Real Name: Schuyler Belial

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Leader of a satanic cult

Group Membership: Followers of the Left-Hand Path

Affiliations: Asmodeus, Chaldor, other followers

Enemies: Moon Knight, Werewolf

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Satanic church, Los Angeles, California; the top floor of 666, Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, New York

First Appearance: Moon Knight I#29 (March, 1983)

Powers/Abilities: MorningStar and the other Followers of the Left-Hand Path wielded arm-mounted energy weapons which were designed to stun their targets into unconsciousness. Morning Star also used a silver dagger to perform his Satanic rites.

History: (Moon Knight I#29 (fb, BTS))- Determined to use Jack Russell to reinvigorate his followers, Morning Star spent a year tracking Russell's movements. His men were finally able to capture him long enough to implant a homing device within his skull, but Russell eventually escaped them by transforming into the Werewolf.

(Moon Knight I#29)- Morning Star's men followed Russell to New York, where they found the Moon Knight attempting to aid Russell. They informed Morning Star of this development.

(Moon Knight I#30)- Morning Star's men were able to capture both Russell and Moon Knight after they had fought, and brought them to Morning Star's office at 666, 5th Avenue. Morning Star summoned his followers there, and announced to them that they would use Moon Knight for a traditional human sacrifice, but that when Russell became the Werewolf again, they would each drink his blood, and so gain the power of "the Beast." However, Moon Knight escaped his captors, and helped bring Russell to safety.

Morning Star set Asmodeus after both men, but they were defeated by Moon Knight, who then masqueraded as Asmodeus to bring Russell back to Morning Star's base. When Russell became the Werewolf, Moon Knight was able to join forces with him thanks to a hypnotic suggestion planted in Russell, and they fought their way through Morning Star's men. Morning Star was thrown from the top of his building by the Werewolf, falling to his death.

Comments: Created by Doug Moench and Bill Sienkiewicz.

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by Prime Eternal

Morning Star should not be confused with:

Morning Star's follower, Asmodeus, should not be confused with:

Asmodeus was one of Morning Star's most faithful followers, and was usually employed in the field to track the movements of Jack Russell. Although he managed to capture Russell once, Russell was broken free by Moon Knight. Asmodeus followed the homing signal they had placed in Russell's head back to Moon Knight's manor, only to find the device had been removed. Moon Knight defeated Asmodeus, and used his costume and equipment to steal his way into Morning Star's base.

--Moon Knight I#29

Images taken from:
Moon Knight I#30, page 11, panel 1
Moon Knight I#30, page 13, panel 5

Moon Knight I#30 (April, 1983)

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