Real Name: Solomon O'Sullivan

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: Owner/operator of Solomon O'Sullivan Enterprises talent agency;
    former television reality show host/manager of O-Force

Group Membership: Solomon O'Sullivan Enterprises

Affiliations: Larry, Ned, O-Force (Obituary/Milton Petersen, Ocean, Ocelot, Ooze, Orbit, Overkill), Optomon, Orchid, Ozone, Professor X (Charles Xavier), Mrs. Sawyer, Katie Sawyer, Dr. Brian Swaine;
    formerly Sharon Ginsberg, Venus Dee Milo (Dee Milo)

Enemies: Sharon Ginsberg, X-Force/X-Statix (Anarchist/Tike Alicar, Dead Girl/Moonbeam, the Orphan/Guy Smith, Phat/Billy Bob Reilly, Venus Dee Milo/Dee Milo, Vivisector/Myles Alfred)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Loser," "Solly"

Base of Operations: His office within Solomon O'Sullivan Enterprises, USA

First Appearance: X-Force I#129 (August, 2002)

Powers/Abilities: Solomon O'Sullivan could generate printed words on his body (similar looking to tattoos) that would peel off on a daily basis.

Height: 5'10" (by approximation)
Weight: 160 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark brown

History: (X-Force I#129 (fb) - BTS) - Solomon O'Sullivan came from a half-Jewish, half-Irish family. At age nineteen, O'Sullivan's mutant powers manifested in the form of little messages that appeared on his skin and peeled off each day. Once they appeared, O'Sullivan began saving all of the messages as they peeled in case they had some deeper meaning or added up to something important.

(X-Statix I#3 (fb) - BTS) - Young heroic mutant Venus Dee Milo signed an exclusive contract for representation with Solomon O'Sullivan.

(X-Force I#129 (fb) - BTS) - Solomon O'Sullivan began representing Venus Dee Milo as his client.

(X-Force I#129) - After the death of the mutant U-Go Girl (Edie Sawyer) from the media-popular X-Force team, Solomon O'Sullivan arrived at the home of U-Go Girl's family and tried to charm them, moving the family away from the media frenzy that had erupted outside their home and claiming to represent the Sawyers' interests from that point on. Inside, O'Sullivan revealed that the Sawyers had now become interesting to the media following Edie's death and claimed they need professional assistance to navigate through the media onslaught. When Mrs. Sawyer admitted that she had no intention of profiting off U-Go Girl's death, O'Sullivan suggested that X-Force would not have the same moral standard and that U-Go Girl would want her family to benefit from her death. Charming Mrs. Sawyer, O'Sullivan then claimed to be one hundred percent behind the Sawyers as they handled the tragic event. He later met with X-Force at their recruitment drive, revealing that he represented their potential new recruit Venus Dee Milo, and attempted to gain them as clients by revealing his own mutant powers. When the Orphan decided to get away from the media circus, O'Sullivan handed the Anarchist his card, printed on a peeled off piece of his own skin. When X-Force later held a press conference to announce the opening of the Doop Kiddies Hospital, O'Sullivan posed with the X-Force members as if to suggest a direct association, smiling behind Phat and Vivisector as the media filmed the conference.

(Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 2: X-Men - O-Force entry - BTS) - Solomon O'Sullivan decided to create his personal imitation of life in the form of the O-Force television show, in which various mutants competed for America's love and affection, a show which proved to be a ratings bonanza.

(X-Statix I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Solomon O'Sullivan began hosting O-Force, directly competing with X-Statix (formerly X-Force), and had viewers vote for the O-Force team's newest recruits.

(X-Statix I#1) - O'Sullivan hosted the newest episode of O-Force live, welcoming viewers and introducing himself as well as four new potential recruits into O-Force: Overkill, Orchid, Optoman and Ozone.

