.

 (X-Force I#125) - Vivisector and his teammates returned from the Central American mission, with numerous cuts and bruises. Back at X-Force HQ, the team was introduced to Agent Wright of the C. I. A, who informed X-Force that they were to go on a mission in space for the C.I.A. to stop a bunch of mutated humans called the Bush Rangers. Once aboard the Bush Rangers' space station, X-Force was to fake capture and allow the C.I.A. to save them, thereby improving the C.I.A.'s public image. Angered, the Orphan backhanded Agent Wright in the face while Vivisector discussed possible new team names with Phat. Myles suggested the "X-Foliates," to which Phat replied that the name was a little too gay. Myles responded, asking if anything can be too gay and the duo high-fived, much to the shock of their teammate, the Spike. As Agent Wright continued to explain the mission, X-Force became split between those who wanted to stick by the Orphan during the C.I.A. ordeal and those who wanted to leave him to deal with the C.I.A. himself. Vivisector and Phat sided with the Anarchist's idea of leaving the Orphan to deal with the C.I.A. himself. Just as the team's argument resulted in a stalemate, Dead Girl, the team's newest recruit, finally arrived and sided with the Orphan; X-Force would go into space for the C.I.A. together, as a team.

 (X-Force I#126) - As X-Force headed into space, Vivisector held Phat's hand. Feeling he could not take any more, the Spike fired off a spike that slashed Vivisector's arm, prompting Vivisector to demand that the Spike explain himself. The Spike demanded to know what was going on between Vivisector and Phat, to which Myles admitted that he and Phat had feelings for each other. Upon their arrival at the space station, the "crew" greeted them and asked for autographs. X-Force then rushed off to find the "Bush Rangers," not realizing that the "crew" was actually the Bush Rangers in disguise.

 (X-Force I#127) - After splitting up and battling the Bush Rangers, X-Force returned to a safe spot, relaxed, and waited for the C.I.A. to arrive. Realizing that the Spike was not among them, the team headed out to find him. While looking for the Spike, Phat asked Myles how long they had to keep us their "charade" of being gay and Myles replied that they should keep it up at least until they got more recognition, and then they could say it was just a phase. The team soon found a room filled with Bush Rangers, all disguised as the Spike. A fierce battle ensued, resulting in Phat getting stabbed by a stray spike. Vivisector quickly rushed to help him, but the Orphan ordered him to assist Dead Girl. Vivisector refused and remained to aid Phat. The Orphan, the Anarchist, Doop, and U-Go Girl moved onward, still searching for the Spike, when the C.I.A. Crack Squad arrived and revealed that they were also going to kill both X-Force and the Bush Rangers. U-Go Girl quickly teleported the foursome away from the Squad and into a small satellite, which Agent Wright revealed would float around in space until it collided with something solid. While Agent Wright explained that he was attempting to kill the team because the Orphan had freed the mutant boy Paco Perez instead of turning him over to the military for medical research, Vivisector, Phat, Dead Girl, and "the Spike" took care of the Crack Squad. Before he could say anything else, "the Spike" impaled Agent Wright with a barrage of spikes from his body. "The Spike" then led Vivisector, Phat, and Dead Girl into a shuttle and prepared to leave the space station.

 (X-Force I#128) - Vivisector tended to Phat's wounds, while "the Spike" declared that they should elect a new leader, since the Orphan appeared to be lost alongside Doop, U-Go Girl, and the Anarchist. Angered, a fight nearly broke out between Vivisector and "the Spike," until Phat broke it up with a phatted up hand. Soon after, one of the astronauts piloting the escape shuttle discovered  something nearby, which Vivisector explained was another shuttle containing their missing teammates. Myles attempted to communicate with this other shuttle to no avail. Seeing that shuttle make it safely back onto the space station, X-Force returned in their vehicle to meet it. As the Orphan exited the smaller shuttle, he explained that it was only big enough to house two of them, plus Doop, so they had been forced to leave the Anarchist behind inside the satellite. Vivisector then explained that the Anarchist was the perfect self-fulfilling prophecy, which Phat elaborated on, explaining that the Anarchist's sweat could affect dice rolls, meaning that the Anarchist used his powers to sacrifice himself so that the Orphan and U-Go Girl could live on. Soon after realizing the Anarchist's heroism, X-Force discovered a way to gain control of the satellite and bring the Anarchist back on board the space station. After a happy reunion, the real Spike arrived and explained that "the Spike" that had been amongst X-Force since their first battle with the Bush Rangers was, in fact, the Bush Ranger known as Tray in disguise. Revealing himself, Tray attacked X-Force, killing both the real Spike and U-Go Girl with stray spikes. As U-Go Girl died, she confided to the Orphan that she wished the new team name to be the "X-Statix." X-Force then sent her corpse into space, as Vivisector cried alongside the Anarchist.

