Real Name: William Robert “Billy Bob” Reilly

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: X-Statix/X-Force member; spokesman for “Phat No More”

Group Membership: X-Statix (formerly X-Force)

Affiliations: X-Statix (Anarchist, Bloke, Dead Girl, Doop, El Guapo, Henrietta Hunter, Mysterious Fanboy, Orphan, Saint Anna, the SpikeU-Go Girl, Venus Dee Milo, Vivisector); Lacuna, Spike Freeman,

had a relationship with Vivisector

Enemies: Agent Wright, Diego Ardillesthe Bad Guy, the Bastronian militiamen, the Brotherhood, the Bush-Rangers, the C.I.A. Crack Squad, Coach, Dick, Euro-Trash (Blind Ali, Miz Tree, Oxford Blue, Surrender Monkey, the Wall), Graviton, Razorhead, Reggie, Smoke, Succubus

Known Relatives: unnamed mother and father (parents); unnamed sister (sister)

Aliases: None

Place of Birth: Jacksonville, Florida

Base of Operations: X-Statix Headquarters in Santa Monica, California; formerly the X-Force Building in Santa Monica, California; formerly Jacksonville, Florida

Education: Unrevealed, probably high school

First Appearance: X-Force I#117 (August, 2001)

Powers/Abilities: Phat could produce “subcutaneous gunk” under his skin, allowing his body to grow in size in the area that he produces the gunk in. For example, if he were to generate gunk within his hand, he would have a giant-sized fist.

Height: 5' 9" (variable)
Weight: 177 lbs. (variable)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond

History: (X-Force I#117 (fb) - BTS) - In preparation for his audition to join X-Force, Billy Bob Reilly, a.k.a. Phat, made a video of his home life, depicting himself coming from a dysfunctional trailer park family and then living on the streets, in order to give himself a "gangsta" image. (see comments)

(X-Force I#117) - Following the deaths of nearly all of the members of X-Force, the recently-made owner of the team, Spike Freeman, decided to recruit many more members to add to the remaining three of U-Go Girl, the Anarchist, and Doop. Phat was one recruit, along with Vivisector, Bloke, Saint Anna, and the Orphan, chosen to become members of X-Force. Before viewing the video of their first mission, the new recruits argued with one another, with Phat talking trash at the intellectual Vivisector. Phat later attended a the team briefing on an upcoming mission to save young Paco Perez from southern Bastrona. Later, during the team’s press conference, another group calling itself X-Force attacked the team. Phat and Vivisector jumped into battle against Proudstar, while the other team members fought other classic X-Forcers.

(X-Force I#118) - As many other members say goodbye to their families, Phat bid his parents farewell, revealing that his past was not actually a dysfunctional one of alcoholic parents and street living, but one of comparative normalcy. He shook his dad’s hand and asked that they be proud of him. Later, at the mission briefing, the Coach introduced Diego Ardilles, the team’s contact in Bastrona. Upon arrival in Bastrona, Billy Bob complained that he was having trouble stopping his expanding gunk after his teleportation courtesy of U-Go Girl. As the team took in their surroundings, Phat commented on “dem chickens” and how they could “really shake.” Bloke replied that the “roosters” could as well, prompting a funny look from Phat. The Orphan then jumped down and met with Diego Ardilles, who revealed himself as part of a plan to kill the team. Militiamen then aimed their guns at X-Force, while Vivisector gloated about how he knew this would happen. Phat responded with unconcerned remarks as he crushed some of the men with his fat. Pursuing Diego, Bloke shielded Diego from helicopter fire, receiving fatal wounds. Phat claimed that Saint Anna could fix him up, but Bloke responded with his dying words that he was way beyond fixing. Angered, Phat turned toward Diego and “fatted up,” choking him. The Orphan ordered Billy Bob to put Diego down. Billy Bob did as he was told and released Diego, who then led the team to Paco Perez. During the battle, a portion of the ceiling caved in and Billy Bob “fatted up” once again and stopped the ceiling from crushing young Perez, but the weight of the ceiling knocked Phat unconscious.

