Membership: The Anarchist, Battering Ram, Bloke, the Coach (although he turned traitor), Cupric, Doop, Gin Genie, el Guapo, Henrietta Hunter, the Mysterious Fan Boy,  La Nuit, the Orphan/Mister Sensitive, Ostinato, Phat,  Plazm, Saint Anna, Sluk, the Spike,  U-Go Girl, Venus Dee Milo, Vivisector (Myles Alfred), Vulpine,  Zeitgeist;
honorary membership Jesus Diaz

Purpose: To accomplish any mission as long as the money was right, as well as make money on their own by selling out merchandising rights

Affiliations: The Avengers (Ant-Man, Black Panther, Black Widow, Captain America, Crystal, Giant-Man, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Sub-Mariner, Thor, Vision, Wasp), Black Bolt, Boyz R Us, Doctor Swaine, Brandon Cody, Dead Girl, Doctor Strange, Elektra, the Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mister Fantastic, the Thing), Victor Filson, Spike Freeman (former), Nick Fury, Sam Geller, Brad Gutman (although all but Dead Girl were unaware of his activities), Officer Halloran, Lacuna, Linda, Matt Murdock, O-Force (although they somewhat competed against them in the beginning), Solomon O'Sullivan, Paco Perez, the Pink Psychos, Professor X, Silver Surfer, Spider-Man, X-Men (Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler,Wolverine), X-Statix Movie Crew;
indirectly Anti-Matter, Corkscrew, Lightning Bug, Mant, Mutalien, Nightvoid, Sycamore, Wash-Out (members of X-Force's Bush Leagues)

Enemies: Agent Wright and the C. I. A. Crack Squad, Diego Ardilles, Dr. & Mrs. Edward Alfredthe Bad Guy,  the Brotherhood (Mike Asher, Fagin, Hoffman, Marshal, Ms. Fingers, Orwell, Malon Reeves), the Bush Rangers, the Coach, Bud Corby, the Euro-Trash, the Fatal Sisters, Spike Freeman, Sharon Ginsberg, Graviton, Britney Gutman, "The Lumbermen", Arnie Lundberg (former), Nathan Malloy, Mister Code and his Random Killers, Omar, Solomon O'Sullivan (former), Razorhead, Smoke, Succubus, Vivisector (Dr. Alex Finlay),  John Williams, X-Force (Cannonball, Domino, Meltdown, John Proudstar), Hank Zlotty (he verbally attacked them on television)
    indirectly Dicky, Reggie

Base of Operations: X-Statix Tower in Santa Monica, California (formerly called X-Force Tower), USA

First Appearance: X-Force I#116 (May, 2001)

History: (Marvel Encyclopedia Vol. 2: X-Men-X-Statix profile - BTS (fb)) - In the early 21st century, X-Force (eventually called X-Statix) burst on the scene eager to capitalize on the general public's obsession with celebrities. The team chose to take celebrity and become famous, rather than follow the dream of mutant leader, Professor Charles Xavier.

 (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Teams 2005-X-Statix profile - BTS (fb)) - X-Force soon become a top-rated television show, airing the group's missions to the public and skyrocketing the X-Force name (and the names of the mutants on the team) to instant celebrity status.

 (X-Statix#10 (fb)) - On March 19th, the original X-Force team was entering their headquarters, when Edie Sawyer met Zeitgeist, who eventually asked her to join the team inside. She declined, saying that she would see him another time.

 (X-Statix#10 (fb)) - On April 10th, as X-Force was returning from a mission, Edie Sawyer accidentally teleported to their location, surprising Sluk, Zeitgeist, and Doop.

 (X-Force I#116 (fb)) - X-Force went on a mission to North Africa, where they were to quell a coup by a group of fanatical tribesmen. During the course of the mission, team member Sluk was killed.

 (X-Force I#116) - Following a press conference that announced the Anarchist as the replacement member to recently deceased Sluk, X-Force prepared for their upcoming mission to save the boy band Boyz R Us from a group of murderous gunmen. After being briefed on the mission by the Coach, X-Force had U-Go Girl teleport them into the headquarters of Sonic TV, where they attempted to save Boyz R Us. During the scuffle with the gunmen, nearly everyone was killed, with Doop, the Anarchist, and U-Go Girl being the only survivors of the massacre.

 (X-Force I#117) - The remnants of X-Force soon met with the Coach, who showed the trio film clips of the mutants who were going to taking the place of the deceased members: Phat, Vivisector, Bloke, and Saint Anna. The Coach also mentioned to U-Go Girl, the Anarchist, and Doop that X-Force had recently been purchased by thirty-four year old software trillionaire, Spike Freeman. The new recruits soon arrived at X-Force Tower, where Vivisector and Bloke almost immediately got into an argument over Bloke misquoting Malcolm X. Their argument was interrupted by U-Go Girl and the Anarchist, each vying for the spot of new team leader. The Coach quickly stopped the bickering amongst X-Force and briefed them on their upcoming mission to retrieve young Paco Perez from the Bastronan government that had taken him from America. Following their briefing, X-Force held a press conference to announce their new members, where they were attacked by the team formerly known as X-Force. After quickly taking care of the former X-Force, the team continued their press conference until the Coach appointed the Orphan the new X-Force team leader.

 (X-Force I#118) - After an attempt to scare the Orphan out of leadership by U-Go Girl, the new X-Force recruits said goodbye to their families and met back at X-Force Tower, where the Coach informed them of their Bastronan informant, Diego Ardilles. X-Force then teleported into Bastrona, where the Orphan met with Diego Ardilles, who had planned to ambush X-Force with armed men. As the Orphan dodged the gunfire, the other members of X-Force jumped into action, with the Anarchist blasting men with his acidic energy bursts and Vivisector raking his way through the militants. As the battle continued, helicopters began to fire on the team. In order to save their informant, Bloke sacrificed his life by shielding Diego Ardilles from some of the helicopter fire. U-Go Girl quickly teleported the team to safety, where Phat attempted to kill Diego by strangling him with his phatted-up arms. The Orphan ordered Phat to drop Diego and then ordered the Anarchist to vaporize Bloke's corpse so that they could continue their mission to save Paco Perez. X-Force soon returned to Bastrona and continued into the laboratory housing Paco. While the other members of the X-Force battled the militants furiously, the Orphan hesitated when he found Paco connected to various wires.

