Real Name: Lucifer

Identity/ClassDemon (Class 2); former Angel;
   Distant past to modern era

Occupation: Ruler of his own portion of Hell; former general in Heaven

Group Membership: Hell-lords (Asmodeus, Beelzeboul, Marduk Kurios, Mephisto, Murray, Olivier, Satannish, Thog, others), Satan (see comments);
   former leader of his Inner Circle (aka Infernals/Infernal Court; including Beelzeboul, Kazann/Micah, Olivier, Pazuzu, Xaphan, 9 unidentified others), the angels of Heaven

Affiliations: Bedelstraum, Blackpires, Dr. Louis Childs, Clay, Gang of Nine, Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch), Gutting Crew, Hela, Highwayman (Jefferson Hercules Archer), Hoss, Kid Blackheart (Anton Satan), My Lai Air Cavalry, Nightcomers, Mammon, Master Pandemonium, Old Horned Gentry, Rhymers, Ribbon Kings, Shining Klan, Sleepy Hollows' army of the dead (including Cameron Fillardi), Womb-Squabs, Zagan, many unidentified Satanists;
   666 host bodies including Coach Brenner, Jack Daniels, Dr. Edward Falls, Jack O'Lantern, unidentified old lady;
   formerly the Black Host, Greexix, Kazann, Olivier, Zadkiel, Zarathos;
   allegedly 130 million fallen angels including (according to some sources) Abbadona, Adramaelec, Agares, Amezyarak, Amnixiel, Amy, Anane, Ananel, Anmael, Arakiba, Araqiel, Araziel, Ariel, Arioch, Armaros, Armen, Artaqifa, Asael, Asbeel, Asmoday (possibly Asmodeus), Astaroth, Astoreth, Atarculph, Auza, Azael, Azaradel, Azazel, Azibeel, Azkeel, Azza, Azzael, Badariel, Bael, Balam, Baraqel, Baraqijal, Barbatos, Barbiel, Batarel, Batarjal, Beelzebub, Beleth, Belial, Beliar, Belphegor, Busasejal, Byleth, Balberith, Cameron, Carnivean, Carreau, Caym, Chobaliel, Dagon, Danjal, Ertrael, Ezequeel, Flauros, Focalor, Forcas, Forneus, Gaap, Gadreel, Gressil, Gurson, Hakael, Hananel, Harut, Hauras, Helel, Hosampsich, Iblis, Ielahiah, Imamiah, Incubus, Iomuel, Ithuriel, Iuvart, Jeqon, Jetrel, Jomjael, Kasdaye, Kasdeja, Kawkabel, Kazbiel, Lauviah, Leviathan, Los, Mammon, Mara, Marbas, Marchsias, Marou, Marut, Mephistopheles, Meresin, Meririm, Moloch, Mulciber, Murmus, Nelchael, Neqael, Nilaihah, Nithael, Oeillet, Ophis, Orus, Ousir, Ouzza, Paimon, Penemue, Procell, Pruflas, Pursan, Qemuel, Rabdos, Ramiel, Raum, Regent, Rimmon, Rofocale, Rosier, Rumjal, Salamiel, Sammael (see comments), Samsaveel, Saraknyal, Sariel, Shaitan, Saturnus, Sealiah, Semyaz, Senciner, Seriel, Shamshiel, Simapesiel, Sonneillon, Sophar, Sumiel, Tabaet, Taus-Melek, Tausa, Thammuz, Thaphabaoth, Thausael, Theutus, Tumael, Turael, Turel, Urakabarameel, Urian, Urthekau, Usiel, Uzza, Verrier, Verrin, Vual, Wall, Yetzer Hara, Yomyael, Zaciel Parmar, Zavebe, Zophiel;
   possibly Lilith (see comments), Symnay, Olivier Stoker, Wormwood;
   possible worshipers Apocalypse (Kazarian) (maybe the rest of Demon-Fire), Black Baron, Nicholas Bordia

EnemiesAsmodeus, Asura, Belasco, the Black Host, Dixie Buchanan, Camarilla of the N'Garai (at least they tried), Deadpool ("Wade Wilson"), Donnie, Dormammu, Emmael, Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze), God (Yahweh), Earl Gustav, Kazann (Micah), Marty Levins, Phyllis Levins, Malachi, Marcus, Mephisto, Michael, Mikaboshi, Mister Eleven, N'Garai, Harry O'Connor, Pluto, Satana, Satannish, Vraniel, Zadkiel, countless unidentified victims;
   formerly Cameron Fillardi;
   allegedly Adam, Eve

Known RelativesOshtur (alleged creator; see comments), other Hell-lords ("brethren");
   Hellfire (Mikal Dragonmekas), Hellstorm (Daimon Hellstrom), Satana Hellstrom (quasi-paternal relationship);

Aliases: Bringer of Light, Light-Bearer, the Devil, Lord Satan, Morningstar, Morning Star, Prince of Darkness, Satan, Son of Dawn;
   according to mythological sources Azazel (Book of Enoch), Lumiel (Quran);
   posed as Greexix

Base of Operations: A branch of Hell;
   formerly Heaven

First Appearance: (As serpent; see comments) Bible Tales For Young Folk#1 (August, 1953); (mentioned) Tower of Shadows#4 (March, 1970); (seen) Ghost Rider VI#1 (September, 2006)

Powers/Abilities: An immensely powerful supernatural entity, Lucifer's abilities include creating interdimensional portals, image projection, demonic possession, mystical force blasts, illusion casting, size- and shape-shifting, matter manipulation, raising and animating the dead, and regenerating the corpses of those he inhabits. Lucifer can capture the souls of recently deceased humans, though this usually applies only to beings who bargain away their souls to him. Lucifer does not need to eat, sleep or drink and is immune to aging and conventional disease.

   For some time Lucifer's powers were dispersed among 666 forms. As each host was destroyed, the power within that host dispersed into the remaining, making each one become that much stronger, until only one body remained with all of Lucifer's powers on the mortal plane.

Height: 7'5" (variable)
Weight: 750 lbs. (variable)
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black


(Marvel Zombies: The Book of Angels, Demons & Various Monstrosities - Angels) - Lucifer the Morningstar, son of dawn and bringer of light, was one of the most powerful angels.

(Marvel Preview#7 (fb) ) - Around a million years ago Lucifer allegedly led the forces of Heaven against the N'Garai, who had colonized Earth, and banished them from Earth back to their extradimensional home dimension.

(Revelation 12:7-13/Isaiah 14:12-17/Marvel Zombies: The Book of Angels, Demons & Various Monstrosities - Angels & Demons/Marvel Preview#7 (fb) ) - In an attempt to become ruler of Heaven Lucifer led a rebellion against God (Yahweh). Ignoring Gods' warnings Lucifer caused a war in Heaven.

(Marvel Zombies: The Book of Angels, Demons & Various Monstrosities - Asmodeus) - Asmodeus was an angel who joined Lucifer's rebellion against God.

(Punisher IV#1 (fb) - BTS) - Olivier, Prince of the Archangels, sided with Lucifer in his war against Heaven.

(Nightcrawler III#3 (fb) - BTS) - Pazuzu sided with Lucifer in his war against God.

(Ghost Rider V#6 (fb) - BTS) - Micah joined Lucifer's war against Heaven.

(Deadpool Team-Up#897 (fb) - BTS) - Xaphan sided with Lucifer and set Heaven on fire during the war.

