Real Name: Alfredo Morelli

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Professional criminal;
    former playboy

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: ARMS, Deep, Hobgoblin (Roderick Kingsley), Daniel Johnston, Dina, Praetorian Guard, Rebecca, Triad BrothersVandal, Abraham Varley, Warforce (Cutter, Impakov Twins, Salvo, Shell, Tranq);
    formerly Richard Fisk, Hobgoblin (Ned Leeds), Hobgoblin (Jason Macendale), Kingpin (Wilson Fisk), Rose (Sgt. Blume), Kevin Trench, Twitch

Enemies: Blood Rose (Richard Fisk), Demogoblin, Hobgoblin (Ned Leeds), Jack O'Lantern/Hobgoblin (Jason Macendale), Kingpin (Wilson Fisk), Nightwatch (Kevin Trench), Rose (Sgt. Blume), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Twitch, Warrant (Grey Garrison)

Known Relatives: Unidentified father

Aliases: "Alfie", Richard Fisk, Kingpin

Base of Operations: Ryker's Island prison, New York;
    formerly Fisk Tower, Manhattan;

    formerly the Rose's Manhattan penthouse

First Appearance: (Morelli) Amazing Spider-Man I#282 (November, 1986);
    ("Richard Fisk") Web of Spider-Man I#84 (January, 1992)
    (Kingpin) Web of Spider-Man I#88 (May, 1992)
    (Gauntlet) Web of Spider-Man I#99 (April, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Gauntlet has a mechanical power glove fused to his left hand; the glove enhances his strength to superhuman levels (presumably just in that hand), can fire a wide-arc laser, and can absorb electrical charges to increase its own power.  It can also protect its wearer from electrocution via a counter-pulse.  He formerly wore a glove stolen from the Nightwatch suit.  He is technologically adept, and formerly carried a number of electronic devices of his own design, including data recording devices, an inhibitor capable of disabling electronic systems, and a universal listening device capable of picking up radio waves. Morelli is also a skilled armed and unarmed combatant, and is in excellent physical condition.

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 180 lbs.

History: (Web of Spider-Man I#30 (fb)/Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives#3 (fb) - BTS) - The son of a rich man he despised, Alfredo Morelli met Richard Fisk at a boarding school in Europe.  They became friends, and travelled the world together; at Richard's house in the Hamptons, they met Daily Bugle reporter Ned Leeds, who wanted to write an expose on Richard's father, the Kingpin of Crime.  Richard turned him down, but as Richard and Alfredo continued their travels, he hounded them at every turn.  When they were in France, they learned that the Kingpin's activities had put Richard's mother, Vanessa, in danger.  Richard then resolved to do something about his father, and relocated to New York City, where he and Alfredo purchased a loft in Greenwich Village. Alfredo contacted Leeds, even though he disliked him, to make use of his information on the Kingpin's operations.  When they met Leeds, he took them to a warehouse, where he revealed to them that he was the Hobgoblin.  However, the real Hobgoblin was Roderick Kingsley, and Leeds was merely his brainwashed dupe; both Kinglsey and Leeds apparently worked with Richard and Alfredo.  As they plotted against the Kingpin, Alfredo was regularly hassled by Daniel Johnston and Abraham Varley, two crooked cops on the Kingpin's payroll; Alfredo convinced them to work for Richard, instead.

