Real Name: Caleb Alexander

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Marine biologist

Group Membership: None known

Affiliations: Chief Ve'ehalo, Mr. Klein, Phoebe Marrs, Namorita, Miss O'Connor, Captain O'Malley and the Skipper, Sub-Mariner

Enemies: Griffin, Desmond Marrs, Sluj, J.Q. Stamp

Known Relatives: Carrie Alexander (daughter), unidentified wife (deceased), unidentified father (deceased), unidentified mother (deceased)

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: New York City, New York

First Appearance: Namor I#1 (April, 1990)

Powers/Abilities: Caleb had no known super-powers, but was a talented marine biologist.

History: (Namor I#1 (fb)) - Caleb Alexander grew up at the end of World War II in Harlem, New York.  His favorite pass-time was reading comic books about the war-time heroes.  Caleb's dad gave him a bike that he'd saved for for a long time.  One day when Captain America, the original Human Torch, and Namor were scheduled to appear in New York, Caleb rode his bike to go and see them.  He followed Namor, who was flying in the air, on his bike and ended up falling over the pier into the ocean.  Getting tangled in his bike, Caleb was sinking until Namor saved him and placed him, with the bike, far from the pier on dry land.  Caleb became fascinated with marine biology and traded his bike in for his first marine biology text, making his parents proud. 

(Namor I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Over the following years, Caleb developed a theory about Namor's blood causing Namor's frequent rages and emotion imbalances.  He worked on a blood-recirculator that would help Namor, never knowing if it would be put to good use.

(Namor I#2 (fb)) - Caleb's wife died when their daughter, Carrie, was three years old, and he never remarried.

(Namor I#3 (fb)) - Caleb suffered from two heart attacks, and had to give up deep-sea diving.

(Namor I#1 (fb)) - Due to his failing health, Carrie came to work with her dad, and spent three years working as his "eyes and ears."

(Namor I#1) - While sailing on his boat, the Oracle, with Carrie, Caleb detected a fast-moving radar blip moving towards them and was shocked to see what looked like Namor shoot out of the water and followed him to a nearby island to investigate.  They found Namor unnecessarily terrorizing the village of Chief Ve'ehalo and having hallucinations of his dead wives.  Caleb realized that his blood-recycling may help Namor, and they convinced Namor to come back to their ship with them.  After a treatment, Namor's head was clear and Caleb showed Namor the device.  Caleb recounted  Namor's origins aloud, and then his own origins.   Struck by a new idea, Namor brought the Alexanders a large chest of jewels and asked them to help him run a business.

(Namor I#1  - BTS) - The Alexanders used Namor's money to buy-out Parallel Conglomerate, a large business, and renamed it Oracle, Incorporated. 

(Namor I#2) - Caleb showed interest in Carrie's struggle over Namor's romantic feelings for her, but Carrie asked Caleb to let her sort it out on her own.    When the Griffin burst through Oracle's window and snatched Carrie, Caleb prepared to defend her, but was knocked aside and then suffered a heart attack.  Caleb crawled to Namorita and she was able to get him medical attention. 

(Namor I#3) - Unconscious in the hospital, Caleb was visited by Carrie after she was rescued by Namor.  With Carrie at his side, Caleb pulled through the worst of it.  Namor decided to go public as a result of his battle.

(Marvel Super-Heroes III#10/2) - Businessman J.Q. Stamp kidnapped Caleb and Carrie and threatened their lives in order to force Namor into signing Oracle, Inc. over to him. Namor did so, but then had Namorita dress up as "Tigress Shark" to trick Stamp into thinking he would have to face all of Namor's enemies now that he owned Oracle. Stamp gave Oracle back to Namor to save himself. When he learned that he had been tricked, he sent a signal to his men to kill Caleb and Carrie, but Namor had already set them free.