 (X-Force I#129) - Upon X-Force's return to Santa Monica, the Orphan argued with Spike Freeman over the team's name change. While they argued, Myles and Phat shared a bed together, discussing U-Go Girl's death and their own feelings for each other. Myles later joined his teammates as they visited their bush leagues in hopes of finding new members to replace the deceased U-Go Girl and the Spike. Vivisector managed to get himself soaking wet after viewing the mutant known as Wash-Out in action and afterwards, the team was approached by mutant talent agent Solomon O'Sullivan, who attempted to add the team to his clients. Back at the HQ, Vivisector angrily argued with Phat over his homophobic comments to a reporter during the bush leagues visit. Phat replied that he didn't want everyone knowing about him being gay and that the whole idea was that they were pretending to be gay. Vivisector later joined his teammates as they announced the new team name of X-Statix.

 (X-Statix#1) - Vivisector participated in a "mission," where the team battled for the television cameras, then later joined his teammates as they showered. At the group showers, the Orphan suggested that the team get together the next morning to search for the replacement members for U-Go Girl and the Spike. Vivisector explained that he could not join them the next morning because he was booked for a television debate about the role of fiction in a fictive world with Umberto Eco. The Orphan then suggested the day after next instead. After the showers, Myles joined the others in watching the television show "O-Force," in which mutants competed for a place on the mutant supergroup O-Force. The day after next, the Orphan met with possible new team member Venus Dee Milo and invited her to join X-Statix. To welcome her to the group, X-Statix held a press conference, which only Sam Geller from X-Fan Weekly attended, as every other reporter was too busy reporting on O-Force.

 (X-Statix#2) - Upon the Orphan asking her to teleport the team somewhere quiet, Venus accidentally teleported them inside the middle of a civil war. As the group jumped into action to defend themselves, Vivisector questioned whether the fight was governed by the Geneva Conventions. During the battle, Phat realized that he was unable to use his powers and soon after, Venus Dee Milo exploded in a blast of energy. Back at their HQ, Vivisector told Phat that he believed that his powers were not working because Phat was denying his true self.

 (X-Statix#3) - Once Venus had recovered, lawyer Sharon Ginsberg arrived and presented Spike Freeman with a cease-and-desist order, since Venus was still under contract with him. Dead Girl responded to the situation with a sarcastic comment about the Orphan originally not wanting Venus on the team. Venus asked what Dead Girl had against her and a drunken Myles Alfred replied that Venus had taken over the position of "sexy one" on the team after U-Go Girl's death, a position that Dead Girl was vying for herself. Despite all of the arguments, Spike Freeman informed the team that O-Force was to go on their first mission. Their mission was to stop a young mutant named Arnie Lundberg from using his vast mental powers to control a small Minnesota town. The Orphan suggested that Arnie had been beaming images of U-Go Girl into his mind, which Vivisector replied that freemasons were also sending subliminal messages via cornflakes boxes. Realizing that Arnie Lundberg could become a real situation, the Orphan tried to rally what was left of X-Statix. He did not have much luck, as most of them had their own plans and Vivisector was a drunken mess. Returning to the library after declining the Orphan's idea of Arnie Lundberg being a threat, Myles questioned his own sexuality and who was manipulating whom within the team. In Minnesota, the unassisted O-Force soon found itself under attack from Arnie's reanimated corpses.

 (X-Statix#4) - Realizing that O-Force needed help with or without X-Statix, the Orphan parachuted into Minnesota and began battling the zombies. In the meantime, Phat returned to Santa Monica, where Vivisector filled him in on the O-Force situation. The Orphan made his way to Arnie Lundberg, but Arnie threw him back into the street, where he realized that X-Statix had arrived, a team once again. During the battle, Vivisector revealed that he and Phat had a discussion about their sexuality and that they were both homosexual, just not attracted to each other. While X-Statix battled the zombies, the Orphan once again battled Arnie Lundberg and managed to convince him to release the town and undo the deaths he had caused. Once X-Statix returned to Santa Monica, the Orphan introduced Arnie as their newest team member, the Mysterious Fan Boy, much to the shock of everyone present.

