Real Name: Moonbeam (last name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Presumably human mutant

Occupation: Link between the dead and the living; formerly member of X-Force/X-Statix, Cryogenics Research Lab promo girl, failed model

Group Membership: Dead Sisters (Moira MacTaggart, Mockingbird (actually a Skrull), Gwen Stacy), X-Force/X-Statix

Affiliations: The Avengers (Ant-Man, Captain America, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Thor),  Dead Sisters, Dr. Strange, Britney Gutman, Lacuna, Miss America, Harry Osborn, Solomon O'Sullivan, Phantom Rider (Carter Slade), the Piano Player, Whizzer, X-Force/X-Statix (the Anarchist, Doop, el Guapo, Henrietta Hunterthe Mysterious Fan Boy, the Orphan, Phat, the SpikeU-Go Girl, Venus Dee Milo, Vivisector);
 formerly Spike Freeman

Enemies: Agent Wright, the Ancient One, Bad Guythe Bush Rangers (Stanley, Tray, Zippo, etc.), the C.I.A. Crack Squad, Bud Corby, the Euro-Trash (Blind Ali, Miz Tree, Oxford Blue, Surrender Monkey, the Wall), the Fatal Sisters (Hilda, Mista, Sangrida), Spike Freeman, Sharon Ginsberg, Brad Gutman, Kraven the Hunter (Sergei Kravinov), Nathan Malloy, Mister Code, Mysterio (Quentin Beck), the Pitiful One, Razorhead, Vivisector (Dr. Alex Finlay);
     formerly Arnie Lundberg (a. k. a. the Mysterious Fan Boy), Solomon O'Sullivan;
     indirectly Dicky, Reggie (they hired the Euro-Trash)

Known Relatives: Unidentified parents

Aliases: None

Place of Birth: Unrevealed

Base of Operations: An unknown location in Heaven;
formerly X-Statix Tower in Santa Monica, California;
formerly X-Force HQ in Santa Monica, California;
formerly New York City, New York

Extent of Education: Unrevealed, presumed high school graduate

First Appearance:
 (first mentioned): X-Force I#121 (December, 2001)
 (actually seen): X-Force I#125 (April, 2002)

Powers/Abilities: Dead Girl could communicate telepathically with the tissues of dead and decaying corpses, as well as ghosts and spirits. If need be, she could temporarily return the recently deceased to life, in the form of either a corpse or a ghost. She could also reform herself if part or all of her body was severed or destroyed. If any of her body parts were severed, she could control them even if they were not attached to her body. Dead Girl could also walk on air, presumably through some sort of phasing (see comments).

Dead Girl also presumably had abilities similar to that of other zombie-type characters, such as the ability to survive without food, water, or oxygen.

Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 101 lbs.
Eyes: Red (formerly brown)
Hair: Grayish-black (formerly brown)

(X-Force I#126 (fb)) - The woman who was to become Dead Girl moved to New York City, New York, to become an actress. While in New York, she met a man who was an actor himself and the two shared a small hotel room. That night, the man murdered the woman and buried her in a graveyard amongst the other deceased. She revived in darkness under the ground. She managed to communicate with the deceased around her, who found the killer and sewed the seeds of guilt within him. As his guilt got the better of him, the killer returned to the graveyard to double-check that the woman's body was still buried. Upon unearthing the corpse, the woman who would become Dead Girl took her revenge on her killer by slaying him.

 (X-Force I#121 - BTS) - As X-Force held a press conference to discuss who their two new members would be, a reporter asked about Dead Girl and claimed that some Las Vegas high rollers were putting lots of money on her grave being hot. The Orphan replied that Dead Girl's chances of joining the team were still alive and kicking.

 (X-Force I#122 - BTS) - After Lacuna turned down her offer for X-Force membership in favor of a talk show, X-Force got together and discussed who their other new team member would be. The Orphan explained that Dead Girl might be a little weird, but that he thought that she had potential.

 (X-Force I#125 - BTS) - Still trying to find a new team member, the Orphan, the Anarchist, and U-Go Girl visited the graveyard home of Dead Girl, in an attempt to offer her membership into X-Force. While there, they were attacked by a monstrous creature composed of rotting flesh, worms, and mud, who pointed a death-like finger at the three members of X-Force. The threesome quickly returned to their HQ.

 (X-Force I#125) - As X-Statix argued whether to on a mission into space for the C.I.A., to stop the Bush Rangers who had taken over a space station, Dead Girl turned up at their base and introduced herself, then sided with the Orphan, voting to go. She then joined X-Force in suiting up and boarding their shuttle in space to stop the Bush Rangers.

