Membership: Gilbert O'Connor (CEO), Abraham Zimmer, Carlos and Isaac (security)

Affiliations: Subsidiary of Stark-Fujikawa, formerly Stark Enterprises

Enemies: Roxxon Oil, the Ghost

Base of Operations: Accutech Research and Development, Los Angeles?, California

First Appearance: Iron Man I#219 (June, 1987)

HISTORY: (Iron Man I#219) - Accutech is a small, California-based research and development firm. Their most noteworthy achievement was the design of the Beta Particle Generator, which promised to harness the energy of the ubiquitous Beta Particle, in order to generate an enormous amount of energy, more cheaply than solar and more safely than nuclear radiation. A prototype was nearly completed, although there were problems designing a suitable transfer link.

Roxxon Oil Company made a bid for the Beta Particle Generator, but Accutech declined it due to Roxxon's questionable ethicality. Angered over this rejection, Roxxon hired the Ghost to sabotage Accutech's plant in order to force them to sell out to them. Tony Stark, having just started his new company, Stark Enterprises after a recovery from an alcoholic binge, became interested in purchasing Accutech. During his first investigation, Stark, as Iron Man, he stopped a nearby brush fire which threatened to destroy the entire plant. Despite rumors of deliberate sabotage by the Ghost, Stark used the bulk of his capital to purchase Accutech. Immediately afterwards, Iron Man narrowly fought off an attempt by the Ghost to destroy the plant, resulting in the Ghost plotting to kill his "employer," Stark, as vengeance. Learning of this, Roxxon executive Carrington Pax terminated the contract with the Ghost, who refused to stop. Roxxon sent the original Spymaster to terminate the Ghost, but Spymaster was killed by the Ghost. The Ghost was eventually defeated and nearly destroyed when he attempted to destroy the Beta Particle Generator.



(Iron Man I#225-226, 231) - While part of Accutech, Abe Zimmer helped Tony Stark design the Worm, a virus which traveled through every computer system on Earth and deleted all evidence of Stark's Iron Man technology. This was utilized by Stark as part of his "Armor Wars", which was a result of Spymaster I stealing and selling some of his technology.

(Iron Man I#233, 239, 246-248) - Zimmer continued to serve Stark Enterprises' interests from Accutech, aiding Stark and Iron Man on several occasions.

(Iron Man I#327 - BTS) - Accutech, along with the rest of Stark Enterprises, was bought out by the Fujikawa company to form Stark-Fujikawa after the apparent death of Tony Stark during the events of "the Crossing".

COMMENTS: Created by David Michelinie and Bob Layton.



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