(X-Force I#119) - While the Orphan racked his brain over how to save Paco Perez, U-Go Girl pointed out that Saint Anna had been shot. As she fell to the ground, Phat awoke and released gunk into his hand to create a cushion for her fall. He yelled that she was still breathing and pointed out Vivisector’s wild rampage. Once the Orphan had saved Paco Perez, Phat, along with the rest of the team were teleported away. Upon their arrival elsewhere, they realized that they were not in Santa Monica. Vivisector returned to his human form and asked the team not to mention his rampage, but Billy Bob claimed that Vivisector’s rampage would be the first thing he would bring up in his interview with Larry King the following week. When U-Go Girl awoke, she teleported X-Force to the correct location - the X-Force Building in California. There the Coach revealed to the Orphan that Paco’s body contained millions of miracle cures to incurable diseases and that the U. S. government wanted him so that they could exploit him and use his corpse. The Orphan disagreed, so the Coach unleashed two of his henchmen, Smoke and Succubus. The Anarchist, Vivisector, and Phat came to his aid until the Orphan broke the fight up.

(X-Force I#120) - Phat and several other members of the group attended a press conference was held to explain the deaths of Saint Anna and Bloke and to remind the press that X-Force was still a team.

(Thunderbolts I#57) - Phat, along with many other members of X-Force, was among the heroes captured by Graviton in his latest attempt to control the world.

(X-Force I#121) - While other team members viewed video footage of a prospective member of X-Force called the Spike, Billy Bob and the Vivisector spoke with team owner, Spike Freeman, who suggested that the two cause internal conflict within the team to “please the media.” Later, the Orphan and the Anarchist sat poolside and discussed why U-Go Girl would want to sleep with the Orphan. During the talk, fish suddenly appeared in the pool and then the word “Lacuna” appeared on the wall. Curious as to what “Lacuna” meant, the Anarchist asked Vivisector. Vivisector explained that the word could mean “a missing part of someone’s life” and the Anarchist asked if it was similar to a blank spot. “Angered,” Phat generated fat within his hand and smacked the Anarchist for “dissin’ his bro” and “calling him a blank spot,” much to the approval of Spike Freeman. The next day, X-Force held a press conference that was interrupted by the Spike, who spouted racist comments towards the Anarchist. Before a fight broke out, the Anarchist walked away. Taking this time to steal the spotlight, Phat and Vivisector jumped at the Spike shouting about “brother dissing.” Later, as the team relaxed poolside, the Anarchist spoke against the Spike joining and Vivisector and Phat taunted him by saying he was running scared. Angered, the Anarchist fired some of his acidic energy into the pool, burning both of them. Before a fight broke out between the three, a mysterious stranger arrived and revealed herself as Lacuna, a mutant who could travel between seconds.

(X-Force I#122) - To prove she would be an ideal candidate for X-Force, Lacuna traveled between the seconds and stole U-Go Girl’s television script. U-Go Girl explained that the script was for the Larry King Show that night, in which she was guest-hosting. Vivisector whispered to Billy Bob that the show could be a perfect opportunity to cause more conflict within the team. Before the Larry King Show started that night, Phat and Vivisector were outside, schmoozing with the ladies as Lacuna entered the television studio. During the show, Billy Bob and Vivisector crashed through the wall, drunk. Lacuna saw this as a perfect opportunity to reveal herself. She traveled between seconds and remove everyone’s clothing, prompting Phat to use his powers to cover everyone’s underwear. Lacuna soon appeared, announced her candidacy for X-Force, and returned everyone’s clothes back to them. While the Orphan and U-Go Girl shared a dinner after the Larry King show disaster, the Anarchist went to a casino with Phat and Vivisector. Back at X-Force HQ, Phat and Vivisector asked if the Orphan would be reprimanding them for their conduct as of late. He explained that if the duo did not fall in line, he would tear each a new breathing apparatus. Happy, the duo high-fived, knowing that their plan to cause conflict was working. The team then held a press conference to announce the addition of the Spike to the team.

