Real Name: Tike Alicar

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: Member of X-Force/X-Statix

Group Membership: X-Force/X-Statix

Affiliations: Diego Ardilles, the Ancient One (demon posing as the true Ancient One), the Avengers (Ant-Man (Scott Lang), Captain America (Steve Rogers), Hawkeye (Clint Barton), Iron Man (Tony Stark), Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff), Thor (Thor Odinson)), Boyz R Us (all except the Shy One because he was killed before X-Force arrived), Corkscrew (Timmy Glenn), Brad Gutman (although he wasn‘t aware of Brad‘s activities in the mortuary), Kraven (Sergei Kravinov), Lacuna (Woodstock Schumaker), Miss America (Madeline Joyce Frank), Mysterio (Quentin Beck), Paco Perez, the Pitiful One, Toni, X-Force/X-Statix (Battering Ram, Bloke (Mickey Tork), Dead Girl (Moonbeam), Doop, Gin Genie (Beckah Parker)Henrietta Hunter, La Nuit (Pierre Truffaut), Mister Sensitive (Guy Smith), the Mysterious Fan Boy/Arnie Lundberg, , Phat (Billy Bob Reilly)Plazm, Saint Anna, the Spike (Darian Elliott), U-Go Girl (Edie Sawyer), Venus Dee Milo (Dee Milo)Vivisector (Myles Alfred), Zeitgeist (Axel Cluney), the X-Men (Rachel Grey, Jubilee (Jubilation Lee), Kitty Pryde, Wolverine (Logan/James Howlett));
formerly the Coach, Spike Freeman

Enemies: Agent Wright, the Bad Guy, Bush Rangers (Stanley, Tray, Zippo, others), C.I.A. Crack Squad, the Coach, Deadpool (of an alternate future), the Fatal Sisters (Hilda, Mista, Sangrida), Spike Freeman, Graviton, Iceman (of an alternate future),  Ed Lance, Mister Code, Raze, Razorhead, Smoke, Succubus, Vivisector (Dr. Alex Finlay), X-Force (Cannonball (Sam Guthrie), Domino (Neena Thurman), Meltdown (Tabitha Smith), Warpath (James Proudstar))
formerly the Mysterious Fan Boy/Arnie Lundberg

Known Relatives: unnamed adopted parents, unnamed adopted grandfather

Aliases: “The Antichrist” (insult from U-Go Girl), “Captain Coconut” (insult from the Spike)

Place of Birth: Unrevealed

Base of Operations: X-Force/X-Statix HQ in Santa Monica, California

Extent of Education: High school graduate

First Appearance: X-Force I#116 (May, 2001)

Powers/Abilities: The Anarchist could sweat acid, which caused burns to many things. Due to his acidic sweat, the Anarchist could generate energy. Using this energy, he could fire acidic blasts of energy from his hands, influence the outcome of dice rolls, and even produce a thick, pasty film from his hands that acted as a glue.

While using the Creme du Profundis, the Anarchist existed on Earth as a walking corpse, able to survive injuries such as multiple gunshot wounds. The clay only lasted 24 hours, afterwards Tike would return to the afterlife.

Weakness: The Anarchist always wore his visor which was seemingly prescripted.

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 225 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black with orange streaks

History: (X-Force I#122 (fb)) - When Tike Alicar was a young child, he was adopted by white parents. He felt that he was outcast because of his African-American heritage and dark skin. The children teased him until he started washing his hands raw in an attempt to see whether the darkness of his skin would wash away.

(X-Force I#122 (fb)) - One day on an ice skating trip with his adopted parents, Tike’s powers manifested and he melted the iced over lake.

(X-Force I#116) - After a mission in which the mutant Sluk was killed, the Coach held a press conference announcing that the Anarchist would be joining X-Force. After the press conference, the Anarchist gave an interview where he, desiring a better air conditioner, blew the roof off of the Four Seasons Hotel. Soon after, his interview was interrupted by the police, who attempted to arrest him. The television later reported that Tike had launched into a tirade against team leader Zeitgeist. Angered, Zeitgeist confronted the Anarchist. Tike responded that internal conflict and struggles for ascendancy were what kept the public interested in X-Force. Before the duo could argue further, the Coach entered the room and briefed X-Force on their upcoming mission to save boyband Boyz R Us from a bunch of murderous gunmen. After their briefing, the team rushed into action, teleported by U-Go Girl. The mission was a complete failure and every member in X-Force was killed, except for Tike, U-Go Girl, and Doop.

(X-Force I#117) - The Anarchist argued with U-Go Girl over who was going to be the new team leader while watching footage of the last mission, in which everyone but them was killed. Once the two were done arguing, the Coach showed them footage of their new team owner, Spike Freeman, and of the new team members who would soon be joining X-Force. Later, once the new team members (Bloke, the Orphan, Phat, Saint Anna, and Vivisector) had joined X-Force, the Coach briefed the team on another upcoming mission. X-Force was to go to Bastrona and free the captive Paco Perez from the Bastrona government. After their briefing, the Coach held a press conference to announce the new X-Force team leader, where another team called X-Force (Cannonball, Domino, Meltdown, and Warpath) attacked them. U-Go Girl fought Meltdown, while the Anarchist battled against Cannonball until Domino pointed a gun at Doop’s head. The Orphan then jumped into action, knocking Domino unconscious. Once the battle was calmed, the Coach announced that new member the Orphan would become X-Force’s newest team leader, much to the anger of U-Go Girl. The Anarchist congratulated the Orphan, asking if he had ever heard of the term, “poisoned chalice.”

