Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Quist/Arcane) mutate and technology user;
    Exiled citizen of Quistalium;
    Earth's general populace is unaware of his existence;

Occupation: Former advance agent for the invasion of Earth by the Arcane (Quists)

Group Membership: The Arcana

Affiliations: Formerly Henry Ballard, Blob, Fletch Cuppy, Dominex, Dominus, Charlie Gray, Billy Ray Meekin, Rafe Michel (Lucifer), Morgan, Grover Raymond (Aries/Lucifer), the Supreme One, Ultra-Robots, Unus the Untouchable, nine other unidentified human pawns, residents of a Tibetan village

Enemies: Captain America (Steve Rogers), Falcon (Sam Wilson), Iron Man (Tony Stark), Professor X, Redwing, Jeffrey Saunders, X-Men (Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Agent One

Base of Operations: The "Nameless Dimension";
    formerly a base within a craggy mesa in the American Southwest;
    formerly a cavern within the Balkan mountains;
    formerly a walled Tibetan city in the shadows of the Himalayas;
    alternate bases in Columbia; the Atlas Mountains in the Sahara; and the Antarctic;
    formerly the planet Quistalium, Quistraa star system, Milky Way galaxy;
    formerly the asteroids orbiting Quistalium

Education: Extensive in advanced Quistalian science and military strategy

First Appearance: (Mentioned) X-Men I#8 (November, 1964);
    X-Men I#9 (January, 1965)

Powers/Abilities: Lucifer initially possessed no superhuman physical powers, though he had limited telepathic powers.

    While trapped in the Nameless Dimension, Lucifer somehow acquired "ionic energy" powers. This allowed him to increase his strength and leaping abilities, to form bulletproof force fields, fire destructive blasts (able to demolish a building several stories tall), and propel himself through the air to fly. He further could "fuse" his physical and mental essence with another sentient being, creating a psychic link between himself and his "host." Though the host retained his or her own thoughts and will, they were in constant telepathic contact with Lucifer. His hosts further took on an appearance similar to Lucifer's own, as well as wearing duplicates of his costume. Lucifer empowered Charlie Gray (and Rafe Michel) with superhuman strength and the ability to fire ionic blasts and project force fields (rendering him bulletproof). When his essence was split b/t Rafe Michel and Grover Raymond, Lucifer's hosts only had super-strength and durability.

    After much longer in the Nameless Dimension, Lucifer's powers increased significantly. He gained the ability to create beings out of ionic power. These silvery beings were immune to telepathic power and most forms of injury, and could also project powerful ionic blasts. Via information gained from long-term study, Lucifer could even form duplicates of other beings (even super-powered ones, such as Professor X or the Angel), mimicking their appearances, and much of their memories, mannerisms, and personalities. These beings were limited to following orders to some degree, and they had a lesser ability to respond to new situations. He could also grant ionic powers to at least 12 beings simultaneously while still trapped in the Nameless Dimension. Lucifer's telepathic powers were further enhanced so that he could overwhelm Professor X's defenses, read his mind, and cause him great pain. He could control at least 12 people simultaneously while still trapped in the Nameless Dimension.

    Lucifer was a master of Quistalian strategy and technology. He particularly enjoyed the much exalted Quistalian technique known as the "secret victory": duping one's foes into unwittingly serving one's cause.

    Lucifer had access to the highly advanced technology of the Arcane, which included a device he used to take over the minds of others; set a number of traps within bases, such as trapdoors, flame weapons, closing walls, etc.; a thermal bomb that could destroy an entire continent (if strategically placed, it might destroy a whole world); his Mento-Wave Receiver to track psionic energy, and a second device to follow this energy and strike down their source; his Ultra-Robots; and Dominus, the device with which he would deaden the wills of an entire planet. While trapped in the Nameless Dimension, he further developed a Dimensional Transmitter that allowed him to overlap a portion of the that realm with Earth, gaining limited and temporary access to Earth. He later acquired a supply of Casadrax, which vastly amplified his Dimensionsal Transmitter's power. However, the Casadrax's energies proved too much for his human hosts.