(Ghost Rider VI#18 (fb) - BTS) - During Lucifer's rebellion against God, archangel Zadkiel and his Black Host legions initially sided with Lucifer, but ultimately betrayed him.

(Luke 10:18/Marvel Zombies: The Book of Angels, Demons & Various Monstrosities - Lucifer/Nightcrawler III#3 (fb) - BTS) - Lucifer's Inner Circle (including Beelzeboul, Micah, Olivier, Pazuzu and Xaphan) was comprised of 14 angels, who sided with Lucifer in his war against God. When Lucifer forces lost against Michael's loyal forces he was cast down from Heaven and fell into the pit (Hell), dragging his fourteen lieutenants down with him, and the fourteen angels became fourteen demons.

(Marvel Zombies: The Book of Angels, Demons & Various Monstrosities - Angels & Demons) - All of Lucifer's supporters were cast down into Hell to become demons. There were as many as 130 million total fallen angels.

(Genesis 2:21-5:5/Ezekiel 28:13-18/Bible Tales For Young Folk#1) - God created Adam and Eve and allowed them to live in the Garden of Eden, until a serpent (see comments) tempted Eve to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, which God had forbidden. Adam followed Eve into temptation, and they were cast out of Eden by God.

(Ghost Rider V#6 (fb) - BTS) - Micah abandoned his angelic name in Hell and began calling himself Kazann. He stayed in contact with his brother Malachi, who was still an angel in Heaven. They secretly shared vital information and secrets of Heaven and Hell to counter each domain's actions while making themselves look good in order to rise through the ranks.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#8 (fb) - BTS) <1667> - Mephisto related the tale of rival Hell-lord Lucifer's fall from Heaven to John Milton, who based the poem Paradise Lost on it.

(Punisher IV#1 (fb) - BTS/All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z#8 - Olivier) - Lucifer and other Hell-lords (including Mephisto, Satannish and Murray) felt intimidated by Olivier and turned on him. They punished him by trapping him inside the human body of newborn Frank Costa.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Horror 2005 - Hellstorm/Terror Inc.#4 (fb) - BTS) - Over 30 years ago, the Hell-lords, including Lucifer, desired a son via a human woman to serve as a living battery drawing in mankind's black energy (sin), storing it as a charge of pure evil. This would empower the Hell-lords to break through reality's walls in force and launch an unstoppable assault on man.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Horror 2005 - Hellstorm) - In an early attempt, the Hell-lords bonded their collective essence within Beelzeboul.

(Terror Inc.#5 (fb) - BTS) - Beelzeboul seduced and impregnated Cassandra Dragonmekas, but upon learning his true nature she magically banished him back to Hell.

(Marvel Spotlight#13 (fb)/Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#2 (fb)/Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#16 (fb)/Terror Inc.#2 (fb) - all BTS) - In a subsequent attempt Satan (Kurios) took human form in search for a wife. He married Victoria Wingate-Hellstrom, who gave birth to Daimon a year later. (the Hell-lords including Lucifer bonded their essence to Marduk Kurios to sire him)

(Marvel Spotlight#13 (fb)/Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#2 (fb) - all BTS) - Three years later Satana was born, the daughter of Satan and Victoria Wingate. (the Hell-lords including Lucifer bonded their essence to Marduk Kurios to sire her)

(Tower of Shadows#4 - BTS) - Brother Alistar invoked Lucifer, the Tetragramaton and Belial when he summoned the demon Zagan to Earth.

(Marvel Spotlight I#5 (fb)/ Ghost Rider II#68 (fb) - both BTS/Ghost Rider VI#5 (fb) ) - In an effort to save his adoptive father ("Crash" Simpson) from the disease that was killing him, John Blaze used an occult tome to perform a ritual to summon Satan. "Satan" appeared (Mephisto, either as part of the Satanic gestalt of the various Hell-lords, or an alliance of Mephisto and Lucifer), and John offered to serve the demon for all eternity if the demon would save "Crash" from the disease. The demon agreed, but "Crash," thinking he had one final chance to shine as a stunt motorcyclist, arranged to leap 22 cars, wrecked, and died instantly. Since "Crash" had not died of the disease, the demon soon appeared to claim Blaze, but his girlfriend, Roxanne Simpson ("Crash"'s daughter) prayed to God and having secretly studied Blaze's Satanic texts, banished the demon and prevented him from claiming Blaze's soul. Answering Roxanne's prayers the angel Zadkiel bonded Blaze to Zarathos, causing him to transform nightly into the Ghost Rider, the earthly spirit of vengeance. This made it impossible for the Devil to take Blaze, whose soul belonged to the Devil, to Hell because he couldn't take the angelic Spirit of Vengeance there permanently. (see comments)

(Haunt of Horror II#4/3, 5/4, Marvel Preview#7 - all BTS) - The Camarilla of the N'Garai identified Lucifer as Satana's father through her specific Satanmark (see comments) and went after her to get revenge on Lucifer for his past actions against their masters, the N'Garai.

(West Coast Avengers II#14 - BTS) - Daimon Hellstrom, Son of Satan, knew Lucifer as one of the many demons appearing as Satan and tried to explain to the West Coast Avengers the situation of various demons claiming to be Satan with a biblical quote:"My name is legion, for we are many".

(Ghost Rider VI#34 (fb) - BTS) - Jefferson Archer, inspired by his fake origin, contacted Satan, who transformed him into a more demonic state and gave him the demonic Blackrig filled with demons. He used the Blackrig to collect souls for Satan.

(Nightcrawler III#3 (fb) - BTS/Marvel Zombies: The Book of Angels, Demons & Various Monstrosities - Pazuzu) - Pazuzu and the rest of the Inner Circle gained a chance at freedom when Lucifer's most inner circle was somehow disrupted reportedly by Hellstorm and the Ghost Rider (John Blaze).

(Nightcrawler III#12 (fb) - BTS) - Somebody (presumably Lucifer) influenced Childs to go into the Barnes & Noble bookstore.

(Nightcrawler III#4 (fb) - BTS) - Dr. Louis Childs found a book in the occult section that described the ritual to set the Infernals free. He forged a pact with Lucifer to free the Inner Circle from Hell and bind them to himself and his wealthy associates.

(Nightcrawler III#4 - BTS) - The plan failed miserably for all involved. Childs was slain by the Inner Circle's Pazuzu and the entire Inner Circle got trapped in clay statues, which were taken to Otherplace by Magik (Amanda Sefton).

(Ghost Rider VI#7 (fb) - BTS) - Demonic lawyer Bedelstraum and Clay set up Johnny Blaze with a murder weapon. Clay shot Blaze in the head in Bedelstraum's limousine then took his own life. Bedelstraum later met with district attorney James Strahorn, an angel, who made an unknown proposition to Bedelstraum.

(Ghost Rider V#1 (fb) - BTS) - Ghost Rider (Blaze) got caught by demons in Lucifer's Hell.

(Ghost Rider VI#1 (fb) - BTS) - Lucifer toyed with Ghost Rider (Blaze) by making him believe he could escape Hell, but each time an army of demons stopped him at the last moment.

(Ghost Rider V#1 (fb) - BTS) - Night after night he tried to escape, but each time the demon hordes caught up to him and ripped him apart only for him to recover to go through the same process the next night. Among the demons going after him were the Blackpires, Gang of Nine, Gutting Crew, My Lai Air Cavalry, Nightcomers, Old Horned Gentry, Rhymers, Ribbon Kings, Shining Klan and the Womb-Squabs.