 (X-Force I#119) - As Saint Anna was shot down by one of gunmen and Diego Ardilles was killed by stray gunfire, the Orphan decided to remove his clothing and use his superhuman senses to determine which wire to pull from Paco Perez in order to save him. After retrieving Paco, the Orphan ordered U-Go Girl to take them home and a tired U-Go Girl quickly teleported the team to her childhood home in the southern United States. As Saint Anna died, she asked the Orphan to take her mother's ring to her father. As soon as U-Go Girl came to, she was shocked at where she was and teleported X-Force back to California, though not to their headquarters, but Sunset Boulevard. That night, the Coach informed the Orphan that X-Force was sent to retrieve Paco so that the United States could harness his mutant medicinal abilities for the good of the U. S. When the Orphan tried to argue that Paco was just a child, the Coach had his mutant underlings, Smoke and Succubus, attack the Orphan. Vivisector, the Anarchist, and Phat heard the ruckus and entered the fray until the Orphan broke off the fight, claiming that killing each other wouldn't solve a thing. Soon after, the Orphan visited Buenos Aires, where he gave Saint Anna's father her ring and asked him to watch after Paco Perez, who the Orphan had secretly helped escape the plans that the United States had for him. While he was gone, the Coach tapped U-Go Girl to help him "get rid" of the Orphan.

 (X-Force I#120) - While Doop took stock photos of Wolverine trashing an X-Force Store, the Coach held a press conference attended by the Anarchist, Vivisector, and Phat to announce that despite the recent deaths on the team and the disappearance of the Orphan, X-Force was still a team. After U-Go Girl secretly filled the Orphan's revolver that he used to play Russian Roulette, she joined the Coach in waiting for the Orphan to die. While waiting, the Coach drugged U-Go Girl and attempted to violate her, only to be halted by the arrival of the Orphan. The Coach immediately sent Smoke and Succubus after the Orphan, but that plan failed as well, thanks to the surprising arrival of the X-Man Wolverine, who killed Smoke. Hearing a gunshot, the Orphan rushed to the side of U-Go Girl, who was lying very still with the Coach on top of her, covered in blood. As she slowly came to, she revealed that the blood belonged to the Coach, whom she had just shot. As Wolverine made his leave, he presented the Orphan with a tape that revealed that the massacre of the past members of X-Force had been planned by the Coach and Zeitgeist, who didn't realize that he would be killed as well. Throwing the tape away, the Orphan decided to leave and spend a night on the town with U-Go Girl.

 (Thunderbolts#57) - When Graviton attempted to take over, he captured X-Force, along with most of Earth's super-heroes, including the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the Hulk, Daredevil, and the X-Men.

 (X-Force I#121) - The Orphan, U-Go Girl, and the Anarchist met to discuss the mutants available as possible new recruits. As the discussion went on, Vivisector and Phat met with Spike Freeman to discuss their role on the team. Later, X-Force held a press conference to announce that they had not yet decided who would join the team to replace the fallen Bloke and Saint Anna. Various reporters suggested various mutants such as Venus Dee Milo and Dead Girl until the conference was interrupted by a mutant calling himself the Spike, who accused the Anarchist of being a "black man on the outside, but a white man inside."As a fight appeared to be brewing, the Anarchist turned and walked away. Deciding to steal some of the spotlight with the Anarchist gone, Phat and Vivisector attacked the Spike for "dissing" their "brother." After the press conference, the team relaxed poolside and discuss possible new recruits until a mutant appeared from virtually nowhere and introduced herself as Lacuna. She then threatened to throw herself in the pool water that the Anarchist had recently set to a boil unless X-Force allowed her to join the team.

 (X-Force I#122) - The Orphan then explained to Lacuna that membership into X-Force does not work that way and that she had to pass rigorous testing and training before becoming an X-Forcer. Lacuna then disappeared between the seconds of time, leaving X-Force behind. U-Go Girl teleported away as well, as she had to get ready to film the pilot episode of her new talk show. That night, U-Go Girl asked the Anarchist and the Orphan to appear on her show, as well as the Spike. The show was crashed, however, when a drunk Phat and Vivisector jumped through the wall attempting to gain more spotlight. Lacuna then used that time to travel between seconds and steal everyone's clothing on national television, hoping to prove herself to the team. After introducing herself on television, Lacuna returned the clothing and disappeared yet again. Soon, over dinner, the Orphan decided to invite Lacuna onto the team, much to the disappointment and anger of U-Go Girl, who was still mad about Lacuna helping to ruin her TV pilot. Much later, X-Force appeared at their press conference, where they announced the membership of the Spike and Lacuna, who opted to not join X-Force, but have her own talk show.

 (X-Force I#123) - As X-Force relaxed inside their headquarters, Doop popped a pimple on its forehead, which pulled the entire team inside the dimension housed within the body of Doop. Realizing that it had to save its teammates, Doop pulled itself into the dimension and began to save the team from the horrors within. Eventually saving them and returning the team to the headquarters, Doop noticed that only a second of time had passed and that X-Force appeared to have no memory of ever entering "Doop Land."

 (X-Force I#124) - Following a mission, X-Force was accidentally teleported into the ocean by U-Go Girl's faltering teleportational powers. Trying it again, U-Go Girl teleported the team into a forest, where they made their way out and summoned a Fed-Ex plane that took them back to Santa Monica. Back at X-Force Tower, the team discussed what to do about U-Go Girl's powers. The Orphan gave her one week to get her powers back under control and in order to help her, he convinced her to visit her family and set things right with how she left them. After reuniting with her long lost, U-Go Girl's powers returned to full power and she and the Orphan shared a night together to celebrate.

 (The Brotherhood#8 - BTS) - X-Force went on a mission to Tokyo, Japan, where they destroying the Tokyo cell of the mutant Brotherhood.

 (The Brotherhood#9) - When X-Force returned from Tokyo, they were welcomed with a parade in their honor. During the parade, the team was attacked by the New York sect of the mutant Brotherhood. After making very quick work of the mutant terrorists, U-Go Girl replied that there was an end to a revolution.

 (X-Force I#125 (fb)) - X-Force went on a surgical strike to Central America, where they were to find and arrest a general wanted for crimes against humanity. The mission had numerous civilian casualties and the team's mission was protested by the inhabitants of the Central American state.