With them at his side, Richard adopted the masked identity of the Rose to pose as a crimelord so he could take down the Kingpin's empire.  However, the Hobgoblin became increasingly unreliable (unbeknownst to them, due to Roderick Kinglsey's brainwashing), leading Richard to rely more on Alfredo and his electronics expertise.  Alfredo wired Fisk Tower, the Kingpin's headquarters, with data collection devicesgiving him insight into the crimelord's increasing obsession with Daredevil.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#282 (fb) ) - Alfredo hit the dance clubs with model Mary Jane Watson and partied until dawn.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#282) - Back at Alfredo's apartment, Mary Jane left when she saw a news bulletin on Flash Thompson's escape from prison, much to Alfredo's disappointment.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#123) - Alfredo followed Mary Jane to Peter Parker's apartment in a cab.  When he caught up to her, she explained that she had to sort things out with Peter - displeased, he left her with his card in case she wanted to sort out their relationship.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#287 (fb) ) - Alfredo broke into the NYPD's computer systems to acquire information for Richard.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#287) - Alfredo met Richard and his girlfriend Dina in a park.  He gave Richard the disk with the NYPD information and listened as Richard explained his recent troubles.  As Richard left, Alfredo gave a bum his Rolex.  Later, Alfredo infiltrated Fisk Tower to retrieve the listening devices he'd installed there months ago.  As he left the building, however, he was accosted by the Hobgoblin (Leeds), who picked him up and flew him over the river, demanding to know when the Kingpin planned to return to New York.  Alfredo told him, but the Hobgoblin dropped him anyway.  Alfredo positioned his body so he wouldn't break his spine when he hit the river; surviving, he swore vengeance.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#288) - The next day, Alfredo told Richard what had happened, and promised to take the Hobgoblin out, despite Richard's warnings.  He tracked the Hobgoblin down to Jack O'Lantern's hideout, whwre he used an inhibitor device to disable the Hobgoblin's weaponry.  He shot him, and was preparing to finish him off when Jack O'Lantern attacked him, wanting to be the one who killed the Hobgoblin.  Alfredo dropped the inhibitor and the Hobgoblin fled.

(Web of Spider-Man I#29) - Alfredo, Richard, and Dina attended Ned Leeds' funeral.  Afterwards, Alfredo set out to check the Hobgoblin's old hideouts to make sure he didn't have Richard's name in any of his documents.  As he examined the goblin's notes in one such hideout, he found the new Hobgoblin, Jason Macendale.  Macendale attacked him, and he fled in his Porsche, pursued by the villain.  As he frantically talked to Richard on his car phone, the Hobgoblin blasted one of his tires and he plunged into the river, where Spider-Man retrieved him from his car.  He left to call the police, unaware that Richard believed him dead.

(Web of Spider-Man I#30) - In Greenwich Village, Alfredo and Dina called around to see if anyone had seen Richard, who had been missing for days.

(Web of Spider-Man I#87 (fb)/Web of Spider-Man I#100/1 (fb) ) - Richard gave up his Rose identity and agreed to work for the Kingpin, but when he learned Alfredo was alive, he decided to take down his father's organization from within.  Due to Alfredo's superior combat expertise, however, they decided that Alfredo would take Richard's place; to this end, Alfredo underwent extensive plastic surgery to become a duplicate of Richard.  Alfredo also set up his ally, embittered NYPD officer Sgt. Blume, as a new Rose.  However, Alfredo gradually became more unhinged, and began to believe that he was actually Richard Fisk.

(Web of Spider-Man I#87 (fb) ) - In the guise of Richard, Alfredo romanced a woman named Rebecca, who became his fiancee.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#173) - Alfredo (as Richard) and Blume (as the Rose) met on a snowy Manhattan balcony, where they were secretly photographed by Nick Katzenberg.

(Web of Spider-Man I#84) - "Richard" watched the Kingpin battle a number of armed opponents in a training session.  Later, after seeing Nick Katzenberg's photo in the Bugle, he contacted Blume, who told him it was being taken care of - unfortunately, the photo had been mistakenly attributed to Peter Parker.  Later, after "Richard's" men failed to kill Parker, Blume contacted "Richard" and promised that he'd rectify the situation.

(Web of Spider-Man I#85) - "Richard" sparred with the Kingpin; although he held his own, the Kingpin soon bested him.  He then ordered "Richard" to kill the new Rose.  That night, "Richard" met Blume in the latter's Brooklyn warehouse headquarters.  The Rose once more promised that his men would handle the Parker situation, but "Richard" secretly planned to call in some outside help, and had a rose sent to the imprisoned Hobgoblin (Macendale).  He also put an open contract on Parker's head, which the Triad Brothers tried to collect.  Later, after they were driven away from Parker by Spider-Man, "Richard" met with Blume again, and suggested that they needed to kill Spider-Man, as well.

(Web of Spider-Man I#86) - "Richard" stood at the Kingpin's side as he berated one of his underlings for the recent loss of Typhoid Mary.  He beat the man, then threw him at "Richard's" feet and ordered him to kill him. When "Richard" did nothing, the Kingpin killed the man himself.   Later, he met with Blume while he sent some of the Rose's men to free the Hobgoblin.  The Hobgoblin soon crashed their meeting; having anticipated this and knowing that the demon-possessed Macendale was in the throes of religious fanaticism, he tore open his shirt to reveal a fake handprint burned into his chest.  Claiming that he had been touched by the hand of God, he told the Hobgoblin that Parker and Spider-Man were sinners and sent him to slay them.  After he left, Blume angrily confronted "Richard"; "Richard" admitted that he'd put the contract on Parker, and reassured him that everything would be worth it once the Kingpin fell.