(X-Force I#118) - The Anarchist participated in yet another team briefing, where the Coach informed X-Force of their contact in Bastrona, Diego Ardilles. Not too long after, the team arrived in Bastrona, where they met with Diego. The Orphan discovered that Diego had double-crossed X-Force and a Bastrona militia appeared from inside a parade float. The Orphan counted to three and jumped, allowing the Anarchist to blast away many of the militiamen. During the battle, Bloke was killed in an attempt to save Diego from some helicopter gunfire. In order to complete their mission, the Orphan ordered Tike to vaporize Bloke’s corpse. The Anarchist replied with “do it yourself” and the Orphan quickly jumped at Tike’s throat and threatened to break his neck, were he not to carry out his orders. Surprised at the Orphan’s threats, the Anarchist replied that the Orphan had “stones” and used his acidic sweat to vaporize Bloke’s corpse. During the battle to rescue Paco Perez, the Anarchist explained to the Orphan that the next time he threatened to break his neck, he’d better do, or else he would sweat acid all over the Orphan. The Orphan replied with a hurried “thanks for the advice.”

(X-Force I#119) - As the Orphan continued to ponder which wire to pull in order to free Paco Perez, Saint Anna was shot down. Diego rushed to the Orphan’s side, claiming that X-Force should just leave and save the rest of the team. He was shot almost instantly after that and the Anarchist asked if that would be such a bad idea to just quit while the team is behind. The Orphan then decided to remove his protective suit and use his sensitivity powers to discover the correct wire to pull. Paco was saved and U-Go Girl accidentally teleported X-Force to her hometown. Upon discovering this, U-Go Girl quickly teleported the team to Sunset Boulevard. Once they returned to their HQ, the Coach demanded that the Orphan turn Paco over to the U. S. government. When the Orphan refused, the Coach sent Smoke and Succubus after him, only to have the rest of X-Force jump into the battle. The Orphan stopped the fight, saying that killing each other would not help anything.

His original costume(X-Force I#120) - The Coach held a press conference, which the Anarchist, Phat, and Vivisector attended, to announce that X-Force was still a team. Later that night, a battle ensued involving the Orphan, U-Go Girl, the Coach, Smoke, Succubus, and Wolverine. During the battle, U-Go Girl shot the Coach dead after he tried to rape her and kill the Orphan.

(Thunderbolts I#57) - The Anarchist, and the rest of X-Force, was present among the superheroes captured by Graviton during his attempt at world conquest.

(X-Force I#121) - The Anarchist joined the rest of X-Force in viewing footage of the Spike, a potential member to replace the deceased Saint Anna and Bloke. During the meeting, U-Go Girl’s hats kept changing. Later, Tike joined the Orphan poolside as the Orphan discussed his relationship with U-Go Girl. Suddenly, fish appeared in the pool and the Anarchist looked over to see the word “Lacuna” painted on the side of their HQ. In an effort to figure out what was going on, Tike visited the library and had Vivisector look up the definition of “lacuna.” Vivisector explained that it meant a missing part of someone’s life, to which Tike asked “like a blank spot?” Seeing this as an opportunity to up his place on the team, Phat attacked the Anarchist claiming that he called Vivisector a blank spot as an insult. The Anarchist later joined X-Force at their press conference to announce the membership of the Spike. As soon as the Spike arrived, he insulted the Anarchist, prompting the two to exchange remarks regarding their African-American heritage. Angered, the Anarchist began to start a fight, but instead walked away. The Anarchist then went to the restroom and began washing his hands in an obsessive-compulsive way until U-Go Girl arrived and embarrassed him. Angered, he yelled at her and accidentally blew a giant hole in the wall using his powers. Later, the Anarchist joined the team poolside as they discussed letting the Spike onto the team. Vivisector and Phat began taunting Tike about his dislike of the Spike until angered, the Anarchist used his powers on the pool, heating the water enough to cause Vivisector and Phat to leap out of the pool screaming. Before a fight broke out between Tike, Vivisector, and Phat, a new mutant named Lacuna arrived and asked to join the team.

(X-Force I#122) - As Lacuna threatened to commit suicide if X-Force didn’t allow her to join the team, the Anarchist explained that she had his vote for membership. Later, Tike joined the Orphan in appearing on the Larry King Show when it was being guest-hosted by U-Go Girl. During the show’s taping, a fight broke out as Phat and Vivisector crashed the show in another attempt to gain dominant publicity. The fight quickly ended when Lacuna used her powers to remove everyone’s clothing. After the taping, Phat, the Anarchist, and Vivisector visited a casino, where Tike used his powers to influence the roles of his dice so that he would win. He then visited the restroom and once again began washing his hands until, unbeknownst to him, Lacuna traveled between seconds and kissed him. The Anarchist later joined the rest of X-Force at their press conference to announce Lacuna as a member of the team. Lacuna did not show up, nor did she join the team. Instead, she was given her own talk show. After the press conference, the Anarchist joined his fellow team members in discussing other potential team members.

(X-Force I#123) - As X-Force relaxed in their HQ, the Anarchist looked outside using a pair of binoculars. When Doop popped a pimple on his forehead, the team was suddenly transported into a dimension apparently contained within Doop himself (later called Marginalia). Doop picked at the popped pimple and he himself was transported into the dimension as well. Doop searched high and low for his fellow team members, finding the Anarchist in a desert, badly dehydrated and sweating. His body produced so much sweat that he generated a river of acid. As he began to drown, Doop saved him. Upon saving the rest of the team, Doop returned them to the HQ, exactly in the same positions they were in when they left. Noticing that no one seemed to remember the events, Doop looked at the clock and noticed that only one minute had passed.