 (X-Force I#125) - The team returned to Santa Monica where they were bombarded by the press, asking questions about the civilian casualties in Central America. Once they entered the X-Force Tower, the Orphan and U-Go Girl spoke to Spike Freeman about what to do about their situation. Freeman suggested a name change to improve their media relations, explaining that they didn't actually own the name "X-Force." He also asked them about whether or not they had decided on a new recruit to replace the fallen Saint Anna. Later, while trying to come up with names, U-Go Girl, the Anarchist, and the Orphan visited the graveyard home of Dead Girl in an attempt to recruit her. A creature soon emerged from the graveyard, pointed a grim finger at the three, and then exploded in a burst of worms and dirt. The trio decided to just return to Santa Monica, as they now thought the spectre of death was singling them out. Each of the three continued to think they were destined to be killed soon when they joined the other X-Forcers at their mission briefing. Spike Freeman introduced X-Force to Agent Wright of the C. I. A., who explained that he hated X-Force and that if it wasn't for him, the team would be finished. Agent Wright then claimed that he had to save them from the Orphan. The Orphan responded by backhanding Agent Wright to floor. While the Orphan and U-Go Girl argued with Agent Wright, the Spike noticed that Phat and Vivisector were becoming awfully close to each other. Agent Wright eventually explained that X-Force was to travel to a space station and get themselves captured by mutated criminals called the Bush Rangers. Once they were captured, the C. I. A. were going to save them and improve their image in the process. The Anarchist suggested that it was the Orphan who freed Paco Perez and ruined the C. I. A.'s image and that it should be him who went into space. Phat and Vivisector opted to side with the Anarchist, but U-Go Girl and the Spike decided that they wanted to accompany the Orphan into space. With three votes on each side, X-Force was at a stalemate, until Dead Girl arrived and cast her vote with the Orphan. The vote decided, X-Force suited up and prepared to venture into outer space.

 (X-Force I#126) -  As the team neared the space station in their shuttle, the Spike noticed that Phat and Vivisector were holding hands. He fired off a spike and demanded to know what was going on with the two. The Orphan broke up the fight, allowing Phat and Vivisector time to admit that they had homosexual tendacies towards one another. X-Force soon arrived aboard the space station, where the "station crew" were waiting to get autographs and meet X-Force. X-Force soon split up to find the Bush Rangers, unaware that the "crew" was actually the Rangers themselves. The Bush Rangers soon ambushed the Anarchist, the Spike, and Dead Girl, where they blasted Dead Girl to pieces. The Orphan and U-Go Girl were soon ambushed themselves and U-Go Girl was injured. The Orphan immediately came to her side and "the Anarchist" arrived as well, asking how she was doing. The Orphan sensed that "the Anarchist" was actually a Bush Ranger and kicked him, allowing the real Anarchist time to make his way there and blast the imposter. As the Orphan attempted to discern the severity of U-Go Girl's injuries, he, U-Go Girl, and the Anarchist were sealed in an air lock. Dead Girl soon managed to reform herself and open the air lock, freeing the three senior X-Force members.

 (X-Force I#127) - The foursome soon met back with the other members of X-Force, where they sat back and waited for the C. I. A. to arrive. The team eventually realized that the Spike was not in their midst and left to search the space station for him. The Orphan, U-Go Girl, and the Anarchist soon found an arcade room on the station, filled with Bush Rangers posing as the Spike. "The Spike" soon arrived and joined in the battle against the Bush Rangers, just as the C. I. A. Crack Squad arrived onboard the station. Agent Wright made a comment about how X-Force always had a high mortality rate and ordered the Crack Squad to fire on the Anarchist, U-Go Girl, Doop, and the Orphan. U-Go Girl reacted instanteously, teleporting the four of them into a small satellite outside the station. Agent Wright contacted the satellite and explained that it was heading for deep space, where the foursome would surely die. The other X-Forcers soon arrived and killed most of the Crack Squad, with "the Spike" killing Agent Wright himself. On the satellite, the Anarchist discovered a small shuttle that could house two people and possibly Doop. In order to decide who had to stay behind on the satellite, the foursome rolled dice to determine the loser. Thinking their teammates dead, the rest of X-Force departed the space station in their shuttle, leaving behind someone who bore a striking resemblance to the Spike.

 (X-Force I#128 (fb)) - The Anarchist purposely used his acidic sweat to affect the outcome of his dice roll so that he could allow the Orphan and U-Go Girl a chance to have a life together. He then opted to stay behind on the satellite headed for space as the Orphan, Doop, and U-Go Girl used the small shuttle to head back to the space station.

 (X-Force I#128) - Onboard the shuttle, Vivisector discovered the small shuttle housing two X-Force members and Doop headed for the space station. Vivisector immediately tried to contact the shuttle to no avail and decided to turn their shuttle back towards the space station to save their missing teammates. They soon made it back to the station, where they met with Doop, the Orphan, and U-Go Girl. Realizing that the Anarchist had affected the dice roll, U-Go Girl and the Orphan found a way to save their teammate. The Anarchist soon awoke on the space station, safe and sound. As the team rejoiced, the real Spike appeared, revealing "the Spike" that had been with the team since their battle with the Bush Rangers to be the last surviving Bush Ranger, Tray. Tray immediately attacked the team, impaling the real Spike and U-Go Girl in the process, killing them. As she died, U-Go Girl asked the Orphan to bury her in space with the stars and presented the Orphan with a suitable name for X-Force, since they were going to have to change their name for legal reasons. The team mourned the loss of U-Go Girl as they jettisoned her corpse into outer space. While the others mourned, the Orphan returned to his daily ritual of Russian Roulette.

 (Weapon X II#1/2 (fb)) - Upon their return to Earth, the Orphan announced that X-Force would be conducting open tryouts to replace the fallen U-Go Girl and Spike.

 (X-Force I#129) - The Orphan informed Spike Freeman that U-Go Girl had wanted X-Force's name to be changed to X-Statix. Spike thought that the name was lousy and asked the Orphan not to tell the press of the name change. Angry, the Orphan threw an action figure of U-Go Girl at Spike and left the Tower, with Spike yelling at him to not tell the public of U-Go Girl's death and the name change. The Orphan immediately told reporters of U-Go Girl's death, as a drunk Anarchist and Dead Girl laughed at Spike Freeman. The next day, X-Force visited its bush leagues to check on those who showed up for the open tryouts. After meeting the mutant called Wash-Out and finding out the reason for his namesake, X-Force decided to call it a day. As they were leaving, mutant talent agent Solomon O'Sullivan confronted the team and asked if they needed representation. They eventually made their way through the media circus and back to the X-Force Tower, where the Orphan attempted to play Russian Roulette. His game was interrupted by Lacuna, who invited him to come on her show and talk about U-Go Girl. The Orphan did so, and revealed that U-Go Girl had wanted X-Force to change their name to X-Statix on national television. Later, Spike Freeman spoke with the Orphan, where he decided that he did want the name to be X-Statix, due to the public's demand since the Orphan's television spot. Spike Freeman then tried to claim that he was on the same side as the Orphan. The Orphan demanded that Spike prove it by playing a game of Russian Roulette. Spike did just that, surprising the Orphan, who exclaimed that Spike was just as much a freak as anyone else on the team. Following the encounter with Spike, the Orphan and the rest of X-Force did a public appearance to announce the opening of the Doop Kiddies Hospital.

