Membership: "Bossman," numerous unidentified board members

Purpose: To supply weapons to the underground market

Aliases: Alternative Resources Munitions Supply (full name)

Affiliations: Richard Fisk, Gauntlet (Alfredo Morelli), Hydra, Sat-Yr-9, Shinobi Shaw, Slug (Ulysses X. Lugman); Formerly Platoon (David Chodosh)

Enemies: A.I.M. (their chief competition), Kate Cushing, Iron Fist (Danny Rand), Platoon (David Chodosh), Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Base of Operations: New York City, New York, USA

First Appearance: (mentioned): Spider-Man I#41 (December, 1993); (fully seen): Spider-Man I#42 (January, 1994)

History: (Spider-Man I#41 (fb) - BTS) - Reporter Kate Cushing of the Daily Bugle gathered information on A.R.M.S. for a possible story, leading to her uncovering a rogue connection within Rand Research and Development. Rumors on the street soon began to suggest that A.R.M.S. was planning an aggressive public strike to launch their newest weapons into the underground market that had been previously monopolized by A.I.M.

(Spider-Man I#41 - BTS) - Investigating the rumors, Peter Parker dug into the Daily Bugle's computer files and noticed information about Rand Research and Development's recent titanium purchase but was drawn away from the data when "Joe Robertson" seemingly called him down to his office. Returning moments later, Parker realized someone had impersonated the vacationing Robertson to lure him away from the data and found the wall of the building knocked out, surrounded by enough money to cover the damage. Realizing someone was trying to stop him from digging too much into A.R.M.S.' activities, Parker phoned Kate Cushing to ask about her research but Cushing insisted the story was hers and told Parker to stay out of it. Upon hearing that Kate had not yet had time to backup her data, Parker donned his Spider-Man costume to investigate the data theft. Following Cushing's lead to Rand Research and Development, Spider-Man found Danny Rand meditating in the building while performing a security search on Rand R&D's computer systems. Crashing through the skylight, Spider-Man attacked despite Danny's insistence that the A.R.M.S. data was his responsibility. Thinking Iron Fist had gone rogue, Spider-Man attacked, prompting Iron Fist to disable his belt-signal to give himself a darkness advantage. Eventually knocking Iron Fist back, Spider-Man escaped to the rooftop and Iron Fist, reluctant to leave his computer search behind, followed and explained that he was merely protecting private property. When Spider-Man announced that he was pursuing stolen property, Iron Fist asked that Spider-Man trust his former ally and promised to explain everything in due time. Admitting he couldn't condone Iron Fist's actions without a direct explanation, Spider-Man was given a nerve-pinch from a disappointed Iron Fist and kicked off the rooftop but Spider-Man quickly recovered and renewed the fight until part of the Rand's neon sign began to fall towards the street below. Both heroes refused to allow innocents to be endangered and worked together to redirect the falling sign. After the sign destroyed Danny Rand's office, Spider-Man asked for an explanation of the events and Iron Fist, realizing his computer search had been forcibly terminated by the crashing sign, agreed to explain the situation. Upon hearing that Iron Fist was investigating Rand's rogue connection to A.R.M.S. and admitted he had tried to hide the connection from Spider-Man in an effort to keep a scandal from ruining Rand R&D. Working together to reactivate the wrecked computer, Spider-Man and Iron Fist learned from the recovered data that study analyst Dr. David Chodosh had made suspicious purchases, which Kate Cushing's data had spotlighted. Realizing Dr. Chodosh was working with A.R.M.S., Iron Fist revealed that Dr. Chodosh was working in a sub-basement in that same building but their attempt to use the elevator was halted when sabotage caused the elevator cable to snap before the two heroes could enter it. Instead using an air duct to make their way to Chodosh's workspace, Iron Fist and Spider-Man were confronted by Chodosh himself, wearing a suit of armor and calling himself Platoon.

