The Hobgoblin

Real Name: Roderick Kingsley

Identity/Class: Human mutate, technology user

Occupation: Criminal, fugitive;
   formerly CEO of Kingsley Limited and it's subsidiaries Vaughn-Pope Cosmetics and others, fashion designer

Group Membership: Formerly New York's Century Club (Wilson Fisk, J. Jonah Jameson, Harry Osborn, Norman Osborn, George Vandergill, others)
   formerly Legion Accursed (Abomination, Absorbing Man, Anaconda, Baron Mordo, Batroc, Blastaar, Blob, Crimson Dynamo (Bukharin), Diablo, Dr. Doom, Dr. Octopus (Octavius), Electro (Dillon), Enchantress (Amora), Executioner (Skurge), Graviton, Grim Reaper (Williams), Juggernaut (Marko), Kang, Kraven (Sergei Kravinoff), Living Laser, MODOK, Mole Man, Rhino, Silver Samurai, Titania (MacPherran), Ultron-11, Vanisher, Vulture (Toomes), White Queen (Frost), Wizard (Wittman), Wrecker (Garthwaite), sixty-eight unidentified others)

AffiliationsCobra (Klaus Voorhees);
   Formerly Bitterhorn, Arnold Samuel "Lefty" Donovan, Willis Gottfried, Green Goblin (genetic construct), George "Georgie" Hill, J. Jonah Jameson, Sgt. Johnston, Kris Keating (impersonator), "Kingsley's Kozy Kompanions" (Daphne, Marjorie "Marge" Dufrey, Stephanie, "Sweetie", at least twenty others), Mario, Mephisto, Ned Leeds, Marla Madison-Jameson, Donald Menkin, Norman Osborn, Ringer (Davis), Rose (Richard Fisk), Sgt. Varley, Mary Jane Watson-Parker

Enemies: Lance Bannon, Belladonna (Ravanna), Beyonder, the Black Cat, the Black Widow (Romanova), Blue Boys (several unnamed members), Jacob Conover, Daredevil (Murdock), Hudson, Jason Philip Macendale, Harry Osborn, Liz Osborn, Santellio, Spider-Man (Parker), the Thing (Grimm), Eugene "Flash" Thompson, George Vandergill, "half the fashion world", most of New York's illegal gambling community, several unidentified Osborn Manufacturing employees

Known RelativesDaniel Kingsley (brother), other unidentified family members (see comments)

Aliases: "Blabbermouth", "Bunky", "Butthead", "Charley", "Chuckles", "Fright-Face", "Hobby", "Laughing Boy", "Mr. K", "Ol' Hobby", "Ol' Roddy", "Paleface", "Rod", "Rod-dy", "Roddy", "Roddy-Boy", "Roddyboy"

Base of Operations: The Caribbean Island of Isla Suerte;
   formerly the Kingsley Limited headquarters;
   formerly a building in New York's warehouse district;
   formerly a summer house on Long Island;
   formerly an estate in the Hamptons;
   formerly a dockside warehouse;
   formerly an office in a warehouse owned by the Rose;
   formerly somewhere in Europe;
   formerly somewhere in Belize;
   formerly an abandoned building in Lower Manhattan;
   formerly the Great Neck Maximum Security Facility

First Appearance: (As Kingsley) Spectacular Spider-Man II#43 (June, 1980); (as the Hobgoblin) Amazing Spider-Man I#238 (March, 1983)

Powers/Abilities: Recreating and improving upon Mendel Stromm's goblin serum, Kingsley gained super-human strength (able to lift as much as 9 to 10 tons), speed, reflexes and endurance, while avoiding the madness caused by the serum. It's unrevealed if Kingsley benefits from the curative properties of the serum, but is assumed to be the case. In addition to the powers granted by the serum, Kingsley possesses a shrewd and keen intellect and was a regarded as an aggressive businessman.
   Appropriating the technology and armaments of the first Green Goblin, the Hobgoblin had electricity firing glove-blasters, explosive pumpkin bombs, goblin-grenades (used mostly for the dispersal of various gases, including one capable of disabling Spider-Man's spider senses), and razor-sharp throwing bats. In addition to redesigning and altering the Green Goblin's protective suit, the Hobgoblin had a device wired to his glove-blasters that activated a pre-programmed barrage of blasts. The Hobgoblin's main method of transportation is his goblin-glider (also referred to as the bat-glider), an altered version of an earlier glider used by the Green Goblin. Weighing 95 lbs. and capable of a top speed of 110 miles per hour, the goblin-glider can support as much as 400 to 470 lbs., and can be controlled through radio-linked controls in the Hobgoblin's suit. The Hobgoblin also used a an armored battle van for a brief period, but seldom used the van after it sustained a great deal of damage.