 (X-Statix#5) - After a short while with X-Statix, the Mysterious Fan Boy discovered all of the in-fighting within the team. Vivisector explained to him that the public hated them, envied them, and couldn't wait for another X-Statix member to perish. Angered by what he saw, the Mysterious Fan Boy used his powers to temporarily close the throats of each member of the team until the Orphan suggested they go out for lunch. Before the lunch, the Orphan met with the other members of X-Statix in a bathroom stall, while Doop blocked out the Fan Boy's powers so they could talk unheard. During their lunch, Lacuna managed to use her mutant powers to sneak into X-Statix HQ and remove the Fan Boy's mask, revealing him to be dangerous mutant Arnie Lundberg. Vivisector later participated on the Fan Boy's first official mission to stop the rampaging mutant criminal called Razorhead. X-Statix quickly found Razorhead and a rough battle ensued, during which Vivisector was punched in the face. The battle ultimately resulted in Razorhead getting blown apart by the Fan Boy's powers and the Mysterious Fan Boy himself dying, due to heart problem. The Orphan later met with Lacuna, who was quite angry that she was blackmailed into killing the Fan Boy for the Orphan. In the height of their argument, the Orphan quit X-Statix.

 (X-Statix#6) - While Venus Dee Milo searched various dimensions, looking for her lost family, Vivisector and Phat went on "Lacuna & the Stars" to argue to point that the Orphan remained a good guy with the Anarchist and Dead Girl, who argued that he became a villain after he left X-Statix. After the show, Myles relaxed with the rest of X-Statix at their HQ as he looked over his appearance in Time magazine. As they relaxed, Spike Freeman informed the team that if the Orphan didn't return to X-Statix, then the team would have to find him and kill him. While the team sat arguing, someone broke into Professor Xavier's lab and stole the containment costumes that Xavier had designed for various mutants. Much later, the figure went on a crime spree as the Bad Guy, using the costumes for their varying effects. Thinking that the villain was the Orphan himself, X-Statix sat out to stop him. When the team visited the wrecked Paramount Studios, the site of Bad Guy's most recent attack, they were pelted with trash by the public, who also thought that the Orphan was committing the crimes. Venus soon teleported X-Statix to the actual location of the Bad Guy, where a fight ensued. Bad Guy utilized a costume that gave him extendable mechanical arms, which he used to knock Vivisector to the ground and stab the Anarchist through his hands.

 (X-Statix#7) - After Dead Girl drove the Bad Guy off, the Anarchist and Dead Girl questioned Venus about her hesitating to attack Bad Guy during the fight and Myles defended her, saying that it was a terrible dilemma for her to face. X-Statix later tracked down the Bad Guy once again, but before the fight could start, Venus teleported herself and the Bad Guy away.

 (X-Statix#8) - Venus, separated from the team, was saved by the timely arrival of the Orphan, who now wanted to return to X-Statix. Back at X-Statix HQ, Professor Xavier deduced that the Bad Guy was an alien from one of the Dark Dimensions that Venus had freed during her search for her lost family. Vivisector later participated in the team's press conference to announce the return of the Orphan. After the conference, Venus revealed that Spike Freeman originally wanted the team to kill the Orphan. Vivisector explained that Spike thought that the Orphan was a loose cannon and that the Anarchist had been offered the position of team leader in the Orphan's absence. After the Anarchist was accepted as the new team leader, Myles joined X-Statix once again in locating the Bad Guy and battling him. Once again, Venus teleported Bad Guy away, and with the help of Dead Girl, defeated him. After their battle with Bad Guy, the Orphan and Venus discussed Bad Guy's destruction, but Vivisector had to interrupt them when Solomon O'Sullivan arrived with a gravely injured Sharon Ginsberg and asked X-Statix for their help.

(All-New Doop#4 (fb)) - Vivisector joined X-Statix and a seemingly reborn U-Go Girl in battling a giant rampaging monster and celebrating its defeat by relaxing in a hot tub. He later joined the team at a press conference.