   Hell sent the demonic headhunter Hoss to retrieve the demon Kazann from Earth.

(Ghost Rider V#2 - BTS) - The angel Malachi distracted the demon hordes and helped Ghost Rider escape Lucifer's domain temporarily to hunt Kazann down for him on Earth before Hell's headhunter Hoss or Heaven's headhunter Ruth could catch the demon.

(Ghost Rider V#3 - BTS) - Hell sent the murderous Father Adam to send Ghost Rider back to Hell.

(Ghost Rider V#4 - BTS) - Kazann opened with the aid of industrialist Earl Gustav a gateway from Texas to Hell to release an army of rebellious demons upon Earth.

(Ghost Rider V#5 - BTS) - Ghost Rider, Hoss and Ruth fought the demon hordes brought to Earth by Kazann. Father Adam shot at Ghost Rider, but missed and was burned by him. Kazann mocked Ghost Rider for getting duped by Malachi to hunt him down and believing the angel's claim to get him released from Hell.

(Ghost Rider V#6 - BTS) - Ghost Rider destroyed Kazann's physical form while Jemima Catmint, Gustav's assistant, forced her boss to close the portal to Hell again and send back all the demons with the Hymn of Recall. Gustav fell to his death when Catmint, scared by the archangel Ruth, accidentally pushed his wheelchair from the damaged building. He ended up in Hell. Father Adam shot Ghost Rider through the head to send him back to Hell as well. Father Adam died and ended up in Hell for selling his soul in the past for getting away with killing his ex-lover. Malachi revealed his lie, but got his wings ripped off by archangel Ruth, and left in Hell to be dragged behind Ghost Rider's bike during his escape attempts.

(Ghost Rider VI#1) - From the top of his fortress Lucifer observed Ghost Rider once again in his hopeless endeavor to escape Hell. Minor demons complimented Lord Lucifer's great work, but he grew tired of their grovelling, telling them he was well aware of his superiority in manipulation especially with Ghost Rider, whose strings he knew how to pull.

   When the escaped demon Greexix, who had talked to Ghost Rider, was brought before Lucifer, who was not amused Greexix tried to flee Hell. Greexix professed he was just trying to expand the Pit like Lucifer commanded and got lost in the process. With a smile on his face Lucifer admitted that even though Greexix's attempted escape seemed to be an misunderstanding he had to be tortured. When Lucifer learned from his servant that Greexix had been seen talking to Ghost Rider, the Hell-lord formed a plan.

(Ghost Rider VI#18 (fb) ) - Lucifer had a talk with Greexix to learn his plan to escape Hell.

(Ghost Rider VI#1) - Lucifer disguised himself as Greexix and was carried away by guards when Ghost Rider showed up to save him. Ghost Rider fled with "Greexix" from Lucifer's army. After jumping over the Pit "Greexix" led Ghost Rider to a cave and told him sob story about how "Greexix" had been working in the Pit for so long that he eventually couldn't take it anymore and when he tried to escape found water. A surprised Ghost Rider promised "Greexix" to help them both escape Hell together. A handshake was enough and Lucifer revealed it was him all along. Mocking Ghost Rider for being so gullible to get tricked into making a deal with him Lucifer dragged Ghost Rider into the water and promised him they would see each other on the the other side.

(Ghost Rider VI#4 (fb) ) - Lucifer held on to Ghost Rider's bike when he crossed over to Earth because Lucifer himself was unable to traverse to the mortal plane. Because he didn't possess a physical form on the mortal plane Lucifer's celestial form disintegrated over Earth and rained down on the planet. The 666 parts of Lucifer took possession of the souls of humans that had died at that moment and reawakened them.

(Ghost Rider VI#8 (fb) - BTS) - The corpse of former super-villain Jack O'Lantern became one of the hosts of Lucifer.

(Ghost Rider VI#2) - A recently deceased unidentified grandfather was possessed by a portion of Lucifer. He took his family and the priest from his funeral to a gas station and told them to stay in the van. He overfilled the van with gas until a large puddle of gasoline formed under the van. He bought some matches inside the gas station and lighted one. Lucifer revealed himself to Ghost Rider, who had been at the same gas station. Lucifer landed in front of the van and made it clear that Ghost Rider would only make the situation worse with fire. Lucifer didn't wait for Ghost Rider to make a decision and lighted a match, but before he could drop it the mother of his host's former family started the van and it blew up on its own, killing the host and the family inside. Three more Lucifer hosts surrounded Ghost Rider with their cars and told him he shouldn't have hesitated and that the family would go to Hell because they had committed suicide. Before the three hosts split up and left one of them revealed to Ghost Rider that Ghost Rider would get 665 more chances to destroy Lucifer.

(Ghost Rider VI#3 - BTS) - Doctor Strange ordered Ghost Rider to abandon his quest for vengeance on Lucifer because destroying him would only make things worse. Ghost Rider believed Strange to be Lucifer and brutally beat him up.

(Ghost Rider VI#3) - Near Elk City, Oklahoma a portion of Lucifer took possession of an old man, who had died two days earlier. When his wife and grandchildren came home Lucifer slew them. Another host, an old woman, woke up in the morgue, and killed everyone she saw with a sawblade. She then stole an ambulance and traveled to the possessed old man near Elk City. He slipped in front of the old woman on a puddle of blood. They talked about what they had done since waking up until the old woman asked the old man to go for a ride with the ambulance and run over some soccer moms at the local shopping center. The old man suggested to stay a bit longer at this house because the old man's daughter would soon come to pick up her children. He was sure Ghost Rider wouldn't turn up before that happened because he was busy at the moment (with Strange).

(Ghost Rider VI#4 - BTS) - After Ghost Rider defeated Doctor Strange Numecet, who had been invoked by Strange, appeared and revealed to Ghost Rider how Lucifer had crossed over to Earth and possessed 666 people. She told Ghost Rider not to destroy the host bodies because with each destroyed host the others would gain the power released by the host, which would help Lucifer reach his ultimate goal to collect all his infernal power in one body on Earth. Lucifer was unable to kill the hosts by himself because suicides go to Hell. Ghost Rider suggested to kill all but one host and drag the final host back to Hell and Numecet agreed to the plan.

(Ghost Rider VI#5 (fb) - BTS) - Four hosts on motorbikes slew 18 people.

(Ghost Rider VI#5) - On the run from the local police three of them ended up decapitated by Ghost Rider. The fourth led Ghost Rider to the old Quentin Carnival to relive some bad memories. Mocking Roxanne's death Lucifer lured Ghost Rider to his family's old trailer. Lucifer tried to convince Ghost Rider they were not that different, but Ghost Rider didn't let him talk and blew up the trailer and the abandoned park along with Lucifer's host.

(Ghost Rider VI#6) - A host, who served as priest, drowned to the shock of his congregation a boy in a river when he was supposed to baptize him. He mockingly told his congregation to give him a few tries because he was new to this. Ghost Rider arrived and the priest revealed his demonic form and to Ghost Rider's shock was far more powerful than the last few hosts of Lucifer he had fought. The host beat up Ghost Rider and tossed him around, but Ghost Rider fought back with Hellfire. Lucifer laughed off the attack despite feeling his fat burn and ripped off Ghost Rider's left leg, which he used to beat up Ghost Rider even more.