(X-Force I#123) - As the team finally had some well-deserved relaxation time, Phat flew a remote control UFO around the HQ, while other members of the team relaxed in their own way. Doop was in the bathroom, attempting to pop a pimple on his forehead. Unfortunately, when he popped the pimple, the entire team was pulled inside Doop. Noticing the giant hole in his forehead, Doop picked at it until he too was transported to another world. Doop was shocked to see that the world resembled a surreal landscape populated with images of himself. As Doop took in his surroundings, Phat ran down an alleyway, chased by shadowy figures with glowing yellow eyes. Noticing Phat in a stained glass window, Doop headed off to save him, but was attacked by evil, Doop-like creatures. Doop then smashed through the window and arrived in the alleyway. Doop grabbed up Phat and shoved him in his mouth for the time being. Doop then raced off to save the rest of X-Force. Upon saving the Orphan, Doop returned the team back to their HQ. Looking at the clock, Doop noticed that only a second had gone by and the team did not seem to notice that anything had ever taken place.

(X-Force I#124) - X-Force, with Phat in tow, returned from a mission through a teleportation doorway created by U-Go Girl. Unfortunately, she accidentally teleported them into the ocean, but quickly corrected her problem by teleporting the team into a forest of some sort. Once in the forest, the Anarchist signaled a plane and the team returned to Santa Monica via Federal Express. Back at their HQ, the team (Phat included) argued amongst themselves over U-Go Girl’s ability to teleport correctly.

(Brotherhood#9) - Phat was among the X-Force members present at a parade in their honor after they successfully took out a Japanese mutant terrorist sect. When the mutant Brotherhood attacked X-Force for being “mutant sellouts,” due to their popularity with the media, Phat and the others jumped into action. While the others killed members of the Brotherhood, Phat crushed one of them with a “fatted-up” hand. The battle ended with most of the Brotherhood dead.

(X-Force I#125 (fb)) - X-Force went on a mission to Central America to find and arrest a general wanted for crimes against humanity. Phat and Vivisector isolated themselves to take out some militiamen.

(X-Force I#125) - When X-Force returned from the Central American mission, the media blasted them with questions about civilian casualties. After the media blitz, Spike Freeman mentioned that they did not own the name “X-Force“ and were going to have to change the team‘s name. The team also discussed the idea of letting a mutant called Dead Girl join the team. The three senior members of X-Force (U-Go Girl, Orphan and Anarchist) went to try to recruit Dead Girl, but came back empty handed. After they returned Spike Freeman introduced X-Force to Agent Wright of the C. I. A. Wright claimed that he had come to save the team from its own leader, the Orphan. The Orphan instantly backhanded Agent Wright. During the scuffle, Vivisector whispered to Phat that the team should change its name to the X-Foliates. Phat commented that it sounded too gay and Vivisector replied with “Can anything be too gay?.” The duo high-fived, much to the distaste of the Spike. After the scuffle, Agent Wright informed the team that they were to travel into space and take back the Mars 2010 Space Station from the control of the Bush Rangers, a group of former death rows inmates turned mutates. The Anarchist quickly announced that he was not going and that it was the Orphan’s fault that Paco Perez was free. Vivisector and Phat both agreed that the Orphan should take the fall. The team took a vote, with the Spike and U-Go Girl on the Orphan’s side of going into space, and Vivisector, Phat, and the Anarchist on the side of letting the Orphan take the fall. Just as the vote became a stalemate, Dead Girl arrived at the briefing and sided her vote with the Orphan. With Dead Girl’s vote made, the team suited up and prepared to head into space.

(X-Force I#126) - Upon arriving in space, U-Go Girl argued with the Anarchist over how close to pull their shuttle up to the space station. During their argument, the Spike noticed Vivisector and Billy Bob holding hands. Fed up, the Spike fired one of his spikes, slashing Vivisector’s arm, and demanded to know what was going on between the two. Vivisector admitted that Phat and himself had feelings for one another. The arguments were broke up by the arrival of the space station’s inhabitants, who appeared to be astronauts claiming to all be big fans of X-Force. As the team headed further inside the space station, the “inhabitants” all transformed into their true, mutated, Bush-Ranger forms, then announced their presence by firing an energy blast at the Anarchist’s back.