 (X-Statix#9) - Vivisector aided his teammates on a mission in Africa, where they battled a group of rebel army. After the mission, the group returned home, where Myles joined his teammates at dinner. He later went with X-Statix to the set of the X-Statix movie, where they watched the dailies. After X-Statix was introduced to the cast and a young mutant named el Guapo, the group watched some more dailies as Vivisector read The Screentrade by William Goldman. Myles then commented that the director should take a cue from real life and have the Anarchist fall in love with Venus Dee Milo, which angered Dead Girl. The Orphan then said that they should save their fights for the cameras and Venus claimed that it was a stupid thing to say. Myles replied that he had decided to say more stupid things to increase his popularity. Later, after a now insane Sharon Ginsberg had attacked the X-Statix movie cast, Myles joined the rest of the team in viewing footage of el Guapo.

 (X-Men Unlimited I#41/2) - Similar to the events in the Beatles movie, A Hard Day's Night, Vivisector, the Orphan, Phat, and the Anarchist ran from a horde of screaming girls. Once safely aboard a train, the Anarchist introduced his grandfather, and Myles noted how amazingly clean the man was. Mr. Filson, the X-Statix PR guy, then arrived and escorted the foursome (with the Anarchist's grandfather in tow) to their room in a local hotel. Mr. Filson informed the group that they were to remain in their hotel until the press conference he had scheduled later that night. He then informed Vivisector that the press hadn't asked for him and that, if he wanted to, he could go enjoy a little free time. After Mr. Filson left, the Orphan suggested that the foursome go down to a party being held by a fan club in the lower levels of the hotel. At the party, Vivisector danced with another mutant until Mr. Filson arrived and pulled the Anarchist, the Orphan, and Phat to the press. While the three other male members of X-Statix showed off for the press, Vivisector sat a table and drank. As Mr. Filson arrived once again to show the group to their next venue, the foursome snuck away and joked around in a park until the groundskeeper arrived and made them get off the grass. The group then left to find Mr. Filson and join their press conference, but each were stopped. In Myles's case, he was stopped by the Anarchist's grandfather, who informed Myles that he was wasting his young life away, doing what he was told and reading books. After his talk with the Anarchist's grandfather, Myles spent a short time wandering the streets, where he met a young boy who claimed that Myles was the coolest member of X-Statix. His faith in himself renewed, Vivisector rejoined his teammates at their press conference, where they showed off their abilities for the public. After their conference, Doop and the female members of X-Statix arrived and the team teleported away.

 (Wolverine/Doop#2) - After sharing an adventure with Wolverine, Doop returned to his teammates, who threw him a poolside party. At the party, Myles played a joke on Dead Girl by putting a D.O.A. toe tag around her toe.

 (X-Statix#11) - Vivisector joined his teammates once again in viewing footage of el Guapo's defeat of Sharon Ginsberg at the X-Statix movie set. Myles later joined X-Statix as they welcomed el Guapo as a new X-Statix member with a poolside party. At the party, Myles offered el Guapo some champagne. During the party, Spike Freeman informed the team that there was trouble in Malaysia. The group quickly jumped into action and teleported to Malaysia, where el Guapo injured his leg, much to the horror of Vivisector, who tried to help him. The Anarchist ordered Myles back into action. As the battle continued, el Guapo tried to prove himself, but instead slammed his skateboard into a tree. After the mission, the team returned to their HQ, where Myles exclaimed that el Guapo looked so vulnerable while injured. Once he recovered, el Guapo asked the team how they were able to sober up so soon after being drunk at the party earlier, and Vivisector explained that each member of the X-Statix carries a set of pills with them that sobered them up in a heartbeat. Later that night, Vivisector listened in on el Guapo's room, where he heard loud noises. Phat discovered Myles eavesdropping and warned him of making a fool out of himself, which temporarily angered Myles. Once he realized that Phat was right, Vivisector asked Phat to knock him unconscious if he ever did anything embarrassing.

 (X-Statix#12) - Vivisector accompanied his teammates to the India/Pakistan border and later relaxed with them as they watched Dead Girl's modeling debut on television. Much later, Vivisector and the rest of X-Statix were called in to stop Britney Gutman, the daughter of the X-Statix mortician Brad, who had goneon a shooting spree. After Dead Girl discovered Brad's necrophilia and ripped his heart out, Vivisector stood amongst the horrorstruck members of X-Statix. He later joined X-Statix as they returned to the India/Pakistan border.