(Ghost Rider VI#7) - The priest kept kept mocking Ghost Rider, who regenerated his leg. Lucifer was disappointed at Ghost Rider's lack of reaction to his mocking and realized the Spirit of Vengeance had completely taken over. Ghost Rider set a cross on fire and nailed the Lucifer host to a nearby car before blowing it up, killing the host.

(Ghost Rider VI#8 - BTS) - A portion of Lucifer, possessing Jack O'Lantern's corpse, decapitated Cameron Fillardi in Sleepy Hollows, Illinois when he tried to force himself on Emily Stouffer.

(Ghost Rider VI#8 (fb) ) - Ghost Rider slew five Lucifer hosts in Sleepy Hollows, Illinois and was arrested the next morning at the golf course when he was found in bloodied clothes.

(Ghost Rider VI#8 (fb) - BTS) - Lucifer kept the parents of his host Jack O'Lantern tied to chairs in their home. He cut open Mr. Levins' throat and led him bleed out.

(Ghost Rider VI#8) - Phillys Levins begged her supposed son to untie her so she could pray, but he wouldn't do it because Lucifer had a really bad day and just wanted to watch TV.

(Ghost Rider VI#9) - Donnie and Marcus, who had snuck out at night despite an official curfew in Sleepy Hollows, were hunted by Jack O'Lantern. Running from his burning head Marcus jumped into a river while Donnie was decapitated by Jack and then fell into the river. Marcus pulled Donnie out off the water and was shocked when he saw his head was missing. Jack appeared behind Marcus and offered to let him live if Marcus sold him his soul. Marcus was going to shake on the deal when Jack was pulled away by Ghost Rider's chain. Jack's head told Marcus they would talk again later before reuniting with his body. Ghost Rider hurled Jack O'Lantern into an oncoming truck, which hit the possessed Jack. Ghost Rider told the driver to leave before returning his attention to Lucifer, who revealed Jack's form had come with special equipment including body armor and a wristblaster. He shot Ghost Rider without much effect, then fled on Jack's glider.

   While Ghost Rider got into trouble with Sleepy Hollows' Sheriff Harry O'Connor, Jack O'Lantern made his way to the local cemetery and raised the dead from their graves because it was Halloween and time for some trick-or-treating.

(Ghost Rider VI#11 (fb) - BTS) - Among the resurrected was Cameron Fillardi.

(Ghost Rider VI#10 (fb) ) - Jack O'Lantern was quickly annoyed by his lumbering group of undead Sleepy Hollows residents and called them the worst army of the dead ever when they had a hard time following his directions.

(Ghost Rider VI#10) - When Jack arrived with his undead army at the house of local priest Darryl he rang the bell. The door was opened by Sheriff O'Connor, who shot off Jack's head. It regenerated within seconds and Jack ordered his undead army to attack, but they were easily taken down one by one by O'Connor. Ghost Rider appeared behind Jack O'Lantern and O'Connor told him they undead were no problem at all. Jack then realized he had run into a trap.

(Ghost Rider VI#11) - Jack threw pumpkin bombs at Ghost Rider, who blocked them with his chain to blow up the zombie horde. Inside the priest's house O'Connor was attacked by zombie Cameron Fillardi. Jack O'Lantern was disappointed when Ghost Rider showed concerned for Sheriff O'Connor. Ghost Rider tried to hit Jack with his chain, but the chain got caught by Jack's glider, which took Ghost Rider into the sky where he destroyed it. Ghost Rider returned in time to the priest's home to save O'Connor from getting shot with his own shotgun by Jack O'Lantern, who mentioned how it would be his first time to use a gun. Ghost Rider pulled Jack O'Lantern to three mines placed in the house and they blew up, destroying the house. Jack survived, but Ghost Rider ripped out his heart, burnt it, then stuck it back into Jack's body and the heart blew up. Jack O'Lantern's head dropped to the floor and Ghost Rider stomped on it, finally killing this Lucifer host.

(Ghost Rider VI#12) - A co-pilot (later Jack Daniels), possessed by a portion of Lucifer, ripped the face of a pilot before the plane started, then tried to take off to get to Buffalo, but Ghost Rider appeared in time to pull off the plane's cockpit with his chain and run over the host with a fuel truck. The Lucifer host survived the truck's explosion and asked Ghost Rider if it was more important to him to get him or save the innocents in the plane. Johnny Blaze was unable to stop the Ghost Rider's thirst for vengeance. The plane blew up behind him and numerous innocents died while the burning Lucifer host mocked Ghost Rider, then escaped when Ghost Rider fell to his knees to mourn the lost innocent lives.

(Ghost Rider VI#14 (fb) ) - A portion of Lucifer possessed Dr. Edward Falls' corpse. Falls kept working as a physician at Harmony Hospital until Ghost Rider followed him from the hospital after the end of his shift.

   Falls caused an accident with two other cars when he tried to run from Ghost Rider. When Ghost Rider had the Lucifer host by the throat he got distracted by a crying child and fell over the side of the bridge when Falls burnt him with hellfire. During the fall Ghost Rider swung his chain around Falls' neck from both sides of the bridge and took off on his bike to rip Falls in two.

   The following two months Ghost Rider slew 21 more Lucifer hosts in various ways even though it got harder with each time.

   A portion of Lucifer possessed the corpse of a police officer, who was called in to negotiate with a man, who threatened to jump the top of a building. He mocked the man to the shock of his partner and ultimately made him jump. Ghost Rider saved the innocent man then kicked the Lucifer host off the building to his death.

   Ghost Rider hunted down another host, who had a corpse in the back of his pickup truck. Ghost Rider ran his bike into the host's pickup truck to stop him. In the accident the host got his pickup truck's stick shift rammed through his head. The host survived in a vegetative state, which was well suited for Ghost Rider's idea to stop Lucifer.

(Ghost Rider VI#14) - Johnny Blaze told truck driver Dixie Buchanan about his plan after they spent a night together.

(Ghost Rider VI#16 (fb) - BTS) - Blaze secretly placed the near dead Lucifer host in the trailer of Dixie's truck.

(Ghost Rider Annual II#1) - A Lucifer host went into a bar, ordered some whiskey and offered to join a game of pool. When he hit on a local girl in front of her father in a lewd way he got into a fight with the father and rammed his cue through the dad's throat. He transformed into his demonic form and the bartender shot him with a shotgun. Lucifer cracked open his head with two billiard balls. He curb stomped the daughter and her mother for good measure. A guy, who was on the phone, got angry because of the noise and Lucifer broke his neck. He rammed his arm through a guy drinking at the bar then sat down to the last guy alive at the bar. He recognized him as Mister Eleven, an agent of Heaven and Hell, who had once screwed over Lucifer's agent Mammon. Eleven offered his aid to Lucifer in return for a meeting with the Devil. Lucifer had no interest to make business with a double crossing agent like Eleven and just told him not to get involved in his fight with Ghost Rider. Eleven acted like a smartass and got his head cut off by Lucifer, but Eleven survived by transferring himself into the bartender.

   Outside the bar Lucifer on his own bike got into a fight with Ghost Rider, but without Johnny Blaze in control, the Ghost Rider was easily tricked by Lucifer to follow him to a local fair. Lucifer hit him with glass shards, tossed a concession stand on him and then powered up a bumper car and put a spike in its grill to impale Ghost Rider with it. At the last moment Mister Eleven jumped in front of the flying bumper car and got impaled instead of Ghost Rider. Lucifer jumped out of the bumper car and got back on his bike, but Ghost Rider was back on his feet and spit hellfire at the Lucifer host to burn him.