Height: 5'11" (as Hobgoblin)
Weight: 185 lbs. (as Hobgoblin)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Gray

History: (Amazing Spider-Man I#250/Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives#2/Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Vol. 5 (Hobgoblin) (fb) - BTS) - The more dominant of the two Kingsley brothers, Roderick had his younger brother Daniel unquestionably perform tasks for him (which included having the balding Daniel don a hairpiece and pretend to be Roderick). (see comments)

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Spider-Man 2004 (Hobgoblin)) - A college arts major, Kingsley began his career as a fashion designer, soon building himself up as an industry mogul and billionaire tycoon through ruthless business tactics and legal and illegal means. Kingsley also saw his business grow by ruining the reputations of his rivals and stealing their ideas.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#48 (fb) - BTS) - Kingsley attempted to buy out the fashion and cosmetic companies owned by sisters Narda Ravanna and Desiree Vaughn-Pope. When they refused to sell, Kingsley saw that their reputation was ruined by getting a former model employed Vaughn-Pope Cosmetics to allege that their products caused her severe skin damage. The ensuing bad publicity ruined Vaughn-Pope Cosmetics, and in debt to numerous creditors, they were forced to sell to Kingsley.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#57 (fb) - BTS) - Kingsley became involved with Marjorie Dufrey. Following a messy break-up, Dufrey learned she was the latest in a long line of women to "cozy" up to Kingsley, only to be dumped when another woman caught his eye.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#43) - While working on fashion designs in his offices late into the night, Kingsley's studio was broken into by the mysterious Belladonna and her goons. Confronted by Belladonna who told him she knew about his stolen ideas, Kingsley stood by as Spider-Man burst into through his skylight and fought Belladonna's men. Defeated by Belladonna and her goons (who departed soon thereafter) Spider-Man lifted a shaken Kingsley through the skylight while the studio filled with gas. Coming to, Kingsley berated Spider-Man for his interference, telling him that Belladonna would have probably stolen a few designs which he could have traced anyway, and instead his studio was ruined. Finishing by saying that Spider-Man is every bit the menace the Daily Bugle makes him out to be, Kingsley was webbed to a chimney by a departing Spider-Man.
   Introducing his new seasonal line at a fashion show the following day, Kingsley was stunned to see his clothing replaced with burlap sacks by Belladonna, who confronted Kingsley before being warded off by Spider-Man.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#48/Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Spider-Man 2004 (Hobgoblin)) - Suffering several broken ribs during Belladonna's attack, a humbled Kingsley began to desire the power to protect him from future attacks, starting with the purchase of a firearm. Word of Kingsley's quest for power began to spread among New York's criminal circles.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#48) - Receiving a threatening telephone call from Belladonna (not realizing the mystery woman was actually Narda Ravanna), Kingsley was warned that Spider-Man was on her side and was coming to get him. Seeing Spider-Man through his skylight, Kingsley opened fire on him, failing to realize he fired on a mannequin wearing a Spider-Man suit. Not long after the shooting, a shell-shocked Kingsley explained he shot Spider-Man in self-defense while he was taken into police custody.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#48 - BTS) - Spider-Man suspected that once his survival was confirmed, Kingsley would be released.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#57) - Invited to a party at J. Jonah Jameson's penthouse to celebrate Marla Madison's new position with the Brand Corporation, Kingsley attended with his new beau, Daphne. Confronted by Kingsley's ex, Marjorie Dufrey, Kingsley rebuffed Marjorie's claims that Daphne was the latest of "Kingsley's Kozy Kompanions" and she'd be soon dumped, by telling Daphne Marjorie was drunk and to ignore her.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#238//Spectacular Spider-Man II#260/Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Spider-Man 2004 (Hobgoblin) (fb) - BTS) - Kingsley was contacted by George Hill, a criminal who, while on the run from Spider-Man, stumbled on a hidden cache of weapons and costuming used by the Green Goblin, hidden inside an old Osborn Manufacturing warehouse. Kingsley was offered the location for a price, eagerly accepting Hill's offer.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#238/Spectacular Spider-Man II#260) - Kingsley perused the Green Goblin's hidden lair with Hill, stunned by the technology and the Green Goblin's notes and journals.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#238) - After having Hill load everything into his van, Kingsley had the Osborn warehouse burned down. Storing the Goblin's arsenal in a lower Manhattan building owned by Kingsley, Hill assured him that he'd get rid of the van to avoid the theft and arson being connected to him. Agreeing that he wouldn't be connected to Hill or the theft, Kingsley detonated the van with a remote explosive, killing Hill.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#250/Spectacular Spider-Man II#259 (fb)) - Kingsley immersed himself in the Goblin's notes and journals, which, in addition to revealing Osborn's secrets and delving into the full depth of the Goblin's arsenal, provided him with the information to create a variant of the serum that turned Osborn into the Green Goblin.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#238) - Changing the appearance of the Green Goblin's suit to reflect a more fearsome appearance, Kingsley donned his new acquisition, christening himself the Hobgoblin.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#239 (fb) - BTS) - The Hobgoblin began raiding other Green Goblin caches hidden in other Osborn Manufacturing locations, ransacking around a half-dozen locations over several weeks.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#239) - In a New Jersey Osborn Manufacturing facility, the Hobgoblin discovered an armored battle-wagon designed by Osborn to serve as a mobile headquarters. Leaving the facility in ruins during his getaway, Kingsley returned to his Manhattan hideaway, musing over his successes and the attention given his escapades in the Daily Bugle.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#239 (fb) - BTS) - The Hobgoblin finished ransacking another of Osborn's hidden lairs in an old warehouse off New York's 23rd Street and Ninth Avenue, before continuing to the last of the Green Goblin's stashes in the back of an old Village theater, off Second Avenue.