(Spider-Man I#42) - Ambushing the two heroes, Platoon knocked them out and reported back to A.R.M.S., explaining how Iron Fist and Spider-Man had stumbled onto their operations but that the A.R.M.S. Warsuit had neutralized them. The A.R.M.S. bossman warned that Platoon was only ordered to risk capture, rather than engage the heroes, until A.R.M.S. was ready to maximize the media potential of their newest engagement. When they ordered him to return to base, Platoon angrily announced that he was quitting work for the munitions group. As Platoon erupted from the Rand sub-basements onto the street above, the A.R.M.S. board of directors met to discuss Platoon's rogue status, admitting that while Chodosh was a loose cannon, his access to Rand Research and Development made him an invaluable ally to A.R.M.S. They further discussed that Danny Rand's then-recent "resurrection" had made Dr. Chodosh a liability and that Spider-Man's involvement as well as Iron Fist's expected involvement had created a situation that A.R.M.S. would have to try to find the best of. After Platoon took a hostage on the Brooklyn Bridge, A.R.M.S.' bossman explained to the board of directors that Platoon had forced their hand but many of the board members argued about how to handle the situation with the rogue Platoon. One board member in particular announced that since A.R.M.S. had went public, they would have to use Platoon's actions as a public trial by fire to prove the combat commodity of their weapons against well-established weapons suppliers like A.I.M. The same member also suggested another option for when Platoon was finished with his rampage. Once Platoon had been defeated by Spider-Man and Iron Fist, A.R.M.S. released an army of their Warsuits on the public.

(Spider-Man I#43) - Upon seeing the Warsuits, numerous high-ranking officials worldwide began phoning in orders with A.R.M.S. Meeting to discuss the surge in orders, the A.R.M.S. board members discussed how Platoon's public defeat had actually done them a favor. They also discussed how they could use the media attention garnered by their other prototype Platoon Warsuits to sell more of the Warsuits. When Spider-Man and Iron Fist jumped into the river in an attempt to lure the Platoon Warsuits away from the Bridge, the Warsuits instead departed towards the city of Brooklyn itself. Giving chase, Iron Fist leapt headlong into battle and Spider-Man joined him, webbing up six of the Warsuits in such a way that they would have to blast each other to get free. Still swamped by orders for the Warsuits, A.R.M.S. continued speaking with buyers despite some of them beginning to question the power of the Warsuits when the determined Spider-Man and Iron Fist drove the Platoon Warsuits back to the edge of the Brooklyn Bridge. Despite the previously webbed six freeing themselves and returning to battle, Spider-Man and Iron Fist to drop a building-in-progress atop the Warsuits, effectively defeating them. With the Warsuits' defeat, A.R.M.S. clients Shinobi Shaw, Hydra, Sat-Yr-9 and Richard Fisk canceled their orders. Gauntlet, Slug and a high-ranking government military officer followed suit and A.R.M.S. was left wondering what the price of scrap metal was going for. Spider-Man and Iron Fist then disabled the remaining Warsuits by damaging their circuitry then setting up a feedback loop that incapacitated the armors. Before Spider-Man and Iron Fist could trace the Warsuits back to A.R.M.S, the A.R.M.S. board members attempted to flee their headquarters via helicopters but before they could do so, A.I.M. appeared and proclaimed A.R.M.S. absorbed into A.I.M. A.I.M. then pulled guns on the board members, announcing that they only had interest in A.R.M.S.' technology and had no room for new blood.

(Annex I#3 (fb) - BTS) - A.I.M. acquired Platoon Warsuit (dubbed A-1) from A.R.M.S.

(Annex I#3 - BTS) - When A.I.M. was alerted to the Adarco Building's secondary alarms and viewed the culprit, Alex Ellis, from the video feed, they dispatched Platoon Warsuit A-1 to the Adarco Building to stop the intruder. Following his battle with the Warsuit A-1, Annex donned the Warsuit himself to infiltrate its apparent source, the Adarco Arsenal Development Station. Noticing what appeared to be a Platoon Warsuit leaving the Adarco Building, Spider-Man was stunned to see the Warsuit, which he recognized as being from A.R.M.S. due to his previous encounter with the Warsuits alongside Iron Fist.

Comments: Created by Terry Kavanagh and Jae Lee.

The head of A.R.M.S. was only ever referred to as "Bossman" and only in a comment from Platoon (David Chodosh).

Profile by Proto-Man.

A.R.M.S. has no known connections to

Platoon has no known connections to

According to various sources, Platoon (David Chodosh) appeared in Marvel Knights Spider-Man I#6 & #12, likely as part of the villainous crowd that had gathered for the auction of the Venom symbiote and later the Scorpion battlesuit. I was unable to locate him precisely in the crowd (especially in #12, which only shows shadowed, unidentified characters) but given that various sources place him there and Platoon could easily have been in that crowd, I chose to list those appearances in this profile. If something comes along to contradict these appearances, I will update the profile accordingly.