(Ghost Rider VI#19 (fb) - BTS) - Blaze planned to catch a Lucifer host near death and keep it alive until it was the only host left, which would then be easier to kill.

(Ghost Rider VI#15 (fb) - BTS) - Lucifer host Jack Daniels bought the Buffalo Geoducks.

(Ghost Rider VI#15) - Daniels gave a press conference to announce a regular season game free to the public with free food and beer. He secretly planned to blow up the packed stadium. He told one of his doubting assistants to make sure to attend the game and bring his family with him.

   Daniels was on his way to the office annoyed by his employees and T.P.S. reports when Ghost Rider, who had recognized Daniels on TV as the burnt host from the plane incident, crashed into his office. He put his chain around Daniels' throat when he saw a photograph of a Little League Team. The Lucifer-possessed Daniels explained they were a Geoduck sponsored team, which currently was at a special camp with another host. Daniels mockingly called it "Camp Contingency Plan" and was going to explain it to Ghost Rider.

(Ghost Rider VI#16 (fb) - BTS) - Daniels apparently explained his contingency plan to make sure Ghost Rider didn't hurt him.

(Ghost Rider VI#16) - Ghost Rider beat Daniels through his office wall and Daniels told him he would win either way. He kept mocking Ghost Rider and puked hellfire on the ground before Ghost Rider left to save the innocent children. The possessed old man and old woman (last seen in #3) were not far away in their stolen ambulance. The old man watched Ghost Rider through binoculars heading to their direction. They weren't sure if he saw them until he ran through their ambulance, blowing them up. They survived the explosion, but Ghost Rider wasn't finished with them yet. He put his chain around the old lady's neck, then decapitated the old man when he tried to hit him with a part from the ambulance. The old man's body kept going and picked up Ghost Rider. The old lady used Ghost Rider's chain to rip off the old man's legs. Ghost Rider blew up the rest of the old man's body. When he closed in on the old lady she suggested they work together because he would need all the help he could get if he wanted to beat her. Ghost Rider hit her hard in the face because he already had help.

   The owner of the motel Dixie was staying at told her people had been complaining about the smell emitted by her rig. Dixie found the near dead Lucifer host inside the trailer.

(Ghost Rider VI#17 (fb) - BTS) - Dixie moved the Lucifer host to her room at the motel.

(Ghost Rider VI#18-19 (fb) - BTS) - Dixie and Blaze had a talk about the near death Lucifer host. Blaze told Dixie she had to kill him after he had slain the second-to-last host.

(Ghost Rider VI#17) - The old lady Lucifer host claimed it was Lucifer's first time on the mortal plane and she didn't want it to end. She asked Ghost Rider to talk to Johnny Blaze to make a deal with him, but he just kicked her to the ground. The old lady didn't give up and offered Ghost Rider to tell him where the children threatened by another Lucifer host were. Ghost Rider transformed back into Johnny Blaze and agreed to the deal. The old lady tapped into her psychic link with the other Lucifer hosts Daniels and Brenner, who knew about the location, then told Blaze they were in a barn near a dirt road next to wheat fields in Colville.

   Ghost Rider chained the old lady up under a bridge.

   Coach Brenner was on the phone with Daniels and revealed that Ghost Rider had not arrived yet and that everything was fine. After the call Brenner offered the children poison, which made one of them cry. Ghost Rider crashed through the barn's ceiling, put his chain around Brenner's neck and attacked Brenner. Brenner accidentally destroyed his cellphone when he dropped it, but quickly got the upper hand on Ghost Rider. Going in for the kill Brenner realized too late that the other side of the chain around his neck was tied to Ghost Rider's bike, which pulled him through the ceiling to the outside. In the end the chain was around Brenner's neck and all his extremities, but he still had the children in the barn and blew it up before Ghost Rider could save them. Luckily the angels Emmael and Vraniel had already saved the children. When Brenner recognized them Vraniel slew the demonic host. His phone rang...

   Meanwhile Dixie was too disgusted by the smell coming from the near dead Lucifer host in her room to enter it again.

(Ghost Rider VI#18 (fb) - BTS) - Daniels bought explosives from Iranians.

(Ghost Rider VI#18) - Ghost Rider took the call and it was Daniels, who revealed that the Iranians had delivered the explosives to the arena last night, before realizing it was not Brenner but Ghost Rider on the other side of the line. Ghost Rider promised Daniels he would be with him soon. Though he was angry he didn't have the time anymore to blow up a whole stadium with innocents he still had a bus filled with explosives and planned to blow up his building with everyone still inside. A fire alarm went off and people fled the building before Daniels could blow it up. Ghost Rider appeared behind Daniels and attacked him, revealing that only Daniels and one other host was left. Daniels threatened to blow up the building if Ghost Rider didn't stay away from him, but Ghost Rider knew Daniels wouldn't do it would be pointless with anyone else gone and it would be suicide, which would send Lucifer back to Hell. Daniels dropped the remote detonator and Ghost Rider picked it up and threatened to use it himself when the angels Emmael and Vraniel appeared even though he had told them to stay behind. Afraid Lucifer would reveal the truth about Ghost Rider's angelic origin Emmael attacked Daniels, but Ghost Rider bound them together with his chain. Daniels provoked to use his penance stare on Emmael and it burnt the angel because he had been lying to Ghost Rider all along. Daniels then revealed the truth how Ghost Rider was an angel, who got bound to Blaze by Zadkiel, the boss of Emmael and Vraniel, when Zadkiel answered the prayers of Roxanne. Due to the Spirit of Vengeance's angelic origin Blaze could actually not be held in Hell, which Lucifer always counted on when Blaze was sent was sent to Hell. Even though he couldn't tell Ghost Rider back then he trained Ghost Rider for his eventual escape each and every day until he was ready and Lucifer could tag along with him. Lucifer was thankful for Ghost Rider's unplanned run in with the demon Greexix, which eventually got them both out of Hell. Daniels shifted into his demonic form and was going to kill Vraniel as well, but the angel committed suicide. Lucifer called for a timeout to tell Ghost Rider a bit about his history with the treacherous Zadkiel whose agent Ghost Rider actually was. He offered Ghost Rider to form alliance to take down the other remaining Lucifer host and then go after Zadkiel and his Black Host together for what they did to them both, but Ghost Rider called Dixie to tell her it would take one more hour, then blew up the building to destroy Lucifer host Daniels.

(Ghost Rider VI#19 (fb) - BTS) - The old lady escaped her chains after gaining the additional power from Lucifer host Daniels.

(Ghost Rider VI#19) - Ghost Rider arrived at the bridge and was assaulted by the old lady, who believed she was the final Lucifer host. Their fight was brutal, but in the end, to the old lady's surprise Ghost Rider damaged her body heavily with hellfire.

   Meanwhile the police arrived at Dixie's motel room and kicked in the door to find Dixie sitting next to the bed with the near dead Lucifer host. She revealed to the police that it was the Devil and she had to kill the it in two minutes.

   Ghost Rider revealed to the surprised old lady that she was not the last host, then killed her by sending his chain through her head.