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#239) - Confronted by Spider-Man, the Hobgoblin fired at him with his glove-blaster, using the momentary distraction to attempt an escape. Using pumpkin bombs, throwing bats, and goblin-grenades against Spider-Man, the Hobgoblin found himself at a disadvantage, and was pulled to the ground by Spider-Man's webbing. Using his glove-blaster to ignite an exposed gas line, the Hobgoblin escaped while Spider-Man stopped the line from setting the surrounding neighborhood ablaze. Remarking on his poor physical state after his brief encounter with Spider-Man, the Hobgoblin realized the Green Goblin must have done something to be able to face their mutual foe as often as he did, and once he learned that secret Spider-Man would suffer.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#244/Spectacular Spider-Man II#85/Amazing Spider-Man I#245/Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives#3/Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Vol. 5 (Hobgoblin) (fb) - BTS) - Recovering from his initial run-in with Spider-Man in a summer house in a remote area of Long Island, the Hobgoblin used the brainwashing technology created by Dr. Gerhard Winkler -- acquired through unknown means -- to control small-time hood "Lefty" Donovan, sending him to gather the chemicals Osborn used to create his Goblin serum and planting an hypnotic suggestion compelling Donovan to become the Hobgoblin.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#244 - BTS) - The Hobgoblin sent Donovan and a gang of hired thugs to ransack the Osborn Company corporate offices. Stealing their company chemical inventory reports for the last six years, Donovan and his men found the desired chemicals in an old Osborn Company storage warehouse. Donovan barely escaped during a police shootout and Spider-Man's arrival, and returned to the Hobgoblin's Long Island base.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#244) - Learning of Donovan's successful theft of the chemicals, the Hobgoblin boasted that with the serum the Green Goblin used he'd be unbeatable.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#245) - Kingsley had Donovan prepare the Goblin serum, but the mixing of the two main compounds resulted in an explosion that scarred Donovan's face. Dragging Donovan outside of the house, Kingsley reentered to remove any obvious Goblin paraphernalia before destroying the house.
   Monitoring Donovan's recovery and emergence as the Hobgoblin, Kingsley noticed the hypnotic suggestions begin to wear off. Taking control of Donovan's glider, Kingsley sent it into a wall, the impact killing Donovan. Taking Donovan's death in stride, the Hobgoblin looked forward to examining his completed analysis of the changes in Donovan's body chemistry to safely duplicate the serum for his own use.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#85 (fb) - BTS) - Using the information received from Donovan's run as the Hobgoblin, Kingsley perfected the serum.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#85) - Giving himself a dose the perfected serum, Kingsley donned his suit and set out after Spider-Man, eventually finding him later that night in the company of the Black Cat. Using razor-bats to injure the Black Cat, the Hobgoblin caught Spider-Man off-guard, showing off his increased strength by tearing of piece of stonework from a building and hurling it at his foe. Moving back to the Black Cat, Spider-Man leapt at the Hobgoblin, fearing for Black Cat's safety while she recovered from injuries caused by Dr. Octopus. Surprised by Spider-Man's power even with his enhancements, the Hobgoblin attempted to hit Spider-Man with his glider, but seeing that Spider-Man and the Black Cat were tripping over each other trying to get to him, the Hobgoblin used the opportunity to make a quick exit.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#249 (fb) - BTS) - Through Osborn's journals the Hobgoblin learned the secrets of several members of New York's Century Club, including J. Jonah Jameson, Harry Osborn, and George Vandergill. Sending them anonymous letters indicating his plans to blackmail them, Hobgoblin built (or paid to have built) a robotic double of himself to aid in his plot.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#250 (fb) - BTS) - At some point Kingsley dumped Daphne and began seeing Stephanie.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#249) - Sending his robotic Hobgoblin double to the Century Club to meet with the assembled blackmailees, and having his brother Daniel stand-in for him to avoid suspicion, the Hobgoblin secretly observed the events of the meeting. Bursting into the meeting after Harry Osborn exposed the robot Hobgoblin as a fake, the real Hobgoblin was ambushed by Spider-Man, who had also been observing the meet in secret. Disabling Spider-Man's spider-senses, the Hobgoblin prepared to kill Spider-Man with his glove-blasters. His blast diverted by the Kingpin, the Hobgoblin decided to avoid an altercation with the crime boss and he quickly departed, not realizing that the Kingpin threw one of Spider-Man's errant spider-tracers at his glider.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#250) - Finding the spider-tracer on his glider, the Hobgoblin recounted how he'd learned Spider-Man uses his spider-sense to locate the tracers from Osborn's Journals, but with Spider-Man's spider-sense dulled from the gas there was little chance of that happening. Flipping through the journals, Hobgoblin arrived at an entry detailing Osborn's plan to expose Spider-Man's secret identity, the possibilities of which intrigued him.
   Later examining the spider-tracer, the Hobgoblin was confronted by Spider-Man, who'd tracked him using an electronic device keyed to the tracer. Finding himself at a disadvantage against Spider-Man, the Hobgoblin activated an automated ray cannon. As Spider-Man dodged the ray cannon's blasts, the stray beams hit the copies of Osborn's journals. Furious, the Hobgoblin threw a pumpkin bomb at the ray cannons, causing a massive explosion.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#251) - Realizing that the journals were obliterated by the ray cannons and the resulting flames caused by the stray blasts, the Hobgoblin returned his attention to Spider-Man, striking him with a piece of debris. Entering his battle van, the Hobgoblin attempted to run down Spider-Man, and, believing he'd done so, left his ruined hideout in the battle van. Stunned to learn Spider-Man survived by clinging to the bottom of the van, the Hobgoblin attempted to kill Spider-Man by driving the van through several buildings. Surviving that, Spider-Man entered the battle van. Activating the van's auto-guidance system, the Hobgoblin took advantage of Spider-Man's still-disabled spider sense, attacking him with his glove-blasters and goblin grenades. As the attack caused his spider senses to return, Spider-Man turned the fight in his favor, with the Hobgoblin finding himself at a clear disadvantage. As the battle van arrived at a nearby pier and plunged into the Hudson River, the fight came to an abrupt end, the Hobgoblin refusing to heed Spider-Man's warnings that a self-destruct system had been activated, instead fixating on Spider-Man's comment that he was crazy, and that being captured and unmasked would disgrace himself and his family. As the van exploded, the Hobgoblin was separated from Spider-Man, who, surveying the wreckage, found only the Hobgoblin's mask.

(Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives#1/Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives#3 (fb)) - Swimming to a nearby pier, the Hobgoblin avoided the police search crews, and took a homeless man's coat to hide his costume. Arriving at a second hideout, the Hobgoblin realized he'd been following from the waterfront by Ned Leeds, a reporter for the Daily Bugle who'd been assigned to hunt down the Hobgoblin following the incident at the Century Club. Ambushing his pursuer, the Hobgoblin administered a truth serum on Ned and realized that having Ned Leeds under his control presented him with a rare opportunity to exploit his position with the Bugle, having him bring him fellow reporter Jacob Conover's files on corporate misdeeds.

(Web of Spider-Man#30/Web of Spider-Man#86/Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives#3 (fb)) - The Hobgoblin also exploited Leeds association with Richard Fisk, the son of the Kingpin. Sending Leeds as a stand-in Hobgoblin, he convinced Fisk to become the Rose, expanding the Hobgoblin's "extralegal" enterprises.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#289/Web of Spider-Man#30 (fb) - BTS) - Aware that he was acting as the Hobgoblin, Leeds began rationalizing his dual identity as a way for him to expose the criminal activities of Fisk's father, write the news story of the decade, and make Spider-Man pay for his role in the death of his brother-in-law. Leeds was also made to believe that he'd been responsible for the earlier actions of the Hobgoblin, including the death of Georgie Hill, whom he told the Rose was his informant.

(Code of Honor#3) - Hobgoblin took advantage of the absence of numerous superheroes during the Secret Wars by allying himself with Cobra and the Ringer and embarking on a crime spree. Hobgoblin and the others were later confronted by Daredevil and the Black Widow; the outcome of this encounter is unrevealed.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#254) - The Hobgoblin took remote control of his battle van after the city of New York had it hauled out of the Hudson river, and saw it returned to his dockside warehouse lair.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#255) - Noticing a spider tracer attached to the roof of the battle van, the Hobgoblin laid a trap for Spider-Man, eventually moving onto other projects when he failed to arrived.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#257/Web of Spider-Man#30 - BTS) - Kingsley sent Leeds as the Hobgoblin to meet with the Rose, both pretending this was their first encounter to create a public show of unity between to two to reveal their connection.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#258 - BTS) - Leeds' meeting with the Rose continued, with a demonstration of the Hobgoblin's weaponry.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#259/Web of Spider-Man#30) - Resuming his role as the Hobgoblin, Kingsley went after gambling ringleaders Hudson and Santellio, threatening them unless they gave him ten percent of their take. Returning to the Rose's penthouse, the Hobgoblin informed him of their successful takeover of several major gambling outfits, and asked to recruit several of the Rose's men for a personal attack against Harry and Liz Osborn.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#260/Web of Spider-Man#30) - Following a brief meeting with the Rose, the Hobgoblin went after Harry Osborn, attacking him in his Osborn Manufacturing office. Demanding that Harry tell him where copies of his father's journals are kept (figuring that Norman Osborn surely made copies), the Hobgoblin was blindsided by Spider-Man, who had been patrolling for the Hobgoblin upon hearing of his return.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#260) - The fight continued into the Osborn Manufacturing offices, and eventually into the skies above Manhattan. Spider-Man followed the Hobgoblin by a strand of webbing attached to his glider. Seeing a nearby train, the Hobgoblin flew toward it, believing he'd finished Spider-Man by dropping him into it's path.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#261 (fb) - BTS) - The Rose provided the Hobgoblin with space in his warehouse to store additional costumes and weaponry.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#261) - The Hobgoblin traveled to one of the Rose's warehouse headquarters, where he met with Liz Osborn and Mary Jane Watson, both of whom had been captured by the Rose's men while he fought Spider-Man. Threatening Liz and telling her her kidnapping was part of a transaction between himself and her husband, the Hobgoblin assured him his brusque tactics with Liz were necessary in order to get Osborn to give him the journals.
   Arriving at the agreed upon exchange point in Central Park, Osborn presented the Hobgoblin with the last of his father's journals containing a master list of all of his hideaways, the last entry of which being dated a week prior to his seeming demise. Knocking Osborn unconscious, the Hobgoblin began to read the journal. Meeting with the Rose to discuss several bookies yet to fall under their control, the Hobgoblin rushed out when gunfire rang elsewhere in the warehouse. Seeing the shots were Osborn's doing, the Hobgoblin had little chance to react before facing Spider-Man (who had tracked Osborn to the location). His pumpkin bombs accidentally setting off several propane tanks, the warehouse burst into flames. Losing track of Spider-Man in the commotion, the Hobgoblin went after the journal. After a brief confrontation with Osborn, the Hobgoblin was jumped by Spider-Man, receiving a vicious beat-down in the process. Ultimately let go by Spider-Man in favor of rescuing the trapped Mary Jane, Liz, and Harry, the Hobgoblin destroyed his gear on-site, and retreated to his secondary pier front hideout. Reading the last journal, the Hobgoblin saw that it failed to offer any new information, and in a fit of rage he destroyed it. (see comments)

(Amazing Spider-Man I#275 (fb) - BTS) - Biding his time following his latest defeat, the Hobgoblin saw about improving his arsenal, adding a chest plate able to control remote charges.