(X-Force I#124) - The Anarchist joined X-Force as they returned from a mission. U-Go Girl accidentally teleported them into the ocean and then to a forest of some sort. In the forest, the Orphan noticed a plane flying overhead and had the Anarchist signal the plane using a blast of acidic energy. The team then returned to Santa Monica, thanks to the Fed Ex plane that the Anarchist had signaled. He later joined his teammates at the HQ in a bout of relaxation.

(The Brotherhood I#9) - During a parade in their honor, X-Force, along with the Anarchist, was attacked by members of the mutant Brotherhood.

(X-Force I#125 (fb)) - During a mission, the Anarchist and the Spike killed many of the militants they were battling, in an attempt to overshadow one another.

(X-Force I#125) - As the team returned from yet another mission, reporters questioned whether the personal conflicts between the Anarchist and the Spike almost cost the team their lives. The Anarchist replied with a steadfast “no comment.” Later, he joined U-Go Girl and the Orphan in visiting a graveyard looking for the potential new team member, Dead Girl. While there, a giant creature composed of dirt, rocks, worms, and bones grew from the ground and pointed a death-like finger at the three of them and then exploded. The trio then returned to their HQ and showered up. They then joined Spike Freeman for a briefing of their mission, in which they were to fly into space to battle the Bush Rangers and then forfeit so the C. I. A. could save them and improve their image. The team was torn between those who decided to go to space and those who wanted nothing to do with the mission. They decided to vote and the winning side’s decision would count for the whole team. The voting resulted in a tie, until Dead Girl arrived and placed her vote for going into space. The team then prepared to enter into space.

(X-Force I#126) - Upon arriving at the space station, X-Force was greeted by the “crew” of the station. The Anarchist and company signed a few autographs for the “crew” and set off the locate the Bush Rangers. Unbeknownst to the team, the “crew” were the Bush Rangers in a shapeshifting disguise. The team split up, with the Anarchist, the Spike, and Dead Girl in one group; the Orphan and U-Go Girl on another; and Vivisector and Phat on the third. The Anarchist’s team was ambushed by the Bush Rangers, as one of them blasted Tike in the back with an energy blast. When the Anarchist and the Spike jumped into battle, the Bush Rangers attempted to play the race card and convince the two to join them, as racial brothers. The Anarchist declined and the Bush Rangers fired energy blasts at him. Dead Girl jumped in the way of the blast, temporarily destroying her body. As Bush Rangers also ambushed the Orphan and U-Go Girl, U-Go Girl was knocked unconscious. The “Anarchist” arrived to help, but the Orphan saw through the ruse and revealed this “Anarchist” as another Bush Ranger in disguise. Fortunately, the real Anarchist soon arrived and vaporized the fake one. The three heroes discussed their brush with death, as a door sealed itself shut, trapping them. Dead Girl saved them, however, when her body reformed itself.

(X-Force I#127) - X-Force regrouped and the whole team relaxed and waited for the C. I. A. Crack Squad to arrive and “save the day,” while the Bush Rangers tried to coax the Spike into turning on his teammates. Once X-Force realized that the Spike was missing, they went searching for him and found the Bush Rangers, each disguised as the Spike. As one of the Bush Rangers jumped to ambush the Anarchist, the “Spike” appeared and impaled the Ranger, saving Tike’s life. After the battle, U-Go Girl noticed that the C. I. A. Crack Squad had arrived. When Agent Wright boarded the station, however, he ordered the Crack Squad to fire on X-Force. In a panic, U-Go Girl teleported herself, Doop, the Anarchist, and the Orphan aboard a nearby satellite. Once inside, Agent Wright used a video screen to communicate with the senior members of the team. He informed them that the satellite was headed for deep space until it either disintegrated or collided with something that would kill all inside. Inside the satellite, Tike noticed a small shuttle capable of carrying two of them and maybe Doop back to the space station. The only problem was that one of them would have to remain aboard the satellite and eventually perish. The Anarchist decided to use a roll of the dice to decide who stayed aboard the satellite.

(X-Force I#128) - Aboard the satellite, the Anarchist rolled the lowest on the dice, meaning that he was to stay behind. As the Orphan, U-Go Girl, and Doop used the shuttle to return to the space station, the Anarchist thought about how he had used his energy abilities to influence to dice so that the Orphan and U-Go Girl would survive. Suddenly, the satellite was hit by something and the Anarchist awoke aboard the space station to find that X-Force had found a way to save him. As the team welcomed him back, the real Spike arrived and revealed that the “Spike” who had been with the team since their last battle with the Bush Rangers was, in fact, the Bush Ranger known as Tray in disguise. X-Force quickly jumped into battle against Tray, with spikes flying wildly in all directions. U-Go Girl was hit with a stray spike, impaling her. Sadly, X-Force launched her corpse into space and used the space station to return home to Santa Monica.

(X-Force I#129) - The Anarchist, as well as the rest of X-Force, met with Spike Freeman to discuss changing the name of X-Force to X-Statix in U-Go Girl’s honor. After the Orphan went on national television and told the public of U-Go Girl’s death, Spike Freeman was infuriated. He turned to see the Anarchist and Dead Girl getting drunk. The Anarchist and Dead Girl then decided to leave and go find some trouble.

(X-Force I#129 - BTS) - They found some, and Anarchist was arrested as a result.

(X-Force I#129) - The next day, after a night in jail, the Anarchist attacked photographer Ed Lance for taking a photo of him. Ed Lance filed a civil action against the Anarchist for criminal damage and emotional trauma. Later, Tike joined the rest of X-Force in checking out the X-Force bush leagues, in hopes of finding a new team member to replace the deceased U-Go Girl and the Spike. While there, Tike was splashed by water generated by Wash-Out, an X-Force tryout. As they were leaving, mutant talent agent Solomon O’Sullivan attempted to get the team to sign with him. The Anarchist declined along with the rest of X-Force. Solomon insisted they take his card anyway, and ripped off a piece of his skin with his contact info printed on it and handed it to Tike. Tike was later present at the press conference where X-Force announced the new team name.