(Web of Spider-Man I#87) - "Richard" sparred with the Kingpin's martial arts instructors and beat them all, going so far as to kill one.  Later, in his apartment, he had some quality time with Rebecca.  As she tended to his bruises from his training session, she accidentally knocked over pictures of Vanessa Fisk, Alfredo, and Ned Leeds.  Rebecca asked what happened to them, but before he could answer, two of his men entered with the newly demon-free Hobgoblin, who they'd freed from the police after his battle with Spider-Man.  Richard intended to kill him for his role in Ned Leeds' death, but the Hobgoblin persuaded him that he could use his mercenary connections to kill Parker and Spider-Man.  That night, he met with Blume at the Brooklyn pier, where he'd arranged for the stoolie Twitch (who he also had killed) to lead Spider-Man into an ambush.  While Spider-Man battled the Hobgoblin and his high-tech mercenary allies, the Praetorian Guard, "Richard" and Blume argued, with the latter arguing that the Kingpin's entanglements with Hydra, Daredevil, and the US goverment had doomed him already.  "Richard" had gone mad with power, however, and considered the Rose's dissent to be a betrayal.  He left with the Hobgoblin, and watched as the Praetorians captured Spider-Man.

(Web of Spider-Man I#88) - "Richard", the Hobgoblin, and the Praetorians returned to Fisk Tower to find that the Kingpin had already fallen.  "Richard" was disappointed that he wouldn't get a chance to depose him himself, but before he could collect his thoughts, an assault helicopter sent by the Rose opened fire on the building.  In the confusion, a bullet from the helicopter creased "Richard's" skull, leaving him with a deep scar, and the Rose's men made off with Spider-Man.  "Richard" recuperated at his apartment with Rebecca and made plans to move out to stay ahead of his enemies.  Before long, however, three assassins, lured by an open contract put on his head, attacked the apartment; a Praetorian handled two of them, but the third grabbed Rebecca and held her hostage until "Richard" lunged at him, disarming him and breaking his arm. After "Richard" sent Rebecca away, the assassin told him about the open contract, and "Richard" stabbed him to death.  After "Richard's" men failed to kill Parker and his family in their Catskills hideout, he joined the Pratorians in an assault on the Rose's hideout.  "Richard" personally shot and killed Blume.  Upon returning home, he shaved his head and declared himself the new Kingpin.  Having learned that Katzenberg had taken the photo, he called off the attacks on Parker and called a meeting of New York's crimelords.

(Web of Spider-Man I#89) - "Richard" was disappointed at the turnout for the meeting he'd called, and had the attendees killed as he left.  At dinner with Rebecca, he gave her a diamond ring, but refused to tell her the full extent of his business; before they could talk further, he was notified that he'd received a letter from someone claiming to be the Rose, asking to meet him at his warehouse.  "Richard" went, alone as requested, and met the Blood Rose, a masked vigilante whose voice he recognized as the real Richard Fisk's.  The Blood Rose accused "Richard" of having betrayed everything they'd once stood for, while "Richard" claimed he'd only done what he'd had to do.  The two fought, and before long Hobgoblin and Spider-Man entered the fray.  While the Hobgoblin distracted Spider-Man, "Richard" tried to flee, but the Blood Rose shot him in the back as he leaped for the window, sending him plunging into the East River.

(Web of Spider-Man I#97 (fb) ) - "Richard" was retrieved by divers, who loaded him on a boat and headed for a surgeon in St. Thomas.

(Web of Spider-Man I#97) - The boat ran into a storm, and crashed into a rocky outcropping.  "Richard", having apparently lost an eye in the crash, washed up on a Caribbean island, where he was discovered by a man named Trench.

(Web of Spider-Man I#98) - Trench made "Richard" run a deadly obstacle course; when he survived, Trench gave him a hot meal and some fresh clothes.  He also asked Trench not to call him Fisk anymore, as that name no longer suited him.  Later that night, he snuck into Trench's quarters, where he found a mysterious briefcase.

