Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extra-Dimensional (?) magical entity

Occupation: None

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Doop, Professor Van Hosen, Wolverine;
apparently unintentional creator of the Pink Psychos (Officer Halloran and others)

Enemies: The Collector, Hunter Joe

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Pink Mädchen, "pretty pinkity"

Base of Operations: An unnamed dimension;
    13th Century - modern era.

First Appearance: Wolverine/Doop#1 (July, 2003)

Powers/Abilities: The Pink Lady had a variety of powers, which could possibly be mystical in nature. She could appear and disappear in clouds of smoke, and her hair appeared to made of similar pink smoke, which she could shape at will. She appeared to be summoned by exposing the Pink Mink to oxygen. Her existence in Earth’s plane appeared to have an effect on latent psychosomatic mutants, transforming them into “Pink Psychos.” It appeared that the longer she remained in Earth’s dimension, the more Pink Psychos appeared all over the world. She also appeared to have a hypnotic affect on those in her immediate vicinity, which caused those affected by it to think of nothing but her. She could also only become visible to those whom she wished to see her.

Height: (Lady) 5'7"; (Mink) variable
Weight: (Lady) 178 lbs.; (Mink) variable
Eyes: (Lady) Red; (Mink) none
Hair: (Both) Pink

(Wolverine/Doop#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Pink Lady is an apparently magical woman of unknown origin, whose existence dates back to the 13th century.

(Wolverine/Doop#1) - A scientific research facility hired Wolverine to track down the Pink Mink artifact, which had been stolen by the Collector, an obsessive art collector. Wolverine quickly proceeded to break into the Collector’s mansion and destroy many of his artifacts, one of which contained the stolen Mink. Upon the Pink Mink’s contact with oxygen, pink smoke filled the mansion and at a stroke of lightning, the Pink Lady appeared to Wolverine, only to vanish moments later, the Pink Mink in tow. Later, after Wolverine and Doop had double checked the Collector’s mansion, the Pink Lady once again appeared to Wolverine. As Wolverine chatted with the Pink Lady, Doop looked over, only to see Wolverine talking to a lamppost. After meeting the Pink Lady, Wolverine became obsessed with finding her again. Doop began to think Wolverine was going crazy until he himself was contacted by the Pink Lady in a bar, where Doop asked if he could touch her. Wondering what Doop was up to, Wolverine looked over, only to see Doop falling in love with a mop. Wolverine quickly went to the restroom and contacted Professor Xavier, explaining that he thought Doop was going crazy. Upon his return, he found Doop fighting for life against a small group of “Pink Psychos.” After the defeat of those particular Pink Psychos, Wolverine and Doop walked off in search of the Pink Lady, both thinking each other to be the crazy one.

(Wolverine/Doop#2 - BTS) - Hunter Joe, who had been hired by Wolverine's impatient employer to track down Wolverine and Doop and retrieve the Pink Mink, tracked her down to the Blush nightclub and captured her (this was either witnessed by Professor Van Hosen, or he was informed of it subsequently).

(Wolverine/Doop#2) - As Wolverine and Doop continued their search for the Pink Lady and the Mink, Pink Psychos began to appear all over the globe and they began to congregate in Toronto, Canada. Wolverine and Doop met with a Professor Van Hosen, and he explained that the Pink Lady had been taken captive by Hunter Joe. The duo then busted into the scientific research facility and demanded to know Hunter Joe’s whereabouts. Upon arriving at Joe’s hideout, the duo discovered the Pink Lady, bound and hanging above a fire pit, with a metallic lock over her Mink to prevent the Mink from contacting oxygen and affecting Joe. As Hunter Joe was about to kill Wolverine and Doop, the Pink Psychos burst into his hideout and killed Joe. After the battle, the Pink Lady met Professor Van Hosen, Wolverine, and Doop for celebratory drinks. During their drinks, Doop and Wolverine got into a fight over which one she liked more. Bored with their antics, the Pink Lady asked Professor Van Hosen if he cared to join her in finding entertainment elsewhere. He agreed, but before they could leave, Wolverine demanded the Pink Mink from the Pink Lady. The next morning, Wolverine and the Pink Lady awoke, apparently sharing a night of love at a ritzy hotel. As the Pink Lady and Wolverine got out of bed, Doop came in with two Pink Minks, claiming in his own language that the Mink somehow asexually reproduced over the night. Solving both Wolverine’s and the Pink Lady’s problems by allowing her to keep one of the Minks and Wolverine to turn in the second one, the Pink Lady gave Doop a small kiss.