 (X-Statix#1) - The newly-minted X-Statix went on a mission that was filmed for television filler, where the Orphan seemed very distant to the others. After the mission, the team returned to the also newly-minted X-Statix Tower to shower up. The team then got together to watch the premiere episode of the new reality show, O-Force, where mutants competed for a place on an actual superteam of the same name. Later, the Anarchist, Doop, and the Orphan joined Spike Freeman at the X-Force tryouts, where they met with Venus Dee Milo and watched a mutant named Corkscrew in action. Shocked at the violence seen in Corkscrew, the Orphan retreated to his trailer, where he watched video footage of Venus in action. As he began to see U-Go Girl on the screen, he was interrupted by Spike Freeman and Doop. The next day, the entirety of X-Statix turned out for a press conference to announce to membership of Venus Dee Milo. Unfortunately, only one reporter, Sam Geller, showed up and explained that everyone else was covering the first mission of the O-Force team. X-Statix quickly cancelled their own press conference in order to watch the first mission themselves. After the show, the Orphan met personally with Venus Dee Milo, who explained how she apparently killed her family when her powers emerged.

 (X-Statix#2) - When the Orphan asked Venus Dee Milo to teleport X-Statix somewhere quiet, she accidentally teleported them in the middle of civil war. During the battle, the Orphan saw the image of U-Go Girl instead of Dead Girl and Phat's powers stopped working. The team soon found a dirty bomb, which the Orphan ordered Venus Dee Milo to teleport away. Angered that the Orphan risked Venus Dee Milo's life, the Anarchist punched the Orphan in the face. A battle soon broke out between the two senior members of X-Statix which was halted when Venus returned. An exhausted Venus soon exploded in a blast of energy that knocked her teammates to the ground. The team soon returned home and the Orphan checked up on Venus Dee Milo, who was recuperating inside a containment machine. That night, to prove how much the media loved X-Statix, the Anarchist and Dead Girl robbed a jewelry store and were praised because they chose that particular store over any others. At the same time, the Orphan and Venus Dee Milo went out for dinner, where Venus was bombarded by angry fans of the deceased U-Go Girl. Venus teleported herself and the Orphan back to Santa Monica, where she yelled at the Orphan, accusing him of knowing what would happen before they went out. Their argument was interrupted by Spike Freeman, who informed them of the mutant known as Arnie Lundberg, who could alter reality and had taken over a small town. The Orphan soon deduced that it was Arnie who had been making him see images of U-Go Girl. Before anything could be done about Arnie, mutant lawyer Sharon Ginsberg arrived and presented Spike Freeman with orders that kept Venus from being active on X-Statix.

 (X-Statix#3) - Sharon Ginsberg then explained that Venus Dee Milo had a past contract with Solomon O'Sullivan and that she could no longer be active on X-Statix as long as the contract existed. Dead Girl made a comment about how the Orphan was originally wanting to get rid of Venus, which prompted Venus to ask what Dead Girl had against her. Vivisector soon joined in the argument as well and it continued until the Orphan informed the rest of the team about Arnie Lundberg. The Orphan suggested that X-Statix stop Arnie, but the Anarchist chose that time to announce that he was quitting the team to go on the road. Dead Girl decided to join him and the two started up their "Death and Anarchy Roadshow." Still trying to rally the team against Arnie, the Orphan tried to get Vivisector to help, but a drunken Vivisector explained that Phat had also left to return home. When the word got around that the O-Force was going to go up against Arnie Lundberg, the Orphan visited the offices of Solomon O'Sullivan in an attempt to stop them. O-Force managed to subdue the Orphan and went ahead with their plan to stop Arnie. Soon after entering the town controlled by Arnie, O-Force was attacked by an army of the undead and many of the team members were severly injured. Wanting to help and not getting help from his team, the Orphan paracuted alone into the center of town.

 (X-Statix#4) - The Orphan managed to save Ocean from some of the zombies and then confronted Arnie himself. While the Orphan was battling Arnie Lundberg, Venus Dee Milo did her best to rebuild X-Statix by rallying up the scattered team members. Just as the Orphan was tossed into the streets by Arnie and surrounded by zombies, Venus arrived in the town with a rebuilt X-Statix. X-Statix quickly battled the zombies while the Orphan once again confronted Arnie in his bedroom. As X-Statix saved the inhabitants of the town, the Orphan was convinced not to kill Arnie by Mrs. Lundberg, who explained that everyone deserved a chance. Hearing this, the Orphan managed to convince Arnie to use his powers to restore the town to its glory and restore the O-Force members to their health. A renewed X-Statix then returned to Santa Monica to much praise. Spike Freeman brought up that the team still needed one more member to replace the fallen Spike and the Orphan announced that he had already taken care of that. The Orphan then introduced X-Statix to its newest member: Arnie Lundberg.

 (X-Statix#5) - After Arnie was introduced as the Mysterious Fan Boy with his identity kept a secret, Arnie was surprised to find that X-Statix was ripe with in-fighting. Disappointed, Arnie closed the throats of each member of X-Statix until the Orphan suggested that they all do lunch. Before the team left, X-Statix met inside a bathroom stall and discussed what to do about Arnie. The Orphan told them that they would all start acting like a team or he would break their necks. Later, at the Chimpanzee's Tea Party restaurant, X-Statix's dinner with Arnie was interrupted by Lacuna, who was trying to find out the identity of the Mysterious Fan Boy. The Orphan ordered Venus to teleport the team home in order to escape Lacuna's prying, but Lacuna hitched a ride on their coattails and followed the team back to their headquarters, where she revealed the Mysterious Fan Boy's to the public. As payback for Lacuna's intrusion, the Orphan asked her to secretly inject Arnie with chemicals that would affect his heart. Not long after, the mutant criminal known as Razorhead escaped his prison in Louisiana. X-Statix was soon called into action against Razorhead, who trounced X-Statix easily. Eventually, Arnie managed to take out Razorhead by blowing a hole through his torso using his mutant reality powers. The strain of doing so caused Arnie to have a fatal heart attack, though, due to the chemicals that had been secretly injected to him by Lacuna, who was moving too fast for anyone to see her. After Arnie's death, X-Statix watched The Mysterious Fan Boy Funeral Special on television, prompting the Anarchist to stand up and question whether they should all start acting like better people. The other members opted to continue their internecine warfare and dissing of one another. After the show, the Orphan met with Lacuna on a secluded beach, where she admitted that she was angry because he blackmailed her into killing Arnie. The entire situation prompted the Orphan to leave X-Statix.