 (X-Force I#126) - As Dead Girl accompanied her new teammates in X-Force into space, the Anarchist and U-Go Girl asked if she could communicate with some of her deceased friends and discover which of them the decaying creature was pointing at back in the graveyard. Dead Girl replied that she would be able to make contact, as her name suggested. Once aboard the space station, Dead Girl and company were greeted by the station "crew." The team then rushed out to find the Bush Rangers, unaware that the "crew" itself were the Rangers in disguise. As the team split up, Dead Girl, the Anarchist, and the Spike were ambushed by a group of Bush Rangers, who blasted Dead Girl to pieces. The Orphan and U-Go Girl were then attacked by an impostor Anarchist, only to be saved by the real Anarchist. After the quick save, the Anarchist, the Orphan, and U-Go Girl were all sealed in an air lock. Before they could be killed, however, Dead Girl managed to reform herself and save them.

 (X-Force I#127) - As Dead Girl, the Orphan, the Anarchist, and U-Go Girl returned to the rest of X-Force, they sat back, relaxed, and waited for the C.I.A. to arrive onboard the space station, thereby completing their mission. The team soon realized that X-Force member, the Spike, was not among them and began searching for him. X-Force soon discovered the Bush Rangers, all disguised as the Spike, and a fight ensued. During the battle, Dead Girl's arm and the side of her face were blown off. As she started to reform herself, her arm attacked one Bush Ranger, while the other half of her body attacked another. After most of the Bush Rangers were taken out, the C.I.A. Crack Squad arrived and fired upon the Orphan, Doop, U-Go Girl, and the Anarchist, who quickly teleported away and into a satellite headed for deep space. "The Spike" killed Agent Wright and explained that he, Vivisector, Phat, and Dead Girl were all that was left of X-Force; the foursome soon exited the space station aboard a shuttle, while the real Spike looked out the window, badly beaten and bruised.

 (X-Force I#128) - Dead Girl remained with Vivisector, Phat, and "the Spike" as they discovered a shuttle containing the Orphan, Doop, and U-Go Girl. They docked their shuttle back at the space station so that they could save their fellow X-Force members. The Orphan revealed that the Anarchist lost a dice roll and therefore, opted to remain aboard the satellite to die while the other three lived on. Together, X-Force managed to save the Anarchist as well, thanks to Dead Girl communicating with the corpse of Agent Wright. Soon after their reunion, the real Spike emerged and revealed that "the Spike" who was among them was actually Tray of the Bush Rangers in disguise. Tray quickly reacted by firing spikes off in all directions, killing the real Spike and U-Go Girl as well. The Orphan quickly subdued Tray with a kick to the face and X-Force sent U-Go Girl's body into orbit.

 (X-Force I#129) - Following U-Go Girl's death, the Orphan explained to team owner Spike Freeman that U-Go Girl had suggested the name "X-Statix" as a name replacement, due to the name X-Force being copyrighted by another group. After the Orphan argued loudly with Spike Freeman, Dead Girl joined the Anarchist in getting drunk at their HQ. Later that night, both Dead Girl and the Anarchist ended up in jail. They were quickly released and no charges were made, except from photographer Ed Lance, who filed a civil action against the Anarchist for angrily destroying Lance's camera. After returning to the team, Dead Girl joined them in visiting the X-Force bush leagues to find replacement members for U-Go Girl and the Spike. As they left, mutant talent agent Solomon O'Sullivan approached the team and asked if they needed agents. Back at their HQ, Dead Girl argued with the Anarchist, claiming that she wanted to be more than just novelty value to him. She later joined the rest of the team as the Orphan revealed to the public that the new X-Force team name would be "X-Statix."

 (X-Statix#1) - Dead Girl participated in a mission for the cameras with her other newly-renamed X-Statix teammates and later showered up with the rest of them while discussing possible new team members. After the showers, Dead Girl relaxed with the rest of the team and watched the new reality show O-Force, in which mutants compete for a place on a superhero team. While watching the show, Spike Freeman mentioned that the Orphan should consider making Venus Dee Milo a team new member, as X-Statix could use an injection of sex appeal. Dead Girl replied with an angry "thank you very much."

 (X-Statix#2) - Dead Girl was present with X-Statix when Venus Dee Milo accidentally teleported them into a civil war zone. While there, Dead Girl communicated with one of the corpses and discovered the location of the rebels' HQ. As the battle continued, the Orphan oddly saw Dead Girl as U-Go Girl. Dead Girl soon discovered a dirty bomb constructed by the rebels and Venus teleported the bomb away, but upon her return, Venus exploded in a blast of energy. Back at the HQ, the Anarchist attempted to apologize for a fight that he and the Orphan had gotten into back at the civil war zone, but the Orphan walked away. Dead Girl explained to the Anarchist that the Orphan would come around in time. The duo decided to go out for a night on the town, where the Anarchist, attempting to prove that the media loved them no matter what, blasted his way into a jewelry store and stole a boatload of jewels. The jewelry store owner soon arrived and explained to the media how proud he was that two X-Statix members decided to rob his store over all others. The Anarchist then asked Dead Girl if she wanted to live a little, to which she replied with a smile.