(Web of Spider-Man I#99 (fb) ) - "Richard" found a functioning boat hidden on the island.  Hoping to escape, he stole a high-tech power glove from Trench's briefcase.

(Web of Spider-Man I#99) - "Richard" contemplated his past as Trench returned from a successful hunt.  When he told Trench of his desire to escape, Trench told him there was no way off the island.  Revealing that he knew of the boat, "Richard" donned the power glove, punched Trench, and decalred that after everything he'd gone through, he'd earned the name Gauntlet!  He stole the boat and left.

(Web of Spider-Man I#100/1) - Planning to get revenge on Richard Fisk and reclaim his power base, Gauntlet arrived in New York City.  

(Nightwatch#4 (fb) ) - Claiming to be the Kingpin, Gauntlet contracted the underworld engineer Vandal to build a duplicate of his power glove, and also to construct the shapeshifting robot Mechamorph.

(Web of Spider-Man I#100/1) - Finding one of Richard's safehouses, he tracked the Blood Rose to Mr. Graycrest's estate on the autskirts of Manhattan, only to find the Blood Rose under attack by the New Enforcers. While Spider-Man dealt with the Enforcers, Gauntlet attacked Richard; however, Trench, in his costumed identity Nightwatch, soon swept in, seeking the return of his power glove.  Richard tried to shoot Gauntlet, but accidentally shot Nightwatch instead, allowing Gauntlet to get the upper hand as he tried to beat Trench to death with a tree branch.  He didn't count on Nightwatch's living cape, however, as it enveloped him and tore the glove from him, taking most of the skin off his arm in the process.  Spider-Man turned Gauntlet in to the police.

(Spider-Man I#43) - Now imprisoned in Ryker's Island, Gauntlet called in to ARMS' acution of their Platoon battle armor suits; when he saw the suits defeated by Spider-Man and Iron Fist on television, he hung up.

(Nightwatch#1 - BTS) - Gauntlet made an arrangement with the mercenary squad Warforce to break him and his cellmate, the assassin Deep, out of jail, but they were foiled by Nightwatch and Spider-Man.

(Nightwatch#1) - Gauntlet silently cursed Nightwatch as he heard of Warforce's defeat.

(Nightwatch#2) - Informed that Nightwatch was in Central Park, Gauntlet ordered the deployment of the Mechamorph.

(Spider-Man I#47) - Demogoblin, Macendale's former demonic half, attacked Ryker's Island, planning to execute all the "sinners" imprisoned there.  When Spider-Man arrived to stop him, Gauntlet took advantage of the confusion and attacked him; he was no match for Spider-Man, who soon recognized him.  Demogoblin grabbed him from Spider-Man, intending to kill him.  Spider-Man saved Gauntlet and drove off Demogoblin, and warned Gauntlet to stay away from him for a while.

(Nightwatch#3) -  At Ryker's Island, Gauntlet calculated that the Mechamorph must have killed Nightwatch by now - and that he would be free by dawn!

(Nightwatch#4) -  The Mechamorph released all of the prisoners from Gauntlet's Ryker's wing, but was soon destroyed from within by Nightwatch, who had stowed away inside it.  Grabbing a fallen guard's gun, he shot at Nightwatch and fled.  Stealing a police boat, he made it to the mainland, where he tracked down Vandal's hideout, hidden beneath an abandoned brownstone.  Vandal (or at least a hologram thereof, although Gauntlet didn't realize it) cornered him at gunpoint, accusing him of misrepresenting himself as the Kingpin and of failing to pay him for the Mechamorph.  Desperate, Gauntlet slid his hand into the power glove Vandal had built for him, even though it was surrounded by a high-voltage defense shield.  The counter-pulse built into the glove saved his life, but the glove was fused to his hand.  As he lay prone on the floor, government bounty hunter Warrant invaded the lair, in search of him.  While Warrant was distracted by the Vandal hologram, Gauntlet punched him in the face and ran, only to run into Nightwatch.  They fought until Warrant recovered and slugged Gauntlet; however, Nightwatch restrained Warrant, worried that their battle could bring down the brownstone around them.  Gauntlet resumed his attack, using his power glove's weapons on Warrant while Nightwatch rescued the squatters who had made the brownstone their home.  True to Nightwatch's predictions, the brownstone crumbled around them, but both were protected by Vandal's reinforced lair.  As he crawled from the wreckage, Gauntlet targeted the dazed Warrant, but Nightwatch swooped in and force-fed the power glove more power than it could take, overloading it and knocking Gauntlet out.  Nightwatch departed, leaving Warrant to collect the bounty on Gauntlet.