 (X-Statix#6) - While Venus Dee Milo met with Professor X in an attempt to find her family, the other members of X-Statix went on Lacuna's television to vote either against or for Orphan returning to X-Statix. After the show, Spike Freeman spoke with the X-Statix members about how going on Lacuna's show was going to affect the property known as X-Statix. Venus soon arrived and also yelled at the team for going against their one-time friend, the Orphan. Spike Freeman then used that time to explain that the team could not afford any loose cannons running around and that if the Orphan did not return to X-Statix, X-Statix's next mission would be the eliminate him. That night, someone broke into Professor X's hall of costumes and stole many of the experimental suits, using them to go on a crime wave as the Bad Guy. As the public thought Bad Guy to be the Orphan himself, X-Statix was soon sent after the Bad Guy. Eventually finding him, X-Statix battled Bad Guy until the Bad Guy attempting to crush the Anarchist with a giant piece of debris.

 (X-Statix#7) - The Anarchist managed to save himself by blasting the piece of debris to pieces with a blast of acidic energy. Dead Girl managed to rake her fingernails across Bad Guy's face, causing the Bad Guy to flee. The Anarchist then chose that time to yell at Venus for hesitating to save his life from the Bad Guy, but the stress caused Venus to explode in a blast of energy that knocked the team to the ground. Back at X-Statix Tower, Lacuna met with X-Statix and made a deal with them so that she could accompany them as they unmasked the Bad Guy. Venus then teleported the team and Lacuna to the Bad Guy's location, but then teleported herself and Bad Guy to her family's old home, where Bad Guy unmasked himself.

 (X-Statix#8) - Bad Guy revealed himself to apparently be Venus's deceased cousin, Jamal, and then tried to drain the life from Venus's body. His attack was halted by the arrival of the Orphan, who asked Venus to teleport them away from the battleground. Back at Professor X's lab, Venus was informed that Bad Guy was actually an alien from one of the Dark Dimensions that Venus had visited while searching for her family. The alien had taken the form of Venus's deceased cousin because it fed off of Venus Dee Milo's fears and Venus had feared her cousin as a child. The team then held a press conference to announce the return of the Orphan. After the conference, the team experienced a bout of in-fighting, as Venus revealed that Spike had been prepared to eliminate the Orphan and replace him as leader with the Anarchist. The Orphan explained that he was glad to step down as leader and the Orphan then made up with the Anarchist. That night, the Orphan walked Venus to her room, where he attempted to kiss her goodnight. Venus shyly turned away, but secretly wished she had kissed the Orphan. The next day, X-Statix once again set out to stop the Bad Guy, with Venus once again teleporting herself and Bad Guy to a place where they could be alone. The Bad Guy once again tried to drain the life out of the Venus, but Dead Girl had hitched a ride on Venus's teleportational waves and aided Venus in destroying the Bad Guy by confronting him. After the battle, the Orphan and Venus relaxed by the pool until Solomon O'Sullivan arrived with an injured Sharon Ginsberg, asking for X-Statix's help in her recovery.

 (X-Statix#9) - X-Statix went on a mission to Africa, where they battled a rebel army. When they returned home, they shared a dinner together as Sharon Ginsberg recovered. The team then set out on a visit to the set of X-Statix: The Movie, where they were introduced to the movie crew and one of its stars, el Guapo. The set was soon attacked by a deranged Sharon Ginsberg, who had escaped her room and went insane due to the loss of her mutant wings. She attacked and killed many of the film's stars, thinking them to be the real X-Statix, until the Orphan arrived and battled her. El Guapo managed to stop her by slamming into her head with his flying skateboard, which prompted X-Statix to consider him as a possible new recruit to replace the now-dead Mysterious Fan Boy. Soon after, X-Statix held a press conference to explain their most recent mission to Africa, where the film footage was altered to show them battling a group of Caucasian militants instead of the African rebels that they actually fought.

 (X-Men Unlimited I#41/2) - The male members of X-Statix were chased by hordes of fans until they made it onto a train, where they were introduced to the Anarchist's grandfather. Their P. R. guy, Victor Filson, soon arrived on the train and explained that they were about to reach their hotel. At the hotel, Filson informed them that he had scheduled an interview with the press, but when Filson left, the male members of X-Statix snuck out of the room to a party downstairs. Filson eventually caught them and tried to pull them to the interviews, but they managed to sneak out again and mess around with each other outside until a janitor told them to get off the grass. They eventually arrived onstage, where they did a presentation of their powers until the female members of X-Statix and Doop arrived from a day of shopping. The team then grouped together and teleported back home.

 (Wolverine/Doop#1 - BTS) - When a rash of latent mutants began exhibiting psychosomatic mutant powers, the mutants were dubbed Pink Psychos, three of which were taken into X-Statix custody and held at their Santa Monica headquarters. After the Orphan examined one of the mutants, Doop agreed to accompany the X-Man Wolverine in investigating the origins of the Pink Psychos.

 (Wolverine/Doop#2) - When Doop returned from his mission with Wolverine, X-Statix threw it a poolside party to welcome it back.

 (X-Statix#11) - X-Statix finally agreed to allow el Guapo to join them and threw him a party to welcome him onto the team. During the party, a problem in Malaysia sprung up and X-Statix leapt into action, where el Guapo was injured by first hurting his knee, then slamming into a tree. After returning from Malaysia, X-Statix spoke with el Guapo about his reservations about joining the team, explaining that once you joined X-Statix, the only way out was in a body bag. They also explained to him how they use pills that sober them up, so that they could party all the time and be instantly ready for battle should the need arise. El Guapo eventually agreed to join them despite his reservations and even visited night clubs with them in their down time. When Doop caught el Guapo on film with a group of women and turn the photos over to the press, el Guapo's girlfriend was furious with him. El Guapo soon attacked Doop in front of X-Statix as they partied at a bar. The Orphan quickly broke up the fight, explaining that el Guapo would get used to Doop's prying.