(X-Statix I#1) - The Anarchist tackled the Orphan in an attempt to save his life during the team’s first mission as the newly-minted X-Statix. After the mission, the Anarchist joined the team at their public showers and showered up while discussing the merchandising rights of the new team. After the showers, Tike joined his teammates in watching the new reality show called “O-Force,” in which mutants competed for a place on a superteam called O-Force. Later, the Anarchist joined the Orphan in meeting with possible new team member Venus Dee Milo and then visiting the X-Statix bush leagues to watch another possible member named Corkscrew. While viewing Corkscrew in action, Doop made a joke in his own language and everyone present laughed a hearty laugh. Once Venus Dee Milo had joined the team, X-Statix held a press conference to announce her membership, which only X-Fan reporter Sam Geller attended, due to the fact that O-Force’s first public mission was being televised that day. As soon as they heard this, Vivisector and the Anarchist rushed to find a television and then watched as O-Force saved a bunch of movie stars from a group of terrorists.

(X-Statix I#2) - The Anarchist joined the rest of X-Statix in a mission against rebel mercenaries and U. N. forces. Upon discovering enemy fighters still alive, the Anarchist vaporized the lot of them. The team soon found a homemade nuclear bomb, which the Orphan demanded that Venus Dee Milo teleport somewhere else so it could safely explode. Angered at the Orphan’s call and that Venus teleporting the bomb might kill her, the Anarchist sucker punched the Orphan in the face. The two fought each other until Venus returned safely, having disposed of the bomb. Back at their HQ, Tike apologized for his anger during the mission. That night, the Anarchist took Dead Girl out on the town, where he robbed a jewelry store to prove that because he was a member of X-Statix, he could do whatever he wanted to. After the robbery, the jewelry store manager went on television with Tike and Dead Girl, stating how happy he was that they chose his store to rob.

(X-Statix I#3) - As Spike Freeman discussed to X-Statix that O-Force were going on a mission to stop mutant reality-alterer Arnie Lundberg, the Anarchist left with Dead Girl to start the “Death & Anarchy Road Show,” in which people in the audience were invited to kill Dead Girl multiple times, only to watch her reform herself. The Orphan arrived and attempted to convince Tike to return to X-Statix, but the Anarchist declined. After watching O-Force fail in their mission to stop Arnie Lundberg, the Orphan did some research into Arnie’s life and deduced that Arnie was the one who had been “beaming” images of U-Go Girl into the Orphan’s mind. In order to stop him, the Orphan parachuted himself into the small town being controlled by Lundberg.

(X-Statix I#4) - Tike and Dead Girl sat in a restaurant listening to the news reports of the Orphan’s rescue mission until Tike got angry and blasted the television with a blast of acidic energy from his hands. As the Orphan battled Arnie Lundberg himself, Venus Dee Milo arrived and attempted to once again convince the Anarchist and Dead Girl to return to the team. When the Orphan was thrown from a window and onto the ground outside, he was attacked by reanimated corpses until the rest of X-Statix, now once again including Dead Girl and the Anarchist, arrived and saved the day. X-Statix rescued the townspeople while the Orphan once again confronted Arnie Lundberg at his house. When Mrs. Lundberg offered them milk and cookies, the Orphan decided to, rather than kill him, let Arnie Lundberg join X-Statix.

(X-Statix I#5) - Once Arnie joined the team as the Mysterious Fan Boy, the Anarchist admired his own butt in a mirror until Phat made some insulting comments that provoked the Anarchist in a fight with him. Disappointed at the way the team acted, the Mysterious Fan Boy used his reality-altering powers to close everyone’s throats until the Orphan chokingly asked Arnie to go to lunch with the team. Excited about the idea, Arnie stopped choking everyone and the team went out to lunch. Before the team left for lunch, the Orphan asked that the whole team meet in the bathroom. The Anarchist argued with the Orphan about his idea to allow Arnie to join X-Statix in the first place. While eating lunch, Lacuna arrived and invited the Fan Boy on her show to reveal his true identity. The Orphan angrily declined and ordered Venus to teleport the team away from Lacuna. The Orphan later demanded that Lacuna aid him in eliminating Arnie, as a favor to make up for her ruining the team’s image by revealing the Fan Boy’s identity on television. Later, X-Statix went on a mission to stop the rampaging Razorhead, who had escaped from prison. During the battle, Arnie literally destroyed Razorhead, but then died soon after due to heart problems. After his death, the Anarchist commented that when Arnie was a member of X-Statix, the team actually acted like a close-knit team with no arguments.

(X-Statix I#6) - After the Orphan’s role in Arnie’s death was revealed, the Orphan left the team. While he was gone, a creature from one of the many Dark Dimensions escaped into Earth’s dimension, Additionally, many of Professor Xavier’s mutant power harnessing costumes were stolen. Soon after the thefts, a new villain calling himself Bad Guy appeared, leading many of the public to believe that Bad Guy was the Orphan. The Anarchist joined X-Statix in searching for the Orphan, whom they also thought to be Bad Guy. Upon finding Bad Guy, the Anarchist blasted him in the face, melting his face mask. Tike attempted to remove the melted mask, but when he tried, spikes protruded from the costume, injuring Tike’s hand. Bad Guy then prepared to kill the Anarchist by crushing him with a chunk of debris. Scared, the Anarchist yelled to Venus Dee Milo to hit Bad Guy with all she had, but she froze, unsure whether to blast him or not, in case it really was the Orphan.