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 325 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Blue: Black

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition #18: Lucifer) - The alien who would become known as Lucifer is a member of the extraterrestrial race called the Quists who have established a large interstellar empire in the Milky Way galaxy. However, their existence and their imperialism are known to few starfaring races.
    Eons ago, the Quists constructed the highly advanced computer complex known as Dominus, as well as the advanced Ultra-Robots needed to operate it. To conquer a planet, the Quists would establish a secret base there and then eventually teleport Dominus and its robots there. Dominus would be modified each time to affect the minds of the race inhabiting the planet to be conquered; in each case the study and modification designs would take a number of Earth years. Finally, when Dominus was ready, it would blanket the planet with rays that deadened the wills of the planet's natives, so that they could easily be enslaved by the Quists.
    Dominex was used to destroy a planet that Dominus was unable to takeover.

(X-Men: Shadows of the Past (fb) - BTS) - The future Lucifer started out in the lowest stratum of Quistalium society, a caste that occupied several barren asteroids in orbit around the homeworld. His parents, whom he later would hardly remember, had been part of the faceless multitude that worked the asteroids' radioactive mines, serving their civilization in the most mundane and mechanical way possible. However, Lucifer's brain enzymes revealed an enormous potential for strategic intelligence, after which he was trained with the sons and daughters of aristocrats whom he outshone on a regular basis; as a result, he was forced to endure physical punishment at their hands. Lucifer refused to balk at the beatings or to stop demonstrating his superiority, viewing the torments as another rite of training, an exercise that would make his will stronger with each passing day.

(X-Men: Shadows of the Past (fb) - BTS) - Lucifer became an initiate of the Arcana, a.k.a. the Arcane

(X-Men: Shadows of the Past (fb) - BTS) - Lucifer oversaw many successful campaigns. He identified dozens of unsuspecting species and methodically plotted their downfalls, pursuing each scheme with painstaking care and diligence until the time came to activate Dominus and deaden the wills of the populace. He never failed in any of these missions.

(X-Men: Shadows of the Past) - On Quistalium, Lucifer's efforts brought him glory and prestige, earning him a large, well-appointed estate by the dazzling Falls of Fire; medals enough to fill a sleeping chamber; and long parades before cheering throngs in the immense synthetic canyons of the capital. His successes propelled him to the top of Quistalium's military hierarchy, garnered him the admiration of lesser agents, and gave him access to his government's secret inner councils. Still, the only reward he ever coveted was conquest itself; his only desires were to serve the Supreme One and to expand the Quistalian Empire.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition #18: Lucifer) - The Supreme One of Quist designated Lucifer "Agent One."

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition #18: Lucifer) - Arriving on Earth in preparation to conquer it, he took the name "Lucifer" after one of the names of the Biblical devil.

(X-Men I#20 (fb) - BTS) - Many years ago, Lucifer made his base within a walled city in the shadow of the Himalayas, using his advanced technology to take mental control of select residents and using them to control the rest of the populace. None were allowed to enter his domicile. None were allowed to see him.

(X-Men I#20 (fb)) - Xavier investigated tales of a mysterious walled city in the shadow of the Himalayas, sensing an ominous menace lying within as he approached. It was forbidden for outsiders to enter, but the guards sensed that Xavier should come in, and Lucifer watched his approach. While the residents could tell him little of their master, Xavier sensed alien technology with his home. Gathering some of the more rebellious residents, Xavier began to outline a plan to free them. A man loyal to Lucifer had infiltrated the group and attempted to kill them by dropping a massive chandelier on them; but Xavier detected the treachery and warned the others in time to dodge. The rebels caught their attacker, and Xavier led them to act immediately as Lucifer was aware of their plans. Xavier's psychic powers allowed him to locate the means to neutralize Lucifer's traps, and while Lucifer planned to find a way to crush them all, the Supreme One -- who had detected the destruction of some of their equipment -- ordered Lucifer to abandon his current base in "Sector 'A'" and relocate to a new one in "Sector 'B'". Lucifer nonetheless prepared one final assault, and when Xavier confronted him, he triggered a large slab to fall atop Xavier. Unable to dodge in time, Xavier's lower body was crushed. Lucifer noted his survival and decided that it was fated that they might meet again one day. As he vanished by walking into a wall, he warned Xavier that "it is ever the strong who are meant to rule. And WE are the strong!"
    Dealing with Lucifer's future threat was one of the reasons Xavier founded the X-Men.

(X-Men I#9) - Lucifer started construction of a thermal bomb that would take him ten years to construct.