(X-Force I#127) - Once the team reorganized, the C. I. A. Crack Squad was sent to the space station to “aid” them. In the area of the station where the Bush-Rangers based themselves, the Bush-Rangers taunted the Spike, who had seemingly joined them. The Spike explained X-Force’s plan to let the C. I. A. “save” them and fix their public image. As the team prepared for battle once again with the Bush-Rangers, Phat whispered to Vivisector about how long they should keep up their charade about being gay. Vivisector explained that they should keep it up until they got the recognition they deserved and that some displays of affection might aid the charade. Upon arriving in the Bush-Rangers’ quarters, the team noticed that all of the Rangers were in the form of the Spike. As each of the Rangers tried to convince X-Force that they were the real Spike, the team leapt into battle. While Dead Girl pounded on some of the Bush-Rangers, Phat was hit by a stray spike. Once U-Go Girl teleported the Orphan, Doop, and the Anarchist inside a satellite, Agent Wright informed them that they would all die inside. Agent Wright then explained that his daughter Louise could have been saved by the miracle cures inside Paco Perez and therefore, in revenge, he was trying to destroy X-Force. In retaliation, Vivisector, Phat, the Spike, and Dead Girl began attacking the Crack Squad and the Spike impaled Agent Wright on multiple spikes that his body had generated. As the team’s shuttle departed back toward Earth, a lone figure staggered up and revealed himself to be the true Spike, revealing the one with the team to be a Bush-Ranger in disguise.

(X-Force I#128) - On board the shuttle, Vivisector tried to help Phat, as the “Spike” tried to elect a new leader of X-Force. Angered, Vivisector threatened him, but before a brawl broke out, Phat “fatted up” his hand to block the two from fighting. The shuttle was then contacted by a smaller shuttle, in which two of the senior X-Force members were in. Just as the team began to celebrate, the real Spike entered the shuttle, bruised and broken. At that point, the fake Spike leapt at the real one, impaling him with one of his own spikes. As X-Force chased the Bush-Ranger Spike down, he fired a bevy of spikes at X-Force. After taking out the fake Spike, the team turned to see U-Go Girl dead, stabbed through the stomach by one of the stray spikes.

(X-Force I#129) - While the Orphan argued with Spike Freeman over changing the team’s name to “X-Statix,” Vivisector and Billy Bob spoke about their relationship and U-Go Girl’s death while in bed together. The next day, X-Force (including Phat) visited some of their farm teams to look for new recruits to replace the fallen Spike and U-Go Girl. They watched battles between Sycamore, Wash-Out, Anti-Matter, and an ant-like mutant. While there, mutant talent agent Solomon O’Sullivan approached the team looking for more clients. As the media bombarded the team with questions concerning their new name and U-Go Girl’s death, a reporter approached Phat and asked about his relationship to Vivisector. Billy Bob grew angry and yelled that he was not gay, tossing the reporter aside. Later, as the Orphan’s game of Russian Roulette was interrupted by Lacuna, Vivisector angrily spoke to Phat about his denial of their relationship.

(X-Statix#1) - The newly-minted X-Statix team (formerly X-Force) showed off for the media. After the staged battle for the media, Phat and the others showered and spoke to one another about visiting their training camp in Nevada. Phat claimed that he couldn’t do that the next day because he was launching a new weight-watching product called “Phat No More.” Suddenly, in the shower, Phat “fatted up” and yelled that Vivisector was checking him out. Vivisector replied that he was looking for the soap, but before a fight could break out, the Orphan warned them that if they couldn't behave, he would insist on separate shower arrangements. Later, the team relaxed and watched a television show in which mutants competed for a place on a superteam called O-Force, hosted by Solomon O’Sullivan.

