Real Name: Zagan

Identity/Class: Demon

Occupation: Demon, forced servant of mages

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Satan (Lucifer)

Enemies: Brother Alistar, Gary Daley, Susy Daley, Igor

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unnamed demonic dimension

First Appearance: Tower of Shadows#4 (March, 1970)

Powers/Abilities: Zagan was a powerful demon which could be forced to serve those who summoned it while it was within a summoning pentragram. It could teleport to and from a Hell-like dimension, and could alter reality.

History: (Tower of Shadows#4) - Zagan was summoned to the apartment of Gary and Susy Daley by the sorcerer Brother Alistar, who wanted Zagan to obtain revenge for him. However, the Daley's cat Igor broke the pentagram which contained Zagan, and it cast Alistar into Hell for presuming to give it orders. As for Gary and Susy, it delivered to them the fate they most feared-- becoming a middle-aged couple with a child and blue-collar jobs.

Comments: Created by Allyn Brodsky and Don Heck.

This story was narrated by its artist, Don Heck.

by Prime Eternal

Zagan should not be confused with:


Brother Alistar was an "archimage" who believed that he had been wronged and mocked by others. To obtain his revenge, he turned to Gary and Susy Daley, whose home in Greenwich Village lay on the point which he had determined from the astral plane was needed to summon forth the demon Zagan. Alistar invoked the Tetragramton, Lucifer and Belial to summon forth Zagan, but the pentragram used to hold the demon was broken by Gary and Susy's cat Igor. Released, Zagan cast Alistar before Satan in Hell. Alistar was told that he would finally have revenge...revenge was very popular in Hell.

--Tower of Shadows#4


Gary and Susy Daley were a hippie couple who lived in Greenwich Village and became affiliated with Brother Alistar when he needed to use their home to summon the demon Zagan. Neither of the couple believed Alistar's magic was real, but witnessed Zagan's arrival. When their cat Igor released Zagan from the pentagram, it punished Gary and Susy for their foolishness by delivering to them the fate they most feared-- becoming a middle-aged couple with a child and blue-collar jobs. Terror!

--Tower of Shadows#4


Igor was Gary and Susy's pet cat. It was frightened of Zagan, and by clawing at the pentagram used to hold the demon, set it free.

--Tower of Shadows#4

Images taken from:
Tower of Shadows#4, page 5, panel 1
Alistar- Tower of Shadows#4, page 3, panel 4
Gary/Susy- Tower of Shadows#4, page 3, panel 2
Gary/Susy old- Tower of Shadows#4, page 7, panel 3
Igor- Tower of Shadows#4, page 5, panel 3

Tower of Shadows#4 (March, 1970) - Allyn Brodsky (writer), Don Heck (artist), Stan Lee (editor)

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