(X-Men I#6 - BTS) - Professor X left the X-Men on an unspecified mission (to track down Lucifer).

(X-Men I#9) - Professor X located Lucifer's Balkan mountain base and -- after informing the X-Men of his location -- descended its passageways via his all-terrain motorized chair. Detecting Xavier's approach, Lucifer activated a trap door to cause Xavier to fall into a flame pit, but Xavier activated his chair's hydraulic extendo-arms to hold him up. Lucifer then used another machine to send an artificial Dust Devil, which pulled Xavier from his chair and brought him before Lucifer before hardening into force bubble to contain him. Xavier pulled a gun and fired at Lucifer, who dodged and then informed him of a giant thermal bomb (large enough to blow up a continent) that was attuned to Lucifer's heartbeat and would go off if Lucifer died.
    As the X-Men traveled to aid Xavier, Thor, who had detected Lucifer's equipment's alien impulses, led the Avengers there as well. Lucifer detected the approaching X-Men and used a mental directional impulse (via machine) to hurl a destructive ionic ray at them. Xavier released his astral self and rushed to the X-Men, warning them to scatter just before the blast hit. Xavier then warned the X-Men that Lucifer was not to be slain or even harmed to avoid imperiling all of Earth. When the Avengers arrived, rather than try to explain the situation, the X-Men told the Avengers to back off, which led to a fight.
    Lucifer approached Xavier to try to finish him off, but then Xavier used his telepathic power to precisely render him unconscious without slowing his heart. Xavier then explained the situation to the Avengers, bringing the conflict to a halt, after which he guided Cyclops to fire a hairline beam into Lucifer's bomb. With Xavier distracted, Lucifer's heart began to slow, and so Xavier re-focused on Lucifer but still guided Cyclops to shatter the bomb's fuse. Xavier then allowed Lucifer to awaken, announced that even his defeat did not even their score, but then allowed Lucifer to go free, feeling that this, his first defeat, would demoralize him and that he would know that there was no place on Earth remote enough that he could escape the retribution of the X-Men.

(X-Men I#20 (fb) - BTS) - Lucifer, via his Ultra-Scanner, detected the meeting of the evil mutants Blob and Unus. He implanted within their minds the idea of forming an alliance and posing as X-Men to discredit the mutant heroes. Lucifer also granted Unus immunity to the ray that the Beast had previously used to overload Unus' powers, and he further planted within Unus a subconscious hunch that he would be immune to this ray.

(X-Men I#20) - Blob and Unus posed as X-Men while robbing a bank. The real X-Men learned of this and correctly identified the imposters, and Xavier recognized that a third entity had masterminded the scheme; but Lucifer prevented Xavier and the X-Men from considering him in his list of suspects. Xavier sent the X-Men to take down the imposters while he built a mechanical memory-inducer.
    Lucifer secretly observed the X-Men's discovering, planning, and battling with the evil mutants. The X-Men (Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman) drove off the Blob and Unus, and then Lucifer's Mento-Wave Receiver detected Xavier's penetration of his mental screen...just as he had intended. His actions hidden from prying eyes by opalescent gases, Lucifer extended a tower from his mesa base, and then fired from it a beam that followed Xavier's own mental waves back to their source. The blast struck Xavier, rendering him virtually comatose; however, he retained sufficient psychic power to instruct the nearby Marvel Girl to retrieve his Mental-Wave Amplifier. Via this, he revealed Lucifer to be his attacker, after which he told Jean the story of his first encounter with Lucifer.
    His influencing of the evil mutants having proven that he could control beings over greater distances, Lucifer prepared to extend his race's control over the entire world. He contacted the Supreme One and announced that the time had come for Dominus; the Supreme One was pleased, as this meant that Earth could soon serve as a stepping stone to galaxies and universes.
    Xavier -- via the Mental-Wave Amplifier -- gave Jean instructions for a Beam Distorter, which she passed on to the Beast who swiftly constructed it. The device was placed atop Xavier's head, neutralizing Lucifer's paralyzing power, and Xavier directed them to load their new private jet, after which they took off for the Southwest desert.