 (X-Statix#3) - Dead Girl was present at X-Statix Tower when mutant lawyer Sharon Ginsberg arrived and presented Spike Freeman with an order to stop Venus Dee Milo's actions on the team. The Orphan quickly defended Venus, which provoked Dead Girl into announcing that at one point, the Orphan was desperate to find a reason for Venus to not join X-Statix. She then exclaimed that the Orphan currently wanted her to stay due to her cute butt. As the Anarchist prepared to leave the team and conduct a little "social experiment," he invited Dead Girl to join him. Dead Girl looked back at her teammates in X-Statix and then agreed to join the Anarchist on his "Death & Anarchy" roadshow. Later, when the Orphan discovered that the O-Force team was going on a mission against reality-altering mutant Arnie Lundberg, he attempted to bring X-Statix back together. The Orphan paid a visit to the Anarchist's "Death & Anarchy" roadshow, where the Anarchist was inviting people on stage to kill Dead Girl over and over again. The Anarchist declined the Anarchist's offer to rejoin X-Statix and then spoke with Dead Girl, who claimed that she wanted to be there when the Anarchist lost it. She also explained that if the Orphan ordered her to return to X-Statix, she would do as she was told. The Orphan decided to just leave and eventually parachuted into the Minnesota town controlled by Arnie Lundberg by himself.

 (X-Statix#4) - Dead Girl and the Anarchist watched on television as the Orphan parachuted into the Minnesota town controlled by the mutant Arnie Lundberg. After listening for a short while, the Anarchist fried the television with an acidic energy blast. Venus Dee Milo later visited the Anarchist and Dead Girl, where Dead Girl decided to rejoin X-Statix, claiming that the Anarchist would not open up to her and that he wasn't even fun anymore. As the Orphan was about to be overtaken by zombies raised by Arnie, a reunited X-Statix arrived and saved him. While X-Statix rounded up the townspeople, the Orphan convinced Arnie to use his powers for good and recruited him into the team.

 (X-Statix#5) - After Arnie joined the team as the Mysterious Fan Boy, Dead Girl was present at X-Statix Tower when the Anarchist and Phat got into a fight. Noticing everyone fighting, Arnie closed the throats of everyone present until the Orphan suggested that the team go out to dinner. Before dinner, Dead Girl joined the team in a bathroom stall as Doop emitted a short-range signal to block Arnie's powers from reading their minds. Inside the stall, they discussed what to do with Arnie. Dead Girl was surprised at Venus Dee Milo's suggestion that they just teleport him somewhere far away and drop him. Dead Girl later joined the rest of the team at dinner, where Lacuna arrived and asked the Mysterious Fan Boy to reveal his identity on her show. The Orphan angrily told her that she wasn't invited to the dinner and then Venus teleport the team away. Lacuna secretly followed them by hitching a ride on Venus's teleportational coattails and unmasked the Mysterious Fan Boy at X-Statix Tower. After his identity was exposed, X-Statix decided to take Arnie on his first mission. During the mission, the team was attacked by escaped mutant Razorhead, who chopped Dead Girl in half. Before Razorhead could kill the Orphan, the Mysterious Fan Boy used his powers to destroy Razorhead, but soon collapsed and died due to heart trauma. Dead Girl later joined the team as they watched the Mysterious Fan Boy Funeral Special on television. After the show, the Orphan went to Arnie's visitation and argued with Lacuna over his role in Arnie's death. The Orphan then quit X-Statix in anger.

 (X-Statix#6) - While Venus Dee Milo searched for her family throughout various dimensions, Dead Girl and the Anarchist appeared on Lacuna & the Stars to help the audience decide whether they wanted the Orphan to return to X-Statix or never show his face again. Dead Girl and the Anarchist were on the side of him never returning. Spike Freeman later chewed both her and the Anarchist out, accusing them of attempts to destroy the team. Spike then explained that if the Orphan did not return to the team, then X-Statix's next mission would be to eliminate him. Later that night, someone broke into Professor Xavier's lab and stole a slew of costumes that aided mutants in controlling their powers. The person then went on a crime spree as the Bad Guy, leading much of the public to believe that he was Guy Smith, the Orphan. Eventually, X-Statix was called to stop the Bad Guy's crime spree and a battle ensued that led to the Anarchist nearly being crushed. As the Bad Guy lifted the boulder to crush the Anarchist with, he ordered Venus to blast Bad Guy.

