Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Human/Mutant; Possible Australian citizen

Occupation: Terrorist

Affiliations: The Brotherhood, unnamed mutant

Enemies: Anti-Mutant humans; Marshal; Hoffman; X-Force

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base Of Operations: London, England

First Appearence: The Brotherhood#1 (July, 2001)

Powers/Abilities: Fagin could transform into a purple, spiky humanoid form with slightly enhanced strength

History: At some point in his life, the young mutant named Fagin became involved with the militant mutant terrorist group named the Brotherhood.

(The Brotherhood#1)- Hoffman and Orwell sent Fagin to befriend and recruit Mike Asher, another mutant, at his high school. After an incident with a school bully, Fagin talked Asher into playing hookey. Coming upon the scene of another mutant being beaten by an angry crowd, Fagin revealed to Asher that he was a mutant. Leaping into the crowd, Fagin did pretty well, until a baseball bat to the back of the head put him down. Luckily for him (and Asher), the leader of the Brotherhood, Hoffman, showed up and helped them get away. In the background, another new recruit, Oswald, blew up the block.

(The Brotherhood#2)- Hoffman and Fagin watched over Asher's house, discussing his future involvement with the Brotherhood. The next day, Asher had another encounter with a bully, and the goths helped him up. After they told him about their plans to blow up the school, Asher revealed he was a mutant to them and that he had nothing to live for. Fagin watched them run down the halls and encountered Asher in the bathroom, where he was about to commit suicide. Fagin talked him out of it and told him that being a mutant means having power.

(The Brotherhood#3)- Fagin took Asher to a popular mutant nightclub, where he was yelled at by fellow Brotherhood member Marabeth about his drug use. Back at school, Fagin protected Asher from the bully again, and was later seen standing above the newly dead goth kids. Asher couldn't believe that Fagin would kill them, but Marabeth revealed she did it. Fagin later walked away with Hoffman, Marabeth, Asher and Hoffman, after Asher fully joined the Brotherhood.

(The Brotherhood#4)- Hoffman sent Fagin and Asher to join Bryson Bale's London cell of the Brotherhood.

(The Brotherhood#6) Fagin complained to Asher about how it seemed as though all they'd done lately was watch "the big and powerful Bryson get some" from Malon. After escaping a military strike on their hideout set into motion by Malon's father, Bryson handed Fagin a wad of bills and told him to start over with his life.

BTS- Fagin, Asher and Malon were caught by ex-Brotherhood member turned government psycho Marshal, and became involved in his plan to bring down Hoffman and the Brotherhood.

(The Brotherhood#8)- Hoffman sent Malon, Asher and Fagin on a mission to "take care of" a member of the Brotherhood-turned-government informant. Fagin told Asher and Malon that he could care less about "this doing the right thing stuff" and that he only joined the Brotherhood because it sounded better than the way he was living before. Later, Marshal gave them a dead body which "is a pretty good match for (the informant's) body type." Their new plan was to capture the informant, leave the dead body in his house, and bring him to Marshal. When they reached the house, they encountered a woman who turned into a big green guy after she figured out who sent them. Fagin changed into his other form and knocked him/her out with one punch. Realizing the stunt body wouldn't work, they concocted a new plan. Slightly later, Asher blew the building up. After presenting the hand of the woman to Hoffman, they were told who their next target was to be...X-Force's Doop!

(The Brotherhood#9)- After their meeting with Hoffman, Asher suggested trying to reason with X-Force. Fagin then yelled at Asher for being an X-Force fanboy. At the X-Force parade, Fagin, Asher and Malon were stuck in the middle of a battle between other Brotherhood members and X-Force. Fagin decided that their only chance was fighting their way out, but he was quickly attacked by Vivisector, who gutted him.

Comments: Created by X, Essad Ribic and Kent Williams

Fagin's ultimate fate is up in the air, as he probably could have survived his injury, but let's go with dead and forgotten.

There was much speculation who writer X was when the book first started, but it showed to be pretty smart that he didn't reveal his secret.
According to
Prime Eternal: The popular theory was Devin Grayson.

This Unnamed mutant was being harrassed by a group of anti-mutant humans when Fagin and Asher stumbled upon the commotion. Luckily for all three, Hoffman and Oswald showed up. -The Brotherhood#1

by Zerostar

The X-Force who brought down the Brotherhood, now known as X-Statix, should not be confused with:

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