(X-Statix#2) - X-Statix wound up in the middle of a civil war when the Orphan asked Venus to teleport them to somewhere quiet. The Orphan ordered Phat to “fat up” and get fighting. Phat tried and suddenly realized that his powers were not working anymore. X-Statix soon found a homemade nuke made by the rebels and the Orphan ordered Venus to teleport it away. Later that night, Phat spoke with Vivisector about his power failures. Vivisector deduced that Phat’s power were failing because he was denying his true self and desires.

(X-Statix#3) - As the Orphan tried to rally the team against mutant reality-warper Arnie Lundberg, Vivisector explained that he was planning on getting drunk and that Phat had left the team due to his power failures. When Billy Bob returned home, he found that his family had moved out of their house and into a trailer park, similar to the fake life that Phat had claimed he came from. He explained that he was trying to help them, but his family had decided that they enjoyed living in a trailer park better. Depressed, Billy Bob left and went to a bar where he spent hours buying his old friends drinks. Once drunk, his friends kicked him to the curb for being a “rich kid and thinking he’s better than them.”

(X-Statix#4 - BTS) - Vivisector and Phat discussed things, and decided that they actually were gay, although they were not attracted to each other. Comfortable with himself once again, Phat found his powers had returned, and he rejoined X-Statix.

(X-Statix#4) - As the Orphan arrived in the small Minnesota town being controlled by Arnie Lundberg, he confronted Arnie himself. Arnie threw the Orphan back out into the street filled with zombie corpses. As the zombies began to overwhelm the Orphan, the rest of the team, including Phat with his restored powers, jumped into the fray and began to obliterate the zombies. The Orphan commented on Phat’s returned powers, and Billy Bob explained about his talk with Vivisector.

(X-Statix#5) - The team, including Phat, visited the bathroom together, so that Doop could produce a short-range signal that blocked Arnie from hearing them discuss his being a member of X-Statix. Phat then appeared with X-Statix as they officially announced the Mysterious Fan Boy as their newest member. Inside their HQ, the Anarchist commented that his butt had dropped a little and Phat made a crack about his mouth being connected to his butt. Angered, the two got into a fistfight, resulting in acidic sweat getting into Phat’s eyes. Later still, Billy Bob joined the team as they all went out to eat at the Chimpanzees’ Tea Party, an upscale restaurant.

Back at their HQ, the group enjoyed sharing a pizza together, not noticing that Lacuna had slipped inside the HQ along with Spike Freeman, using her ability to travel between seconds. Once inside, she grabbed the Mysterious Fan Boy’s mask and revealed his identity to the public. After a media frenzy, X-Statix decided that they should go on a mission to prove that Arnie had changed and was using his powers for good. Later, X-Statix teleported to Louisiana to stop the rampage of escaped mutant convict Razorhead. Phat accompanied the team on the mission, which ended with both Razorhead and the Mysterious Fan Boy dead. Feeling partly responsible for Arnie’s death, the Orphan left the group.

(X-Statix#6) - To argue whether the Orphan should return to the team, Vivisector and Phat debated with Dead Girl and the Anarchist on Lacuna’s television show. Back at X-Statix HQ, Phat and the others relaxed and talked about their role in the Orphan’s disappearance. Phat suggested that the team should just go on some random mission to improve their public image, but Spike Freeman said that might not be possible and that the X-Statix shareholders didn’t like one of the team’s members, especially their leader, running around like a loose cannon. Spike then explained that if the Orphan didn’t return to the team, the shareholders would demand that he be eliminated. Soon after a theft at Professor Xavier‘s lab, a new super-villain calling himself the Bad Guy appeared and attacked Paramount Studios, wearing many of the stolen costumes from the lab. Once X-Statix arrived to stop Bad Guy, Vivisector and Phat decided to take Bad Guy out on their own, but they were trounced until the rest of the team arrived on the scene as well.