 (X-Statix#7) - As Venus stalled, not wanting to hurt who she thought was the Orphan, Dead Girl pushed her out of the way. This distraction allowed the Anarchist to use his powers to blast the boulder to pieces. Bad Guy quickly turned to Dead Girl and impaled her with one of the mechanical arms present on his patchwork costume. As Dead Girl fell to pieces, she had her severed hand rake the face of Bad Guy, leading to his retreat. Dead Girl soon reformed herself and asked that if Venus's feelings for the Orphan were going to jeopardize the team that they had a right to know. Under the stress of the questions, Venus once again exploded in a blast of energy, knocking Dead Girl into the Anarchist. Dead Girl, along with the other members of X-Statix, later met with Lacuna and agreed to unmask the Bad Guy on her show. Lacuna then accompanied X-Statix as they teleported to the current crime spree of the Bad Guy. Before the battle could start, Venus teleported herself and the Bad Guy to her own childhood home where Bad Guy removed his mask.

 (X-Statix#8) - Revealing his appearance to be that of Venus' deceased cousin Jamal, Bad Guy attempted to drain the energy from Venus until the Orphan arrived and the two teleported away. Back at X-Statix Tower, Professor Xavier revealed to Venus that Bad Guy was actually an alien from one of the dark dimensions that Venus had been searching. The alien had taken the form of her cousin Jamal because he was one of Venus's fears. X-Statix later held a press conference, which Dead Girl attended, to announce the return of the Orphan to their ranks. As the Orphan decided to give his former leadership duties over to the Anarchist, Dead Girl shivered and explained to Venus that she had suddenly went very cold, as if someone had walked over her grave. Venus said it was because Dead Girl didn't like the idea of the Orphan being friends with the Anarchist. Dead Girl shivered again and replied that Venus must be right. X-Statix later jumped into action again against Bad Guy, where Dead Girl once again was ripped in pieces by Bad Guy's mechanical arms. Venus again teleported herself and Bad Guy away where she could confront him in person. Unfortunately, Bad Guy once again attempted to drain Venus's energy. Dead Girl suddenly jumped on Bad Guy's back and stabbed her fingernails into his ribcage. She then revealed that she had hitched a ride on Venus's teleportation waves and that despite their differences, Venus and herself were sisters in a world dominated by musclemen. Back at the tower, Venus revealed to the Orphan that Bad Guy had died once Venus had confronted her fears of her cousin Jamal. Before they could continue the conversation, Solomon O'Sullivan arrived with a gravely injured Sharon Ginsberg and asked for X-Statix's help.

 (X-Statix#9) - Dead Girl joined her X-Statix teammates on a mission to Africa, where she ripped a soldier's eyes out; later she joined them for dinner, where she stared at her plate containing nothing more than four peas. She later accompanied X-Statix as they visited the set of the X-Statix movie, where they met the young mutant named el Guapo. While they watched the dailies of the movie, Vivisector suggested that the movie should take a cue from real life and have the Anarchist fall in love with Venus. Angered, Dead Girl grabbed Vivisector and exclaimed that was not funny at all. After a vicious on-set attack by Sharon Ginsberg, Dead Girl joined X-Statix at a press conference showing the group's most recent mission.

 (X-Men Unlimited I#41/2) - After a press conference where the male members of X-Statix showed off their mutant powers, Dead Girl, Venus Dee Milo, and Doop returned from a day of shopping and the team teleported away.

 (Wolverine/Doop#2) - After Doop returned from a mission involving mystic artifacts and Wolverine, X-Statix threw him a poolside party. During the party, Dead Girl put suntan lotion on Doop's head while Vivisector jokingly put a D.O.A. toe tag around her toe.

 (X-Statix#11) - Dead Girl was present as X-Statix decided to invite el Guapo to join X-Statix. Upon el Guapo's arrival onto the team, X-Statix threw him a party by the pool, which both Wolverine and famed director Kevin Smith attended. During the party, the team received word of trouble in Malaysia and quickly jumped into action. In Malaysia, el Guapo injured his leg and flew into a tree, while Dead Girl strangled a soldier with another's intestines. She later joined the team as they recovered from the Malaysia disaster and was also present when el Guapo discovered that Doop had taken photos of him with other women.