 (X-Statix#12) - As Dead Girl attempted to start a modeling career, the rest of X-Statix ventured to the India/Pakistan border, where they found a group of dead bodies. When the Orphan realized that Dead Girl was not present, the team returned to Santa Monica to watch Dead Girl's modeling on television. The team was later called in to stop Britney Gutman, the daughter of their mortician, who had went on a shooting spree. Dead Girl managed to talk Britney out of her shooting spree, but the police shot Britney dead anyway. As Britney died, her mother begged Dead Girl not to let Britney's father, Brad, get to his daughter. Knowing what Brad was up with the corpses that came to him, Dead Girl later confronted Brad and ripped his heart out in front of the entire X-Statix team. After Brad's death, Dead Girl accompanied X-Statix back to the India/Pakistan border where she spoke with the corpses and found that they wanted to stay where they were instead of being moved and buried somewhere else.

 (X-Statix#13) - X-Statix was called together to retrieve the recently-resurrected popstar Henrietta Hunter from her home country of Europa before she could be killed yet again. Despite how the team argued against saving her, they eventually agreed to do so and teleported to Europa to battle the Europan government agents sent to kill Henrietta a second time. X-Statix made quick work of the agents and brought Henrietta back to Santa Monica, where it was revealed that she was a mutant with empathic abilities. Much later, Spike Freeman met with Henrietta over dinner and announced to the public that Henrietta was officially joining X-Statix, much to the anger of the members of the team, who threatened Spike. In retaliation, Spike met with Europan agents, Dicky and Reggie, and gave them film footage of mutants they could use to form a team to stop X-Statix. Much later, X-Statix accompanied Henrietta to New York, where they were attacked by the Europan mutant team, the Euro-Trash, who grabbed up Henrietta.

 (X-Statix#14) - X-Statix continued to battle the Euro-Trash until they retreated into a local X-Statix Store with Henrietta in tow. Thinking that the battle could be a set-up to ruin their image, X-Statix decided to return to Santa Monica until they could come up with a better plan to save Henrietta. As they relaxed at X-Statix Tower and discussed what to do about Henrietta, Doop revealed a tape of Spike Freeman speaking to the Europan agents about how X-Statix had gotten complacent and washed up. Deciding to rescue Henrietta to spite Spike for his deal against them, they tied up Spike for later and teleported into the X-Statix Store, where they killed each member of the Euro-Trash. After the fight with the Euro-Trash, X-Statix held a press conference, where Henrietta revealed her plans to use X-Statix to help various charities. As the camera zoomed in on Henrietta, the Anarchist whispered to the Orphan that he had the feeling they had created a monster...

 (X-Statix#15) - As a rash of random shootings began to erupt across the United States, X-Statix decided that they wanted to kill Henrietta Hunter. They soon teleported aboard her yacht, where they knocked her servant Omar overboard. Before they could kill Henrietta, however, Lacuna appeared and convinced them to spare Henrietta's life. Soon after, X-Statix were called on a mission to Afghanistan to help stop the Taliban present in the country. During the mission, Phat accidentally deflected a missile meant for Henrietta into a trench containing el Guapo. The missile cost el Guapo his legs and caused a huge fight when the team returned from their mission. With the random killings continuing, X-Statix held a press conference to announce that Henrietta was to be their new team leader. Henrietta also announced that she was taking the position of U. S. Secretary of Homeland Defense and that X-Statix would stop the random killings.

 (X-Statix#16) - Instead of stopping the killings, Henrietta had X-Statix model for her new costume designs. After the modeling shoot, Henrietta had Venus Dee Milo teleport X-Statix to various random places in the U. S. in an attempt to find the person responsible for the random killings. Since the team had no luck, they returned to Santa Monica where Henrietta threw darts at a map of the U. S. and let the darts decide where they should check next. As Henrietta attempted to communicate with the ghosts of those killed to help her find the location of the killer, Dead Girl, in an attempt to make Henrietta look bad, did her best to tell the ghosts not to help her. After the anarchist Mister Code revealed that he was the mastermind behind the killings, the team discovered that Lacuna had in her possession documents that incriminated nearly every member of X-Statix. Spike soon hinted that he might have Lacuna killed to keep the documents from reaching the press and the Orphan knew that Spike had to be connected to Mister Code. Refusing to allow Lacuna to be hurt due to Spike's machinations, the Orphan kicked Spike in the head, snapping his neck and killing him. The Orphan then left to try to save Lacuna but he arrived just in time to see her get shot.

 (X-Statix#17) - After Lacuna was rushed to the hospital, X-Statix discovered that the incriminating documents were at the offices of Lacuna's lawyers. They quickly teleported to the law offices, where the lawyer John Williams informed them that he had copies and that the team was finished. Once the documents were revealed to the press, X-Statix's public image took a dramatic fall. In order to save face, the team became determined to stop Mister Code and win back the public's affection. Soon after, the team found the headquarters of Mister Code in relative suburbia and planned an attack on it. During the battle with Mister Code and the Random Killers, Henrietta was killed by Code, who snapped her neck. The Orphan then waged a one-on-one against Mister Code, eventually killing him. When the Orphan attempted to remove Code's mask, Mister Code exploded.

 (X-Statix#18) - As Mister Code exploded, Phat wrapped himself around Code's body and contained the explosion, at the cost of his own life. Soon after, Henrietta's record producers released an after-death single that began to mysteriously kill those who sung it aloud. While X-Statix held a funeral for Phat, many people fell victim to Henrietta's single. In order to get to the bottom of the deaths, X-Statix teleported to Henrietta's record company and caused the producer to suffer a fatal attack. X-Statix soon returned to their Santa Monica Tower to discuss what to do about Henrietta's killings, as el Guapo sung the song to himself. El Guapo soon saw Henrietta's corpse and accidentally flew his skateboard into a plate glass window, impaling himself on his own skateboard. Determined to find out what was causing the deaths, the team had Dead Girl sing the song which caused her to be hit by Phat's severed foot that had been blown into space by the explosion of Mister Code. While Dead Girl was recovering, she also saw Henrietta's corpse and communicated with it, finding out that Henrietta was trying to gain revenge on those who had originally killed her. In order to halt the deaths, X-Statix teleported to the offices of the Europan President and forced him to sing Henrietta's single. As they teleported away, the President was confronted with Henrietta.

