Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: X-Force team manager

Group Membership: X-Force (Anarchist/Tike Alicar, Battering Ram, Bloke/Mickey Tork, Cupric/Derek Zhang, Doop, Gin Genie/Beckah Parker, la Nuit/Pierre Truffaut, Orphan/Guy Smith, Ostinato/Rodrigo de Smith, Phat/Billy Bob Reilly, Plazm, Saint Anna, Sluk/Byron Spencer, U-Go Girl/Edie Sawyer, Vivisector/Myles Alfred, Vulpine/Roja Sanford, Zeitgeist/Axel Cluney)

Affiliations: Spike Freeman, Smoke, Succubus

Enemies: Wolverine (James Howlett), X-Force (Cannonball/Sam Guthrie, Domino/Neena Thurman, Meltdown/Tabitha Smith, James Proudstar), X-Force (Anarchist/Tike Alicar, Batterin Ram, Bloke/Mickey Tork, Doop, Gin Genie/Beckah Parker, la Nuit/Pierre Truffaut, Orphan/Guy Smith, Phat/Billy Bob Reilly, Plazm, Saint Anna, Sluk/Byron Spencer, U-Go Girl/Edie Sawyer, Vivisector/Myles Alfred, Zeitgeist/Axel Cluney)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: The Arm

Base of Operations: X-Force Tower, Santa Monica, California, USA

First Appearance: X-Force I#116 (May, 2001)

Powers/Abilities: At the time of his death, the Coach had no superhuman powers but was an extremely skilled manipulator and was not above drugging his own men or using a gun against them. He was also a skilled fighter.

He formerly possessed a gigantic arm that presumably had superhuman strength and had red eyes, which hinted at a possible superhuman powers that he no longer possessed.

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Eyes: Red
Hair: Gray

History: (X-Force I#116 (fb) - BTS) - The man who would become the Coach was once the superhuman known as the Arm.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z HC Vol. 13 – X-Statix entry - BTS) – When a group of mutants decided to use their powers for fame and fortune, rather than heroics, the Coach (formerly the Arm) became their team manager, choosing members from various countrywide "farm teams" using focus groups to determine their popularity.

(Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 2: X-Men – Coach entry - BTS) – As team manager, the Coach took on the responsibilities of organizing X-Force missions, recruiting new members and ensuring the ongoing profitable merchandising of the team.

(X-Statix #10 (fb)) – On March 19, the Coach and the early members of X-Force waved to the public as they returned from a mission.

(X-Force I #116 (fb) – BTS) – The Coach somehow lost his "special arm."

(X-Force I #116) - Coach called a press conference to introduce the Anarchist to X-Force.

(X-Force I #120 (fb)) – After X-Force team owner Spike Freeman’s investors wanted to bring new blood into X-Force, the Coach met with team leader Zeitgeist to discuss killing off most of the team. When Zeitgeist asked who would be left, the Coach replied that at least Zeitgeist and the Anarchist would remain. Zeitgeist then asked about U-Go Girl and the Coach asked if Zeitgeist and U-Go Girl were close but Zeitgeist replied that he wished he had never been intimate with U-Go Girl, figuring that death would probably be doing her a favor. The Coach then began telling Zeitgeist about a boy band called Boyz R Us.

(X-Force I #116) - The Coach later briefed the team on their upcoming mission to rescue the boy band Boyz R Us, who had been taken hostage in New York. He also explained that the mission was intended to be a nice, clean media event to please focus groups that showed that the public was having trouble empathizing with X-Force. During the mission, every X-Force member excepting Doop, the Anarchist and U-Go Girl were killed.

(Marvel Encyclopedia Vol. 2: X-Men HC – Coach entry) – With X-Force merchandise sales plummetting in the wake of the deaths of the majority of the team, the Coach recruited new members Bloke, Vivisector, Phat, St. Anna and the Orphan.

(X-Force I #117) - The Coach discussed the deaths of most of the team members to the remaining three, lying to them to assure them that no one was "meant" to die, and then revealed to X-Force that replacement members had already been chosen. When U-Go Girl argued that existing X-Force members could veto new recruits, the Coach revealed that X-Force's new team owner, young trillionaire Spike Freeman, had decided to do away with allowing existing members to veto in an effort to keep personal issues from affecting team selection. After the new recruits were gathered together with the surviving X-Force members, the Coach briefed the team on their upcoming mission to retrieve young mutant Paco Perez from his Bastronan captivity and later held a press conference during which X-Force was attacked by the  previous team calling themselves X-Force. Following the attack, the Coach continued the press conference, announcing new recruit Orphan as X-Force's new team leader despite protests from the surviving X-Force members and the Orphan himself.

(X-Force#118) - The Coach briefed X-Force on their informant, Diego Ardilles, for their upcoming mission in Bastrona.

(X-Force#119) - Following X-Force's Bastronan mission, the Coach spoke with the Orphan about the team's public image, preferring to allow the public to believe U-Go Girl had an addiction to pain killers and alcohol. He also reminded the Orphan that the team's mission was return Paco Perez to the USA regardless of Paco's safety. When the Orphan questioned the Coach’s decision, the Coach sent his bodyguards, Smoke and Succubus, to subdue the Orphan. X-Force soon joined in the fray against Smoke and Succubus but the Orphan eventually broke up the fight. Later that evening, as the Orphan dropped Paco Perez off in Buenos Aires to live with the now-deceased St. Anna's father, the Coach confronted U-Go Girl in her bedroom and tried to manipulate her into killing the Orphan by promising her leadership of X-Force.

(X-Force#120) - The Coach, with a black eye from the previous battle between X-Force, Smoke and Succubus, held a press conference assuring the media that X-Force was still a team and subsequently spoke with Spike Freeman about the framing of the Orphan, claiming that he had just the thing to push the Orphan over the edge as he revealed to Spike footage of the Orphan playing Russian Roulette and the Orphan's parents, who were actually alive. Later, around sundown, the Coach met with U-Go Girl and asked her about his previous proposition of murdering the Orphan. When U-Go Girl began to have doubts and began to look for her inhaler that energized her for teleporting, the Coach denied her the inhaler and told her it was too late to back out of the murder plot. After she threatened him, the Coach gave her the inhaler but upon her using it, he revealed that he had drugged it to prevent her from attempting to stop the murder. Since she was completely out of it due to the drugged inhaler, the Coach then decided to rape her but was stopped by the arriving Orphan. An angry Coach sent Smoke and Succubus to battle the Orphan but the X-Man Wolverine arrived, having been contacted by team cameraman Doop. Wolverine and the Orphan fought Smoke and Succubus while U-Go Girl summoned all of her remaining strength in an attempt to grab the gun from the Coach’s hand. The gun instead went off, killing the Coach. Following the Coach's death, the Orphan watched the footage of the Coach and former X-Force leader Zeitgeist plotting to kill the other members of X-Force during their mission to rescue Boyz R Us.

Comments: Created by Peter Milligan and Michael Allred.

The Coach had a profile in Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 2: X-Men (2003).

Profile by Proto-Man.

Coach, aka the Arm, should not be confused with:

X-Force, the government funded MUTANT group who went on to become the X-Statics, should be distinguished from:

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