(Namor I#6) - Caleb and Carrie went on an ocean cruise to give Caleb a chance to recuperate from his heart attack.  After a few weeks, Caleb grew antsy to get home to help Namor with the legal challenges he was having.  Caleb noticed the boat changing course, then Carrie noticed that Namorita was coming to join them, swimming with a group of dolphins.  Captain O'Malley and the Skipper asked Namorita to investigate.  Soon, an eco-mess called Sluj swarmed over the boat and absorbed all the passengers.

(Namor I#7 - BTS) - Carrie and Caleb were put inside life support bubbles inside of Sluj, to be used for a food source later.

(Namor I#8) - Finally freed from Sluj, Namor (who'd lost his ankle wings in the battle) explained to Caleb and Carrie, then moved to take them home, but went off with a fearful Phoebe Marrs instead, causing Carrie to be jealous.  Back at Oracle, Carrie admitted to Caleb and Namorita that she had realized that she really did love Namor, and tried to convince them that Phoebe Marrs had ulterior motives for Namor. 

(Namor I#9) - Carrie finally convinced Namorita to go check on Namor.

(Namor Annual I#1/4) - Caleb attended a birthday party for Namor alongside several of  Namor's friends and allies.

(Namor I#13) - Caleb Alexander was called on to testify at Namor's trial, where Namor was being charged for all his battles against the surface world.  After Caleb was questioned by Mr. Klein, Namor's lawyer, about Namor's oxygen imbalance, the jury found Namor guilty but insane.  Namor was given one hundred years of probation.

(Namor I#17) - While Namor and Carrie were off in the Savage Land, Namor asked Desmond Marrs to keep an eye on Oracle.  Caleb arrived at Oracle and heard from Miss O'Connor that Desmond was selling off large shares of Oracle's holdings.  He stormed in to confront Desmond, who said he had no intention of stopping.  Caleb moved to report Desmond, who smashed a vase over Caleb's head and then proceeded to beat the unconscious old man repeatedly.

(Namor I#19) - After two hours, Miss O'Connor asked Lady Crichton (Spitfire) to investigate, and they found Caleb unconscious.

(Namor I#26) - After six months, Caleb was still on life support and didn't seem to be recovering.

(Namor I#46 (fb) - BTS) - Caleb Alexander soon passed away.

Created by John Byrne and Bob Wiacek.

    A thousand thanks to Michael Hoskin for his help with summarizing the MSH issue.

Profile by Chadman


Caleb Alexander has no known connections to

Chief Ve'ehalo

(Namor I#1) - Chief Ve'ehalo led the men and women of his tribe in a dance before a wooden idol of a plane when Namor interrupted the ceremony.  Ve'ehalo had one of his men attempt to kill Namor for interrupting their ritual, and an angry Namor responded by destroying the plane, tossing several people through a thatch roof, and tearing down a totem pole.  Namor was soon taken away by Caleb and Carrie Alexander.

--Namor I#1

Captain O'Malley and the Skipper

(Namor I#6) - Captain O'Malley and the Skipper took a group out on an ocean cruise aboard the Sea Queen.  A few weeks into sailing, O'Malley detected a radar blip and followed it for forty minutes, not knowing what it was.  When Namorita swam aboard to visit passengers Caleb and Carrie Alexander, O'Malley asked Namorita to investigate.  Soon, an eco-mess called Sluj swarmed over the boat and absorbed all the passengers.

--Namor I#6

Miss O'Connor

(Namor I#17) - Miss O'Connor, working her post at Oracle, Inc., was shocked when Desmond Marrs, who'd been appointed to head Oracle while Namor was off in Atlantis, began selling off large shares of Oracle holdings.  She told Caleb Alexander this when he arrived, and Caleb went in to investigate.

(Namor I#19) - After two hours had passed with no word from Caleb or Desmond, an alarmed Miss O'Connor asked Crichton, the former Spitfire, to investigate.  Lady Crichton opened the door to see Caleb unconscious and bloodied.

--Namor I#17 (Namor I#17, 19


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