 (X-Statix#12) - As X-Statix went on a mission to the India/Pakistan border, Dead Girl pursued a modeling career. During her first step on the catwalk, she was verbally attacked by protesters claiming that she was not a good role model for young women, being dead and all. When she returned to X-Statix Tower, the Anarchist joined her in visiting the X-Statix mortuary, where she met with the mortician, Brad Gutman. Dead Girl became very uneasy when Brad referred to the dead as his girls and boys. After leaving the mortuary, Dead Girl expressed her uneasiness to the Anarchist, who explained that Brad was cool. She explained that Brad was hitting on her, to which the Anarchist replied that he didn't think she was his type. Dead Girl responded that she was exactly Brad's type, implying that Brad was a necrophiliac. She suddenly stopped, explaining that she had been receiving low-level telepathic distress calls from the deceased girls in the X-Statix mortuary. Later, when Brad's daughter Britney went on a shooting spree, Dead Girl and the other members of X-Statix were called in. Dead Girl walked on air up to speak with Britney, who explained that she was going to die and take others with her. Dead Girl explained that being dead was not that great and that Britney was actually just angry because her dad was a necrophiliac. She then explained to Britney that her shooting spree didn't make much sense as a reaction to her father's sick ways. Britney then exclaimed that life doesn't make sense and shot Dead Girl. Dead Girl reformed, but before she could continue her conversation with Britney, the police below shot Britney. As Britney died, she asked Dead Girl to not let anything bad happen to her once she died. Dead Girl promised that she would look after her. Brad Gutman soon arrived and took his daughter back to X-Statix's mortuary, where Dead Girl ripped his heart out. As the shocked X-Statix team looked on, Dead Girl explained that Brad abused the dead and that she was not going to let him do that to his own daughter. She then accompanied X-Statix back to the India/Pakistan border, where she communicated with the dead and discovered that the victims wanted to be left in Kashmir, not reburied in Kentucky. Upon returning to the X-Statix Tower, Dead Girl restored Brad's corpse to life and then summoned the ghosts of his victims. She then allowed the ghosts to have their way with Brad.

 (X-Statix#13) - Dead Girl was present with X-Statix as they discussed their upcoming mission to retrieve the recently reborn popstar Henrietta Hunter and eventually joined them in Europa where they found Henrietta. During the battle against Europan agents, Dead Girl was riddled with bullets and quickly reformed herself in time to join her teammates on the teleportational ride home. Dead Girl was later present when Venus Dee Milo held Spike Freeman in the air, angry over Henrietta's membership into X-Statix. Later, in New York City, Henrietta was attacked by the Europan mutants collectively known as the Euro-Trash. When the Wall grabbed Henrietta, Dead Girl and the others quickly jumped into action, alongside the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

 (X-Statix#14) - During the battle with the Euro-Trash, Surrender Monkey attempted to grab Venus Dee Milo. Dead Girl reacted quickly, kicking Surrender Monkey in the head. Upon his recovery, Surrender Monkey suggested that the Euro-Trash retreat and the group took haven inside a local X-Statix Store. As X-Statix returned to base to discuss what to do about the kidnapped Henrietta Hunter, Doop revealed to them that Spike Freeman had purposely informed Europa of the mutants that made up the Euro-Trash. X-Statix decided to tie Spike up and then teleported inside the X-Statix Store to save Henrietta. With the Euro-Trash killed, X-Statix held a press conference announcing Henrietta's membership into the team. After Henrietta began a quest of charitable activities, Dead Girl and the others decided that they should instead kill Henrietta themselves, rather than risk Henrietta redesigning their costumes.

 (X-Statix#15) - As a rash of random killings swept the U. S. A., Dead Girl and the other members of X-Statix discussed ways of killing Henrietta Hunter, not knowing that Lacuna was using her powers to stay in between seconds and listen in on the conversation. The group soon arrived aboard Henrietta's yacht, intending to kill her, but were stopped by Lacuna who convinced them to spare Henrietta's life. Dead Girl later joined the others on a mission to Afghanistan, where she was blown to pieces by terrorist soldiers. During the battle, Henrietta proved her worth by taking out a lot of terrorists. Dead Girl was later present when Vivisector got into a fight with the Anarchist over a remark made about homosexuals. As the random killings continued, Henrietta announced herself the U. S. Secretary of Homeland Defense and the new team leader of X-Statix at a press conference attended by the whole team.

 (X-Statix#16) - Dead Girl attending the modeling shoot which showcased X-Statix's newly redesigned costumes while the world angrily attacked Henrietta for not bringing the random killer to justice. Eventually, Henrietta took X-Statix to random spots in the U. S. in vain attempts to locate the random killer. Upon returning to X-Statix Tower, Henrietta attempted to communicate with the recently deceased in an effort to find the killer. Dead Girl used her own powers to communicate with dead and ordered them to continue to send Henrietta on a wild goose chase. Dead Girl later watched television with the other X-Statix members as Henrietta was pelted with trash for not finding the killer. Soon after, the killer went on television and introduced himself as Mister Code, a human bent on changing America. With the killer revealed, documents arose connecting various X-Statix members to Saddam Hussein. Dead Girl was present as the Orphan confronted Spike Freeman about the documents. Spike told the Orphan he had nothing to worry about and that Mister Code could kill anyone at anytime. Knowing that the documents were in Lacuna's hands and knowing that Spike was making a threat on her life, the Orphan kicked Spike in the head. Rushing over, Dead Girl felt Spike's pulse and pronounced him dead. The Orphan left to save Lacuna from Mister Code and arrived just in time to see her shot.