 (X-Statix#13) - Myles once again joined X-Statix as they discussed their upcoming mission to Europa to retrieve the recently reborn popstar Henrietta Hunter. After much discussion, Vivisector accompanied the team to Europa, where they fought off Europan government agents. The group retrieved Henrietta and returned to Santa Monica. When Henrietta and X-Statix were given the red carpet treatment in New York City, they were attacked by the Euro-Trash, Europa's group of superhuman mutants.

 (X-Statix#14) - The two supergroups battled each other, with Vivisector taking on Surrender Monkey. As the battle raged on, Surrender Monkey suggested that the Euro-Trash retreated and the group retired to a nearby X-Statix Store with Henrietta Hunter in tow. After discovering Spike Freeman's involvement in the creation of the Euro-Trash, X-Statix tied him up and teleported into the X-Statix to save Henrietta. Later, Vivisector accompanied X-Statix to a press conference, where they announced Henrietta's membership into X-Statix. Once Henrietta decided to redesign the X-Statix costumes, Spike Freeman revealed that she was to be made team leader, at to the insistance of X-Statix's shareholders.

 (X-Statix#15) - As a rash of random murders sprung up across the U. S., Vivisector questioned if the killings weren't the kind of thing that X-Statix should handle. Spike Freeman then reminded the team that they still had to deal with Henrietta. The group decided to kill her and then return and deal with Spike Freeman. X-Statix then teleported onto Henrietta's yacht with intent to kill, not knowing that Lacuna had teleported with them. Lacuna warned Henrietta that X-Statix were there to kill her and she then persuaded them not to kill her. Later, Henrietta accompanied Vivisector and company to Afghanistan to battle a group of terrorists. During the battle, Phat deflected a missile fired at Henrietta. The missile landed inside a trench with el Guapo, blowing off his legs. Back at the HQ, the Anarchist angrily yelled at Phat, claiming that Henrietta always had a big gay following. Angered at the Anarchist's anti-gay remarks, Vivisector attacked him. Phat apologized for the accidental injury of el Guapo, prompting Vivisector to attack him as well, claiming that el Guapo put so much into his physical perfection that a simple apology was not enough. Phat then responded, saying that perhaps Myles would stop following el Guapo around now and the two began to fight until the Orphan broke it up, claiming that if the team was not careful, Henrietta could theoretically destroy the team. As the random murders continued, Henrietta held a press conference, where she announced her new position as U. S. Secretary of Defense and that X-Statix would stop the random killings.

 (X-Statix#16) - Myles participated in a modeling shoot where Henrietta revealed her newly redesigned X-Statix costumes, while the press attacked X-Statix due to their lack of finding the one responsible for the random murders. He later joined the team as they searched random spots in the U. S. looking for the random killer. While there, Vivisector informed Henrietta that the chances of randomly finding the random killers in fifty-one states were pretty remote. Henrietta agreed and the group returned to Santa Monica, where Henrietta attempted to use her powers to communicate with ghosts to discover the random killer's location. Myles later joined X-Statix as they watched Henrietta get pelted with trash on television. When incriminating documents damaging to X-Statix came into Lacuna's possession, the Orphan spoke with the rest of the team about the situation. Realizing Spike Freeman had arranged for the murder of Lacuna, to be masked as a random killing, Orphan slew him and futilely raced to warn her.

 (X-Statix#17) - Back at X-Statix HQ, Vivisector and the others discussed Spike Freeman's involvement in Lacuna's near-fatal shooting. Myles explained that despite the fact that she was shot, Lacuna had already given the incriminating documents to her lawyers. Phat exclaimed that they had to get those documents back and the Orphan claimed he had an idea. Vivisector then accompanied him to Lacuna's hospital room, where he read the names of various lawyers in the phone book while the Orphan felt her pulse for a sign. When Myles read the name Williams, Williams, and Williams, the Orphan felt a change in Lacuna's pulse and the duo teleported to the law offices via Venus Dee Milo. Once there, X-Statix began destroying many of the lawyers' documents. One of the lawyers named John Williams soon arrived and revealed that he had made copies of the documents. Once the documents were presented to the press, the public turned against X-Statix. The Anarchist suggested they might be able to change their identities and Vivisector claimed that he would be Madam Salsa, the sultry dancing queen of Rio. The Orphan suggested that perhaps they should just do something amazing to make up for their past misdeeds. At that point, the television happened to be showing a picture of Mister Code and the group knew that they had to stop Mister Code's random killings. Discovering Mister Code's whereabouts thanks to Dead Girl, Vivisector accompanied X-Statix as they stormed Code's suburbia stronghold. During the battle, Code killed Henrietta and then was slain by the Orphan, but his body was booby-trapped and exploded.