   The final host awakened, but weakened due to his vegetative state, was easily shot numerous times by the police officers until it died. Dixie was accidentally killed by the police as well.

(Ghost Rider VI#32 (fb) - BTS) - Lucifer returned to Hell.

(Ghost Rider: Heaven's on Fire#2 (fb) - BTS) - Master Pandemonium became Satan (Lucifer)'s servant.

(Ghost Rider VI#24 - BTS) - Blaze in search for a murderous priest broke into Waxahachie Maximum Security Prison where a bunch of Satanists tried to get revenge on Ghost Rider (Blaze) for defeating their master. They were sure they would be rewarded greatly by their master for taking Blaze's life, but they stood down when the priest Blaze was looking for told them to.

(Ghost Rider VI#32) - Lucifer sat on his throne and felt when Zadkiel conquered the Golden City in Heaven using the powers of the Spirits of Vengeance sent to him by Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch).

(Ghost Rider: Heaven's on Fire#1 (fb) - BTS) - Angels slew a coven of Satanists, who had bred the Antichrist for Satan. One of the children escaped the slaughter.

(Ghost Rider: Heaven's on Fire#1) - A Satanic priest called Hellstorm for help to find the child. He agreed, but only to slay the child himself. The scared priest vowed that even though Satan was weakened after his defeat at the hands of Ghost Rider, he would rise again.

(Ghost Rider: Heaven's on Fire#2-3 (fb) - BTS) - Danny Ketch forced Master Pandemonium to open the portal to Hell. Arriving in Hell he sold his soul to Satan to get the key and directions to a gateway to Heaven. Satan additionally demanded from Ketch to find and bring Kid Blackheart, the Antichrist, to safety.

(Ghost Rider: Heaven's on Fire#5 - BTS) - Kid Blackheart marched with an army of Satan's demons released from Hell by Master Pandemonium through the portal to Heaven hidden inside Caretaker (Sara). When Hellstorm and Jaine Cutter attempted to stop him, Kid Blackheart ordered some of the demons to kill them in the name of Satan. To prevent any more of the demons to reach Heaven Caretaker closed the portal behind Kid Blackheart.

(Ghost Rider: Heaven's on Fire#6 - BTS) - Satan's army led by Kid Blackheart was defeated in Heaven by an army of Ghost Riders. Kid Blackheart escaped and decided to visit strip clubs with his servants Master Pandemonium and Blackout and conquer Earth for Satan later.

(Ghost Rider: Heaven's on Fire#6) - After Zadkiel and the Black Host were defeated at Heaven's gate by an army of Ghost Riders they were sent to Lucifer's portion of Hell. Lucifer welcomed the treacherous Zadkiel and took charge of Zadkiel's torture by other demons (due to their wings they were presumably other fallen angels).

(Deadpool Team-Up#892 (fb) - BTS) - Seeking to gain possession of Satana Hellstrom's soul as its possessor would be heir to her portion of Hell, Belasco, Asmodeus, Dormammu, Lucifer and Mephisto posed as a group of nerds and arranged themselves to be present at the Diamond Casino where they would encounter her.

(Deadpool Team-Up#892 (fb)) - Having just dispatched some minor Hell demon from an Arizona town, Satana stopped off at the Diamond Casino on the way home and played a high stakes poker game with what appeared to be a group of nerds.

   Distracted by the apparent obvious lust of the "nerds," Satana gambled and lost her soul to them.

(Deadpool Team-Up#892 (fb) - BTS) - She first had to date them each, which she did twice, and then the group argued over which of them would marry her.

(Deadpool Team-Up#892 - BTS) - In hopes of regaining her soul and unaware of the true natures/identities of her antagonists, Satana enlisted the aid of Deadpool.

(Deadpool Team-Up#892) - Deadpool confronted and assaulted the "college nerds," including decapitating the human form adopted by Belasco, at which point the demons revealed their true natures.

(Deadpool Team-Up#892 (fb) - BTS) - Deadpool jumped out the window and broke multiple bones to escape the demons.

(Deadpool Team-Up#892 - BTS) - To oppose the demons' plots, Satana married Deadpool, then consumed his soul and then suffused his katana with hellfire.

(Deadpool Team-Up#892) - Via a roll of the dice, Asmodeus won the opportunity to marry Satana, and Belasco and the others reluctantly agreed to abide by this.

(Deadpool Team-Up#892 - BTS) - Asmodeus tried to neutralize Satana's marriage to Deadpool via the "Till death do us part," clause, but Deadpool cut Asmodeus in twain with his hellfire-infused katana.

   With her soul regained, Satana terminated her marriage to Deadpool.

(Chaos War: God Squad#1/3) - Satan (presumably a merged version of various Hell-lords including Marduk Kurios and Lucifer) sat on his throne surrounded by the damned and many other powerful beings with connections to Hell including the likes of Belasco, Blackheart, Ghost Rider (Blaze), Hela, Hellstorm, Master Pandemonium, Pandemonia, Satannish and Sisyphus. He faced Mikaboshi and his army during their attack on Hell. He tried to reason with Mikaboshi, referencing his (Lucifer's) past aspirations for power in Heaven. They couldn't find any common ground with Mikaboshi's plan to destroy everything. Hela realized Hell was lost and fled while Satan sent his son Hellstorm back to Earth to prepare the mortals for Mikaboshi, then faced Mikaboshi himself after absorbing as much power as he could from the damned. Mikaboshi consumed the energies from Satan's body, leaving behind an empty husk he took with him on his way out of Hell to the mortal plane. (see comments)

Comments: Mentioned by Allyn Brodsky (writer).
   Mentioned as Satana's father by Chris Claremont (writer).
   Fully adapted by Daniel Way (writer), Javier Saltares (pencils), Mark Texeira (inks).

Chris Claremont stories during the 1970s often referred to Satan (later identified as Marduk Kurios) as Lucifer. Books in Claremont's Satana stories described her Satanmark as a sign she was blood kin to Lucifer (Haunt of Horror II#4/3, Marvel Preview#7). She was also described as Lucifer's daughter on the splash pages of Haunt of Horror II#5 and Marvel Premiere#27. Dansker, who had lost everything and was enslaved by Satana's father, also name-dropped Lucifer as the culprit. See Snood's comments further below for more on the Lucifer = Satan situation.

At Marvel Angels are actually members of the Bird-Men of Akah Ma'at according to the Marvel Tarot (2007) and their handbook profile in Marvel Zombies: The Book of Angels, Demons & Various Monstrosities (2007), a race created by the Elder Goddess Oshtur to battle the creations of Chthon and Set. Oshtur had to banish the most evolved to another dimension due to a civil war between a faction influenced by Chthon and one trying to protect humanity. Take a guess who Lucifer's ancient enemies, the N'Garai, were created by...Chthon. It fits nicely!

According to Kabbalistic Judaism Sammael was in Lucifer's position and his consort Lilith led 480 legions into battle. At Marvel Lilith allegedly fell from Heaven and became Adam's first wife (until she had enough of being his subservient, which Heaven punished her for by killing their children). Sammael, on the other hand, as one of the demons claiming the Satan title, went to Hell and apparently fell through the ranks until he was just some demon in Marduk Kurios' service playing an infernal chess game with the angel Armaziel. Lilith in recent years had her problems with the likes of Ghost Rider and Doctor Strange while Sammael stayed a forgotten footnote. Punisher IV#1 contradicted the existence of another conflict in Heaven by calling Lucifer's war Heaven's only war, which means they were either part of Lucifer's rebellion with Sammael possibly even being one of Lucifer's generals (maybe even Lilith) in it or Olivier lied in Punisher IV#1 and there were more conflicts in Heaven.