(X-Men I#21) - As the X-Men's ship approached Lucifer's base, the sky opened up, and the components of Dominus were sent through it and into the base. The X-Men's jet was heavily jostled by the beam, but Xavier soon regained control and then landed the ship in a valley to approach in secret. While Xavier stayed behind, the X-Men used an ice float to follow the river beneath Lucifer's base. Lucifer set off a whirlpool and then other traps for the X-Men while at the same time sending Ultra-Robots Alpha and Beta to capture Xavier and bring him into his base. Lucifer showed Xavier the monolithic Dominus machine and announced his plan to enslave the entire world. They watched via view screen as Lucifer's traps captured Angel, Cyclops and Marvel Girl, while Iceman and the Beast got past Ultra-Robots Gamma and Delta only to knock themselves unconscious against a barrier Lucifer dropped in their path.
    Lucifer bragged of his triumph, but Xavier goaded him into bragging of his plans, including the revelation that the Ultra-Robots were required to operate Dominus. After Gamma and Delta threw the remaining X-Men into the cage (supervised by Epsilon) and then departed, Marvel Girl -- at the Beast's behest -- projected her power through the cage and flipped the lever to open it, after which Cyclops blasted Epsilon into submission. This set off an alarm, and Lucifer sent all four Ultra-Robots after the X-Men, now vowing to kill them rather than just capture them. Xavier managed to pierce Lucifer's mental screen at close range, and led him to command the robots too recklessly. The X-Men hid from the approaching Ultra-Robots and traveled through Dominus' passageways, coming upon Lucifer and Xavier. As Lucifer pulled a weapon, Marvel Girl blinded him with his own cape. Xavier mentally commanded the others not to harm Dominus, but some of them suspected Lucifer was manipulating him, leading to fighting amongst the team. One of the Ultra-Robots launched at the Beast who dodged, and it was vaporized before it could crash into Dominus. Realizing Dominus would destroy anything that threatened it, the X-Men than re-directed the Ultra-Robots' attacks into Dominus, which destroyed them (actually, Cyclops destroyed one by himself).
    Without the Ultra-Robots to operate it, Dominus was now useless. Lucifer swore revenge, but then the Supreme One contacted him, demanding to know why the signals from the Ultra-Robots had ceased. Lucifer admitted that the humans had destroyed the robots and pleaded for mercy, but the Supreme One named him a failure and banished him to the Nameless Dimension. Dominus was drawn back into space by the Supreme One.

(Iron Man I#20 (fb) - BTS) - Lucifer developed a dimensional transmitter and used it to create a limited and temporary overlapping field between the Nameless Dimension and Earth that allowed him to travel to a specific location on Earth.

(Iron Man I#20) - Lucifer confronted Charles Gray, a bitter Stark Industries employee who wandered by the dank ruins to which he had access. Lucifer proposed an alliance, and Gray attempted to flee, but Lucifer used his ionic powers to stop him. Lucifer then convinced Gray to aid him in fully returning to Earth by bringing him Tony Stark (who could build a receiver on Earth) in exchange for giving him the power he had long craved. Lucifer then transformed Gray into a duplicate Lucifer. Exalting in his new power, Gray rampaged around Earth until Lucifer warned him (by temporarily depriving him of his power) his power was not unlimited, and that he must find Stark rather than foolishly exhausting it. As Gray continued his search, he encountered his wife, Wilma, who was out looking for him, and she recognized him even in his transformed state. Lucifer directed Gray to ignore her and continue on to Stark Industries, and Wilma followed him, crashing her car through the Stark Industries security gate and informing Stark of her husband's activities and plans. As Iron Man, Stark confronted and battled Gray. Despite Gray's proving a match for Stark, Lucifer directed him to bring Iron Man to him so he could probe his mind and learn Stark's whereabouts. Realizing that keeping Gray from Lucifer might break their bond, Lucifer fought Gray, and Lucifer channeled his full power through Gray, allowing him to stun Iron Man. Before Gray could take him to Lucifer, however, Wilma arrived and talked some sense into Charlie, convincing him not to throw their lives away. Charlie then fought back against the exhausted Lucifer, who faded back to the Nameless Dimension.

(Captain America I#177 (fb) - BTS) - Lucifer encountered and trained an alien creature known as a Salirann to locate and retrieve some Casadrax mineral for him (Saliranns being the only creatures able to track Casadrax).