 (X-Statix#17) - Discovering the assassin, the Orphan levitated to a local building's roof to catch him. The assassin then exploded. While the rest of X-Statix went on a mission to retrieve the incriminating documents, Dead Girl communicated with Spike Freeman's corpse in an attempt to discover the location of Mister Code's base. Failing in their mission, the documents were revealed to the public, severely hurting X-Statix's image. In order to fix it, the team knew exactly what they needed to do: stop Mister Code. Dead Girl was successful in discovering Mister Code's suburban stronghold by exchanging information for a Bank of Hell credit card with Spike Freeman in the afterlife. Teleporting into Code's base, the Orphan battled Mister Code one-on-one. Attempting to save the Orphan, Henrietta got her neck broken by Code. The battle raged on until the Orphan levitated high into the air and dropped Mister Code, effectively killing him. The Orphan then rushed over and unmasked Mister Code, causing him to explode.

 (X-Statix#18) - As Code exploded, Phat jumped on top of him and phatted up. Phat's body shielded X-Statix from the explosion, but killed Phat in the process. Dead Girl later joined the others in attending Phat's funeral. Following Henrietta's death, her record company released a new single entitled "Back from the Dead," which mysteriously killed any who sung the song aloud. Discovering the deaths, X-Statix teleported into the record company's offices, which caused the producer to suffer a heart attack, having just sung the song himself. Dead Girl and Venus Dee Milo thought aloud that the mysterious deaths caused by an object of the media was a lot like a certain Japanese movie...The Seven Samurai. Soon after returning from the record company, el Guapo sung the song himself, causing him to lose control of his skateboard and impale himself on it. Determined to get to the bottom of the mysterious deaths, X-Statix tapped Dead Girl to sing the song aloud, considering that she could not die. She did so and soon after, was hit in the head by Phat's severed foot that had fallen from space. As her head reformed itself, Dead Girl spotted the walking corpse of Henrietta Hunter, with whom she communicated. Discovering that the deaths were being caused by Henrietta's desire for revenge against those who originally killed her, X-Statix teleported to Europa. Once there, they confronted the Europan president and forced him to sing the song out loud. The team then left the president to Henrietta's wrath.

 (X-Statix#19) - Dead Girl joined her teammates in watching as they pulled the life support plug on Lacuna, live on her television show. Determined to save their friend and ally, the team teleported into the television studio and demanded that they take their hands off Lacuna. Lacuna suddenly sat up and claimed she was healed by the power of the prayers of her audience. Later, when Vivisector expressed his desire to rid himself of his powers, Dead Girl explained that he should be ashamed to think of his powers as some sort of disease. Dead Girl then watched as the Anarchist riled Vivisector up enough to trigger his wolf-like transformation. Angered, Vivisector viciously slashed the face of the Anarchist, who fell to the floor in pain. Dead Girl told him to lighten up and the Anarchist replied that he'd laugh if he knew his cheek-flesh wouldn't fall off. Much later, after Vivisector went through with a procedure that rid him of his powers, he tried to explain to Dead Girl and the others that he could still be useful to X-Statix. The team then received a call of mutated loggers in Newfoundland and they teleported away, leaving Vivisector behind.

 (X-Statix#20) - When Dr. Alex Finlay, the man who cured Vivisector, used Vivisector's mutant essence to become a new Vivisector, Dead Girl and the members of X-Statix watched on television as Dr. Finlay went on a rampage. Thinking the new Vivisector to be their teammate, they teleported to the home of Dr. Edward Alfred, the original Vivisector's father. There they found Finlay threatening Dr. Alfred, then stood back and watched as Myles Alfred saved his father by killing Finlay, and unintentionally regain his powers. Dead Girl and others explained that Myles had to be able to turn into Vivisector if he were to remain on the team.

 (X-Statix#21) - Dead Girl joined X-Statix on a mission to Moscow, where Doop had been kidnapped and used as a weapon against them. Suffering a brutal defeat at the hands of Doop, the team contacted the Avengers for assistance. The Avengers agreed to help and after a quick battle with the Russian terrorists, Thor threw Mjolnir into Doop's brain. Captain America then explained that X-Statix were not responsible enough to care for the weapon known as Doop and Thor removed his hammer, causing Doop's brain to explode, throwing pieces of it across the globe and beyond. Back at X-Statix Tower, the Orphan managed to revive Doop using Doop's backup brain located in Doop's butt. The Orphan then explained to the others that Doop's backup would last for three days, meaning that they had three days time to retrieve the missing pieces of Doop's brain. At the same time, the Avengers were discussing how they would retrieve the pieces themselves.