(X-Statix I#7) - Before Venus did anything, the Anarchist saved himself by blasting the debris to pieces with an acidic blast of energy. Angered at her, the Anarchist grilled her with questions about her and the Orphan’s relationship and why she paused when he could have been killed. Later that night, the Anarchist met with Spike Freeman and discussed making himself team leader, since the Orphan had left. Venus Dee Milo overheard the conversation and angrily confronted the duo. Seeing Venus’s point, the Anarchist declined the team leader position, at least until the Orphan returned to the team. Later, X-Statix once again located Bad Guy, now wearing a new face mask, and Venus teleported Bad Guy away, where Bad Guy revealed his true identity to her.

(X-Statix I#8) - Bad Guy revealed himself to be “Jamal,” a cousin of Venus whom she thought dead. Bad Guy then tried to drain the life force from Venus, only to be stopped by the Orphan, who suddenly appeared. Upon their return to their HQ, the Orphan rejoined X-Statix at a press conference, with the Anarchist as new team leader. The team later again located Bad Guy and attacked him, and this time, Venus teleported him and her to a deserted location, where they were to have a final battle. Bad Guy once again attempted to drain the energy from Venus, only to be attacked by a stowed away Dead Girl. Dead Girl jabbed her fingers into Bad Guy’s ribcage, reminding Venus that her cousin Jamal had died years earlier. Once she remembered his death, Bad Guy lost his powers and reverted to his true form, that of the alien that had escaped from one of the Dark Dimensions.

(All-New Doop I#4 (fb)) - Anarchist joined X-Statix against a giant monster and later relaxed in a hot tub with his teammates. He later joined X-Statix at a press conference.

(X-Statix I#9) - The Anarchist led X-Statix on a mission to Africa, where they battled a group of militants and later joined the team as they relaxed back at their HQ for dinner. After dinner, the Anarchist crept into Venus Dee Milo’s room and felt up her “special suit” that allows her to be intimate with others, should she so desire. He instantly rushed back to the bathroom, where he began washing his hands obsessively. While he was washing his hands, he heard a noise and quickly hid himself in the bathtub. The Orphan used his sensitivity powers to discover Tike’s hiding place and angrily asked what he was doing in Venus’s room. Tike lied that since he had become team leader, he had become obsessed with security and that he had been obsessively checking everyone’s rooms. The Anarchist later joined the team as they visited the set of their upcoming movie, where they were introduced to young mutant actor, El Guapo. While there, crazed mutant Sharon Ginsberg attacked the X-Statix movie actors, only to be stopped by the Orphan and El Guapo.

(X-Men Unlimited I#41) - Similar to the events in the Beatles’ film, A Hard Day’s Night, the male members of X-Statix ran from a horde of screaming fans. The Anarchist hid himself behind a newspaper and then joined his teammates aboard a train. On board, Tike introduced his grandfather to the Orphan, Phat, and Vivisector. Upon arriving at their hotel, Mr. Filson, the X-Statix PR guy, ordered the guys to stay put, because he had scheduled an interview with the press for all of them. The guys decided to sneak out and join the bachelor party that was going on downstairs until Mr. Filson arrived and pulled them all back on track. The guys eventually arrived onstage and displayed their powers for the public, much to the adoration of screaming girls. Soon after, the girls of X-Statix arrived with Doop and the team teleported themselves away.

(Wolverine/Doop I#2) - Following an adventure with Wolverine, Doop returned to his X-Statix comrades, who welcomed him back with a poolside party, which the Anarchist attended.

(X-Statix I#11) - Tike joined his teammates in viewing film footage of El Guapo’s defeat of Sharon Ginsberg as they discussed allowing El Guapo to join X-Statix to replace the deceased Mysterious Fan Boy. He later joined the team as they threw a party welcoming El Guapo to the team and participated on El Guapo’s first mission. Tike was later present when El Guapo attacked Doop, angered that Doop had released film footage of him cheating on his girlfriend to the press.

(X-Statix I#12) - The Anarchist led X-Statix on a mission to the India/Pakistan border, where they noticed that Dead Girl was not among them. They returned home and watched on television, as Dead Girl was verbally attacked by protesters at her first modeling shoot. Tike later joined Dead Girl at the X-Statix mortuary, where he met Brad Gutman. Tike subsequently led X-Statix when they were called in to aid the police when Brad’s daughter, Britney, went on a shooting spree. After Dead Girl spoke with Britney and the police shot her down, Brad took his daughter to X-Statix mortuary, where Dead Girl ripped out Brad’s heart as punishment for his “activities” with the deceased. Following Brad’s death, the Anarchist led the team back to the India/Pakistan border, where Dead Girl communicated with the deceased.

(X-Statix I#13) - Tike personally expressed annoyance at having to travel to Europa to rescue the recently resurrected pop star, Henrietta Hunter, but he did eventually lead the team there and they rescued her with little problem. After Spike Freeman went on television and announced Henrietta’s membership onto X-Statix, Venus Dee Milo held him in the air using her teleportational energy. The Anarchist was later present when the Euro-Trash attacked and kidnapped Henrietta.

(X-Statix I#14) - The Anarchist led X-Statix in an attempt to save Henrietta by battling the Euro-Trash. During the battle, Surrender Monkey suggested that it would be a good time to retreat and the team retreated to inside an X-Statix Store in New York. Back at their HQ, Doop revealed that Spike Freeman had referred to X-Statix as “washed up” so to spite him, they decided to save Henrietta from the Euro-Trash and they quickly tied Spike up. Upon arriving inside the X-Statix Store, the Anarchist blasted Miz Tree with an acidic blast that set her ablaze, killing her. He then blasted the Wall into pieces, effectively killing him as well. Phat crushed Oxford Blue, the Orphan broke Surrender Monkey’s neck, and El Guapo decapitated Blind Ali with his skateboard. The team then held a press conference, where Henrietta revealed all of her charitable ideas. After she went on a spree of charitable work, X-Statix decided that they had created a monster and decided to kill her.