 (X-Statix#18) - As Code exploded, Phat wrapped his phatted-up body around the blast. He managed to save his teammates, but he died in the process. A mournful Vivisector claimed that he loved Phat. Myles later attended Phat's funeral, along with his X-Statix teammates. After Henrietta's death, her record company released a single which caused whoever sung the song to die a mysterious death, including el Guapo. Learning Henrietta was taking revenge from beyond the grave against her original killer, X-Statix realized that to stop the killings, they had to find that original killer. Myles and company quickly teleported to the office of the Europan prime minister and demanded he sing Henrietta's single. After he sang the song, X-Statix teleported away, leaving the politician to Henrietta's wrath.

 (X-Statix#19) - Vivisector, Doop, the Orphan, and Venus Dee Milo attended the premier of Teen Bump, a new movie starring Myles's new lover, actor Brandon Cody. At the opening, the press demanded that Myles transform into his Vivisector form in front of the cameras. Myles politely refused, but the press and Brandon himself asked him to. Myles finally agreed to as a favor to Brandon. Brandon then claimed that he loved it when Myles went furry and Myles replied that it was okay as long as that wasn't the only thing Brandon loved about him. Later that night, Myles met with Dr. Alex Finlay, who claimed that he could rid Myles of his powers completely. Myles agreed and went to Dr. Finlay's lab. At the lab, Dr. Finlay ran various tests to gain Vivisector's mutant blueprint. When Myles returned to the X-Statix HQ and explained what he was doing to the team, the Anarchist angrily claimed that he was making a big mistake and smacked him across the face. Myles claimed that the team was just jealous of his opportunity and the Anarchist continued to rough Myles up until Myles transformed into his Vivisector form. The Anarchist continued to claim that Myles was making a big mistake and Vivisector attacked him, exclaiming that the Anarchist was not his father. Taking his anger out on the Anarchist, Vivisector harshly raked his claws across the Anarchist's face and backhanded the Orphan. Returning to normal, Myles explained that he was sorry and his rampages were the exact things he was trying to avoid by removing his powers. Later, Myles went to dinner with Brandon Cody at Spunky's restaurant. Returning to Dr. Finlay's lab, Myles went through with the procedure to remove his mutant powers and later appeared on Lacuna & the Stars to announce the removal. On the show, Dr. Finlay set fire to many of Myles's books to prove to the audience that Myles was physical incapable of transforming into Vivisector. As X-Statix and Brandon Cody watched on television, they could not believe what they were seeing. Myles's mother begged to his father that Myles was only doing this to please him and asked that Edward invite Myles to his birthday party. After his television appearance, Myles met with Brandon Cody, who left him due to his removal of what made him special. Feeling he had nowhere else to go, Myles returned to X-Statix HQ, where the team told him that since he was no longer on the team that he could not stay in the tower. Myles claimed that did not leave the team and that he could use his intelligence and knowledge of American literature to aid the team. The Orphan declined Myles's offer and the team quickly left to fight mutated lumberjacks in Newfoundland.