(X-Statix#7) - As the media speculated crazily over the true identity of Bad Guy, Lacuna allied herself with X-Statix, so that she might be able to get an exclusive story for her show. They agreed and Phat joined the team in Century City, where Bad Guy was preparing to hit a multiplex.

(X-Statix#8) - As the Orphan rejoined the team, Phat attended the X-Statix press conference held to announce his return. The next day, the team once again battled Bad Guy, with Dead Girl getting ripped apart again and Phat getting knocked unconscious.

(All-New Doop#4 (fb)) - Following the defeat of a giant monster, Phat joined the rest of X-Statix in relaxing in a hot tub.

(X-Statix#9) - X-Statix, with Phat included, went on a mission to Africa. Back at the HQ, the team ate a well-deserved dinner together. Later, Phat joined the team as they visited the set of the X-Statix movie. While there, he asked Lennox Capriati, the actor playing him, how they managed to get his power so perfect on the big screen. Lennox explained that it was all the magic of cinema and special effects. The director then introduced them all to El Guapo, who was playing himself in the film.

(X-Men Unlimited I#41/2) - Much like the Beatles in “A Hard Day’s Night,” the four male members of X-Statix ran away from a screaming crowd. Once in their hotel room, Phat announced that he was going to change into his party threads and hit the bachelor party in the conference room. Mr. Filson (their publicist?) said that he had scheduled an interview with the press and that the foursome were not to leave, except for Vivisector, whom the press weren't interested in. Phat suggested that Vivisector hire an image consultant. Once Mr. Filson left, the Orphan announced that he knew of a party being held by a local fan club and the four left the Anarchist’s grandfather in charge while they partied the night away. After a while, Mr. Filson discovered them and as they followed him outside, Billy Bob stopped to change his facial expressions while the press took his photos. After the short stop, the foursome continued behind Mr. Filson until he turned his head. They then sneaked outside and were ordered to keep off the grass by a very annoyed mutant hater. As the Orphan and the others returned and continued up the stairs, a fashion designer stopped Phat and tried to get him to become a spokesman for his line of clothing. Phat declined, saying that he would only wear it if they killed him and then buried him in it. Later, the foursome appeared onstage, where they showcased their superpowers, much to the approval of screaming girls.

(Wolverine/Doop#2) - X-Statix celebrated Doop's return from a mission by throwing him a poolside party at their Santa Monica HQ. Venus Dee Milo bounced around on Phat’s “fatted up” head, while Dead Girl squirted sunscreen on Doop’s green, bulbous head.

(X-Statix#11) - Phat joined the X-Statix team in viewing video footage of El Guapo’s defeat of Sharon Ginsberg. Almost as soon as El Guapo accepted their invitation to join X-Statix, Spike Freeman sent them to Malaysia, where they came into conflict with a group of militants. During the battle, El Guapo was injured and later that night, as loud noises were coming his room, Vivisector listened in. Phat happened to walk by and warned Vivisector to be careful of making a fool out of himself. Later, as Phat and Vivisector walked by El Guapo’s room another night, they could hear sounds of apology and anger.

(X-Statix#12) - Phat accompanied X-Statix on a mission to the India/Pakistan border. Once the team returned, they watched on television as Dead Girl, away on her first modelling session, was attacked by protesters who felt that she was setting up a bad image for young girls and women. After a young girl named Britney Gutman went on a shooting spree, X-Statix was called in to stop the rampage. The team then teleported back to the India/Pakistan border, where Dead Girl spoke to the corpses to see if any were from the U. S. A.

(X-Statix#13) - Venus Dee Milo teleported the team to Europe, where X-Statix were to retrieve a formerly deceased pop star named Henrietta Hunter. Phat crushed many of the government agents opposing them with a giant, “fatted up” fist. Once the agents were killed, Henrietta awoke and was teleported, along with the team, back to the X-Statix HQ. While there, Professor Xavier concluded that Henrietta was a mutant with empathic abilities. Billy Bob then asked how empathy would help them if they had to fight the Hulk and Henrietta began crying because she didn’t know. Later, on television, much to the team's annoyance, Spike Freeman announced that Henrietta would be officially joining X-Statix and claimed that the team would do whatever he wanted them to. To announce her membership into X-Statix, a celebration was held in New York. During the celebration, a mutant called the Wall grabbed Henrietta and took off down the street. Naturally, since they were in New York City, Spider-Man appeared to save Henrietta and X-Statix went into action.