(X-Statix I#15) - Tike joined his teammates in watching television, as U. S. Secretary of Defense Ed Wolfman told the public not to panic over random killings which had begun happening across the U. S. Spike Freeman asked whether the team had decided how to kill Henrietta and the Anarchist shoved him, claiming that they would deal with him after they dealt with Henrietta. He then led the team as they teleported onto Henrietta’s yacht and threatened to kill her. Lacuna tagged along on Venus Dee Milo’s teleportational coattails and convinced X-Statix to not kill Henrietta. Later, the Anarchist led X-Statix on a mission to Afghanistan, where Henrietta revealed herself to have a mean streak, killing several members of a Taliban sect. During the battle, a missile was fired at Henrietta, which Phat deflected, causing it to veer off course and crash to the ground, blowing off El Guapo’s legs. Back at their HQ, the Anarchist accused Phat of saving Henrietta because he had the hots for her, which angered Vivisector, and the trio began to fight until the Orphan broke it up. X-Statix later held a press conference, where Henrietta was announced the new team leader and also given the job of U. S. Secretary of Homeland Defense.

(X-Statix I#16) - The Anarchist joined the rest of the team and Jesus Diaz in modeling Henrietta’s designs for their new costumes and later joined them as they searched for the location of Mister Code, the mastermind behind the random killings. After Lacuna was given evidence connecting Spike Freeman and X-Statix to Saddam Hussein, Tike claimed he was not aware of what he was signing when he bought some properties in Jamaica. Angered, the Orphan kicked Spike Freeman, breaking his neck.

(X-Statix I#17) - After Lacuna was shot under suspicious circumstances, the Orphan deduced Spike Freeman’s hand in the shooting. The Anarchist joined the rest of the team in discussing how to get the incriminating evidence back from Lacuna. Upon discovering her lawyer’s name, Venus teleported X-Statix into their offices, where the Anarchist used his powers to destroy most of the lawyers’ paperwork. Unfortunately, the lawyer claimed that the destroyed papers were just copies and he turned the evidence over to the press. The team quickly decided that, to improve their public image in the wake of the incriminating evidence, they would stop Mister Code. Venus then teleported the team into the urban headquarters of Mister Code, where the Anarchist participated in killing many of Code’s followers. During the battle with Mister Code himself, Henrietta’s neck was broken and Mister Code was dropped from a great height and killed.

(X-Statix I#18) - As Mister Code was killed, he exploded. Phat used his powers to protect the others, but in process, died himself. The Anarchist joined the others in laying Phat to rest and later joined them as they teleported to Europa to stop the sales of Henrietta’s post-death single, which was mysteriously killing people. The Anarchist later participated on the mission to Europa to allow Henrietta her vengeance on those who originally killed her.

(X-Statix I#19) - As Lacuna’s agent was about to pull the plug on Lacuna following her gunshot wounds, the Anarchist joined the rest of X-Statix in demanding that they get their hands off of Lacuna. Lacuna sat up and claimed she was saved by a “miracle.” Later, after Vivisector revealed that he wanted to rid himself of his mutant powers, Tike was personally against the idea. Tike then proclaimed that Vivisector would be nothing but normal Myles Alfred and Vivisector should be enough for him. The Anarchist then backhanded Vivisector in an attempt to rile him and force him to transform into his wolf-like state. His plan worked, but Vivisector, in a fit of anger, slashed his claws across the Anarchist’s face. Much later, after Vivisector went through with his plan and had his powers removed, Tike and the others watched on television as Dr. Alex Finlay, the doctor who removed Vivisector’s powers, attempted to rile Vivisector and prove to the world that his powers were truly gone. When Vivisector returned to X-Statix HQ, he asked to be the official chronicler of X-Statix, but the team turned him down. They then were called on a mission to Newfoundland, where the Anarchist joined them in battling mutated loggers on a rampage.

(X-Statix I#20) - Using the extract of Vivisector’s powers, Dr. Alex Finlay became the new Vivisector and went on a rampage. Watching on television, the Anarchist and the rest of X-Statix thought that the new Vivisector was just Myles Alfred made savage by the so-called “cure.” Following him to the home of Myles Alfred, X-Statix watched as the Finlay Vivisector attacked Myles Alfred’s father. Finlay then turned towards Myles Alfred himself, who jabbed a pen into Finlay’s eye, killing him. When the group returned to X-Statix HQ, Myles noticed that hair was growing where he had been scratched by Finlay. Suddenly, Myles Alfred once again became the wolf-like Vivisector, much to the surprise of his X-Statix teammates.

(X-Statix I#21) - During a mission to Moscow, Doop was kidnapped by Russian terrorists and used as a weapon against X-Statix. The Anarchist and the others dodged blasts emitted by Doop’s separated brain, until finally, they decided to call in help from the big leagues. When the Avengers arrived, Tike personally expressed dissatisfaction in calling for their aid. The Anarchist was especially angry at how Captain America felt that X-Statix was too irresponsible to handle Doop, as evident by his kidnapping. The two teams then teamed up against the Russian terrorists until Thor launched his enchanted hammer into Doop’s brain. X-Statix claimed they could handle the situation from there, but Captain America disagreed. Already annoyed at their presence, the Anarchist told Captain America to back off, prompting a punch to the face. When Thor finally removed Mjolnir from Doop’s brain, the brain exploded, launching the pieces to various places across the universe, including Thailand, a toxic American “ghost ship,” France, the North Pole, Africa, and Asgard, home of the Norse Gods. Both teams then discussed to themselves how they would go about retrieving the missing brain pieces.