(Web of Spider-Man#29 (fb) - BTS) - Kingsley had Daniel double as him and confer with Lt. Kris Keating of the NYPD, offering up tips on mob activities in exchange for Keating's compliance with the Hobgoblin's actions. (see comments)

(Amazing Spider-Man I#271) - Kingsley spotted Peter Parker escorting newly signed model Mary Jane Watson to his New York offices. Recognizing Parker as a photographer for the Daily Bugle, Kingsley wondered why Parker was snooping around his building.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#275 (fb) - BTS) - To avoid Leed's wife, Betty, suspecting he was being used in his plans (and to explain his frequent and lengthy absences), the Hobgoblin had Leeds tell her he was working on undercover assignments for the Daily Bugle.

(Secret Wars II#7 - BTS) - The Hobgoblin was one of ninety-nine supervillains recruited by Mephisto's agent Bitterhorn to serve in the Legion Accursed. By shaking hands with Bitterhorn, the Hobgoblin became a conduit to Mephisto's Beyondersbane, and by so much as touching the Beyonder, he would be able to destroy him.

(Secret Wars II#7) - After a period of waiting, the Hobgoblin and the other members of the Legion Accursed were sent after the Beyonder. Confronting him on Thinkers' Island, the Hobgoblin attacked alongside the Vulture, Wizard, and other airborne villains, but were stopped when the Thing threw the Absorbing Man in their path. Unable to reach the Beyonder before the Beyondersbane experienced a meltdown, Hobgoblin and the other villains were returned to their original locations.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#273/Amazing Spider-Man I#278/Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives#3 - BTS) - The drugs and brainwashing used on Ned Leeds began to have an averse effect on him, making him prone to anger and irrational behavior, driving a wedge between himself and Betty.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#275) - After a period of last-minute training, the Hobgoblin sought to prove himself against Spider-Man. Traveling to New York's Port Authority bus terminal and taking Peter Parker's friend Sha Shan hostage, the Hobgoblin soon encountered Spider-Man. Finding himself unable to activate his computerized barrage while holding Sha Shan, the Hobgoblin had little success with his pumpkin bombs and glove blasters in the meantime. When his glider became damaged in the fight, the Hobgoblin dropped Sha Shan and prepared the barrage which successfully felled Spider-Man.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#276) - Discovering Spider-Man feigned defeat to draw him closer, the Hobgoblin drew back, hoping to use the distance to his advantage. Instead, Spider-Man covered the Hobgoblin's mask with webbing, forcing him to remove it. The Hobgoblin fled, fearing the disgrace of having his identity exposed.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#276/Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives#3) - Roderick Kingsley (and a lady friend) watched as Flash Thompson defamed the Hobgoblin to reporters, outside Sha Shan's hospital room.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#276) - The Hobgoblin finished work on a device able to dispense a gas able to negate Spider-Man's ability to cling to walls and went after Flash Thompson.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#276/Web of Spider-Man#29/Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives#3 - BTS) - Drugging Thompson and outfitting him as the Hobgoblin, Kingsley sent him after Spider-Man. While Thompson and Spider-Man fought, the Hobgoblin had pumpkin bombs and other weapons hidden in Thompson's apartment by Keating. The pumpkin bombs and other paraphanelia were discovered following Thompson's defeat, unmasking, and arrest.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#276) - Hanging his Hobgoblin suit up in his hideout, Kingsley enjoyed Thompson's capture and the freedom he'd enjoy now that the public believed the Hobgoblin was captured.

(Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives#3 (fb) - BTS) - Tiring of his criminal pursuits and regretting having involved himself with New York's crimelords (whose many rivalries he found banal and petty), the Hobgoblin had Leeds take over nearly all of his activities as the Hobgoblin.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#116 (fb) - BTS) - Kingsley met with Mary Jane Watson to discuss having her model an upcoming clothing line.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#116) - Kingsley left Mary Jane's apartment building moments before Peter Parker arrived to visit Mary Jane.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#278) - The Hobgoblin and the Rose discussed the Daily Bugle's coverage of Flash Thompson's arrest and near-death at the hands of the criminal-killing Scourge of the Underworld.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#279 - BTS) - Kingsley met with his models, including Mary Jane, before a runway show held in the Kingsley Ltd. building.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#280) - While toiling in his workshop, Kingsley had Daniel don his hairpiece once more and deal with Mary Jane Watson prior to a runway show rehearsal . Later, after conferring with the Rose about the recent actions of the criminal Jack O'Lantern, Kingsley ran into Mary Jane, and the two went for a brief stroll.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#281) - Learning that the Jack O'Lantern broke Flash Thompson out of prison because he believed him to be the Hobgoblin, the real Hobgoblin sent Leeds after the Jack O'Lantern, attacking him for meddling with Thompson and trying to move in on his operations under the belief that the Hobgoblin was out of the picture.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#283) - Presented with another batch of pumpkin bombs by Daniel, the Hobgoblin tossed them aside telling his brother that the bombs were useless against Spider-Man and a deadlier weapon would be required.

