Real Name: Dominex

Identity/Class: Robot, extraterrestrial (Quist/Arcane) design, terrestrial construction

Occupation: Planetary destruction

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: A robot devised by Dominus and the Quist/Arcane race

Enemies: Avengers (Captain America, Firestar, Justice, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Wonder Man), Hank Pym, Tony Stark, Thunderbolts (Atlas, Hawkeye, Jolt, Mach-1, Moonstone, Songbird) , US Air Force

Known Relatives: Inapplicable

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Formerly Dominus' former Arizona mountain base (21 miles from the Mexican border)

First Appearance: Avengers III#12 (January, 1999)

Powers: Dominex is a giant robot (perhaps several hundred feet tall) with enough raw strength to level a mountain. It can project "Somni-Rays" that can render unconscious most organic beings. It also possessed a highly durable, variable frequency, energy field that was impervious to military missile file and various assaults by the Avengers, including Wonder Man. After Moonstone phased through it, Dominex adjusted the field so the Vision could not pass through it. When damaged, even internally, it could repair itself almost instantly, unless its command module was destroyed.

(Avengers III#12 (fb) - BTS) - Dominex was a doomsday device designed by the Quist, also known as the Arcane. It was used to destroy a planet that Dominus was unable to takeover.

(Avengers III#12 (fb) - BTS / West Coast Avengers II#24 - BTS) - On Earth, the Dominex robot was damaged when Dominus' core launched, leaving it in a dormant state.

(Avengers III#12) - When Hawkeye led the Thunderbolts to investigate Dominus' old base (actually the dormant Dominex) as a potential headquarters for them. The Avengers investigated the Thunderbolts' presence, and a brief battle of mistaken intents erupted. The battle caused Dominex to activate. It burst from the ground, announced its intent to destroy Earth and swiftly incapacitated both Avengers and Thunderbolts with a burst of its Somni-Rays.

(Avengers III#12 - BTS) - Dominex began marching west, heading west toward the Murray Fracture Zone (at the edge of one of Earths tectonic plates, where Earth's crust is thinnest) in the Pacific Ocean. It conserved and gathered its energies, intending to cause an immense explosion at the zone, which would rupture the planet, causing tidal waves of lava beneath its crust, cracking the tectonic plates, and causing worldwide seismic convulsions; ocean-borne tidal waves would destroy coastal regions; massive amounts of water, stone, and earth, converted into radioactive vapor, would be hurled into the atmosphere;  fallout would be showered worldwide, and the atmospheric shroud would cause a nuclear winter, an ice age that would destroy the rest of the biosphere.

The Air Force tried in vain to stop it, their assaults proving ineffective against its durable form. Unaffected by the Somni-Rays due to her enhanced metabolism, Jolt revived the other Thunderbolts. Hoping the Thunderbolts could prove themselves by defeating Dominex without the Avengers, Hawkeye led the Thunderbolts to leave the Avengers behind as they went after Dominex. Seeing that the Somni-Rays had had limited effectiveness, Dominex considered their further use to be pointless.
    Hearing the news reports, Firebird located the fallen Avengers.

(Avengers III#12) - Firebird revived the Avengers and notified them of recent events. As the Avengers pursued in their Quinjet, Captain America contacted Tony Stark and Henry Pym for their input in opposing Dominex.
    After Dominex proved resistant to all external assaults, Hawkeye directed Moonstone to phase through the force field and blast out a hatchway from within. The strategy proved effective as the force field did not protect from internal assaults, and the rest of the Thunderbolts swiftly flew through the open portal. Registering the disruption, Dominex closed the gap with its force field. After Dominex told the Thunderbolts further assaults would be futile, Hawkeye convinced it to spell out its plans.
    As Dominex approached its destination and began its initial build-up to explosion, the Avengers quinjet approached, feeling the effects of Dominex's vibratory field, and the Avengers' assaults proved ineffective as well.

Per Hawkeye's instruction, Moonstone altered her costume's appearance to match Dominus' and pretended to be possessed by the spirit of Dominus himself; She told Dominex that the Arcane were planning a new assault of Earth and ordered Dominex to cease its destructive plans. Seeking to resolve the contradictory commands, Dominex paused, scanning its databanks for authorization parameters. Mach-1 then scanned Dominex's interior and transmitted the images to the Avengers; the data was distorted by the field, but the Vision (despite disruption to his own systems from the vibratory field) linked to the Avengers' quinjet's onboard systems, scanning, strengthening, and enhancing Mach-1's signal. Receiving the images, Stark and Pym noted the arrangement matched the former base and directed Mach-1 upward and to the left to Dominex's command module, though which both the back-up and self-repair systems were run. The Thunderbolts destroyed the module, and Dominex screamed and collapsed, inert.

This caught the robot off-guard as Vision uploaded the files on Dominex to Hank Pym and Tony Stark. The Thunderbolts breached the robot, found its command module, and destroyed it, putting an end to Dominex.

Comments: Created by Kurt Busiek, George Perez, Al Vey and Bob Wiacek.

Profile by Proto-Man. Revised by Snood.

Clarifications: Dominex was associated with, but should be distinguished from:

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Avengers III#12, p22, pan4 (Dominex rising) - reprinted in Avengers Assemble HC#2
Avengers III#12, p26, pan3 (Dominex headshot)
Avengers III#12, p25, pan4 (Dominex withstand airplane fire)

Avengers III#12 (January, 1999) - Kurt Busiek (writer), George Perez (pencils), Al Vey & Bob Wiacek (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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