(X-Statix#14) - Battle broke out between X-Statix, Spider-Man, the Wall, and his teammates (a group called the Euro-Trash). Phat tried to crush Oxford Blue with his fat, while the Dead Girl kicked Surrender Monkey in the head. Once the Orphan grabbed Henrietta back from the Wall, Spider-Man announced that he would take over from there. Angered at Spider-Man stealing the spotlight, Phat punched him with a gigantic fist. While Spider-Man argued with X-Statix, Surrender Monkey took that time to announce that it would be a great time to retreat; the fled but not before recapturing Henrietta. Realizing they could do no more to help, X-Statix teleported back their HQ to decide what to do. Eventually deciding to save Henrietta from the Euro Trash, Venus Dee Milo teleported X-Statix into the X-Statix Store where Euro-Trash were holding Henrietta captive. While his teammates battled the others, Phat used his powers to crush Oxford Blue. After the battle, the team held a press conference where Henrietta announced that she would be using X-Statix to help charities and that she would design them all new costumes. Back at their HQ, Spike Freeman told them that Henrietta was to be the next X-Statix team leader.

(X-Statix#15) - In the X-Statix HQ, the Vivisector informed the team of a mysterious sniper killing random citizens in the streets. Spike Freeman then reminded the team that they still had to find a way to rid themselves of Henrietta Hunter. What they didn’t realize was that Lacuna was present in their headquarters, in between seconds. Aboard Henrietta’s yacht, X-Statix teleported in front of her and Phat knocked a cruise worker overboard. Lacuna also appeared onboard and explained to Henrietta that X-Statix was there to kill her. After a speech from Lacuna, the team decided not to kill Henrietta and afterwards, went on a mission to Afghanistan. During the battle, a missile was fired at Henrietta in an attempt to kill her. Jumping in the way, Phat “fatted up” and deflected the missile into a trench. Unfortunately, the trench contained El Guapo, whose legs were blown off by the blasts. After the mission, Billy Bob received a harsh chewing out for his actions in which the Anarchist made some anti-gay remarks. As the random killings continued, X-Statix held a press conference to announce that Henrietta would become the next team leader.

(X-Statix#16) - Henrietta and X-Statix (Phat once again included) randomly teleported around in a vague attempt to find the one responsible for the killings. They eventually decided to throw darts at a giant map of the U. S. A. and then search whichever location was hit.  The organizers of Eurotrash meanwhile supplied Lacuna with incriminating documents about Spike Freeman, tying him to a number of attempts to kill Henrietta. Lacuna informed the team who confronted Freeman, who defiantly pointed out that the documents implicated many of them too. Angered, the Orphan kicked Spike in the head so hard that it broke his neck.

(X-Statix#17) - After Lacuna was shot by the sniper, the team decided to find the evidence against Spike Freeman, and Phat suggested they ask Lacuna’s parents the name of her lawyers in an effort to find out who hired the sniper. On television, Lacuna’s parents asked the world to pray for their daughter, while X-Statix tried to figure out what to do now that there evidence was against some of the members. The news at that point reported about Mister Code and the random killings, and the team then realised they needed to stop him to redeem themselves. Dead Girl communicated with Spike’s corpse and discovered that he had previous connections with Mister Code. The team then teleported into the center of the killings, where the Orphan battled with Mister Code. Henrietta jumped into the battle, getting her neck broken by Code’s club. As the battle raged on, the Orphan levitated himself and Mister Code high above the battlefield and dropped him. When they approached his corpse, the Orphan removed his mask, causing Mister Code to explode.