 (X-Statix#19) - Most of X-Statix visited the movie premiere of Teen Bump, starring Vivisector's current lover, Brandon Cody. After the premiere, Vivisector contemplated the removal of his powers by Dr. Alex Finlay, while the rest of X-Statix angrily protested the removal of Lacuna's life support on national television. Lacuna's life support was removed anyway, but she sat up, healthy, claiming that the prayers of her audience healed her of her gunshot wound. When the team returned, Vivisector revealed his plan to have his mutant powers removed, causing the Anarchist to smack him around, triggering Vivisector's wolf-like transformation. After the transformation, Vivisector attacked his teammates and explained that his savage rampages were just the thing he was trying to avoid by removing his powers. Once the powers were removed, Vivisector appeared on Lacuna & the Stars with Alex Finlay to prove his powers were really gone, as his X-Statix teammates watched on television. Vivisector soon returned to the team, only to be thrown out due his lack of superpowers. X-Statix then left Vivisector at their headquarters as they teleported off to fight mutated lumberjacks.

 (X-Statix#20) - X-Statix watched in horror on television as a savage-looking "Vivisector" went on a killing spree. Tracking "Vivisector" down to the home of Dr. Edward Alfred, X-Statix arrived to see "Vivisector" attacking both Myles Alfred and his father, Edward. The Orphan opted to have the team wait it out to see how Myles dealt with this new Vivisector without his powers before they jumped into the fray. Eventually, Myles defeated the new Vivisector, who was revealed as Dr. Finlay himself, by stabbing him in the eye with an ink pen. After the battle was over, the Orphan asked Venus to teleport the team home, with Myles included, as he pointed out to Myles that he was growing fur on his arm where Dr. Finlay had scratched him. The team then returned to Santa Monica, where Myles Alfred transformed into a new and improved Vivisector form and rejoined the team. With Vivisector back on the team, X-Statix appeared at a charity gala for distressed mutants.

 (X-Statix#21) - X-Statix went on a mission to Moscow, where Doop was captured by Russian militants and used as a weapon against the team. The team eventually agreed to ask the Avengers for help, who reluctantly agreed. Once the two teams retrieved Doop, Captain America decided that the Avengers should take Doop in their custody, as X-Statix were not responsible enough to care for such a weapon. The two teams started to fight until Thor pulled his hammer from Doop's brain, causing it explode into pieces and scatter across the universe. Both teams soon announced plans to retrieve the pieces with X-Statix doing it to save Doop, while the Avengers still wanted Doop in their custody.

 (X-Statix#22) - X-Statix teleported the Anarchist to Thailand where he battled Captain America and lost the brain piece there. They then left to drop Dead Girl onboard the U. S. S. McKinley to battle the Scarlet Witch for another piece of brain, which she retrieved.

 (X-Statix#23 - BTS) - The team had Venus teleport Vivisector to Azania to unsuccessfully battle Hawkeye for yet another brain piece and then teleport herself to Anarctica so that she could battle Ant-Man.

 (X-Statix#24 - BTS) - X-Statix had Venus teleport the Orphan to southern France, where he battled Iron Man and won a piece of Doop's brain, only to let Iron Man have it.

 (X-Statix#25) - After a battle between Thor and Doop awakened the ancient Fatal Sisters in Asgard, the remaining members of the Avengers and X-Statix arrived to stop them. The combined might of the two teams drove off the Fatal Sisters, but the two teams immediately resumed their fighting for Doop's brain until Doop collapsed due to lack of brain power. When the Orphan reacted quickly to save his teammate, Captain America agreed to let X-Statix keep Doop and the team returned to Santa Monica to question whether or not they wanted to retire.

 (X-Statix#26 (fb)) - Deciding to retire from their life as heroes, X-Statix threw themselves a going away party that was attended by nearly all of the famous superheroes. While there, the Orphan was contacted by a man who offered them a huge sum of money for one last mission. The team agreed to enter a mansion filled with murderous gunmen as one last mission before retiring.

 (X-Statix#26) - During the mission, Dead Girl perished due to an unknown illness, and Vivisector and Doop were soon taken out by helicopter fire. Venus soon exploded, taking the helicopters with her, leaving only the Orphan and the Anarchist left. The two decided to go out as heroes and were instantly mowed down by militant gunfire, effectively ending X-Statix's time in the limelight.

(X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl#1) – Having descended into a version of Hell, the Anarchist was later resurrected by the deceased villain, the Pitiful One, who had acquired the mystic Creme du Profundis that allowed him to resurrect himself and others for brief periods. As part of the Pitiful One’s group of resurrected heroes and villains, the Anarchist helped terrorize the U. N. building to draw Dr. Strange into the fray, the Pitiful One demanding that Strange resurrect him permanently.

(X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl#2) – Realizing that he needed help to defeat the Pitiful One and his group of resurrected superhumans, Dr. Strange summoned the spirit of Dead Girl, having her spirit placed in a body made of various meat. Dr. Strange then informed Dead Girl that he needed her help to venture into Hell and asked if she could help him assemble a small band of deceased heroes to defeat the Pitiful One. As the Anarchist continued aiding the Pitiful One’s reign of terror, Dr. Strange and Dead Girl ventured into the afterlife on a recruitment drive. While Strange and Dead Girl managed to recruit the Phantom Rider (Carter Slade) and Ant-Man (Scott Lang), Dead Girl also led Strange to her former teammate, Mr. Sensitive (also known as the Orphan). When the Creme du Profundis began wearing off the Anarchist, his mind descended into Hell, causing him to see terrible visions. With the help of a demon posing as Dr. Strange’s mentor, the Ancient One, the Anarchist returned fully to the Earthly plane and aided the Pitiful One in kidnapping Dr. Strange’s manservant, Wong.

(X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl#3) – While the Pitiful One met with the President to warn him that things would get worse, the Anarchist and resurrected 1940s heroine Miss America terrorized a major league baseball game at Yankee Stadium on behalf of the Pitiful One. As the Anarchist and Miss America returned to help torture the captured Wong, Dr. Strange and Dead Girl continued trying to the convince Mr. Sensitive to help them. After sharing a brief kiss with Miss America, the Anarchist opted to steal the remainder of the Creme du Profundis so that he could enjoy being alive long enough for a vacation but Miss America fought him over it until the two stopped, sharing an intimate moment together. Finally gathering his group together, Dr. Strange and his group of deceased heroes (Phantom Rider, Ant-Man, Mr. Sensitive, Dead Girl and new recruit, the Piano Player) ventured downward into Hell, where they were attacked by the returning Kraven the Hunter and Mysterio. Barely defending themselves, Dr. Strange’s group was rescued by the arrival of Mr. Sensitive’s former lover, U-Go Girl, who was brought there by Dead Girl’s Dead Sisters group. As U-Go Girl teleported them all to safety, the Ancient One demon prepared to torture Dr. Strange’s unconscious Earthly body.

