Real Name: Harry O'Connor

Identity/Class: Normal human (Pre-modern era to present)

Occupation: Police sheriff

Group Membership: Sleepy Hollow Police Department

Affiliations: Darryl (last name unrevealed), Dickie (last name unrevealed), Archie Faulkner, Pete Fillardi, Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze), Ken Greer, Ned (last name unrevealed), Ralph (last name unrevealed), Ellen Stouffer, Emily Stouffer, Mr. Stouffer (first name unrevealed)

Enemies: Melanie Brockton, Cameron Fillardi, Lucifer (in the form of Jack O'Lantern (Steve Levins))

Known Relatives: Cameron Fillardi (godson, deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Sleepy Hollow, Illinois, USA

First Appearance: Ghost Rider VI#8 (April, 2007)

Powers/Abilities: Harry O'Connor did not possess any superhuman powers but was a skilled police officer and sheriff. He was an accomplished police officer, skilled at using various firearms and explosives. He has also used a golf club and a barbecue fork as weapons.

Height: (by approximation): 5'9"
Weight: (by approximation): 165 lbs.
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: White


(Ghost Rider VI#10 (fb) - BTS) - Prior to becoming a police officer, Harry O'Connor fought in two separate wars.

(Ghost Rider VI#8 (fb) - BTS) - Good friends with Ken Greer, Harry O'Connor was the partner of fellow police officer, Pete Fillardi, who had made O'Connor the godson of his son Cameron. When Pete died, O'Connor swore to look after Cameron. After Cameron was mysteriously beheaded, O'Connor spoke with Cameron's mother about the death.

(Ghost Rider VI#8) - Following Cameron's death, O'Connor visited the witness, Emily Stouffer, in the hospital. After helping Emily from her hospital restraints, allowing her to interact with her worried parents again, O'Connor asked for three minutes alone with Emily to question her about Cameron's death. Once alone with Emily, O'Connor informed her of a situation the previous year in which Cameron had forced himself on a girl named Monica Brezzi. He then explained that if Cameron's death was self defense, he would understand, but Emily commented that it was not. O'Connor then asked Emily to explain what exactly had happened. Afterward, Harry phoned District Attorney Greer's office and explained that all Emily had seen was a flash of light, then she heard a sound and found Cameron dead. After determining that Emily did not really have any pertinent information, O'Connor emphasized to Greer that there was no need to question Emily further. Greer asked if O'Connor was covering up for Cameron. O'Connor just replied that, since he and Greer went back a long way, O'Connor was going to forget Greer had even asked that question. Greer apologized and then asked Harry had any other leads. Harry commented that someone had desecrated a grave at St. Mary's Cemetery that same night and while it happened every year near Halloween, he was going to have his officers look into it. Greer then asked if O'Connor had spoken to Cameron's mother but their conversation was interrupted when O'Connor received another call. Answering the call, Harry O'Connor was informed by Archie Faulkner that, during his golf game, his friend Dickie had found a man in the bushes, covered in blood. Upon hearing the news, O'Connor did a U-turn in the road and headed toward the golf course. Shortly after, O'Connor brought the man (unaware he was Johnny Blaze) into the nearby country club, where O'Connor claimed Blaze had a weapon and hit Blaze with a golf club. O'Connor then planted a knife on Blaze and attempted to force Blaze to confess to Cameron's murder. O'Connor then continued hitting Blaze with a golf club, despite Blaze's warnings that if the beatings continued, something bad would happen. O'Connor continued threatening Blaze until Blaze transformed into the Ghost Rider. Shortly thereafter, O'Connor awoke in the hospital, wondering what had happened. The surrounding officers admitted that they had hoped O'Connor himself could shed some light on the situation, as all of the lockers near Harry at the country club had been incinerated, as well as his uniform, gun and badge, yet O'Connor did not have so much as a blister on him. O'Connor immediately pulled himself out of bed as one of the officers warned against going through the front door due to the reporters that had gathered seeking information on two more murders that had occurred during his hospitalization. Upon hearing from the officer that the murder suspect's head was on fire, O'Connor went out the hospital window.

(Ghost Rider VI#9) - After a total of four teenagers had been beheaded in Sleepy Hollow, news reporter Melanie Brockton attempted to speak with O'Connor, who reminded Melanie to get off the streets, as there was a curfew and that it applied to everyone. Melanie then asked how the curfew would affect the upcoming Halloween festivities and whether the children would be allowed to go trick-or-treating, to which O'Connor replied "are you serious?" Not long after, O'Connor witnessed Ghost Rider driving through town on his motorcycle and slammed into Ghost Rider with his sheriff's car, pinning Ghost Rider into the side of a building. Pulling out a large gun, O'Connor exclaimed that, while he didn't know what Ghost Rider was, he was pretty sure his gun was big enough to take even Ghost Rider's head clean off, much like he supposed Ghost Rider had done to the deceased teenagers in town. Ghost Rider replied that he was not the murderer but O'Connor sarcastically suggested it was a different guy with a flaming head.