Platoon was the name of a series of armored Warsuits designed by A.R.M.S. Built from titanium, the prototype Warsuit was given to Dr. David Chodosh, a study analyst for Rand Research and Development who was secretly employed by A.R.M.S. When Iron Fist began investigating Dr. Chodosh's illegal purchases made on behalf of Rand R&D and the Daily Bugle began their own investigation into A.R.M.S. itself, alerting Spider-Man when Iron Fist stole the Bugle's data for his own investigation, the two heroes learned of Dr. Chodosh's involvement with the purchases via Iron Fist's computer search. Tracking Dr. Chodosh to his sub-basement workspace in Rand R&D, the heroes were confronted by an armored Dr. Chodosh, who called himself Platoon. Ambushing the heroes, Platoon knocked the duo out then reported their neutralization to his A.R.M.S. allies, who had provided him with his Warsuit. When they ordered him to return to base, Platoon refused and erupted onto the streets above, soon flying to the Brooklyn Bridge, where he took a family hostage. Spider-Man and Iron Fist soon recovered and confronted Platoon at the Bridge, fighting a fierce battle against him while also getting his hostages to safety in the distraction. Eventually, Iron Fist exposed some of the Warsuit's wiring and Spider-Man created a makeshift electromagnetic pulse generator from Platoon's tech that froze the Warsuit up. The two heroes then punched the frozen Platoon into the river below, only to find that an army of Warsuits had been unleashed on the public. The Warsuits eventually forced Spider-Man and Iron Fist to flee into the river in an effort to lure the Warsuits away from the Brooklyn Bridge but the Warsuits instead attacked Brooklyn itself. Forcing the Platoon Warsuits back to the edge of the Brooklyn Bridge, Spider-Man and Iron Fist ultimately disabled them by damaging the armors then using their circuitry to setup a feedback loop that incapacitated them. Later, when Alex Ellis infiltrated the Adarco Building, Platoon Warsuit A-1 was dispatched to take care of the intruder and a fight quickly ensued between Platoon A-1 and Ellis, who was actually the heroic Annex. Their fight ultimately led to an evacuation of the Building and Annex defeated A-1, forcing the armor from its wearer, who admitted he had only been tasked with stopping Annex and had no idea about Annex's questions involving a Dr. Barto. When the wearer continued to prove unable to answer Annex's questions, an angry Annex threw him against a wall, knocking him out. Determining that he would have to get his information from the Adarco Arsenal Development Station, Annex donned the discarded Platoon Warsuit A-1 as a disguise and departed the Building, unintentionally tricking the arriving Spider-Man into thinking he was another of the Platoon Warsuits that he and Iron Fist had earlier fought. Years later, a recovered Dr. Chodosh attended the Tinkerer's auctions of the Venom symbiote and later the Scorpion battlesuit alongside numerous other criminals.

The superhumanly durable, titanium Platoon Warsuits were equipped with rocket-powered flight capabilities, hands that could transform into energy blasters, weapons systems such as sonic pulse emitters, heat-seeking missiles, buzzsaw blade projectiles, compressed air blasters and acid projectors.

--Spider-Man I#41 (#42-43, Annex I#3, Marvel Knights Spider-Man I#6, #12 - BTS,

images: (without ads)
Spider-Man I#42, p5, pan2 (A.R.M.S. board of directors, main image)
Spider-Man I#42, p12, pan2 (A.R.M.S. board of directors deciding what to do about Platoon)
Spider-Man I#42, p15, pan1 (Platoon)

Spider-Man I#41 (December, 1993) - Terry Kavanagh (writer), Jae Lee (art), Danny Fingeroth (editor)
Spider-Man I#42 (January, 1994) - Terry Kavanagh (writer), Jae Lee (art), Danny Fingeroth (editor)
Spider-Man I#43 (February, 1994) - Terry Kavanagh (writer), Jae Lee (art), Danny Fingeroth (editor)
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Marvel Knights Spider-Man I#6 (November, 2004) - Mark Millar (writer), Terry Dodson (pencils), Rachel Dodson (inks), Axel Alonso (editor)
Marvel Knights Spider-Man I#12 (May, 2005) - Mark Millar (writer), Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson (art), Axel Alonso (editor)

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