(Web of Spider-Man#24 - BTS) - Traveling to Atlantic City, Leeds as the Hobgoblin and the Rose met with Owen Briosky, the head of all organized crime in Atlantic City, to discuss their plans to control all criminal activities on the East Coast.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#284 - BTS) - Back in New York, the Rose sent Leeds as the Hobgoblin after the Blue Boys and another gang. Leeds later attended a meeting with Rose and his associates where the escalating gang war and the involvement of the Jack O'Lantern was discussed. Kingsley later sent Daniel to meet with Keating to provide information about the Rose and his organization.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#285 - BTS) - Leeds continued to act as the Hobgoblin, forming an alliance with the Arranger and Jack O'Lantern, while continuing to work with the Rose.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#286 - BTS) - Leeds as the Hobgoblin was sent with the Jack O'Lantern to a meeting with other organized crime figures.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#286/Web of Spider-Man#30 - BTS) - When the meeting was busted by the police and Spider-Man, the Hobgoblin saw Spider-Man's involvement as an opportunity to kill his nemesis.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#286 - BTS) - Abandoned by Jack O'Lantern (who realized he was less than a match for the wallcrawler), the Hobgoblin fled the scene while Spider-Man tended to nearby civilians.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#287/Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives#3 - BTS) - Finding that his use of Winkler's brainwashing technology had a disastrous effect on Leeds' sanity and temper, Kingsley allowed him to trade information pertaining to an overseas espionage news story with the Kingpin to keep his thrall in line.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#287) - Kingsley threw Daily Bugle photographer Lance Bannon out of his office, chewing him out as he did.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#288/Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives#3 - BTS) - Leed's mental condition continued to deteriorate as he attacked Flash Thompson in his Hobgoblin suit, fleeing after his wife, Betty, approached. Kingsley had Leeds return to him by triggering a mechanism in his glider.

(Spider-Man Vs. Wolverine/Amazing Spider-Man I#289/Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives#3/Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Vol. 5 (Hobgoblin) - BTS) - Tired of his dealings with New York's underworld, the Hobgoblin allowed Leeds to pursue his reporting in Berlin, leaking word in various circles that Leeds was the Hobgoblin. Sending a Hobgoblin suit and a faked journal to Leeds' hotel room, Kingsley prompted Leeds' programming, making him to don the Hobgoblin suit and add an entry to the journal. After completing the entry, Leeds was attacked by the Foreigner's assassins (hired by Jason Macendale, the Jack O'Lantern), who savagely beat Leeds and choked him to death. In the aftermath, Macendale used the death of the Hobgoblin to usurp the identity for himself. Amused by Macendale's audacity, Kingsley allowed him to assume the role.

(Web of Spider-Man#29 - BTS) - The Hobgoblin's dockside hideout was abandoned.

(Web of Spider-Man#29/Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives#1 - BTS) - In the aftermath of Leeds' death, Kingsley had Daniel meet with Keating on his behalf to discuss the ramifications of his relationship as the Hobgoblin's "weapon manufacturer" and Keating's allowance of the Hobgoblin's recent activities. Their meeting was interrupted by agents of the Rose, who shot Daniel in his shoulder and left him for dead.

(Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives#1 (fb) - BTS) - Kingsley found Daniel not long after the shooting and saw that he received life-saving medical attention.

(Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives#2 (fb) - BTS) - Word of the shooting got out, with the public-at-large believing that Roderick had been shot.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Spider-Man 2004 (Hobgoblin)) - With his brother nearly killed and, for all intents and purposes, his career as the Hobgoblin finished, Kingsley retired to Europe.

(Spider-Man Unlimited I#14 (fb) - BTS) - Kingsley eventually relocated to Belize after renouncing his U.S citizenship. Spending most of his time afterwards in Belize, Kingsley returned to the United States several times a year to conduct business.

(Spider-Man Unlimited I#14) - While in New York on a business trip, Kingsley went to the Century Club where he ran into J. Jonah Jameson. Telling Jameson that the only way for the Daily Bugle to recover from it's recent financial difficulties was to take their stock public, Kingsley's suggestion was rebuffed.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#261 (fb) - BTS) - Kingsley possibly renewed with American citizenship, or gained a dual citizenship status with the US and Belize. (see comments)

(Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives#2 (fb) - BTS) - Kingsley allied himself with longtime Osborn Industries employee Donald Menkin, to plot a takeover of Osborn by Kingsley Limited.

(Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives#1/Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Vol. 5 (Hobgoblin)) - Kingsley and Daniel watched news coverage of Jason Macendale revealing that Ned Leeds was the original Hobgoblin. Remaining calm while Daniel began worrying that an investigation into Leeds would lead to them, Kingsley told Daniel to continuing tending to Kingsley Ltd.'s day-to-day affairs while he handled things. Donning a disguise, Kingsley broke into the Great Neck Maximum Security Facility later that night. Using gas to knock the guards unconscious, Kingsley confronted Macendale in his cell, revealing to him that Leeds was as much a dupe as Lefty Donovan. Incinerating Macendale with a blast from a glove blaster, Kingsley left Great Neck and donned his Hobgoblin suit once more.
   Arriving at Daniel's penthouse, the Hobgoblin told him he wished to renew their old working arrangement and become an active partner in their plot to take over Osborn Industries.

(Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives#2) - Meeting with Daniel in his Lower Manhattan hideout, the Hobgoblin threatened to use the Winkler brainwashing process on him if he showed resistance to his plans. Asked by he'd take up his role of the Hobgoblin again, especially in light of the admission that Ned Leeds was the original Hobgoblin, Kingsley berated his brother, telling him he wasn't ruthless enough when it came to business and would never understand real power.
   Later meeting with Menkin to discuss the means by which they would control of Osborn through dummy companies planning a takeover bid, they were contacted by fellow industrialist George Vandergill, who revealed an awareness of their plot and threatened to reveal it to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Donning the Hobgoblin suit, Kingsley went after Vandergill, ravaging his company, Norchem, and killing forty employees, including Vandergill. Returning to his offices, Kingsley received a phone call from Mary Jane to discuss a return to modeling. Asked about the shooting, Kingsley shrugged it off, instead telling Mary Jane of the expansion of his company in the years since "his" near-death experience. Their brief reunion interrupted by Daniel who needed Daniel to deal with urgent business, Kingsley told Mary Jane to see him on the following Monday and he'd see about finding her modeling work.
   Decimating an Osborn Industries New Jersey refinery with pumpkin bombs, Kingsley watched Betty Leeds announce her desire to see her late husband's name exonerated while revealing his newly discovered research into corporate misdeeds. Quickly donning his suit to ambush her outside of the television studio, the Hobgoblin found Spider-Man in her company, taking on his old adversary and electrocuting Spider-Man as he came into contact with his glider and dumping him in the East River.

(Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives#3) - Arriving at Betty's apartment, Hobgoblin knocked Betty and her police escorts unconscious with gas and took her to his hideout. Searching her for spider tracers, the Hobgoblin gave them to Daniel to dispose of and waited for Betty to awaken. Asking her for Ned's notes, Betty offered them in exchange for learning the full story of her husband's connection to him. Obliging, Hobgoblin told Betty of his first encounter with Leeds and subsequent brainwashing of him that led to his mental instabilities. Reaching the end of his story, the Hobgoblin demanded Ned's notes, and discovering there were no notes, threatened Betty.
   Before he could act, however, Hobgoblin was confronted by Daniel, brandishing a gun against the Hobgoblin who called him a fool, telling him that for learning of their connection he would have to kill Betty. Believing that Daniel was Roderick (due to his hairpiece), Betty attempted to flee, but wasunable to escape the Hobgoblin's lair. Saved only by the arrival of Spider-Man (who'd been able to track Betty due to the spider tracer hidden inside her tape recorder), the Hobgoblin leapt on his glider and departed. Pursued by Spider-Man, the Hobgoblin fought back, but confronted by an enraged Spider-Man, was beaten. Unmasked by Spider-Man, Kingsley was webbed up and dragged behind his glider by Spider-Man, before being delivered to the police.
   Arrested and indicted for his numerous crimes, Kingsley was taken to the Great Neck Facility and placed in the same cell that held Macendale. Finding a tape recorder, Kingsley heard his words to Macendale that he was "an embarrassment" repeated on a loop, before destroying the recorder.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#261 (fb) - BTS) - Kingsley was given a twenty-five year prison sentence.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#259) - Watching the newly "ressurrected" Norman Osborn promote his book "Surviving the Big Lie" on the Reggie and Katie Mae Show from his cell in Great Neck, Kingsley became outraged that Norman Osborn would be able to run free while he was imprisoned and cut off from his fortune. Demanding to speak to his attorney Willis Gottfried, Kingsley told him that although most of Osborn's journals were destroyed years earlier he'd managed to save one, and would reveal it's location in exchange for a deal with the district attorney. Learning that the DA was interested in meeting with him, Kingsley was escorted out of Great Neck for a late night meeting, only to be ambushed by the Green Goblin who grabbed Kingsley and attempted to escape with him. Following a brief skirmish with Spider-Man, the Green Goblin successfully lifted Kingsley away. Arriving at their destination, Kingsley was introduced to Norman Osborn.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#260) - Osborn asked Kingsley about the journal, noting that he had heard they'd been destroyed in a fire. Offering to pool his resources and power with Osborn, Kingsley found the unstable Osborn less than co-operative. Taken to a Multivex Inc. office, Kingsley became careful not to trigger Osborn's ire. Telling Osborn that Daniel had the journal and was given strict instructions to go public with it (should anything happen to him), Kingsley offered to give Osborn the keys to Kingsley Ltd. in addition to the journal, in exchange for safe passage out of the country. Accepting Kingsley's offer, Osborn presented him with his Hobgoblin suit and armaments and sent Kingsley after Daniel.
   Locating Daniel, Hobgoblin attempted to escape with him but was stopped by Spider-Man. As the two fought, the Hobgoblin accidentally fired a stray glove blast at a pumpkin bomb, fazing the two. As they recovered and the fight resumed, the new Green Goblin shot a tranquilizer dart at Spider-Man, knocking him unconscious. While angry he'd been robbed of his victory, the Hobgoblin took the Green Goblin's entrance in stride, seeing an opportunity to finally unmask Spider-Man.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#261) - Stopped from unmasking Spider-Man by the Green Goblin (who told him they wouldn't tolerate delays in uncovering the journal) Hobgoblin instead went ahead and kidnapped Daniel, taking Spider-Man with them to unmask later. Returning to Osborn's office, Kingsley was stunned as Osborn saw the Spider-Man's unmasking as being insignificant, realizing that Osborn already knew Spider-Man's secret identity. Impressed that Osborn had already discovered this, Kingsley's mood shifted to fear as Osborn administered a truth serum on Daniel. His mood noticed by Osborn, Kingsley was floored as Osborn revealed that he'd both discovered there wasn't a lost journal, but that he'd also managed a takeover of Kingsley Limited. Engaging Osborn, the Hobgoblin found himself evenly matched against his predecessor.
   Escaping after his wayward glider caused a fire, Kingsley used the money in his secret Swiss bank accounts to finance a getaway to the Caribbean Island of Isla Suerte. While sunning on a beach, enjoying his retirement as best he could, Kingsley wondered if he truly had seen the end Hobgoblin.

