Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Human, Possibly Mutant

Occupation: X-Force 'leader'

Group Membership: X-Force

Affiliations: X-Force (Anarchist, Battering Ram, Bloke, Doop, Gin Genie, La Nuit, Orphan, Phat, Plazm, Saint Anna, Sluk, U-Go Girl, Vivisector, Zeitgeist), Smoke, Succubus

Enemies: X-Force, Wolverine

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Arm

Base of Operations: X-Force Building, California

First Appearance: X-Force#116 (May, 2001)

Powers: The Coach has no powers currently. He apparently had powers before, as Zeitgeist is quoted as saying "We call him Coach. Outsiders still call him the Arm, though Coach lost his special arm a long time ago." He is, however, an experienced fighter.

Height: 5' 11" Weight: 180 lbs.

History: (X-Force#116)- Coach called a press conference to introduce the Anarchist to X-Force, and he later briefed the team on their upcoming mission to rescue a hostage boy band in New York.

(X-Force#117)- The Coach discussed the deaths of most of the team members to the remaining three, and then revealed to the team who their owner is, Mr. Spike Freeman. He later briefed the team on their upcoming mission to save Paco Perez and revealed Orphan as their new team leader at a press conference.

(X-Force#118)- The Coach briefed X-Force on their informant for their upcoming mission.

(X-Force#119)- Coach spoke with the Orphan on the decision to have the press believe that U-Go Girl was using pain killers and alcohol. He also explained to the Orphan why the team needed to bring Paco Perez back, and when the Orphan questioned him, he set loose two mutant goons named Smoke and Succubus to subdue him and his teammates. The Orphan broke up the fight, and agreed to bring Paco back. Later that night, the Coach snuck into U-Go Girl's room and warned of romantic liaisons between teammates, and discussed framing the Orphan for murder.

(X-Force#120)- The Coach held a press conference assuring the media that X-Force was still a team, and spoke with Spike Freeman about the framing of the Orphan. He then drugged U-Go Girl and tried to rape her when the Orphan interrupted him. Coach once again sent Smoke and Succubus after the Orphan until Wolverine showed up. Orphan and Wolverine killed Smoke and Succubus. A gunshot was heard, and it was revealed that U-Go Girl had shot and killed the Coach.

Comments: Created by Peter Milligan and Michael Allred.

Profile by Jacob (Proto-Man)


Coach, aka the Arm, should not be confused with:

X-Force, the government funded MUTANT group who went on to become the X-Statics, should be distinguished from:

X-Force I#116-120 (May - November, 2001) - Peter Milligam (writer), Mike Allred (artist), Axel Alonso (editor)

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