 (X-Statix#20) - Myles Alfred met with his mother, who invited Myles to his father's sixtieth birthday. Mrs. Alfred explained that she was happy that Myles had his mutant powers removed and then asked whether the cure also removed Myles's homosexuality. Myles sarcastically replied that yes, it removed his sexuality and the next day he was having his skeleton removed as well. Myles later went shopping for a birthday present for his father and eventually decided on a very expensive ink pen. He then returned to X-Statix Tower, where he packed up a bunch of his things and prepared to leave. Soon after, Dr. Finlay, using Myles's stolen mutant powers, went on a rampage as the new Vivisector. X-Statix, of course, thought this new Vivisector was just a more monstrous Myles Alfred. At his father's birthday party, Myles was introduced to one of his father's students, Raju. Raju explained that he really enjoyed Myles's work on Emily Dickinson. Raju gave Myles his number and Myles was whisked away by his mother. His mother brought Myles to his father, where Myles gave him his birthday present. Edward Alfred proclaimed that the pen was ostentatious bordering on the obscene. Myles contemplated telling his father off for the years of neglect, but instead kept his comments to himself. At that point, Dr. Finlay as the new Vivisector arrived at the Alfred residence where he knocked Myles out of the way. X-Statix followed right behind and watched as Dr. Finlay spoke angrily to Edward Alfred, as if he were Myles instead of Alex Finlay. Realizing that Dr. Finlay actually thought that he was Myles Alfred, Myles quickly attempted to defend his father. Dr. Finlay punched Myles to the ground and Myles quickly asked for his father's ink pen. Myles then jabbed the ink pen through Dr. Finlay's eye, killing him. Edward Alfred thanked Myles for his bravery and asked where Dr. Finlay got the "vitriol" that he was spouting. Myles admitted that Dr. Finlay had said all of the things that Myles had been meaning to say for years. X-Statix bid their farewell and Myles waved goodbye to them. The Anarchist explained that Myles would be joining them and Dead Girl asked if he was a mutant or not. Myles looked down at his arm and noticed that he was growing brown fur where he had been scratched by Dr. Finlay. Back at the HQ, Myles rejoined X-Statix and attempted to transform back into Vivisector. When he did so, his fur was longer, as were his claws. Myles then explained that instead of using anger to trigger his transformation, he used good feelings this time. Much later, as X-Statix visited a charity gala for distressed mutants, Brandon Cody attempted to fix things with Myles. Vivisector declined, claiming that there was no need to get angry because it was such a negative emotion.

 (X-Statix#21) - Vivisector joined his teammates in Moscow as they battled terrorists who had captured Doop and were using him as a weapon. As Doop unwillingly attacked X-Statix, much of the team ducked for cover. Eventually, X-Statix went to Avengers Mansion and asked the Avengers for help, although the Anarchist was personally against getting their help. Together, X-Statix and the Avengers managed to stop Doop, with Thor lodging Mjolnir into Doop's brain. During the battle, Vivisector commented that Hawkeye looked a lot like Ben Affleck. When Thor removed Mjolnir from Doop's brain, the brain exploded launching pieces of it around the universe. After activating Doop's backup brain located in his butt, X-Statix decided that they must find each of the pieces and fix Doop's brain. While X-Statix discussed their mission, the Avengers made the same decision.

 (X-Statix#22) - Vivisector accompanied the rest of X-Statix as they dropped off the Anarchist in Thailand so that he could find a piece of Doop's brain.

 (X-Statix#23) - Vivisector was dropped off in the African republic of Azania to retrieve his portion of Doop's brain. While there, he came under attack by both Azanian militants and the Avenger Hawkeye. Vivisector battled each other until Vivisector managed to corner Hawkeye against a wall, asking Hawkeye not to make him hurt him or mess up his "handsome face." Hawkeye replied that he was waiting and Vivisector withdrew, claiming that he could not hurt Hawkeye. Using this to his advantage, Hawkeye pinned Vivisector to the wall with an arrow. Myles later awoke in a government camp where he found a group of corpses that had been killed for being homosexual. He then argued with the camp leader about those who were killed. Vivisector later managed to find Hawkeye and explain the situation of the Azanian warzone. Hawkeye suggested that they partner up and retrieve Doop's brain together. The duo managed to find the brain, but Hawkeye revealed that he had tricked Vivisector and took the brain for himself, leaving Myles in Azania.

 (X-Statix#25) - As Doop battled Thor in Asgard for the remaining piece of his brain, their battle awoke the Fatal Sisters, who arrived to choose the fallen. Thor and Doop battled the Fatal Sisters until the arrival of the remaining Avengers and X-Statix members. Upon seeing thirteen heroes opposing them, the Fatal Sisters returned to their centuries-old slumber and the Avengers demanded to have Doop turned over to them. X-Statix disagreed and Hawkeye responded that they won the pieces of Doop's brain fair and square. Angered, Vivisector exclaimed that Hawkeye had tricked him, but before a fight could break out, the Anarchist attempted to punch Captain America. Captain America blocked the punch with his shield and returned a punch to the Anarchist's face. As another fight between the two teams seemed eminent, Doop fell over, his backup had run out of juice. The Orphan reacted quickly to save his teammate, grabbing the brain pieces and replacing Doop's regular brain. Moved by the Orphan's selfless responsibility for Doop's life, Captain America agreed to allow X-Statix to keep Doop and X-Statix returned to Santa Monica. At X-Statix Tower, the group decided to call it a day. As they thought about it, they considered dismantling the team.