(Captain America I#177) - The Salirann female returned to Lucifer bearing the sole chunk of Casadrax, and Lucifer used the mineral to provide limitless power to his Dimensional Transmitter, which he then used to return to Earth. Wishing to enjoy the delicacies of Earth, he phased through a door of a delicatessen and began devouring candy bars. He encountered Rafe Michel and two of his fellow criminals when they broke into the deli, which set off an alarm and drew the police. Lucifer convinced the three criminals to join forces with him as he easily overpowered the police, but when the Falcon arrived to stop them, he passed harmlessly through Lucifer. Realizing that his body had been changed by the terrestrial food he had consumed and that -- since he was no longer the same as when he had been transmitted -- he was being drawn back to the Nameless Dimension. To remain on Earth, Lucifer merged with Rafe Michel and transformed him into a duplicate of his own form. Lucifer then blasted the Falcon back and flew away, but he glowed with a strange energy that swiftly made him feel ill; he determined that his Casadrax-amplified power was too much for an Earth form to contain and that his body was burning out. He decided to split his essence between two bodies, and he sensed an ideal target in the nearby-imprisoned Aries (Grover Raymond). After Lucifer demonstrated his power by breaking into the jail and freeing him, Aries agreed. Two "Luci" now existed, both appearing as black men: Michel-Lucifer bearing Lucifer's beard, and Aries-Lucifer beardless. As the glow faded (indicating Lucifer's energies were now stabilized), the Falcon then appeared, but he was no match for the two Luci, who rapidly downed him. As they departed, a limousine approached and offered sanctuary from the approaching police reinforcements. Curious -- and fearing no treachery -- the Luci got in, and the car brought them to Bossman Morgan, who offered an alliance and instructed them to kill the Falcon in a way that couldn't be traced back to him.

(Captain America I#178) - The two Luci ambushed the Falcon, but despite their power, he and Redwing held them off until the struggle downed some power lines, at which point the Luci fled to strike again at another time. They were berated by Morgan for their failure, and they revealed that they had only Lucifer's strength and none of his other powers. The two Luci argued about their plans, but Michel-Lucifer suffered major head pain, and Aries-Lucifer revealed his plan to obtain weaponry from Lucifer's Southwest desert lab. The two Luci flew Morgan's jet to Lucifer's base and located three previously unused Ultra-Robots, though the Michel-Lucifer remained clueless as to the plan. Per Lucifer-Aries plan, the Ultra-Robots assaulted Harlem, drawing the Falcon's attention as planned. Having only recently gained his wings, the Falcon swiftly fell before the Ultra-Robots. Having witnessed this from a distance, Steve Rogers -- who had recently quit as Captain America but still possessed super-strength-- donned a ski mask and tackled the Luci. The Ultra-Robots then attacked Rogers, who dodged, and they crashed into each other and shattered. The recovered Luci attacked Rogers, who stunned Lucifer-Aries, and then Lucifer-Michel attacked, only to collapse from another severe headache. Lucifer-Aries was initially pleased to be rid of his weaker self, but then he screamed in agony and collapsed as well. Lucifer-Michel revealed that the strain of the power had taken its toll and he was dying, but that the two Luci's lives were linked. As Lucifer-Michel died, Lucifer-Aries died, too. With the deaths of his hosts, the real Lucifer abruptly found himself returned to the Nameless Dimension.

(West Coast Avengers II#24 (fb) - BTS) - Dominus reported that Lucifer's "mindless exhibitions drew altogether too much attention to us. Thus, Lucifer was terminated and Earth was declared completely untouchable until Lucifer was forgotten." The moment occurred three years prior to the main story.

(X-Men: Shadows of the Past) - Lengthy isolation in the timeless void of the Nameless Dimension pushed Lucifer to the brink of insanity.

(X-Men: Shadows of the Past) - Lucifer resolved to redeem himself to the Arcana by escaping the Nameless Dimension and destroying the source of his humiliation: Xavier and the X-Men.