(X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl#4) – Arriving in Hell’s level for dead bureaucrats, Mr. Sensitive began sniveling at seeing U-Go Girl once again. When U-Go Girl threatened to leave him forever, Mr. Sensitive ran away in an overly sensitive fit. Quickly locating him, U-Go Girl attempted to boost Mr. Sensitive’s courage and he admitted that in the afterlife, he was less physically sensitive as he was on Earth but he was more emotionally sensitive. Claiming he would never lose her, U-Go Girl then admitted that she could not commit to Mr. Sensitive when it was for eternity. Soon noticing the Phantom Rider looking for him, Mr. Sensitive asked him what to do if his lover stopped loving him the way she used to and the Phantom Rider replied that perhaps he should be more like the man his lover used to love, prompting Mr. Sensitive to muster his courage. While Mr. Sensitive rejoined Strange’s group, Kraven the Hunter returned to Earth to find the Anarchist and Miss America in each other’s arms. Slapping the Anarchist aside for his inability to guard the Creme du Profundis, the Pitiful One caused the Anarchist’s mind to enter a private Hell. Mr. Sensitive, U-Go Girl, Dead Girl and the other deceased heroes continued to venture further down into Hell, where Wong managed to psychically contact Dr. Strange and reveal the Ancient One demon’s plot to destroy Strange’s physical body. When the “Ancient One” managed to break Strange’s protective Shield of Seraphim, Strange collapsed.

(X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl#5) – As Strange was pulled back into the land of the living by the Ancient One demon’s torture spells, Dead Girl revealed to him that her first name was Moonbeam. With Strange gone, U-Go Girl suggested that she and the newly-confident Mr. Sensitive teleport to an island in the Sea of Heavenly Dreams but Mr. Sensitive commented that he had been reminded of the man he was in life and was determined to not walk away from the mission until it was complete. While Strange battled the resurrected Ancient One demon on Earth, Mr. Sensitive, Dead Girl, U-Go Girl, Ant-Man and the Piano Player made their way to the Hotel Self-Loathing, where the Pitiful One was rumored to be staying. Once there, Ant-Man, tiring of the Piano Player’s goofy powers, punched the Piano Player, who shortly thereafter was resurrected by the law of rebirth. Hearing a noise further down the Hotel’s hallways, Mr. Sensitive led Ant-Man, U-Go Girl and Dead Girl towards the noise, where they located the Pitiful One and his group of superhumans. Coming out of his private Hell, the Anarchist attacked Mr. Sensitive on behalf of the Pitiful One while U-Go Girl battled Kraven and Mysterio. Dead Girl managed to punch the Pitiful One’s guts out, pushing the Pitiful One into a lower level of Hell where Dead Girl claimed he would really have reason to feel sorry for himself. With the Pitiful One defeated and the mission successful, the Anarchist decided to venture towards Heaven with Miss America while U-Go Girl and Mr. Sensitive went their separate ways. Using the Creme du Profundis, Dead Girl resurrected herself to spend some time with Dr. Strange, whom she had developed feelings for during the course of the mission.

(Nation X#4) – A somehow resurrected Doop had a dream in which he was Wolverine, driven to murder Doop, who was the Head of Criminal Investigation on the mutant island of Utopia. Waking from the dream, Doop shared coffee with a beautiful woman.

Comments: Created by Peter Milligan and Michael Allred.

Mister Filson created by Nick Derington and Mike Allred.

Cupric, Ostinato & Vulpine created by Peter Milligan and Philip Bond.

The first name for Filson as well as the real names and codenames for Cupric, Ostinato & Vulpine were revealed in X-Statix's profile in OHotMU A-Z HC#13.

Since Doop eventually went on to join the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning adjunct staff in Wolverine & the X-Men, I decided that he further adventures following his unexplained resurrection should be chronicled in his own profile, rather than the X-Statix group entry. Also, many of the X-Statix members met new affiliations and enemies in their further appearances but those would be chronicled in their respective entries not this group entry, since the team was essentially disbanded following their deaths.

Henrietta Hunter offered the injured boy Jesus Diaz honorary membership and gave him a sweater with the logo, something the rest of the team just humored her on, as at that point she was just an incredibly annoying publicity stunt to them. He was not an official member, nor did he have any official government approval.

Profile by Proto-Man

X-Force/X-Statix has no known connections to


Cupric (Derek Zheng) was yet another original X-Force member who accompanied them into their headquarters on March 19. He also presumably died sometime before the "Boyz R Us" mission. While he did not show any superhuman powers, it was probable that he had mutant powers since he was on a mutant superteam. My guess is that he had some sort of "eye laser" powers, similar to the X-Men's Cyclops.

--X-Statix#10 (fb)









Victor Filson

Mister Filson was the X-Statix Public Relations man. He organized for the male members of X-Statix to do interviews with the press and a presentation with a crowd of fans. After they got on the train to their hotel, Filson informed the guys that they had arrived and explained what he had planned for them. He also informed Vivisector that the fans only wanted to see Phat, the Orphan, and the Anarchist. When Filson left, the guys snuck out to party, but Filson eventually caught them goofing off and tried to pull them to the interview session. The guys snuck off again and eventually made their way to the stage in time for Filson to introduce them to the crowd.

--X-Men Unlimited I#41/2




Ostinato (Rodrigo de Smith) was one of the original mutants to join X-Force when they first hit it big. On March 19, he accompanied the team into their headquarters when Zeitgeist met Edie Sawyer. Given the mortality rate of X-Force, Ostinato more than likely died before the team's infamous "Boyz R Us" mission. He did not display any superhuman powers, although he probably had mutant powers, given that X-Force was a mutant superteam.

--X-Statix#10 (fb)













Vulpine (Roja Sanford) was another original X-Force member when they first became popular. She also accompanied the team to their headquarters on March 19 and more than likely was killed before the infamous "Boyz R Us" mission.

She had the appearance of a humanoid fox, complete with tail and razor-sharp claws.

--X-Statix#10 (fb)






Hank Zlotty

Hank Zlotty was a franchise-holder of the south Des Moines X-Force Cafe. He was interviewed when X-Force was in space battling the Bush Rangers and when he was asked how business had been, he explained that it had been busy as usual when there was news of death amongst X-Force. He then took the microphone and explained that he wanted to talk about encroachment, as when he had bought the X-Cafe, he was promised that he would be the only one in town. Before he could continue, he was pulled away from the microphone by security.

--X-Force I#127 (seen only a television screen)




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