(X-Statix I#22) - X-Statix soon teleported the Anarchist to Thailand, so that he could locate a piece of Doop’s exploded brain. Just as he arrived, Captain America also arrived on a Quinjet. As soon as Captain America hit the ground, the Anarchist sucker punched him in the face. Captain America then threw his shield, whacking the Anarchist across the face and warning to stand down or he would beat him black and blue. Remarking on the “black & blue” statement, the Anarchist attempted to turn the fight into a race issue and fired a blast of acidic energy as Cap, who easily shielded himself. Captain America then tossed his shield a second time, clipping the Anarchist on the chin, and then punched Tike into unconsciousness. When the Anarchist awoke, he found that Captain America had already taken the piece of brain. Demanding the brain piece, the two battled once more, which ended in Tike using his powers to stick Captain America to the ground. Unfortunately, the Anarchist was then tackled by the Thai townspeople and the leader of the townspeople took the brain piece back to Captain America. As Captain America escaped on a Quinjet, the Anarchist informed Venus Dee Milo that he had lost the brain piece.

(X-Statix I#25) - As Doop battled Thor for the final piece of his exploded brain, the battle awoke the Asgardian Fatal Sisters, who only arose in times of wars past. Thinking the battle to be a new war, they prepared to claim the lives of innocents. The Avengers arrived and prepared for battle, just as Venus Dee Milo teleported in with the members of X-Statix. The two teams worked together and drove off the Fatal Sisters. After the battle, the Avengers prepared to take Doop, given that they won the pieces of his brain fair and square. Vivisector quickly proclaimed he was tricked, as did the Anarchist, who claimed that Captain America said you had to be white to be American. Captain America demanded an apology on the grounds that it was a wicked slur on his character. The Anarchist apologized with a punch that was quickly stopped by Cap’s shield, and Captain America once again punched Tike in the face. As the two teams once again prepared to battle one another, Doop fell over, his backup brain having expired. The X-Statix team worked quickly and replaced Doop’s normal brain. Seeing the team work together convinced Captain America that they were responsible enough to house Doop and the Avengers left. Later, back at the HQ, the team decided to call it a day. As they relaxed, the Anarchist claimed he was thinking of a solo hero career and the others agreed that they’d rather be doing other things than being part of X-Statix. Venus then questioned whether they were actually quitting X-Statix.

(X-Statix I#26 (fb)) - Officially announcing the group’s retirement, X-Statix threw a farewell party which many superheroes attended. While there, a man approached the Orphan and asked them to go on one final mission that should be no problem for a team like X-Statix. When he asked the rest of the team about it, the Orphan fell to his knees in pain with a stomach ache. Afterwards, Dead Girl and the Anarchist drove around town, where Dead Girl explained that she had been feeling sick. The Anarchist agreed that she did not look normal and suggested she call in sick. He later met with the rest of the team to discuss the final mission to stop some murderous gunmen who had taken over a mansion. X-Statix then teleported to the mansion.

(X-Statix I#26) - While on their final mission, Dead Girl was laid to rest by her sickness and Vivisector and Doop were apparently killed by a helicopter firing on the team. Venus Dee Milo was knocked unconscious and the Orphan suffered a chest wound. The Anarchist used his acidic powers to cauterize and seal the Orphan’s wound and the two sealed themselves in a room of the mansion. After sealing the wall with his acidic sweat, Tike explained that he was running low on sweat and when he finally did run out, the remaining gunmen would have clear shots at them. As they tried to escape, Venus regained consciousness and was barely holding her form together. Much to the protest of the Orphan, she teleported into the air and exploded, killing herself and the remaining helicopters that were firing on the team. The surviving gunmen made it to the ground and began firing on the Orphan and the Anarchist. As they attempted to escape once again, both heroes decided to go out as heroes. The Anarchist removed his sunglasses and the two stood up, only to be immediately gunned down, execution-style by the remaining gunmen.

(All-New Doop I#4 (fb)) - Having faked his death along with some of his teammates to retire to Marginalia, the Anarchist enjoyed living amongst counterparts of the dead, the imagined and the never quite born.

(X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl I#1 (fb) - BTS) - From Marginalia, the Anarchist apparently visited the afterlife in Hell.

(X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl I#1) - Contacted in Hell by the former supervillain calling himself the Pitiful One, the Anarchist joined him in a scheme of vengeance. By painting his forehead in the mystic clay Creme du Profundis, Tike returned to Earth where he helped the Pitiful One take the United Nations building hostage until Doctor Strange met with the Pitiful One, who demanded to be fully resurrected. Tike interrupted the conversation to ask for resurrection as well, claiming that he should not have even wound in Hell to begin with.

(X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl I#2) - The Anarchist once again joined the Pitiful One and other superbeings as they demolished a local mall in an attempt to 'persuade' Doctor Strange into permenantly resurrecting them all. In the mall, Tike tried to hit on Miss America, only to be met with a 1940s-era racial slur on her part. Immediately after destroying the mall, the mystic clay wore off and Tike returned to Hell with the others. Returning too quickly to the afterlife, the Anarchist accidentally plunged into a deeper level of his own personal Hell, in which he suffered hallucinations of attacks on his family. He eventually awoke with the Ancient One's help and immediately got into an argument with Miss America over her earlier comment. His argument was interrupted when the Pitiful One announced that Doctor Strange was now trying to stop their resurrections. Denouncing Strange as a B-lister, the Anarchist claimed that they could easily take him down and later, he joined the group in returning to Earth to kidnap Strange's manservant Wong.