(X-Statix I#2) - After O-Force successfully rescued a group of kidnapped actors, Solomon O'Sullivan's phone began ringing off the hook with offers for potential missions. Turning them all down, O'Sullivan soon received a call from a police contact, unaware the contact was secretly working for X-Statix team owner Spike Freeman, and O'Sullivan met the contact in a local park. Learning of the reality-bending mutant Arnie Lundberg, who had taken over a small Minnesota town, O'Sullivan became very interested and asked the contact to tell him more as they both fed ducks. After Venus Dee Milo appeared on television with X-Statix, O'Sullivan sent lawyer Sharon Ginsberg to hand X-Statix a cease-and-desist order preventing Venus Dee Milo from officially joining X-Statix due to her contract with Solomon O'Sullivan.

(X-Statix I#3) - Solomon O'Sullivan briefed O-Force on their upcoming mission against Arnie Lundberg, warning the team against killing Lundberg on camera. X-Statix member the Orphan interrupted the briefing and warned against sending the inexperienced O-Force against such a dangerous foe but O'Sullivan assumed the Orphan was trying to stealing O-Force's limelight for X-Statix instead. Insisting that Spike Freeman had set O'Sullivan up to take the mission in an effort to discredit O-Force, the Orphan dodged attacks from the various O-Force when O'Sullivan refused to believe the Orphan's remarks and ordered O-Force to usher the Orphan out of the building. Claiming that the Orphan was simply sore because Venus Dee Milo was already under contract with him, Solomon O'Sullivan continued to disbelieve the Orphan's warnings and asked how dangerous a thirteen-year-old boy could be. Later that evening, O'Sullivan sent O-Force to Arnie Lundberg's Minnesota town, again ignoring the Orphan's earlier warnings, only to see them beaten and nearly killed. Watching O-Force's mission on television, O'Sullivan was shocked at how quickly O-Force was beaten and grew angry when he saw the Orphan parachute into the town.

(X-Men: Earth's Mutant Heroes - Sharon Ginsberg entry - BTS) - Sharon Ginsberg continued to advise Solomon O'Sullivan in his fight to keep Venus Dee Milo from officially joining X-Statix.

(X-Statix I#4) - Venus Dee Milo teleported herself and Spike Freeman into Solomon O'Sullivan's office, both of whom wished to speak about Venus' contract with Solomon O'Sullivan Enterprises. Sharon Ginsberg exclaimed that there was nothing to talk about but O'Sullivan himself instead appeared worried that the messages on his body were spreading and he was unsure what they meant. Freeman changed the focus to O-Force's defeat in Minnesota and O'Sullivan weakly tried to say O-Force could handle it but Freeman reminded O'Sullivan that the Orphan had parachuted in to clean up O'Sullivan's mess. Freeman then began convincing O'Sullivan how important letting Venus work with X-Statix was to rescuing O-Force. Revealing a new contract with X-Statix that would override Venus' contract with O'Sullivan, Spike Freeman asked O'Sullivan to sign it and despite Sharon Ginsberg's protests, O'Sullivan signed Venus over to X-Statix, nullifying his prior contract with her and prompting Ginsberg to proclaim him a loser. Later that evening, Solomon O'Sullivan was accosted by an angry mob as he tried to leave his office but he was forced to ally himself with Sharon Ginsberg, who was revealed to be a mutant as well when she rescued O'Sullivan.

(X-Men: Earth's Mutant Heroes - Sharon Ginsberg entry - BTS) - Ginsberg coerced Solomon O'Sullivan into acting against X-Statix and began a sexual relationship with him.

(X-Statix I#6) - During an evening together, Solomon O'Sullivan and Sharon Ginsberg watched as X-Statix bashed the Orphan on the Lacuna & the Stars television show, relishing in X-Statix tearing itself apart.

(X-Statix I#7) - Later at Sharon Ginsberg's home, Solomon O'Sullivan worried over the new words appearing on his body in encrypted-like code and how the words appearing felt different than usual. Ginsberg shrugged O'Sullivan's worries as male menopause and suggested he was worrying too much about his powers and not enough about her plan to get back at X-Statix. When Ginsberg explained her plan to team up with the recently-appeared Bad Guy (whom they thought was a disguised X-Statix member Orphan) and destroy X-Statix together, O'Sullivan asked how Ginsberg planned to meet up with Bad Guy. Ginsberg then revealed that Larry, the guy who operated X-Statix's satellite tracking system, was infatuated with her and he would give her a head start on Bad Guy's location before X-Statix, prompting O'Sullivan to ask why Larry was infatuated. Before Ginsberg could go into what she did for Larry, O'Sullivan asked her to stop.