Comments: Created by Peter Milligan, Darwyn Cooke, and J. Bone.

It's not 100% confirmed that the Pink Lady is extra-dimensional, but in issue #1, Wolverine mentioned to Doop that either when the Pink Mink hits oxygen, it summons the Pink Lady from another dimension...or he's crazy. The extradimensional thing definately fits with the story. Additionally when the day was saved the Pink Lady said: "You know what happens when the Mink is locked away again and its magical chemicals are no longer mixing with the air? I slip back into mythical, semi-real status."

The Pink Lady has an entry in the All-New OHotMU Update#3.

Profile by Proto-Man


This character, the Pink Lady, has no known connections to:

The Pink Psychos have no known connection to

The character, Officer Halloran, has no known connections to:

The character, Professor Van Hosen, has no known connections to:


Officer Halloran was a member of an unrevealed police force, presumably in Santa Monica, Calfornia, being that his location was easily accessible to X-Statix’s HQ. Officer Halloran was one of the first Pink Psychos and was held captive for study at X-Statix HQ. As a Pink Psycho, he was unable to communicate, aside from nonsensical screams and moans. While trying to explain what happened in his non-communicative way, Officer Halloran sprouted a set of metallic claws, which seemed to connect Wolverine with the Pink Psychos.

Officer Halloran was a mutant psychosomatic, which temporarily gave him various powers, depending on whether or not he believed he had them. He exhibited the ability to sprout metallic claws, similar to those of Wolverine.

- Wolverine/Doop#1







The Pink Mink was an artifact being housed in a stasis field at an unnamed scientific research facility. It, like the Pink Lady, could possibly have been extradimensional. It was stolen by the Collector and contacted oxygen when Wolverine smashed an artifact that contained it. Once it was exposed to oxygen, it summoned the Pink Lady, who grabbed it and disappeared in a puff of pink smoke. When the Pink Lady returned, she was wearing the Pink Mink as clothing. The day after Wolverine and Doop saved the Pink Lady from Hunter Joe, the Pink Mink somehow asexually reproduced.

The Pink Mink summoned the Pink Lady to appear in wherever location it was at when it was exposed to oxygen. It also tended to cause an abnormal amount of coincidental events to occur. It could also asexually reproduce itself.

- Wolverine/Doop#1 (Wolverine/Doop#2



Pink Psychos were latent psychosomatic mutants, that, upon contact to the pink smoke emitted by the Pink Lady, became insane and pink-hued. The first three Pink Psychos to appear, including Officer Halloran, were taken in at X-Statix HQ and examined. Later, when both Doop and Wolverine were contacted by the Pink Lady, the occupants of the bar they were in transformed into Pink Psychos and attacked the two heroes out of pure insanity. Eventually, people all over the globe began to transform into Pink Psychos and all of them began to converge on Toronto in Canada. As Hunter Joe was about to kill Wolverine and Doop, the Pink Psychos burst into his hideout and killed him.

The Pink Psychos appeared to have enhanced strength, although that could just an after-effect of their insanity.

- Wolverine/Doop#1 (Wolverine/Doop#2



Professor Van Hosen was a diminutive scientist whom Wolverine thought he had made up. Van Hosen was the world’s leading expert on the Pink Mink. Wolverine and Doop met him at the Blush nightclub, which Doop thought he had made up. Upon meeting him at the nightclub, Wolverine and Doop assumed that they were both crazy and attacked each other until Professor Van Hosen spoke. Hosen explained that the Pink Lady had been taken captive by Hunter Joe. After the duo saved the Pink Lady, Van Hosen met with them for celebratory drinks.

- Wolverine/Doop#2




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 Wolverine/Doop#1-2 (July-August, 2003) - Peter Milligan (writer), Darwyn Cooke (pencils), J. Bone (inks), Axel Alonso (editor)

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