 (X-Statix#22) - Dead Girl was present with X-Statix as they dropped the Anarchist off in Thailand to retrieve the first piece of Doop's brain. After the Anarchist suffered defeat at the hands of Captain America, Dead Girl was dropped off aboard the U. S. S. McKinley, a toxic "ghost ship" being towed across the Atlantic Ocean. As Dead Girl began her search for the second piece of Doop's brain, the Scarlet Witch arrived as well and began her search. While searching for the brain, the Scarlet Witch was shocked to see the ghost of her adopted mother, Myra Maximoff. Surprised, the Scarlet Witch fell into the radioactive pool that had flooded the ship. Luckily, she managed to erect a mystic shield around herself and looked over to see a dissolving Dead Girl, who revealed that the ghost was her doing. The Scarlet Witch then kicked Dead Girl and Dead Girl reminded the Witch that she had to keep her concentration up or her mystic shield would falter. The Scarlet Witch claimed that her concentration was fine and cast a hex sphere upon Dead Girl, causing Dead Girl to become wrapped in a winding sheet. As the Scarlet Witch attempted to retrieve Doop's brain, more ghosts began appearing, this time the people who the Scarlet Witch accidentally killed in a fire that she unintentionally started when her mutant powers first manifested. That particular group of ghosts were enough to cause the Scarlet Witch's concentration to fail and cause her mystic shield to dissolve. Not wanting to breathe in the toxic liquid that she was floating in, the Witch quickly resurfaced and returned to the top deck of the ship. Dead Girl then grabbed Doop's brain and reported back to Venus Dee Milo.

 (X-Statix#25) - As Thor battled Doop for the final piece of Doop's brain, their battle awoke the Fatal Sisters, a group of Valkyrior that had slept for centuries. Thinking their battle to be a new war, the Fatal Sisters intended to claim the deceased. The remaining Avengers soon arrived, followed by Dead Girl and the remaining members of X-Statix. After seeing thirteen new heroes to oppose them, the Fatal Sisters instead decided to retreat back to their slumber, claiming that they would return when the battles were loud enough. The two teams briefly argued before the Avengers agreed to let X-Statix keep the restored Doop. X-Statix then returned to their tower, thinking it was time they called it a day. The Anarchist commented that he was thinking of starting a solo career, to which Vivisector replied that he wanted to get into writing. Venus Dee Milo then revealed that she was offered a record contract and Dead Girl jokingly claimed that she was thinking of raising an army of the dead against the living. Receiving strange stares, Dead Girl explained that she was joking and that she actually wanted to get into acting. Venus then asked if the team was really thinking about breaking up.

 (X-Statix#26 (fb)) - X-Statix eventually decided to call it quits and threw a star-studded party to celebrate their retiring. While there, a man confronted the Orphan and asked if X-Statix would go on one final mission. After explaining the situation to the others, the rest of the team agreed on one last paycheck. Dead Girl and the Anarchist then left the party, discussing that Dead Girl appeared to be sick. The Anarchist suggested that she call in sick and she claimed that she couldn't call in sick because she's already dead. She later joined the rest of the team as the Orphan briefed them on the their mission to stop a bunch of armed gunmen who had infiltrated a mansion. Vivisector then replied that he couldn't believe it was their final mission, to which Venus said that she couldn't believe how much Hugh Hefner had offered her to pose topless in Playboy. Dead Girl then explained that Hefner had offered her a million last year until he had seen what Dead Girl looked full frontal and had an aneurism. Following that bit of information, the team teleported into battle.

 (X-Statix#26) - During X-Statix's mission, Dead Girl died due to her unknown illness. The Orphan demanded that Venus Dee Milo teleport them away from the battle, to which Venus replied that she couldn't with Dead Girl breaking into pieces. Vivisector suggested they leave without Dead Girl's body and the Anarchist claimed that the team came in together, and they would go out together; shortly after he said this, the rest of X-Statix were killed.

(X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl#1) - Following her "death", Dead Girl ascended to Heaven, where she joined the Dead Sisters, a book club consisting of other deceased females. While in the afterlife, she felt like someone was walking over her grave when Doctor Strange spoke with his assistant Wong about needing a guide to help him stop the deceased super-villain Pitiful One's plot to resurrect himself.