(X-Statix#18) - As Mister Code exploded, Phat jumped at the explosion and “fatted up” so fast that it broke every bone in his body. His powers shielded the rest of the team from the blast and severed one of Phat’s feet. As the media took special attention to the deaths of Phat and Henrietta, X-Statix held a funeral for their comrade-in-arms, Phat.

Comments: Created by Peter Milligan and Michael “Zane” Allred.

Phat claimed a background of living on the streets in X-Force#117 and faked a video to back this up. While we saw the video, we didn't see him taping it, hence it being listed as a BTS flashback (the video was the flashback, his taping it was BTS). This was shown to be fake in the next issue, when it became clear he had a good relationship with his suburban family. How much of the information in the flashback was accurate is thus in doubt, and as such is not included in the history above. Some of the events depicted could have still have happened, such as him blaming his weight fluctuations on stress. For completeness, it is listed below, but remember, take it with a pinch of salt.

(X-Force#117 (fb)) - As a young boy, Billy Bob Reilly grew up in a trailer park with his alcoholic mother and abusive father. To escape his roots, Billy Bob turned to the streets and as his powers emerged, he chalked them up to weight fluctuations caused by extreme stress and strain. Eventually, tests proved that he was a mutant and after rigorous training, Billy Bob developed amazing control of his special abilities.

Also, I would like to point out that I placed the “Hard Day’s Night” story from X-Men Unlimited I#41 chronologically after the events in X-Statix#9. At first, I couldn’t decide where to place it because the actual X-Men Unlimited issue was from March 2003. The X-Statix from March 2003 was part of “Moons of Venus” storyline, #7 actually. The Orphan was a member of X-Statix in the X-Men Unlimited story, so it had to have taken place after #8, which was when he rejoined the team. And in #9, Solomon O’Sullivan mentions that Sharon’s surgery took place through the night, meaning that #9 takes place the day after the events in#8. Since the X-Men Unlimited story could not have taken place between the span of a single night, I placed the story chronologically after #9, even though the story was published two months prior to X-Statix#9.

Phat appeared on the cover of X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl#1 with the following deceased characters, who may or may not need to be considered affiliations: The Ancient One, Baron Zemo (Heinrich Zemo), Basilisk (Basil Elks), Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell), Cypher (Doug Ramsey), Destiny (Irene Adler), Lady Dorma, Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange), Green Goblin (Harry Osborn), Kraven the Hunter (Sergei Kravinov), Miss America (Madelyne Frank), Mockingbird (Bobbi Barton), Nova (Frankie Raye), the Pitiful One, Captain George Stacy, Gwen Stacy, Synch (Ev Thomas), Thunderbird (John Proudstar), Union Jack (Lord Falsworth), Whiplash (Mark Scarlotti), the Wraith (Brian DeWolff), Yellowjacket (Rita Demara)

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This character, Phat, has no known connections to

  • Phastos, eternal weaponsmaster@Eternals II#1
  • Fat Boy, vampire@ Blade: Vampire Hunter II#1
  • Fatboys, new york club of skateboarders@Longshot#4
  • Fat Freddie, owner of a pool hall@Hulk Comic (UK)#5
  • Fat Lady, Teena@Incredible Hulk I#3
  • Fat Man, of the Old West@Kid Colt#117


Mr. Reilly was the father of Phat, who lived in relative mediocrity in the Oakwood Apartments in Jacksonville, Florida, with his wife. When Phat left to join X-Force, Mr. Reilly shook his hand. Later, when Phat's powers began to fade, Phat re-visited his family and found them living in a trailer outside the huge house that Billy Bob had bought them. Mr. Reilly and family had decided to live the trailer park life which Phat had often lied about coming up from. The trailer quickly became covered in fans of X-Statix until Phat's family asked him to leave.

-X-Force I#118 (X-Statix#3






Phat, full body shot “fatted up“: X-Statix#9, p2, pan2

Phat, full body shot, non-”fatted up”: X-Force#117, p12, pan2

Phat, headshot: X-Force#117, p9, pan2

Pa: X-Statix#3, p9, pan3

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