(X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl I#3) - In order to foment more chaos and attract Strange, the Anarchist and Miss America attacked a major league baseball game while on Earth. Once the clay once again wore off, Tike returned to Hell with the others where they tortured Wong. The Ancient One soon discovered that Doctor Strange was gathering a group of superbeings of his own and had the Pitiful One send Kraven and Mysterio to guard the elevator to Hell while the Anarchist and Miss America were left to guard the Creme du Profundis. While they were guarding the clay, the two discussed their situations and ended up kissing one another, an act that was repulsive in Hell. Tike soon started thinking of stealing the clay and taking a vacation on Earth with Miss America but she remained ever-vigilant about the clay and the two shared a brief battle before exhausting themselves.

(X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl I#4) - Kraven returned to the Pitiful One's base in Hell in time to see Tike and Miss America together and just as Kraven confronted Tike about it, the Pitiful One returned as well. When the Pitiful One questioned him about it, the Anarchist announced that he would cavort with whoever he wanted to and the Pitiful One slapped him aside, reminding him that while he was in his employ, he would do as he was told. The anger that Tike had for the Pitiful One caused Tike to slip into his own private Hell of convulsions and more hallucinations involving his obsessive-compulsive disorder.

(X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl I#5) - Tike managed to come out of his own private Hell just in time to see Mister Sensitive, Dead Girl, U-Go Girl, and Ant-Man arrive. The Anarchist immediately lunged at Mister Sensitive and the two battled until Dead Girl defeated the Pitiful One. With the Pitiful One gone, Dead Girl offered the Anarchist and Miss America a place in Heaven and explained to them how to get there.

(All-New Doop I#3) - Somehow alive and well and having heard a distress call from Doop, the Anarchist rescued Doop from Raze, the son of Wolverine and Mystique from an alternate future. After Raze warned Doop not to reveal his disguise as the future counterpart of Kitty Pryde or he would reveal the terrible truth about Doop's mother, the Anarchist tried to convince Doop that Raze was only trying to call Doop's bluff. The Anarchist later found Doop in the Misery Mile section of Marginalia, drinking his troubles away with premium grade lemonade. The Anarchist gave Doop a pep talk, telling Doop that he needed to confront his mother and ask her what the truth was.

(All-New Doop I#4) - While relaxing in a hot tub with U-Go Girl in Marginalia, the Anarchist was surprised to see a duplicate of Doop emerge from the hot tub. U-Go Girl suggested the Anarchist take care of the situation, as she was wasted. Finding Doop shortly thereafter, the Anarchist was confused when Doop rambled on about Ingmar Bergman but warned Doop to pull himself together, as a mental breakdown within Marginalia could infect Earth. When thousands of Doop duplicates invaded Earth, the Anarchist also emerged from a Marginalia portal to find Wolverine, whom the Anarchist recruited to help Doop. Inside Marginalia, the Anarchist led Wolverine to Doop, who informed Wolverine that Mama Doop had told him that he was not created by Ingmar Bergman. Wolverine quickly asked where to find Mama Doop and the Anarchist led Wolverine to Karounka Hospital in Sweden, where they confronted Mama Doop herself.

(All-New Doop I#5) - Once Wolverine had learned the truth that Mama Doop was both Doop's mother and father, the Anarchist helped Wolverine travel through Marginalia and reunite with Doop. The Anarchist later joined U-Go Girl in her hot tub room in Marginalia and was there when Kitty Pryde emerged from their hot tub during her search for Doop. He then helped Kitty return to reality to locate Doop.

Comments: Created by Peter Milligan and Michael Allred.

Ed Lance was created by Peter Milligan and Duncan Fegredo.

I’d like to point out that I placed the X-Men Unlimited story after X-Statix#9, even though the story appeared two months before X-Statix#9 hits the shelves. The reason I did so is because the Orphan was a member of the team in the X-Men Unlimited story and he didn’t rejoin the team until X-Statix#8, which came out in April, 2003, one month after the X-Men Unlimited story, so it had to take place after he had rejoined the team. Also, the events in X-Statix#9 directly follow the events in X-Statix#8, so the X-Men Unlimited could not have taken place in between those two issues. It also had to take place before X-Statix#11, because El Guapo was not yet a member of X-Statix in the X-Men Unlimited story.

I just reread the X-Force (-Statix) hardcover, and I noticed that Tike's visor is probably prescription. The flashback to his childhood shows him with glasses, and he almost never takes the visor off, no matter what he's wearing - in fact, he even has it on when he's otherwise naked.

Actually, the Anarchist removed his visor shortly before being shot down in X-Statix#26...

Well, there you go then. If he'd kept it on, he might not have walked into the bullets.
--Madison Carter

Thanks to LV, Proto-Man and Madison Carter for pointing out Anarchist's obvious eye problem.

In X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl#2, while Tike was in a hallucinogenic Hell, he was shown to have had an adopted grandmother and he did not wear glasses, although these are just hallucinations and may not reflect reality...

Profile by Proto-Man


This character, the Anarchist, has no known connections to

The character, Ed Lance, has no known connections to

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The team, X-Force, has no known connections to


When the Anarchist and Dead Girl were released from a night in jail, Ed Lance attempted to take a photo of them. Angered, the Anarchist grabbed Lance’s camera and disintegrated it with acidic sweat. Ed Lance filed a civil action against the Anarchist for damage and emotional trauma.

- X-Force I#129 (BTS-only seen on a television screen)


Toni was a reporter who interviewed the Anarchist after the press conference announcing his X-Force membership. During her interview, the Anarchist blew the roof off of the Four Seasons Hotel. Her interview was interrupted by the police, who attempted to arrest the Anarchist.

- X-Force I#116




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All-New Doop I#5 (November, 2014) - Peter Milligan (writer), Federico Santagati, David LaFuente (art), Nick Lowe (editor)

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