Comments: Alfredo created by Tom DeFalco, Rick Leonardi, and Bob Layton.  Alfredo as Richard Fisk created by Howard Mackie, Alex Saviuk, and Keith Williams.  Gauntlet created by Terry Kavanagh and Derek Yaniger. 

The Richard Fisk in Name of the Rose (Web of Spider-Man I#84-89) was clearly intended to be the real Richard Fisk, and it was strongly implied that the Blood Rose was Alfredo.  Evidently, someone (maybe editorial, or Terry Kavanagh) thought Richard was out of character in NotR (which is true) and retconned Richard into being Alfredo, and the Blood Rose into being the real Richard.  But then, bizarrely, they decided to keep the fake Richard around instead of killing him off, which would seem like the most expedient route - making matters worse, they tied him into the Nightwatch mythos (and I use "mythos" very lightly here), further convoluting the character.  Terry Kavanagh, at least, clearly wanted the character to succeed, but he never really took off (because he sucked), which is why he hasn't seen the inside of a comic in 18 years.

I don't think it's ever been revealed exactly when Kingsley or Leeds was in the Hobgoblin suit at any particular time, but I'm thinking the Hobgoblin who accosted Alfredo and later battled Jack O'Lantern was Leeds.

With the white streaks in her hair, "Richard's" fiancee Rebecca somewhat resembles Vanessa Fisk, something that would be pretty creepy if Richard had been the real deal, but making him an imposter just means that Alfredo was engaged to a woman who looks like his best friend's mom, which is at worst unseemly.

I swear, Alex Saviuk draws "Richard" fatter on every page of Name of the Rose - I guess to make him look more like his father once he shaves his head.  It's like he's just chugging gravy whenever he's not on-panel.  He then loses the weight while stranded on Kevin Trench's island.

I think Alfredo's hair is naturally black - it's black in a flashback to his youth, and when he regrows it on Trench's island.  He obviously dyed it blond when he was "Richard Fisk", but I guess he was dying it red before.

Gauntlet has a brief entry in the Spider-Man Encyclopedia.

Profile by Minor Irritant.

Alfredo Morelli, alias Gauntlet, alias Richard Fisk, has no known connections to


(Web of Spider-Man I#87 (fb) ) - At some point Rebecca became engaged to a man she believed to be Richard Fisk; unbeknownst to her, he was actually Richard's friend Alfredo Morelli.  He loved her, but kept her totally in the dark about his and the Kingpin's business.

(Web of Spider-Man I#87) - At their apartment, Rebecca tended to the bruises "Richard" had received during one of his training sessions with the Kingpin.  She accidentally knocked over some of his old photos, prompting him to reminisce about his mother,, and his friends Ned Leeds and Alfredo Morelli.  Before he could explain what happened to them, one of his men arrived with news that they'd captured the Hobgoblin; Richard sent Rebecca away.

(Web of Spider-Man I#88) - Rebecca examined the bullet wound on "Richard's" head, and told him that he might have to shave his head - but she had a predilection for bald men anyway.  When the Praetorian Guard arrived to see him, Rebecca left to help Richard's men pack up their things.  When the apartment was invaded by assassins, one of them grabbed Rebecca as a hostage until an enraged "Richard" disarmed him.  He then sent Rebecca away before killing the man.

(Web of Spider-Man I#89) - At dinner, "Richard" gave Rebecca a diamond ring she couldn't wait to tell her mother about.  She asked him about his business again, but he maintained that he was merely in the export business.  He was called away by one of his men and never returned.

--Web of Spider-Man I#87 (87 (fb), 87, 88, 89

images: (without ads)
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main image, with current power glove)
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Web of Spider-Man I#30, p4, pan5 (pre-surgery)

Web of Spider-Man I#30, p16, pan1 (infiltrating Fisk Tower)
Web of Spider-Man I#87, p13, pan1 (as Richard Fisk)
Web of Spider-Man I#88, p24, pan6 (as new Kingpin)
Web of Spider-Man I#99, p19, pan2 (with Nightwatch's power glove)

Web of Spider-Man I#87, p8, pan1 (Rebecca)

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