The angel Malachi was mistakenly listed as one of Lucifer's Inner Circle in Lucifer's handbook profile, but he was never part of Lucifer's rebellion. His brother Micah, who became Kazann, was one of Lucifer's Inner Circle! It was actually the point in Garth Ennis' Ghost Rider mini that they were keeping each other informed about the plans of their respective realms to rise through the ranks in Hell and Heaven...until their scheming was found out and Malachi got his wings ripped off by the archangel Ruth and sent to Hell as well.

The Demons entry in Marvel Zombies: The Book of Angels, Demons and Various Monstrosities revealed Zagan and Zarathos as agents of Lucifer. While Zagan is an obscure addition with a minor connection, Zarathos was a big surprise. If the Zarathos revelation still stands after it turned out he was actually a force of Heaven is unknown. There were clearly too many retcons over the years in Ghost Rider's origin story!

Concerning Ghost Rider and his Spirit of Vengeance: In Ghost Rider VI#5 a retcon added Lucifer to Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze)'s origin story. Later in Ghost Rider VI#18 Zadkiel was revealed as the true culprit that bonded Blaze to the Spirit of Vengeance, who was then revealed as a force from Heaven, contradicting all the demonic revelations from the past. At this point it is unclear whether Ghost Rider was merely bonded to Zarathos, who would according to the retcon be a force from Heaven, or if he was bonded to Zarathos (by Satan) and the Spirit of Vengeance (by Zadkiel) from Heaven. There is also the possibility that the Spirit of Vengeance was bonded to Zarathos in the past or that Zarathos was actually a fallen angel in service of Lucifer. As a fallen angel he would still be angelic and could be used by Zadkiel...right? He was also used for millennia by Mephisto, but that was when Zarathos was trapped in the Medallion of Power. It is really confusing at this point!

As strange as it sounds the Church of Lucifer were actually worshipers of Satan (Marduk Kurios), who was often mistaken for Lucifer and even used it to his advantage. It is unknown if they were aware they were worshipping Marduk Kurios and not Lucifer or if it was intentional. There is also the possibility that Lucifer and Marduk Kurios were actually one and the same, even though Satan made it clear in Defenders I#111 that he was not Lucifer. See Snood's comments further below.

In Wolverine, Punisher & Ghost Rider: Official Index to the Marvel Universe#6 the Satan behind Highwayman's powers was identified as Lucifer.

In Wolverine IV#12 (September, 2011) the Red Right Hand summoned what looked to be the Hellfire Serpent, a servant of Marduk Kurios, with the infamous Satanic invocation:"In nomine dei nostri Satanas luciferi excelsi! Shemhamforash!" The first part can be translated from Latin to English as: "In the name of our God, Satan the morning star of the most high!" "Shemhamforash" was originally a Hebrew phrase referring to God's true name, but became a Satanic statement in the last century when Anton LaVey used it in the Satanic Bible. It is usually connected to a "Hail Satan" these days. This could also go in the Marduk Kurios is possibly the same as Lucifer section.

Satan in Chaos War: Chaos King#1 is the father of Hellstorm, but he also references events with Heaven in the past that could be Lucifer's rebellion. Add this to Snood's assumption that Lucifer and Marduk Kurios could be the same! Or this was a merged version of the Hell-lords trying everything to stop Mikaboshi.

BTW Lucifer as the snake in the Garden of Eden is a retcon by Bible scholars/translators. See again Snood's comments below!

Though the Bible never actually refers to Lucifer by name the story of the fallen angels and their leader is part of the Bible, Torah, Quran, the apocryphal Book of Enoch, John Milton's Paradise Lost (1674) and Joseph Smith's Book of Mormon (1830) among others. Names for the fallen angels' leader differ, but the stories are similar.

Lucifer is also pretty popular over at the DC with his own comic and TV series.

Possible Lucifer appearances:

X-Factor I#251 (April, 2013): A winged, armored Hell-lord (see right) waged war with the other Hell-lords to become the sole ruler of all Hell domains.

Marvel Mystery Comics#27/3 (January, 1942): The demon Lucifer Satan, president of Hades Inc., who sent one of his sales managers to cause some trouble in Arbor City because it was free of evil. Vision (Aarkus) stopped the plot in 1941. (considering the name of the corporation this could've been Pluto)

Daredevil I#281-282 (June-July, 1990): The nerdy fallen angel Lucifer (see left) seen in Billboard Heaven in Mephisto's Hell, who was totally trying to be a nice guy to Number Nine and helped her be reunited with her friends. It was hinted at that the fallen angels in these issues were not actually fallen angels but merely people screwed over by Mephisto and trapped in a false Heaven.

There are numerous other possible appearances of Lucifer in Satan's comment section.

Comments by Snood

Who is the Son of Satan's father?

While Satan (Kurios) claims NOT to be Lucifer, there is evidence to support that he actually is Lucifer:

   Lucifer, despite what the Quist Lucifer's entry says, is not a Biblical name for the Devil. The word "Lucifer" only appears in Latin translations of Isaiah 14 (the word "Lucifer" is a Latin word), and in that context it only refers to the king of Babylon. Metaphorically as a "morning star" (similar to the way the Japanese associate their monarch with the sun).

This is big point of embarrassment for Mormons because the Book of Mormon allegedly reproduces and translates the original words of the prophet Isaiah from 600 BC. However, the founder of Mormonism, Joseph Smith, used the word "Lucifer" when translating Isaiah 14. So that would suggest he was actually working off of the King James Bible.

It is interesting to mention that in the Hebrew Bible itself, there is no indication that Satan was the serpent in the garden of Eden. This is shown by the fact that Yahweh/God punished all serpents for what the one serpent had one; leaving aside the unfairness of punishing all members of a species due to the actions of what members, it seems odd that serpents would be punished for something that a shape-shifting angel had done. Willie Sutton dressed up as a plumber to rob banks, but we don't punish plumbers for his crimes.
   It is interesting to note that the Koran, however, in its version of Adam and Eve, does explicitly state that it was Satan who tempted them.

The story of the Garden of Eden would give Lucifer direct ties to Spyros (Adam)

Besides Satan, the Silent Ones, one of those races that existed before the age of humanity that some describe, take credit for Eve taking the apple from the Tree of Knowledge
--Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu I#11 (1975)

The story is AT LEAST paralleled in a story of the Serpent Men

(Uncanny X-Men Annual I#13/3) One day, before the emergence of homo sapiens, two primate life forms went to a special green haven. This haven had been created for two of their ancestors by the time-traveling sorcerer Sise-Neg. As a tradition, as part of the course of the primate tribe's annual migration, the tribe leader and his mate returned to this special place.
   This year, the tribe leader and his mate found a strange primate tribe in Sise-Neg's haven. One of these odd primates communicated with the leader and his mate telepathically, saying "We are the tribe of Set". He informed them of how Set fed them, keeping them warm and happy. The tribe leader and his mate were offered membership in Set's tribe on condition that they slew the members of their own tribe as food for Set, and bring Set's tribe to see upcoming "visitors from the sky".
   The tribe leader and his mate refused the offer and attacked the Setian tribe. The Setian tribe revealed their true faces-the heads of Serpent Men. The primate tribe drove the Serpent Men from Sise-Neg's garden. Immediately after the battle, the "visitors from the sky"-the First Host of the Celestials-arrived. Gaea was with them, imploring the man-apes to come to the Celestials. Gammenon the Gatherer scooped them up and brought them to the starship.
   The Serpent Men, who thanks to Set had more highly evolved minds than normal, approached the Celestials, asking them for a boon. Arishem the Judge instead fired at them, dispersing them.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Lucifer the Morning Star has no known connection to:

Coach Brenner

(Ghost Rider VI#4 (fb) ) - Coach Brenner died at the moment Lucifer's fragments rained down to Earth. A portion of Lucifer took possession of Brenner's body.