(X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl#2) - Realizing that he needed Dead Girl's help to traverse into Hell and back, Doctor Strange communicated with Dead Girl's spirit via his astral form. In order to better speak with Doctor Strange, Dead Girl had him retrieve various meats and clothing she could possess. Once her spirit had entered the meat, the two went to a bar where Strange explained to Dead Girl that he needed to visit Hell and that he needed her help to assemble a team of deceased heroes to aid him. Dead Girl finally agreed to help him when he offered her resurrection and the two returned to the afterlife to retrieve their group of heroes. Arriving during a meeting of her book club, Dead Girl introduced Doctor Strange to Moira MacTaggart, Mockingbird, and Gwen Stacy. While the Dead Sisters made up their mind whether they wanted to help or not, Dead Girl led Doctor Strange past the Whizzer where they found Carter Slade, the Phantom Rider of the Old West. After the Phantom Rider agreed to help, Dead Girl found Ant-Man battling insects in the carpet. Once Ant-Man agreed to help as well, Dead Girl led the group to Mister Sensitive, her former X-Statix teammate.

(X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl#3) - After arguing with him over why their old teammate the Anarchist was in Hell, Dead Girl finally convinced Mister Sensitive to join them in stopping the Pitiful One's plot. Once their group was solidified when the Phantom Rider recruited deceased superhero the Piano Player, Dead Girl led the group to the elevator to Hell, manned by Harry Osborn. On the elevator, Dead Girl spoke with Doctor Strange about why he was giving her funny looks and he admitted that he was a little jealous of her and what she had with the Anarchist during her time on Earth. Before any more could be said, members of the Pitiful One's group attacked them. During the battle, she spoke more with Doctor Strange as he protected her from Kraven the Hunter. Finding him polite, Dead Girl helped out by kicking Kraven after he punched Strange. The battle was soon interrupted by the arrival of Dead Girl's book club, who brought along with them the former X-Forcer U-Go Girl. The group soon escaped through one of U-Go Girl's portals to another level of Hell.

(X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl#4) - While in the level of Hell housing the dead bureaucrats, Dead Girl's Dead Sisters discovered that the Pitiful One was basing himself out of the Hotel Self-Loathing, one in a chain of hotels opened up in Hell. She then led the group to the Indecent Maw, which led to the Hotel. While there, Doctor Strange tried to get her to admit her real name but she refused to talk about it. On their way into the Maw, Dead Girl lost her grip and fell but Doctor Strange voluntarily jumped in to save her, which he did with a stop spell. So taken was she by Strange's will to sacrifice himself for her, Dead Girl tried to get him to stay in the afterlife despite Wong summoning him back to his body. Unfortunately, before he could give a definate answer, the Ancient One broke through the spell on Strange's body, causing him to return.

(X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl#5) - As he returned to Earth, Strange found himself sad to not know Dead Girl's name and she finally admitted that her real first name was Moonbeam. The Phantom Rider decided to take that time to ride off into the sunset as everyone discussed Dead Girl's real name. She quickly explained that she preferred Dead Girl and continued to lead the team further into Hell. The Dead Sisters then decided to also take their leave, prompting the Piano Player to play a valedictory tune to mark their parting. Before he could begin, both Ant-Man and Dead Girl yelled at him to shut up. When Dead Girl tried to explain to Ant-Man that he was wasting his time obsessing over carpet bugs, the Piano Player managed to somehow get resurrected, making the party one more member short. Dead Girl then led the remaining foursome to the Hotel Self-Loathing where the Anarchist attacked Mister Sensitive and Dead Girl punched out the Pitiful One's internal organs. She then located the Creme du Profundis clay that had been allowing the Pitiful One to temporarily resurrect himself and others and explained that the battle was over. She then sent the Anarchist and Miss America towards Heaven, as they had seen the error of their ways. U-Go Girl said her goodbyes and Dead Girl decided to use a bit of the Creme du Profundis to resurrect herself for 24 hours so that she could spend some quality time with Doctor Strange. Once the clay began to wear off, Strange told her not to be sad and that they always had the memories of the Stinking Esophagus of Cerberus from their trip together.

(Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #24) – Seeking out a way to resurrect his deceased Aunt May, Spider-Man contacted Dr. Strange, who cast a spell to split Spider-Man into numerous temporal counterparts of himself, allowing to be everywhere at once. Able to visit numerous people whom he thought he could help, Spider-Man contacted Dead Girl in the afterlife, only to be told she was unable to help.

Comments: Created by Peter Milligan and Mike D. Allred.

I personally believe that Dead Girl's "walking on air" ability is due to some sort of phasing power, perhaps due to her connection to ghosts. It was never fully explained, but I believe that she could transform herself into various forms of the deceased, such as a ghostly form and a zombie-like form. My evidence to base this theory on are two things. One: the cover of X-Statix#12 shows her apparently running through a wall, as if phasing, plus she could walk on air, both of these abilities similar to a ghost. Also, when she was communicating with the corpse of Spike Freeman, her appearance became that of a thin, bony zombie-type form. I think that these two appearances could be related to the same semi-shapeshifting ability. Any opinions?

Dead Girl mentioned that her parents were from Berkeley, California, so it's quite possible that she was born there.

Profile by Proto-Man


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