(X-Men: Shadows of the Past) - As Professor X -- accompanied by Iceman -- returned home from the funeral of his old colleague Jeremiah Saunders, they were ambushed by a group of Lucifer's ionic beings who proved immune to their powers and swiftly incapacitated them. Xavier was abducted and replaced by an ionic duplicate possessing much of the original's power, memories, personality, etc. Lucifer had Xavier brought to a subterranean base in the American Northwest and from there transmitted to the Nameless Dimension. Lucifer tortured Xavier physically and psychologically while the Xavier imposter duped the X-Men (Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Iceman) into acquiring devices from Lucifer's other bases across Earth (Columbia; the Atlas Mountains in the Sahara; and the Antarctic) in order to adapt Lucifer's transporter so that it could return a being from the Nameless Dimension to Earth. The imposter told them of recent evidence of Quastalium on Earth, and the X-Men fought their way past the bases' defenses to retrieve the equipment.
    Xavier -- his power diluted across the dimensions -- transmitted his astral self to Earth, but found that his weakened form could not even be heard by Jean Grey, any of the other X-Men, or any normal person because his efforts were drowned out by the background thoughts present in their minds. Xavier instead located Jeffrey Saunders, the severely mentally challenged (though highly athletic) son of his old colleague. Not distracted by normal thought processes, Jeffrey proved receptive to Xavier who had always been kind to him. Xavier guided Jeffrey to the X-Men, and while the false Xavier could not strike down Jeffrey in front of the others, Lucifer assaulted the real Xavier at that time, disrupting his connection to Jeffrey, who was thus unable to communicate the real Xavier's warning to them and was then sent back to the facility at which he was cared for. Xavier managed to escape Lucifer and re-establish contact with Jeffrey, sending him back to the Xavier Institute. The Xavier imposter assaulted Jeffrey with ionic blasts, but Jeffrey dodged most of the attacks and overcame illusions, etc., with the true Xavier's aid. Jeffrey eventually fell before his assault, but the X-Men, suspicious of the callous manner in which "Xavier" had treated Jeffrey, then returned and saved him. They exposed the imposter and imprisoned him, after which Xavier -- slowly through Jeffrey -- communicated what had happened to them.
    Connected to Jeffrey, Xavier accompanied the X-Men to Lucifer's final base in the Antarctic and acquired the final piece of equipment. While they were successful, Angel was captured within the base and secretly replaced with an ionic duplicate. Xavier guided the group to the base in the America Southwest from which Lucifer had brought him to the Nameless Dimension and directed them to assemble the gathered components.
    Meanwhile, Lucifer had gathered pawns to oppose the X-Men, striking them with ionic beams to grant them super-powers, as well as taking over their minds -- these included Henry Ballard, Fletch Cuppy, Billy Ray Meekin, and nine others, all of whom had done things for which they were ashamed, which made them susceptible to Lucifer's control. The pawns arrived at the Southwest base before the X-Men could activate the device, and they then attacked the X-Men, during which time "Angel" revealed itself to be an imposter and joined the attack against them. As Cyclops and Iceman fell in battle, Angel headed for the transporter while Jean and the Beast remained occupied with Lucifer's other ionic-powered pawns. Jeffrey/Xavier followed the imposter and watched as he was torn apart upon activating the transporter, its ionic form unable to stand up to the forces generated to pierce the dimensions.
    Both Xavier and Lucifer sensed the portal to the Nameless Dimension opening at the same time and took off towards it. Xavier considered having Jeffrey destroy the device and trap himself in the Nameless Dimension to prevent Lucifer's escape, but Jeffrey not only encouraged him to return home, but also channeled his youthful/athletic vitality to Xavier's body within the Nameless Realm, giving him the strength to navigate the fluid-like realm with great speed. Lucifer was closer, but Xavier's determination coupled with the energy he received from Jeffrey allowed him to close the gap. Xavier passed through the portal to Earth first, then had Jeffrey destroy the transporter. Lucifer's fist passed through into Earth, but then faded back to the Nameless Dimension as the portal dissolved.
    Jean had been defeated by Lucifer's ionic pawns, and the Beast was falling under a mob of attackers as well, but then Xavier took mental control of the mob and commanded them to disperse. Xavier and the X-Men then returned to Antarctica and rescued the real Angel, after which they thanked and returned Jeffrey to his home.
    From the Nameless Dimension, Lucifer plotted revenge, and the X-Men realized he could strike again at any time.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Chic Stone.

I don't completely understand the difference b/t the Quist and the Arcane. According to the OHotMU Deluxe Edition, the Arcane is another name for the Quist. In Shadows of the Past, Lucifer refers to himself as "A Quistalian, an initiate of the great and terrible Arcana," indicating that the Arcane are some subset of the Quist, perhaps those dispatched to conquer other worlds.

Profile by Snood.

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