(Ghost Rider VI#10 (fb)) - O'Connor demanded to know who Ghost Rider was and when Ghost Rider introduced himself as the spirit of vengeance, O'Connor explained that he just needed a name for the police report and prepared to shoot Ghost Rider, who instead melted the barrel of the gun, then wrapped Harry in chains, warning O'Connor against delaying him further. Harry defiantly replied that Ghost Rider should just kill him right then and there, as he was not going to stop, but Ghost Rider simply kicked O'Connor several feet away into a nearby car, then blew up his sheriff's car. Left wondering if Ghost Rider had knocked him away to save him from the explosion, O'Connor phoned Ralph to report the fire at Kimball Drug store. Soon realizing Ghost Rider was still there, O'Connor told Ralph not to send the fire trucks there immediately. Confronting Ghost Rider, O'Connor saw him transform back into Johnny Blaze. O'Connor took the unconscious Blaze to his basement and warned Blaze not to transform into Ghost Rider, as they were surrounded by firearms and explosives. O'Connor then questioned Blaze why he was in Sleepy Hollow and learned that Lucifer had escaped and possessed someone in town. When O'Connor asked what Lucifer currently looked like, Blaze replied that he wasn't sure, only that it involved a pumpkin and fire. O'Connor immediately phoned Ned and asked if the first desecrated grave at St. Mary's Cemetery was Steve Levins and Ned replied that it was. Ned was soon killed while still on the phone with O'Connor, who explained to Blaze Steve Levins' past as the Jack O'Lantern. O'Connor then freed Blaze, stating he realized that the town's murderer was Lucifer in Jack O'Lantern's body and not the Ghost Rider. Deciding to help Ghost Rider take down Lucifer, Harry traveled to the home of the religious Darryl and told him to leave town, warning that the end times had actually come as Darryl had often believed. With Darryl gone, Harry prepared to lay his trap for Lucifer.

(Ghost Rider VI#10) - On Halloween night, after the Lucifer-possessed Jack O'Lantern rose an army of the recently deceased and descended on Darryl's home, O'Connor answered Darryl's door by blowing off the Jack O'Lantern's head with a shotgun. Reforming his head, Lucifer sent several zombies after the sheriff, who yelled that the zombies were useless without orders. Lucifer replied that he already knew that but O'Connor commented that he wasn't talking to Lucifer as Ghost Rider had arrived behind Lucifer.

(Ghost Rider VI#11) - Lucifer hurled some of Jack O'Lantern's pumpkin bombs at Ghost Rider, who knocked them into the air, forcing O'Connor to dive for cover inside Darryl's home. Getting back on his feet following the blast, O'Connor came face-to-face with the reanimated corpse of Cameron Fillardi. Fighting Cameron in the kitchen, Harry wielded a barbecue fork, stabbing Cameron several times. Cameron continued trying to kill Harry but Harry managed to kick Cameron into Darryl's refrigerator, which then fell on top of Cameron. Despite Cameron's nature as a bad kid, Harry apologized. Lucifer soon arrived with O'Connor's shotgun and prepared to kill O'Connor, commenting that he had never actually fired a gun before. Taking advantage of that, O'Connor stalled for time by telling Lucifer that he had to put bullets in the gun first and while Lucifer tried to figure out the gun, Ghost Rider arrived and continued the fight against Lucifer. As Ghost Rider dragged Lucifer outside in chains, O'Connor pulled out a detonator. Ghost Rider then deposited Lucifer next to several explosives. O'Connor then used the detonator to blow up the neon "Repent" sign above Darryl's house. After destroying Jack O'Lantern's corpse and forcing Lucifer out, Ghost Rider checked on O'Connor and thanked him for his aid in fighting Lucifer. O'Connor replied that he was 62 and the best thanks would be Blaze left Sleepy Hollow and never came back. Blaze then mounted his motorcycle and left.

Comments: Created by Daniel Way, Javier Saltares and Mark Texeira.

Harry O'Connor's police rank was Captain, according to his uniform in Ghost Rider VI#10.

Since Harry was mentioned as being 62, he would have been active in the pre-modern era, even with the sliding timescale. Even if he perpetually remains 62 as the timescale slides, he would still be active prior to the Fantastic Four's founding. Therefore, I listed him as being active in the pre-modern era.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Harry O'Connor has no known connections to

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Ghost Rider VI#10, p21, pan1 (Harry O'Connor, main image)
Ghost Rider VI#8, p9, pan6 (Harry O'Connor, headshot)

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