(Ghost Rider VI#15) - Possessed by a portion of Lucifer Coach Brenner worked with Lucifer-possessed industrialist Jack Daniels to be Daniels' contingency plan in case Ghost Rider attacked him. At a remote barn in Colville Brenner kept a whole Little League team hostage.

(Ghost Rider VI#17) - Shortly after a phone call by Brenner with Daniels the barn was attacked by Ghost Rider. Brenner's body was eventually destroyed by the angel Vraniel.

--Ghost Rider VI#4 (Ghost Rider VI#4 (fb), 15, 17

Jack Daniels

(Ghost Rider VI#4 (fb) ) - An unidentified pilot died at the moment Lucifer's fragments rained down to Earth. A portion of Lucifer took possession of his body.

(Ghost Rider VI#12) - The co-pilot killed off the pilot's face then tried to take off with the plane to get to Buffalo, but Ghost Rider ripped the cockpit off the plane with his chain and ran over the host with a fuel truck, which blew up. The host survived, but was still burning when he asked Ghost Rider if it was more important to him to save innocent lives or destroy him. The burning host escaped when Ghost Rider got distracted by the plane blowing up behind him.

(Ghost Rider VI#15 (fb) - BTS) - Taking the alias Jack Daniels the heavily burnt host bought the Buffalo Geoducks.

(Ghost Rider VI#15) - Daniels planned to kill a whole stadium of innocents and gave a press conference to lure as many people as possible to the next game with free tickets, beer and food. He was later attacked at his office by Ghost Rider, but told him about his contingency plan with Coach Brenner.

(Ghost Rider VI#16) - After a bit of a fight Ghost Rider left Daniels to find the innocent children.

(Ghost Rider VI#17 - BTS) - Daniels called Brenner, unaware he had already been slain by the angel Vraniel.

(Ghost Rider VI#18) - Unaware he was on the phone with Ghost Rider Daniels told Ghost Rider about the explosives. When he realized he was talking to Ghost Rider he knew he had not enough time to blow up a stadium and decided to blow up his skyscraper instead, but before he could everyone fled due to a fire alarm started by Ghost Rider. Unable to blow himself up because it would be suicide and he would end up in Hell again, Daniels dropped the remote detonator only for Ghost Rider to pick it up. The angels Emmael and Vraniel showed up to Daniels' glee. He mocked them and threatened to tell Ghost Rider the truth and was assaulted by Emmael, who went up in flames, when Lucifer asked Ghost Rider to use his penance stare on the lying angel. Daniels revealed Ghost Rider was an angel placed in Johnny Blaze by the treacherous angel Zadkiel, who answered Roxanne's prayers years ago and how Lucifer had just waited for a chance to escape with Ghost Rider from Hell since Ghost Rider was sent there because Hell could never hold an angel like Ghost Rider. Daniels transformed his body into a more demonic form, watched Vraniel commit suicide before he could slay him and then asked Ghost Rider to form an alliance to slay the last host and then take revenge against Zadkiel. Ghost Rider called Dixie to give her a heads up, then blew up Daniels' building along with him.

--Ghost Rider VI#4 (Ghost Rider VI#4 (fb), 12, [15 (fb)], 15-16, [17], 18

Dr. Edward Falls

(Ghost Rider VI#4 (fb) ) - Dr. Edward Falls died at the moment Lucifer's fragments rained down to Earth. A portion of Lucifer took possession of his body.

(Ghost Rider VI#14) - Ghost Rider hunted down Falls, got into a fight with him after a massive car accident and then ripped him apart using his chain and bike.

--Ghost Rider VI#4 (Ghost Rider VI#4 (fb), 14

old lady

(Ghost Rider VI#4 (fb) ) - An unidentified old lady died died at the moment Lucifer's fragments rained down to Earth. A portion of Lucifer took possession of her body.

(Ghost Rider VI#3) - After waking up at the morgue she killed everyone in sight, then stole an ambulance and met with another host near Elk City, Oklahoma. She decided to stay with him to wait for the man's daughter and slay her after he had already slain the children and his wife.

(Ghost Rider VI#16) - The old folks took their ambulance to the city and watched Ghost Rider from afar. He spotted them and slew the old man, but the old woman suggested an alliance. He was not interested.

(Ghost Rider VI#17) - The old lady got beaten up until she promised she could help Ghost Rider in finding the children. Using her psychic connection to the other hosts she found out they were in a barn in Colville. Ghost Rider chained her to the bottom of a bridge.

(Ghost Rider VI#19) - Escaping her chains after gaining the power from the recently slain Lucifer host Daniels she attacked Ghost Rider, in believe she was the final host. To her surprise Ghost Rider managed to slay her shortly after revealing she was not the final host.

--Ghost Rider VI#3 (Ghost Rider VI#4 (fb), 3, 16-17, 19

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Ghost Rider VI#14, p4, pan3 (Edward Falls host)
Ghost Rider VI#14, p6, pan6 (Edward Falls demonic)
Ghost Rider VI#17, p4, pan5 (old lady host)
Ghost Rider VI#19, p4 (old lady demonic)

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Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#16 (July, 1994) - Warren Ellis (writer), Leonardo Manco (artist), Marie Javins (editor)
Punisher IV#1 (November, 1998) - Christopher Golden & Tom Sniegoski (writer), Berni Wrightson (pencils), Jimmy Palmiotti (inks), Joe Quesada (editor)
Nightcrawler III#3-4 (January-February, 2005) - Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (writer), Darick Robertson (penciler), Wayne Faucher (inker), Mike Marts (editor)
Nightcrawler III#12 (January, 2006) - Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (writer), Darick Robertson (penciler), Rodney Ramos (inker), Mike Marts (editor)
Ghost Rider V#1-6 (November, 2005 - April, 2006) - Garth Ennis (writer), Clayton Crain (artist), Axel Alonso (editor)
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Ghost Rider VI#8-11 (April-July, 2007) - Daniel Way (writer), Javier Saltares (pencils), Mark Texeira (inks), Axel Alonso (editor)
Ghost Rider VI#12 (August, 2007) - Daniel Way (writer), Javier Saltares (pencils), Scott Hanna (inks), Axel Alonso (editor)
Ghost Rider VI#14-16 (October-December, 2007) - Daniel Way (writer), Javier Saltares (pencils), Mark Texeira (inks), Axel Alonso (editor)
Ghost Rider Annual II#1 (January, 2008) - Stuart Moore (writer), Ben Oliver (artist), Axel Alonso (editor)
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Chaos War: God Squad#1 (February, 2011) - Marc Sumerak (writer), Dan Panosian (artist), Mark Paniccia (editor)

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