Comments: Created by Roger Stern (writer), Mike Zeck and John Romita Jr. (pencils), and Steve Mitchell and John Romita Sr. (inks)

The Hobgoblin has profiles in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe First Edition, Deluxe Edition, Book of the Dead Deluxe Edition, the Master Edition, the Spider-Man 2004 Handbook, and the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Vol. 5. The two latest handbooks were the first published following Kingsley's unmasking. The First and Deluxe Editions were published prior to the reveal of the Hobgoblin's identity as Ned Leeds. The Book of the Dead, Deluxe, and Master Editions were published during the time when Ned Leeds was believed to have been the original Hobgoblin.

The Hobgoblin mentions in Amazing Spider-Man I#251 that were his true identity exposed it would disgrace his family. While it's possible he was referring to his brother specifically, it's more likely that Kingsley was thinking of other family members yet to appear on-panel or of his family name.

It's noted early into this profile that Roderick had Daniel impersonate him on occasion. While the first confirmed occurance of these impersonations was in Amazing Spider-Man I#249, it's assumed Roderick had Daniel do this for him before, possibly even during some of Roderick's pre-Hobgoblin appearances.

J. Jonah Jameson was shown assigning Ned Leeds the Hobgoblin story in Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives#2, which, according to the sources list in the back of the issue, occurred between Hobgoblin's reading of Osborn's journal and his examination of Spider-Man's tracer in Amazing Spider-Man I#250.

Kingsley made a very rare slip-up while dealing with Liz Osborn and Mary Jane, accidentally referring to the latter as "Miss Watson" during her imprisonment (something the Hobgoblin wouldn't have known). While Mary Jane was not actually signed by Kingsley Ltd. for another ten issues, it's not entirely unlikely that Kingsley would be able to recognize Mary Jane, especially if he was interested in representing her as a model.

It's unclear whether it's Roderick Kingsley or Ned Leeds under the Hobgoblin's mask in Secret Wars II#7, but, assuming the issue was set at the time of it's release, it's likely to have been Kingsley. Mind you, that's purely speculative and subject to change.

The Lt. Kris Keating that Kingsley dealt with was an unnamed agent of the Foreigner, who'd killed the real Keating some years prior and assigned over a dozen agents to impersonate Keating afterward.

In the aftermath of his encounter with Norman Osborn, Kingsley muses that he's finished as both a businessman and, being a fugitive, an American citizen. As with many of the preceeding comments, speculation abounds as to whether Kingsley is referring to his status as a wanted man and that he doesn't intend on returning to US (or ever regaining his citizenship). On the other hand, this might be confirmation that Kingsley regained his US citizenship following his return to the US (or gained dual citizenship between the US and Belize), shortly before he was outed as the Hobgoblin. Whatever the case, his current status as per his most recent handbook profile lists his citizenship solely as Belize.

It was revealed in the pages of Spider-Man: The Osborn Journal that Norman Osborn, while angry that the Hobgoblin appropriated his technology and equipment, avoided a direct confrontation with him in favor of dealing with reality altering mutant Judas Traveller.

George "Georgie" Hill's full name was revealed in the Hobgoblin's entry in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#5.

As an aside, it was the Hobgoblin's attempted blackmailing of J. Jonah Jameson that prompted Jameson to step down as editor-in-chief of the Daily Bugle and promote Robbie Robertson to that position.

Novel Info by Per Degaton:
   In one of Adam-Troy Castro's Sinister Six novels, intelligence communities confirmed Kingsley's residence in Belize, and his lack of participation in the Gentleman's plot.
   In the novel Goblin's Revenge by Dean Wesley Smith, the Chameleon, using information from a computer in Kraven's former possession, finds the location of one more of the Green Goblin's safehouses; the narration notes that this represents the only such location that the Hobgoblin did not find.

Profile by G Morrow.

CLARIFICATIONS: Hobgoblin (Roderick Kingsley) should not be confused with


(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Spider-Man 2004 (Hobgoblin) (fb) - BTS) - Small-time criminal George "Georgie" Hill heard of shady fashion mogul Roderick Kingsley's interest in power.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#238) - Fleeing a bank robbery with three accomplices, Georgie bailed out of the car when Spider-Man joined the police chase and took out the getaway driver. Fleeing, Hill disoriented Spider-Man with a smoke-bomb and escaped through a manhole. Relieved that Spider-Man turned back rather than follow Him into the sewers, Hill triggered a secret passageway, gaining access to one of the Green Goblin's hidden lairs.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#238/Spectacular Spider-Man II#260/Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Spider-Man 2004 (fb) - BTS) - Georgie contacted Kingsley with information of his discovery.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#238/Spectacular Spider-Man II#260) - Georgie showed Kingsley around the hideout. Pleased, Kingsley told Hill to load up his van with as much of the Green Goblin's gear as it could hold.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#238) - After unloading the van, Hill was told to dispose of it so it couldn't be traced back to Kingsley. Assuring him not to worry, Hill pulled away. Seconds later Kingsley detonated an explosive in the van, killing Hill.

(Web of Spider-Man II#30 (fb) - BTS) - Ned Leeds was brainwashed to believe that Hill was one of his informants, and that he'd murdered Hill to preserve the secret of his identity.

--Amazing Spider-Man I#238 (Web of Spider-Man I#30, Spectacular Spider-Man II#260, Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Spider-Man 2004

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