After tasking the entirety of Solomon O'Sullivan Enterprises with deciphering what the messages appearing on his skin meant, Solomon O'Sullivan later proceeded to get drunk and study all sorts of coding languages in an attempt to figure out what the messages meant. He soon noticed while extremely drunk that the words began to spell out "Guy Smith is not Bad Guy."

(X-Statix I#8) - Following a vicious attack on Sharon Ginsberg at the hands of Bad Guy and Bad Guy's subsequent defeat by X-Statix, Solomon O'Sullivan brought the bleeding Sharon Ginsberg to X-Statix Tower, where he hoped they could save her life. When he asked about Ginsberg's wife, O'Sullivan was told by X-Statix physician Dr. Swaine that they needed to focus on saving Ginsberg's life first. O'Sullivan thanked X-Statix for their assistance, admitting that they had not gotten along in the past, but Mister Sensitive (formerly the Orphan) assured O'Sullivan that their past encounters had simply been business and their animosity had been nothing personal. Mister Sensitive then assured O'Sullivan that Ginsberg was in very good hands.

(X-Statix I#9) - In a hospital, Solomon O'Sullivan spoke the recovering Sharon Ginsberg about how Professor Xavier had saved her life. When Ginsberg asked about her wings, O'Sullivan explained how Xavier was unable to save her wings despite attempts to re-graft them onto her body. Ginsberg claimed she could still feel her wings but O'Sullivan revealed that she might experience "phantom wings" and when Ginsberg blamed X-Statix for losing her wings, O'Sullivan tried to calm Ginsberg down. He then admitted that he had made a truce with X-Statix and decided they were okay but Ginsberg quickly grew angry when she realized she was strapped into her hospital bed. O'Sullivan then tried to explain she was strapped for her own safety, as there may be psychological fallout from the loss of her wings that would make her unstable and cause her mutant powers to manifest themselves in other ways. The addled Ginsberg then grew claws and broke through her restraints, prompting O'Sullivan to again attempt to calm her down by saying he loved her and assuring her that he was on her side. Unfortunately for O'Sullivan, Ginsberg responded by plunging her newfound claws into Solomon O'Sullivan's chest, killing him as she announced to the hospital staff that she was checking out.

Comments: Created by Peter Milligan and Duncan Fegredo.

It was never clearly stated where Solomon O'Sullivan Enterprises was located in the USA but it seems extremely likely that it was somewhere in California given his proximity to X-Statix (who were based in Santa Monica, California) and events related to them.

During the arc of Solomon O'Sullivan's appearances, there were a lot of characters named Larry. There was 1) The guy from Solomon's legal team (subprofiled below), 2) The guard at Professor X's lab housing special costumes and 3) The guy in charge of X-Statix's satellite tracking system who was infatuated with Sharon Ginsberg.

Poor Solomon O'Sullivan. While he was a typical self-absorbed celebrity talent agent, his character progression had actually led to him becoming more sympathic and we never did learn the true meaning behind his mutant skin messages before Sharon Ginsberg unceremoniously killed him after he fought to save her life.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Solomon O'Sullivan has no known connections to:


Larry was part of Solomon O'Sullivan legal team. When O'Sullivan saw one of his clients, Venus Dee Milo, working with X-Statix on television, he phoned Larry to get his legal team involved. Asking Larry which of his lawyers most resembled a starving timber wolf with rabies, O'Sullivan was told by Larry that Sharon Ginsberg fit the bill and O'Sullivan asked Larry to send Ginsberg to his office.

--X-Statix I#2 - BTS


Ned was a news reporter who reported on the attack on Solomon O'Sullivan outside his office by an angry mob.

--X-Statix I#4 (seen on video screen)

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X-Statix I#7, p20, pan1 (Solomon O'Sullivan in pajamas)
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X-Statix I#4, p13, pan2 (Ned)

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