 (X-Statix#26 (fb)) - X-Statix eventually decided that they did want to dismantle the team and they threw a star-studded farewell party. During the party, the Orphan was asked by an unknown man to go on one last mission for him. The Orphan asked the rest of the team and they all agreed that one final paycheck wouldn't be so bad. Myles explained to situation to Raju and handed Raju his X-Statix Alarm watch, explaining that he wouldn't need it after today. Once the team reassembled at their mission briefing, Venus revealed that Hugh Hefner had offered her tons of money to pose topless. The Orphan asked if she was seriously considering it and Myles claimed that they could argue about it when they returned from their mission.

 (X-Statix#26) - As X-Statix went on their final mission, the team was fired upon by helicopters. As Venus managed to recover from the helicopter fire, she exploded, taking the helicopters, Doop, and Vivisector with her. As the Orphan and the Anarchist escaped the remaining soldiers, they passed by the lifeless bodies of Doop and Vivisector. Eventually, they too, were shot down by the soldiers, effectively ending X-Statix's run as a superteam.

Comments: Created by Peter Milligan and Michael "Zane" Allred.

Raju created by Peter Milligan and Nick Dragotta.

Originally, as shown in early preview sketches of the X-Force team, Vivisector's first name was originally going to be Lee Alfred, but it was changed to Myles...perhaps his full name is Myles Lee Alfred or Lee Myles Alfred?

Lee was confirmed as his second name in his profile in OHotMU A-Z HC#13.

I think it should be noted that in Thunderbolts#57, we only see Vivisector's hand or at least, a wolf-like hand. I think it's a safe assumption that the hand is Vivisector, given that it is surrounded by members of X-Force including Phat, the Orphan, U-Go Girl, Doop, and the Anarchist.

Vivisector has an entry in OHotMU 2006 A-Z#12.

Profile by Proto-Man

Vivisector is not to be confused with

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    Myles' parents, Edward Alfred was an esteemed academic and his mother was an ethnomusicologist. Edward Alfred often threw himself into his academics and readings, neglecting Myles. When Myles had his powers removed by Dr. Finlay, Mrs. Alfred begged Edward to invite Myles to his birthday party. At the birthday party, Edward was attacked by Dr. Alex Finlay, who had taken the identity of the new Vivisector and literally thought he was Myles. Dr. Finlay told Dr. Alfred everything that Myles had been meaning to say for years. Eventually, Myles managed to save his father using an ink pen and Edward thanked his son for his bravery.

--Edward Alfred - X-Force I#117 (fb) (X-Statix#19, 20
--Mrs. Alfred - X-Force I#117 (fb) (118, X-Statix#19, 20




    Bob was a reporter who reported on the budding relationship between Myles Alfred and Brandon Cody. He was present at the opening of Teen Bump.








Brandon Cody was a lover of Vivisector and star of the film Teen Bump. He also played the character Nick Blight in the teen soap opera Jail Bait. He later had dinner with Myles at Spunky's where he explained that the opening box office for Teen Bump were abysmal. When Myles had his mutant powers removed, Brandon questioned what Myles was doing. Brandon later left Myles because Myles had lost the thing that made him special. Once Myles regained his powers, Brandon attempted to patch things up with him, but Myles declined.

--X-Statix#19 (20





Frank was Bob's co-anchor who watched the Teen Bump opening from the studio.









    Raju was one of Edward Alfred's students who was interested in Myles Alfred's work on Emily Dickinson. He was introduced to Myles at his father's sixtieth birthday party. Raju gave Myles his number and the two eventually started a relationship. After Myles explained that X-Statix would go on one final mission, he handed his X-Statix Alarm watch to Raju and explained that he wouldn't need it after the mission.


--X-Statix#20 (26




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