Membership: Stanley, Tray, Zippo, 10 other unnamed members

Purpose: Originally to aid the C.I.A., but they turned on the C.I.A. and took over a space station

Affiliations: C.I.A. (former)

Enemies: C.I.A. Crack Squad, X-Force (The Anarchist, Dead Girl, Doop, Orphan, Phat, the Spike, U-Go GirlVivisector)

Base of Operations: The Mars 2010 Space Station, located in outer space

First Appearance: X-Force I#125 (April, 2002)

Powers/Abilities: Each of the Bush Rangers were able to change their shape at will. While in the form of another, they were able to access their superpowers, such was the case when they impersonated the Spike. They were also seen firing energy blasts, but that could’ve been a side effect of whatever form they were in, so it may not have been a power of their own.

History: (X-Force I#125 (fb))- Seeking expendable experimental subjects, the C.I.A. staged a fire at the Texas State Penitentiary,  allowing the public to believe all of the inmates were consumed by the flames. In truth, all the inmates agreed to sign up for a secret and experimental procedure that would transform them into mutants under the control of the C.I.A. The inmates had their cellular structure altered, and some died. The C.I.A. ended up with thirteen survivors, dubbed Bush Rangers. Unfortunately for the C.I.A., the mutations were not as successful in their brains, allowing most of the Bush Rangers to keep their criminal minds. A year after the Penitentiary Fire, the Bush Rangers took over the Mars 2010 Space Station where they were being trained.

(X-Force I#126)- When X-Force arrived in the Mars 2010 Space Station to stop the Bush Rangers, they found the crew of the space station relieved to see them. X-Force signed autographs for the crew and rushed off after the Bush Rangers. What they didn’t realize was that the “crew” was really the Bush Rangers themselves, just assuming the forms of the deceased crew members. As X-Force split up to find the Rangers, the Bush Rangers ambushed each of members. When a group of Bush Rangers attacked the Anarchist, Dead Girl, and the Spike, they played the race card and claimed that they had been mistreated by the government, a claim which appeared to have swayed the Spike to their side. Meanwhile, another group of Bush Rangers attacked the Orphan and U-Go Girl. One of them, disguised as the Anarchist, attempted to kill the Orphan, but met with a kick to the face and a zap of acidic energy from the real Anarchist.

(X-Force I#127)- As the C.I.A. arrived in space, the remaining Bush Rangers argued with their “newest member,” the Spike. When X-Force arrived, looking for the Spike, the Bush Rangers shapeshifted into the form of the Spike, so that all of the Rangers looked like him. As a fight broke out between X-Force and the Spike-looking Bush Rangers, the “real” Spike arrived (actually the Bush Ranger known as Tray) and joined the battle against the Rangers as well, seemingly killing all of the convicts. As the X-Forcers boarded a shuttle to leave, a man resembling the Spike, but dressed in Bush Ranger clothing and battered beyond belief, pulled himself up and claimed that he was no traitor and he was only trying to trick the Bush Rangers.

(X-Force I#128)- As the X-Forcers escaped via shuttle, “the Spike” claimed that they needed a new leader and that the senior members were dead. Fortunately, Vivisector and Phat found the escape shuttle housing U-Go Girl, the Anarchist, and the Orphan and saved them. Another man resembling the Spike stumbled out of the shuttle as well, prompting the other “Spike”/Tray  to reveal his true nature, that of the last surviving Bush Ranger. A battle broke out and the real Spike was impaled on one of the Bush Ranger Spike’s spikes. Tray then fired spikes wildly, one of which hit U-Go Girl, killing her. He was then knocked out when Orphan kicked him in the face; his final fate is unknown.

Comments: Created by Peter Milligan and Michael Allred.

Although the C.I.A.'s stated goal was to create "mutants", the Bush Rangers would strictly be considered mutates, as they were not born with the powers they possessed.

We don't know what happened to Tray, the final Bush Ranger, the one who killed U-Go Girl and the Spike. We last saw him being knocked out by Orphan, but the story then focused on the death of U-Go Girl, and the next issue started with the team back in their HQ after returning from space. Perhaps they killed him in cold blood for the murder of their team-mates, perhaps they handed him over to the authorities.

Profile by Proto-Man


No known connection to

The X-Force, a.k.a. X-Statix, that the Bush Rangers fought, should not be mistaken for


(left to right)Tray, Stanley, ZippoZippo, Tray and Stanley were among the prisoner volunteers from the Texas State Penitentiary who were transformed into the Bush Ranger mutants. Once the Bush Rangers hijacked the space station Stanley, along with seven other Bush Rangers, posed as the space station crew and greeted the X-Forcers upon their arrival. Once the X-Forcers split up, Zippo and Tray, along with one other Bush Ranger, attacked the Anarchist, the Spike, and Dead Girl. When the Spike seemingly turned traitor against X-Force, Zippo, Tray, Stanley, and two other Bush Rangers interrogated him. The Orphan and the Anarchist eventually realized that the Spike was missing and when they arrived to find him, they discovered that Zippo and company had transformed themselves into duplicates of the Spike. A battle then broke out between X-Force and the Spike-shaped Bush Rangers, in which Phat was injured. As the Bush Rangers were killed one by one, Stanley grabbed a stray spike and attempted to stab the Anarchist with it, but was instead killed by Tray, posing as the real Spike.

When the real Spike revealed Tray to be the imposter Spike, Tray assumed his true form and fired off spikes which impaled the real Spike. X-Force battled Tray until the Orphan kicked Tray in the face, knocking him out. Unfortunately, one of Tray's stray spikes impaled U-Go Girl, killing her.

Each of these three had the same powers as the other Bush Rangers (see above).

Tray was the African-American Bush Ranger with the afro-style hair-do. Zippo was the African-American Bush Ranger with the small dreadlock-type hairstyle and Stanley was the caucasian Bush Ranger who was somewhat balding.

Under normal circumstances, each of the named Rangers would get a separate sub-profile. However, given their shapeshifting nature, it's impossible to be sure that groups such as "Stanley, along with seven other Bush Rangers" doesn't include one or both of the other named Rangers. - Loki

- (Zippo & Stanley): X-Force I#125 (fb) (#126, 127;

- (Tray): X-Force I#125 (fb) (#126, 127, 128


Bush Rangers group shot- X-Force I#126, p10, pan3

Zippo, Stanley and Tray: X-Force I#127, p5, pan4

X-Force I#125-128 (April 2002-July 2002)

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