Brian Abelard, Jimmy Cruz, Alejandro Fuerrga, Roberta Lancer, Sharon McCay, Dennis St.Croix, Dominic (not pictured);
    Walter Dean (aspired to membership)






AFFILIATIONS: agents of the N'Garai;

ENEMIES: enemies of Satana and Basilisk

BASE of OPERATIONS: The Church of Dis, San Francisco, California

FIRST APPEARANCE: (Cruz) Haunt of Horror#4/3;
(Camarilla) Marvel Preview#7 (Summer, 1976)

HISTORY: The Camarilla of the N'Garai are a group of humans dedicated to the N'Garai. These demons, at least in this story, were defeated by the forces of Heaven led by the not-yet-fallen angel, Lucifer, and imprisoned in an other dimensional reality millions of years ago. The N'Garai sought vengeance on that fallen angel, and saw the means to gain it by slaying Satana, the daughter of a demon that some believe to be that same fallen angel.

Jimmy Cruz was a monsignor in the Catholic Church. He became obsessed with destroying the forces of Satan, by whatever means necessary. To this end, he turned to the N'Garai for power and support. He sent a group of men to ambush a brutally beat Satana, leaving her for dead. Satana was rescued by a former priest turned surgeon named Mickey Heron, who was an old friend of Cruz. Cruz sent his men to kidnap Heron to gain an advantage over Satana. Cruz summoned the N'Garai to slay Satana's familiar, a magic cat named Exiter. However, Satana herself caught up with Cruz before he could summon demonic assistance, and drained his soul, killing him.










Realizing that the murder of Satana, would unleash the powerful demon known as the Basilisk from within her, Brian Abelard and the other four leaders of the Camarilla set into work an advanced plot. Catching Satana off guard, they bound her into human form, giving her a false family and false memories as Judith Camber. The Basilisk fought this spell and succeeded in slaying Camber's family in an effort to free her from her false memories. Abelard arrived at the scene of the murders but pretended to be the law partner of Gene Camber to get close to Judith. He kept pretending friendship to Camber, to keep her calm, and prevent Satana from breaking free. The Camarilla then succeeded in extracting the spirit of Satana from Camber, and planned to sacrifice it to the N'Garai. However, Camber, realizing that doing so would end her own false existence, tracked the Camarilla to the Church of Dis, and unleashed the Basilisk. The arch-demon destroyed the entire church and slew the Camarilla. Satana regained her true form and memory, and destroyed the soul of Abelard before it could pass on to any final resting place.



COMMENTS: Created by Chris Claremont and Vincente Alcazar.

Camarilla is a Spanish word, essentially the equivalent of a Cabal: a group of unofficial often secret and scheming advisors.

Marduk Kurios is the true name of Satana's father, though he was more commonly named "Satan." What, if any, connection he has to the fallen angel, Lucifer, is unknown. Lucifer would more likely be a completely different demon, another of the arch-lords of Hell, though such a being has not yet been seen in the Marvel Universe. Perhaps as both Lucifer and Marduk Kurios were known as Satan, the N'Garai and/or their human agents confused the two? Or maybe it was not the fallen angel Lucifer that imprisoned the N'Garai extra-dimensionally.
    And the fallen angel Lucifer should not be confused with Lucifer, of the Quists, @ X-Men I#9
    Anyway, the above explanation of motivations was provided by Claremont in a text piece in Marvel Preview#7.

Thanks to Slawomir Kwaśny for pointing out that Abelard wasn't actually a police officer.

see comments.

despite the discussion as such by Claremont, the N'Garai are not the Elder Gods.

Walter "Wally" Dean


He had aspired to membership in the Camarilla of the N'Garai, but, unfortunately for him, this was the time when Satana had begun stalking the Camarilla for their assaults against her. After killing several of his allies, she confronted him in his own home. He pulled a gun on her, but she slapped him to the ground and forced him to see his own soul before she consumed it. One of his allies returned at that time, initially thinking Dean was getting lucky and asked him to share the wealth. He received his share, as well, as Satana consumed him soul.


--Haunt of Horror#5/4





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Haunt of Horror#4 (November, 1974) - Chris Claremont (writer), Pat Broderick & Crusty Bunkers (art), Tony Isabella (editor)
Haunt of Horror#5 (January, 1975) - Chris Claremont (writer), George Evans (artist), Don McGregor (editor)
Marvel Preview#7 (Summer, 1976) - Chris Claremont (writer), Vicente Alcazar (artist), John Warner (editor)

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